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“Mac gaming?” they snicker. By Chris Barylick. Blizzard. we round up dozens of reasons to get excited about gaming on your Mac. too. BY CHRIS BARYLICK. SUSIE OCHS. ANDREW HAYWARD. Launched in May. FLORENCE ION. and the big publishers are bringing huge. and beyond. that make gaming more attractive across the product line. Everything you need to know about Steam. O 40 AUG• 10 maclife. Apple’s latest machines—desktop and laptop—have powerful Intel processors and graphics cards. Susie worldmags & avaxhome . fuzzball. but these advances in gaming are making it more fun. and we can’t imagine ever not using Macs. the only time we’re ever reluctant to admit our rabid Mac fandom is when we’re hanging out with our PC-using buddies and the conversation turns to gaming. our favorite indie developers. and Nic Vargas MAC GAMING POWERS UP! MAC USERS. We’ve assembled every thing you need to make your Mac a cuttingedge GAME MACH INE. it’s time to get yo ur game 2010 is the on! year that Ma c gaming will shake its finally reputatio n for su ck. “Isn’t that an oxymoron?” Well. thank development s to huge s from Valve. and must-have gaming peripherals. backed up by long-lasting batteries. ZACK STERN. including details on how to take on the Mac|Life editors in multiplayer battles over Steam. because we’re here to tell you that 2010 is the year Mac gaming finally gets some respect.4 NO. In the pages that follow. to sharing your apps amongst all the iPhones in your household. Florence Ion. and our experts came to the rescue. In fact. New technology is closing the gap between Windows and Mac release dates. Being a Mac user will always be cool.Mac |Life FEATURES COVER STORY C R E AT E SHARE E N J OY AUGUST 2010 VOL. we’re all proud to be Mac users—the Mac OS and Apple’s elegant hardware are a match made in geek AUG• 10 41 2 AUG• 10 bviously. Andrew Hayward.8 20 Your 50 Most Burning Questions—Answered! You sent us all your perplexing questions about your Apple gear. Valve’s industry-leading Steam service for downloading games and managing multiplayer is tearing down the wall that used to separate Mac gamers from our PC pals. hotly anticipated titles to both platforms this summer. We solve Apple quandaries big and small—everything from the dreaded Kernel Panic. Adam Berenstain. By Mac|Life staff. and Scott Rose 50 Top 25 Terminal Tips Uncover the UNIX power lurking inside your Mac with our favorite Terminal tricks By Ian Osborne 40 Mac Gaming Powers Up The Mac is finally coming into its own as a gaming machine. laugh it up. plus we look at what Mac gaming powerhouse Blizzard has in store. AND NIC VARGUS maclife.

videos. Apple Mail sounds. 6 CONSIDER Is Apple’s stance on Flash making Steve Jobs look like Steve Urkel? 8 SHARE Dude. and other reader feedback. and podcasts on MacLife. and more. 10 START iPhone 4 hands-on. iPod touch email. 18 CRAVE All the gear that’s fit to covet—including Western Digital’s newest WD TV. By Susie Ochs & Scott Rose 86 Keep Flash Under Control Flash is notorious for causing browser crashes and general wonkiness. but Rik wonders if iPads and iPhones would be better off with Intel inside.DEPARTMENTS 4 ONLINE AT MACLIFE. By Florence Ion 92 How to Use Twitter Lists Suffering from Twitter TMI? Use Lists to cut through the chatter.53GHz Core i5 PLAY 79 79 Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena stealth shooter 80 Sleep Is Death art game 81 The Secret of Monkey Island adventure game 60 72 81 worldmags & avaxhome maclife. Keep Adobe’s problem child in check with these handy tips. anyway? 16 WIN Step right up to the internet for a chance to win Ceramic Speakers from Joey Roth. By Scott Rose 88 Lomography Two Ways Use Photoshop to bring some old-school cool to your AUG• 10 3 . By Susie Ochs 13 APPS 54 54 55 55 55 56 56 58 iRig & AmpliTube guitar apps Trippo VoiceMagix language translation Pinball HD game Chaos Rings role-playing game MaxJournal journaling app Editors’ Picks iPad Media Streaming REVIEWS (continued) 70 71 72 72 74 75 76 76 77 Download Club audiobook downloads P-Flip rechargeable iPhone dock Dualie iPod dock/portable drive DEVONthink Pro Office information manager Quicken Essentials for Mac personal finance software CloudApp file sharing UBoard desk accessory/USB hub Data Traveller 310 flash drive Surge solar iPhone case 64 REVIEWS 60 60 62 64 66 68 69 Solo fireproof external drive Squeezebox Touch music streamer Nikon P100 superzoom camera MM-1 desktop speakers Drobo S external drive MacBook Pro 17-inch 2. 96 THE LIFER Apple’s fired up about the A4 chip. where’s my Mac|Life iPad app? Plus: Office typing special characters.COM Revel in the wealth of Mac news. 10 CREATE 82 Ask Adjusting TextEdit’s autosave setting. and who needs Flash. rumors. Plus: iPad competitors. and a RAID drive from OWC. how-to’s.

