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Virtual Event: Cloud Computing for Developers

Hosted by IBM and Amazon Web Services
October 1ST 2009, Eastern Daylight Time (EDT – NY)

10:00-10:30am Becoming a Cloud Programming Pioneer

Speaker: Doug Tidwell, Senior Software Engineer, IBM Emerging Technology group

Cloud computing is the most significant change in IT since the rise of the Internet. Despite all the hype
about cloud computing and its benefits, most developers haven't learned how to build applications with
the cloud in mind. In this session, we'll talk about the things you'll need to learn (and unlearn) as you
start to write cloud applications. Once you understand how cloud services work, you'll know how to
architect your application to make the most of the cloud.

( 38264UE) Doug Tidwell Speaker)

10:30-Noon Cloud Computing with Amazon Web Services
Speaker: Mike Culver, Amazon Web Services Evangelist

You’ve heard all the hype about why the Cloud is the future – and most likely you have already checked
it out yourself. But what can you really accomplish, and why should you even care? In this session,
presented by Amazon Web Services, you will learn what AWS is all about, and why companies ranging
from the smallest startup to large Wall Street names all deploy in the cloud. You’ll also learn why
Amazon Web Services came together with IBM to offer you software. If you’ve been around Enterprise
software for any length of time, you know that “by the hour” is not a standard concept, although that's
one of the ways you can pay for IBM software in the Amazon Cloud; so to say that innovation was at
work is an understatement. This session will end with an extended Question and Answer period to
provide you direct access to key team members from Amazon Web Services.
12:00-1:00pm IBM DB2: Using the most flexible enterprise-class database on Amazon EC2
Speakers: Mark Wilding, Leon Katsnelson
IBM DB2 database software running on Amazon EC2 lets you get the most out of today's tough
economic climate that is charaterized by reduced budgets and freezes on capital expenditure. IBM and
AWS provide a lot of flexibility for cloud computing, including free DB2 AMIs, low cost by-the-hour
production-ready DB2 AMIs, and the ability to bring your existing DB2 licenses to the cloud. With
robust capabilities for the most demanding workloads, and tons of autonomic features, DB2 is ideally
suited for cloud environments. Join us to learn how to quickly develop and deploy new and existing
applications using DB2 and Amazon EC2. This session will walk you through the DB2 AMIs and
highlight some of the unique capabilities in DB2, including the new features in DB2 9.7 that make it
much easier to move applications from Oracle to DB2.

( / 33928UE) Speakers: Mark Wilding & Leon Katsnelson

12:00-1:00pm IBM Informix Dynamix Server (IDS) on Amazon EC2
Speakers: Cindy Fung and Guy Bowerman

Using IBM Informix Dynamic Server (IDS) database software delivers exceptional reliability,
scalability, ease of administration, online transaction processing (OLTP) performance, and a complete
range of application development options. Hear and see how you can get started solving business
problems in the cloud with IDS as your database for high availability and blazing transaction
performance. Like over 100,000 customers worldwide, you too can 'set it and forget it' to focus your
attention on delivering business solutions rather than DBA activities. This session will take you through
the IDS AMIs and will highlight some of the features of IBM Informix Dynamic Server.

( / 38206UE) Speakers Guy Bowerman)

1:00-1:55pm Using WebSphere Application Server on Amazon EC2
Speaker: Ed McCabe, Arthur Meloy

The industry's leading web application server is now officially available on the industry's leading public
cloud. Hear and see how you can leverage WebSphere Application Server to develop, deploy and
manage your applications within the elastic environment of the Amazon cloud. This session will include
demonstrations of how easily you can get started with the WebSphere Application Server AMIs.

( / 22810UE) Speakers: Ed McCabe & Arthur Meloy

1:00-1:55pm Portals and web content management in The Cloud – Less effort, reduce costs
Speaker: Marshall Lamb

Find out how cloud computing can help improve your speed and time to market, reduce your start up
effort and costs as well as on going maintenance of your portal and web content management solutions.
In this session we'll cover these topics as well as how to get started and how to build solutions using
IBM's industry leading IBM WebSphere Portal Server and Lotus Web Content Management running on
Amazon Web Services.
( / 11926UE) Speakers: Marshall Lamb)

2:00-2:55pm Develop a Situational Application with WebSphere sMash on Amazon EC2
Speaker: Michael Fraenkel

WebSphere sMash is a development and execution platform for quickly building agile, web-based
applications. Join this session to hear more about how you can use WebSphere sMash to advance your
development. This session provides an introduction to developing simple web applications with
WebSphere sMash using REST APIs and the Dojo JavaScript toolkit. You will see how to develop with
the WebSphere sMash Application Builder in Amazon EC2.

( / 11827UE Speakers: Michael Fraenkel)

2:00-2:55pm eForms in the Cloud – Optimize Your Business and Solutions
Speaker: Rob Lintern , Rick McCall

eForms can help improve business productivity and streamline business processes. Find out how The
Cloud is a perfect and cost effective deployment option for many eForms solutions. This in-depth
webinar will offer complete details on getting your Lotus Forms Turbo server up on Amazon Web
Services and show how easy it is to create eForms solutions.

( / 22938UE) Speakers: Rob Lintern & Rick McCall

3:00-3:55pm Elastic Scaling with WebSphere eXtreme Scale on Amazon EC2
Speaker: Robert Wisniewski

Cloud computing and application hosting within a cloud environment presents exciting opportunities for
flexibility and elasticity, while also introducing new and unique challenges in deployment and
management. WebSphere eXtreme Scale is an in-memory grid and can help provide this state
management for cloud applications with its unique and effective approach to high availability, self
healing, and elastic/linear scalability. Join this session to hear more and how you can easily get started
along with a demonstration of how you can develop your applications to take advantage of key features
such as write-behind caching and synchronous replication.

( / 22815UE) Speakers: Robert Wisniewski

3:00-3:55pm Mashups in the Cloud – speed up the creation of your business applications
Speaker: Nicole Carrier, Mark Gilmore

Mashups are the perfect situational application for delivering a solutions quickly. Find out how to get
started with IBM Mashup Center on Amazon Web Services including getting started, building your
mashups, and creating new re-usable solutions to improve your time to value.
( / 00387UE) Speakers: Nicole Carrier & Mark Gilmore)

4:00-5:00pm Cloud Quickstart- Accelerating your path to cloud computing
Speakers: Christopher Keene, CEO of WaveMaker and Uri Budnik, ISV Partner Program Evangelist

Many developers are unsure how to architect their applications to make the most of cloud computing. In
this session, you will learn how IBM's Cloud Quickstart Architecture can accelerate your cloud
development. Based on IBM best practices and best-of-breed components from WaveMaker and
RightScale, the IBM Cloud Quickstart Architecture makes it fast and easy for anyone to build scalable
cloud applications. This session will include a hands-on demonstration showing how to create and
deploy cloud applications to WebSphere, DB2 and Amazon EC2 in minutes using WaveMaker and
REGISTER NOW: / 88308UE Speakers: Christopher Keene, CEO of WaveMaker and Uri

4:00-5:30pm Lotus on AWS: Partner Solutions Show and Tell
Speakers from Ixion LLC, Phurnace Software, Virtuosant, WebRadar, Ascendant Technology,

Join this session to find out how a number of IBM partners are using IBM on AWS to help build and
deliver more competitive and compelling solutions for their customers. Each partner will showcase their
solution, experience and tips for building cloud solutions with IBM Lotus software on Amazon Web
Services. Amazon Machine Images cover include WebSphere Portal Server, Lotus Web Content
Management, IBM Mashup Center and Lotus Forms Turbo.