Unit 7 – Lesson 1




Computation of Length

Teaching Aids

Duration: 1 hour

Teacher uses diagrams, number lines, paper strips, scissors, ruler, a roll of string and worksheets.

Set Induction

1. Teacher shows a paper strip to model a situation expressed in fraction. 2. Teacher distributes the paper strips to each pupil and gives clear instructions.
3. Pupils do hands-on activity. Teacher’s Instructions: Expected Answers: Teacher guides pupils to answer in full sentence. o The fraction of the coloured part is one third.

o First, measure and cut a paper strip with the
length of 30 cm. o o o Now, fold the paper strips into three equal parts. Next, colour any one part of the paper strips. What is the fraction of the coloured part?

o The part that I have coloured is 10cm long.

o Class, what is the length of the part that you
have coloured, in cm?

Paper Strips
1 3
1 3

1 3

0 cm





3 48 m 1 P Q R Calculate the length of PQ in m.Unit 7 – Lesson 1 LENGTH ELiTE Step 1: Solve problem involving computation of length. Do (─) then (×) / Do (×) then (─) / Do (÷) then (+) / Do (÷) then (×) Solve (Method 1): 48 m P (Method 2): Q PR ─ QR = PQ 3 3 ─ R 1 3 = 16 m × 1 2 = 3 3 48 m – 16 m 2 × 48 m = 32 m 3 Look back (Method 3) : = 32 m P 16 m Q R 3 48 m P 16 m 16 m + 16 m = 32 m 16 m OR Q 16 m 16 m × 2 R . Pupils’ Activity: 1. QR is of PR. Teacher poses a question to the class: The diagram shows the length of a rope. Pupils find the answer by Polya’s Model with different methods. Understand the problem : Length of PR = Length of QR = Length of PQ = Devise a plan ? m of PR : Draw a diagram.

The groups pass and rotate their findings to the next group. 5. Pupils may proceed with the next question. 2.Unit 7 – Lesson 1 Teacher’s Instruction: o o o o o o o LENGTH Expected Answers: ELiTE Class. think of a way to find the answer. now get into …. look at this diagram. 3. Then. I’ve check my answer with another method. Now. o o o o Here are some questions for you to answer. I need to find out the length of PQ in m. what is the fraction of QR? What do you need to find out? Teacher guides pupils to answer in full sentence. 3 steps – Understand the problem. I can use the third method to look back the answer. let the other group to check your answer. You can choose any method to solve the problems. What is the length of PR? According to the diagram. It is correct. Pupils’ Activity: 1. 6. o Now. o Can you use other method to check your answer? o What is your answer? o Is it correct? Step 2: Solve problem in real context involving of length. Each group will answer the question with the first 3-steps of Polya’s Model. groups. Teacher prepares some questions. QR is one third of PR. The length of PQ is 32 m. 4. Each group answers a set of question by Polya’s Model. P 16 m 16 m Q 16 m R . let’s practice with more questions. Yes. Teacher’s Instruction: o Alright children. Devise a plan and Solve the problem. Pupils are divided into groups. The groups will check the answer by the 4th Step of Polya’s Model – Look back. o o o The length of PR is 48 m.

in cm.5 m of cloth is used to make a 7 curtain. Calculate their difference. 1 of 17. J and K.74 m. Rosli’s height is 15 km 5 6 1 longer than the length 3 of Azman’s height. M and N. Find the length of the cloth used. The length of rope K is of rope J. What is the distance from M to N? L Question 3 The diagram shows two ropes.Unit 7 – Lesson 1 Example: Question 1 LENGTH ELiTE Question 2 The diagram shows three places L. in cm. 1 The distance from M to N is of the distance 5 from L to N. Find the length of rope K. J K . in cm. 60 cm Question 4 Azman’s height is 1.

4 X 3. in km? 3 The diagram shows a straight wooden bar.7 m 2.5 m Find the length of ribbon used to tie the present. in cm. in m. The distance from Q to R is from P to Q. The length of XY is 1 of the length of XZ. 2 The diagram shows the road connecting three villages. Z 2 of their total length is used to tie a present.2 m S Calculate the length of QR.Unit 7 – Lesson 1 Step 3: Worksheet 1 LENGTH ELiTE The diagram shows the length of a string. Q and R. 3 1. The length of QR is 1 of the length of QS. Consolidation . 4 Q R 5. P. 133 km 1 of the distance 7 Q R P What is the total distance P to R. in m? 4 The diagram shows the length of two ribbons.5 cm Y What is the length of XZ.

paper strips. Let’s Wrap Up – Page 157 and 158 . For example. children. Let’s Work Together – Page 152 2.Unit 7 – Lesson 1 LENGTH ELiTE o Alright. o You are encouraged to use as many methods as you can. Remember. Let’s Do It – Page 153 3. we have learnt how to solve problems involving computation of length. using number line. o o Today. mental calculations or normal operation calculations. use the Four Steps Polya’s Model to solve problems. Let’s Do It – Page 156 4. Have fun with Mathematics! Further Activities Text book 1. please do the exercises in your Text Book. o For further activities. using a diagram. strings.

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