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industrial laser

diode module :
elliptical beam
K ey features
 Wavelengths from 635nm to 830nm
 Output powers from 0.95mW to 30mW
 Beam size @ aperture
3.5 x 1.5mm or 4 x 3mm

 Scratch-resistant sapphire window protects


 2.5mm DC jack connector

 Robust and compact design
 Rugged and reliable

Appl i c at i o n s
 Industrial alignment
 Industrial positioning

H e a v y D u t y I n d u s t r i a l L a s e r D i od e M o d u l e
Designed and constructed to withstand the harshest resistant sapphire window to protect the lens and
conditions and satisfy rigorous industrial a hard-coat anodised case all add up to a rugged
applications whilst remaining economically priced, and reliable laser module that won’t let you down
this range of robust laser modules offers a very high when the going gets tough.
level of performance. Electrical connections are made via a 2.5mm DC
This industrial laser module is available in a variety jack connector.
of wavelengths from 635nm to 830nm, optical The standard lens may be replaced by other optical
output powers from 0.95mW to 30mW with systems such as line or cross generators.
elliptical output beam.
The industrial range of laser diode modules has
The beam is aligned to <0.25 of the mechanical been designed as a complete laser diode solution
axis of the laser. for heavy duty OEM use.
A range of industrial type connectors, a scratch- laser diode solutions

industrial laser diode module : elliptical beam
specifications Specifications (typical @ tc = 25 C)
Beam Size @ Aperture
3.5 x 1.5 mm typ
Part Number

1/2 Angle Beam Divergence

0.35 x 0.6 mrad typ
Wavelength (nm)
Connector Type
2.5mm DC Jack
Power (mW) Max. Operating Current (mA)
300-2100-01 635 0.95 45
300-2101-01 635 4.00 50
300-2102-01 635 10.00 50
300-2103-01 635 15.00 105
300-2104-01 635 30.00 135
300-2105-01 650 0.95 45
300-2106-01 650 4.00 45
300-2107-01 650 30.00 85
300-2108-01 670 0.95 45
300-2109-01 670 4.00 45
300-2110-01 780 0.95 55
300-2111-01 780 4.00 55
300-2112-01 830 30.00 100

Beam Size @ Aperture 1/2 Angle Beam Divergence Connector Type

4 x 3 mm typ 0.3 x 0.4 mrad typ 2.5mm DC Jack
Part Number Wavelength (nm) Power (mW) Max. Operating Current (mA)
300-2113-01 635 0.95 45
300-2114-01 635 4.00 50
300-2115-01 635 10.00 50
300-2116-01 635 15.00 105
300-2117-01 635 30.00 135
300-2118-01 650 0.95 45
300-2119-01 650 4.00 45
300-2120-01 650 30.00 85
300-2121-01 670 0.95 45
300-2122-01 670 4.00 45
300-2123-01 780 0.95 55
300-2124-01 780 4.00 55
300-2125-01 830 30.00 100

300-0120-00 110V AC/5V DC US Wall Plug Adaptor
300-0337-00 230V AC/5V DC EURO Wall Plug Adaptor
300-0338-00 240V AC/5V DC UK Wall Plug Adaptor laser diode solutions

datasheet industrial laser diode module: elliptical beam

General Specifications (typical @ tc = 25 C) o

Power Stability < 5%

Pointing Stability <0.2mrad/oC

Bore Sighting <0.25o

Operating Voltage (DC) 5V DC Regulated ± 10%

Case Electrically Isolated

Circuit Protection Static, Surge and Reverse Polarity

Connector Type 2.5mm DC Male Connector

Operating Temperature -10oC to +50oC

Storage Temperature -40oC to +80oC

Housing Material Aluminium - Hard Anodised Black

Exit Aperture Protection Glass Sapphire Window

Certifications All Products are RoHS Compliant

Warranty 1 Year

L a se r Sa f e t y
The light emitted from these devices has been set in accordance with IEC60825. However, staring into the beam, whether directly or
indirectly, must be avoided. IEC60825 classifies laser products into three different categories depending on light emitted, wavelength
and eye safety.
“Caution”, visible laser light less than 1.0mW. Considered eye safe, normal exposure to this type of beam will not cause permanent
damage to the retina.
“Danger”, visible laser light between 1.0mW and 5.0mW. Considered eye safe with caution. Focusing of this light into the eye could
cause some damage.
“Danger”, infrared (IR), and high power visible lasers considered dangerous to the retina if exposed.
NB: It is important to note that while complying with the above classifications, unless otherwise stated, our laser diode products are not
certified and are designed solely for use in OEM products. The way in which the device is used in the final product may alter its original
design classification, and it is the responsibility of the OEM to ensure compliance with the relevant standards.

Heat Sinking
If the case temperature of the laser diode exceeds its maximum specification, premature or catastrophic failure may occur.
To ensure the maximum life of the laser diode, it is recommended that an additional electrically insulated heatsink, of at least 35
be used. Thermal transfer cream can be used to improve contact and heat dissipation. Do not restrict air circulation around the device.

Power Connections
The industrial laser diode modules require a regulated input voltage of 5V DC.

WARNING: The anodised housing is internally connected to the positive supply rail. Damage to the external anodised surfaces will
result in the housing being at positive potential.
Specifications subject to change without notice. E&OE


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