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M AC LI F E . nonexclusive right to publish and reuse your submission in any form in any and all media and to use your name and other information in connection with the submission. iphone_and_ipad_tips_week SEVEN HIDDEN FEATURES OF THE iPAD CAMERA CONNECTION KIT http://www. AND NOW. and Email: MCDcustserv@cdsfulfillment. and Canada.COM >>FOLLOW MAC|LIFE! Become a fan of Mac|Life on Facebook at facebook. World of Warcraft Official Magazine. Meet iOS4! Along with our no-stone-left-unturned review. P.O. Rik ipad_velcro_love FUTURE PLC 30 Monmouth St. Christopher Null. Back issues can be purchased by calling 1-800-865-7240. Readers are advised to contact manufacturers and retailers directly with regard to products/services referred to in this magazine. By submitting materials to us. Future produces carefully targeted magazines. 650-238-2502 REGIONAL SALES DIRECTOR Anthony Losanno. easy access to the latest stories on MacLife. COMING NEXT MONTH IN THE SEPTEMBER ISSUE iPhone 4. 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we’re all pretty smart and savvy about which companies we give our money to. EDITOR-IN-CHIEF >>>OVERHEARD AT MAC|LIFE THIS MONTH. but I am convinced that the inelegant. 6 AUG• 10 maclife. The jaded press corps doesn’t get excited enough. it’ll all come crashing down. is the stand he’s taken against Adobe Flash. But A after poking at it for a few appreciative moments. I look at my insta-certainty that I’d purchase an iPhone 4 (and before that. of course. I was instantly reminded of Sony. his widely publicized essay that attempts to shore up his defense of Apple’s ban on Flash on iOS devices. Then came the ‘90s. an iPad).. and he lit up at the chance to check out my iPad. Apple’s flying as high right now as any company can fly. Their brand was just that pristine. clumsy way he went about it only hurt Apple. Paul Curthoys. His approach to the whole affair is such a contrast to how he’s become incredibly active on email this year. I’m not convinced that Jobs is wrong about the stand that he’s taken on worldmags & avaxhome . Period. cleverly replying to choice emails from the company’s massive. and Google is the next Apple? But then again. and them into a synonym Google is the next Apple? for crusty. I was mightily impressed—I had to wonder: How serious is the damage that Steve Jobs is doing to Apple’s public image? The kernel of that concern. as they were testing the ioSafe fireproof hard drive at Ocean Beach on a cold San Francisco summer afternoon.” —Susie’s plan of action for the WWDC keynote. outdated. who was shaking his leg up and down after drinking Robin’s fresh-squeezed.”—Roberto.. “Freedom! I can actually feel my brain’s creative pathways coming alive again.. loyal following—and usually in a manner that’s briefer yet more effective than 140 characters of tweeting. just one month after experimenting with slashing his internet use and online media digestion. “Is that you. That really became clear as I spoke with a contractor who was helping me with a major plumbing disaster. when Sony’s stubborn arrogance about digital-music formats Could it be that Apple and integration turned is the next Sony. Is Apple just that good at innovation and design that Jobs can make missteps like this one and yet emerge on the other side of the burning coals without singeing his feet? Drop me a line with your thoughts on the whole thing at paul@maclife.” —Mark to Robin. upon feeling the office floor trembling rhythmically. After all. using her nickname for Roberto. and I wonder if none of it matters. rather than being expanded for them. I’m all hopped up on beets. “Can we hurry up and light this thing on fire?” —Ray to Robbie.” —Flo. But his longest written comments of the year came in the form of “Thoughts on Flash” (read it at that respected.>>>Consider STAY IN TOUCH WITH OUR STAFF ON TWITTER: @MACLIFE IS ADOBE A FLASH POINT? mid the glow of the iPhone 4’s unveiling—and it was a pretty bright glow. Google would have a great opportunity to step right into that void with Android. “Sorry. I’m not going to delve into the merits of his argument after Rik Myslewski so ably dissected the whole affair in his terrific debut column last issue. saying he thought it was crippled without Flash—an assumption he defended largely on the basis his read on Jobs’ tone toward Adobe on the subject. explaining why she missed Steve Jobs on All Things D. But what I’m struck by. is how true the maxim is that no one likes a bully. saying how useful such a device would be to someone like him who works in the field all day long. energy-packed beetand-carrot juice. so could it be that Apple is the next Sony. and outmoded. you bought Sony. Shaky?” —Robin. but the second a critical mass of negative opinion builds about choices being rudely yanked away from users. “I was caught up watching The Real Housewives of New Jersey. “I’m going to sit with the true believers. judging from your emails and my conversations with new and old acquaintances over the past month. In the ‘80s—the era of the Walkman—if you wanted the best. he returned it with a firm shake of his head. which happened right as we put this issue to bed.

