Corrado Scanavino

Personal Information
Date of Birth
Place of Birth

October 8, 1982
Alba (CN), Italy
Rambla del Raval 47, Barcelona, Spain
+34 633 392167

Feb 2011 - Master in Sonology (MSON), Music Technology Group, UniJul 2013 versitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, SPAIN.
description Design of Interactive Music Systems (CDSIM) and Music Production
Technology and Technique (CTEM).
Topics: Real Time Audio Generation and Processing, Physical Computing, Human Computer Interaction, New Interfaces for Musical
Expression, Tangible and Tabletop Interfaces, Music Creation and
Production, Recording and Post-Production Techniques, Recording
Studio Environment.

July 2009 Master of Science in Electronic Engineering, School of
Information Engineering, Politecnico di Torino, ITALY.
Master Thesis A perceptually grounded approach to sound analysis
description Studying of an algorithm for real-time audio onset detection based on
a constant-Q transform. Thesis developed inside the project Orchestra
Meccanica Marinetti.
Thesis topics: Programming, Digital Audio Processing, Audio Analysis, Onset Detection, Psychoacoustics, Algorithms, C, Max/MSP.

2006 Bachelor of Science in Information and Communication
Technologies Engineering, School of Information Engineering,
Politecnico di Torino, ITALY.


Native speaker

T +34 633 392167 •


Employment History
Aug 2011 – Software and Firmware Developer for Capgemini at HP (Sant
Mar 2014 Cugat, Barcelona). Managing builds of a large software on Unix
platform, Bash and Batch scripting, programming and testing
in Python, Java and C++ in Windows and Linux.
Apr 2010 – Embedded Software Developer for Accenture Technology SoluFeb 2011 tion at Magneti Marelli (Torino). Developing drivers for WIFI
embedded modem, GPS data aquisition, Bluetooth communication and file transfer.
Oct 2009 – Back End Java developer for Accenture Technology Solution at
Mar 2010 Fiat (Torino).

Informatic Skills
Operating Systems
MacOS, Linux, Windows
Programming Languages
C, Java, C++, C#, Python
Audio Softwares
Max/MSP, PD, Processing, Supercollider, Ableton Live, Pro

Other Activities
2014 – NOW Mixing and Mastering services
Jul 2014 – Scoring Music for "Triskel el Espectaculo" by Captadors de
Oct 2014 Sensacions.
2014 – NOW Sound Engineer for Filastine
2011 – NOW Online Classes: Machine Learning, DSP, Sound Design.
Oct 2009 – Advanced Java course focused on web-based application.
Jan 2010
2008 – 2011 Software Developer for Orchestra Meccanica Marinetti.
2011 – NOW Zenjiskan, Personal Musical Project.
2009 – NOW Working on interactive projects with Arduino, Max/Msp and


Music and Multimedia Production
Sound Design
Digital Sound Processing and Analysis
Digital Arts
Programming and Algorithms
Human-Computer Interaction, Design of Interactive Systems

T +34 633 392167 •


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