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That’ll be a great day. I’m interested in reading all my magazines on the device. as with any app-development project. p12)? Will Pages and Numbers read Office 2011 documents? (Will any of them read AppleWorks documents?) If I use Copy/Paste. so many factors affect its launch date that it’s impossible to predict a time frame. and that doesn’t overload me with unwanted options! But Microsoft and Apple are playing marketing more complex. Why should I buy it?—Jim Newman We’d love to see Microsoft prove you wrong with Office 2011. That worldmags & avaxhome . try a text editor instead—I love WriteRoom (hogbaysoftware. $24.>>>Share App-solutely! Your opinions. but experience certainly has taught us all to expect otherwise. and we’re working toward making Mac|Life a part of it. minimalistic interface that lets you just focus on writing. and just let us work? Probably not.99). and their plan is bigger. and rest assured that we’ll make sure everyone who reads our magazine and website knows about it when it becomes available. Will Office 2011 take up more space and run slower on older systems? Probably. will I get the same formats and calculations? For Office 2008. We want it to happen as soon as possible.—Paul Will Office 2011 read documents from Pages or Numbers (June/10 issue. and you make some great points about how and why. So why do we continue to buy new editions that make our lives more difficult? I’m ready to buy anything that promises compatibility with standard document formats. less compatible. which provides a clean. I completely agree—I can’t wait to read all my magazines on iPad. Are there any plans to offer your magazine in a digital format for the iPad?—Bryan Thurnau…and a gazillion other readers In short. r ants & r aVEs Feeling Bloated leTTeR OF The MOnTh I’ve been a long-time reader of Mac|Life. Since you’re tired of bloatware word 8 AUG•10 maclife. the answer is NO! Will Office 2011 allow us to get rid of the hundreds of unwanted templates and intrusive pop-up advisories. —Susie 66 JUN•10 maclife. that lets me work without trying to override what I do. and only really workable on the latest OS. yes. and now that I own an iPad.

the deleting’s already done.The Necessity of Number Pads In your May issue’s “Supercharge Your Mac” article (p34).—Roberto WRITE TO US: letters@maclife. that wouldn’t be so bad if there were a way to globally tag them for deletion—but there’s not. spreadsheets. Ever tried this with 400 messages? It can take 15 or more minutes just to delete your mail. preferring to take it with them on business trips to help pass the time. svelte portability of Apple’s Wireless Keyboard. we have to sit there and tap each message—one by one—in order to select it for deletion. you praise the minimalistic design of the Apple Wireless Keyboard. saying.—Dennis Globus That would be a terrific addition to iOS—we’re rooting for it too. Suite 400. Retractable Compact Earphone MiniBud Dual Dock Stereo Speaker AMPTune INTRODUCING ALL NEW iPHONE + iPOD ACCESSORIES www. South San Francisco. or Adobe serial maclife. I now have a stack of three wireless keyboards in my office. The new iMacs come with the wireless keyboard by default.macally. a device that’s carried around with the user pretty much at all times. “When was the last time you relied on those redundant buttons?” Are you kidding? I use my number pad every day! It’s much faster for entering any type of number: phone numbers. The typesetting department where I work as the IT manager will not use the wireless keyboard just for this reason. we’ll get an avalanche of incoming AUG• 10 9 worldmags & avaxhome .com or Mac|Life. Future is not responsible for loss. Instead. in any and all media throughout the world. What that means is that when we use the touch to check our mail accounts. damage to. CA 94080 FOR SUBSCRIPTION QUERIES: Call toll-free 1-888-771-6222 By submitting unsolicited material to us. but for the tasks you describe. remember that many of your iPod touch customers aren’t checking their mail every day. You can optionally select a normal keyboard when buying one. we’re almost positive that your email is set up as a POP account that streams all your email from the server to whatever device pings the server asking for your new email. We’ll gladly sacrifice the number pad for the slim. One final idea: you could have all your email forwarded to a Gmail account and managed through Gmail so that when you fire it up on your touch. 4000 Shoreline Court. including licensed editions. including the lack of a number pad. While settings vary too widely from ISP to ISP for us to give you precise advice. but I have forgotten to do this occasionally.—J. That’s why the other two keyboards we recommended in the story are both full-size options with number pads. or return of any unsolicited materials. you grant Future a license to publish the material in whole or in part in all editions of the magazine. In the meantime. Of course. an iPod touch sees far less frequent use. which sometimes involves a higher monthly fee. in the next iOS update. Please. Apple. Compared to an iPhone. there’s no arguing that a number pad is a huge asset.—Ray FM Transmitter and Charger FMPort Drowning in Email… So much has been written and said about the iPhone and iPod touch over that past two years that I’m surprised no one has addressed this issue. I end up having to purchase another keyboard. try tinkering with your ISP’s email options (usually accessed through their website) to set a limit on how long emails stay on the server. Help us out with a global tagging solution to make deleting mail far less tedious. Luther Barnhart It’s definitely a trade-off. Or consider switching to an IMAP account. Many iPod touch owners I’ve talked to use it as little as weekly or even monthly.

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By the time Steve Jobs took the stage for his keynote address at WWDC 2010, the tech world had already seen dozens of leaked photos of iPhone 4 prototypes and might be forgiven for dismissing the announcement as old news. Of course Apple still had plenty of surprises in store: more details about the iPhone 4’s unique design and hardware, its dual-camera system, LED flash, FaceTime feature, and iMovie app. Apple hadn’t started taking preorders as we went to press, but we were lucky enough to get hands-on time with the iPhone 4 immediately after the keynote—and


Apple unveiled a redesigned iPhone 4 at WWDC 2010, and our hands-on testing left us impressed—and ever-hungry for more. BY SUSIE OCHS
Inside, Apple added its own A4 processor and beefed up the battery size, promising 40 percent longer talk time (up to 7 hours when using the 3G network). Because Apple designs the processor and battery in house, it can optimize performance to maximize battery life—the company’s been on a roll lately with its long-lasting notebook and iPad batteries, which have consistently outperformed Apple’s stated specs in our testing. So we’re reasonably confident the iPhone 4 will continue this trend. Opening apps and test-driving the new iMovie for iPhone, we noticed speedy, responsive performance, but it wasn’t head and shoulders above the walked out with our credit cards burning already-zippy iPhone 3GS. rectangular-shaped holes in our wallets. The new three-axis gyroscope joins the The iPhone 4’s design is different accelerometer and compass to provide enough from its predecessors that the developers with six-point motion sensing to early peeks couldn’t entirely spoil it. The allbuild into their games, augmented reality white version reminded us of a reimagined apps, and whatever else they can dream up. first-gen iPod—all it needs is a glowing red The front-facing VGA camera lets you shoot Home button. Jobs compared it to a Leica self portraits, and its focal length and focus camera, and its rounded metal buttons are optimized for Apple’s new FaceTime and flat edges do echo a Leica’s classic, feature, which allows video calls between understated aesthetic. The chemically strengthened glass front and back do pick iPhone 4 units over Wi-Fi only. up plenty of greasy fingerprints, but it’s Our FaceTime hands-on felt a little still a joy to touch. And the shiny ring of gimmicky, with mild graininess and lag stainless steel that encircles the iPhone 4 marring the Jetsons illusion a bit. Still, provides the phone’s main structure while initiating a FaceTime call was a no-setup functioning as an antenna—that, and the snap, as was switching between cameras second mic for noise cancellation, should on the fly so your chat buddy can see you improve call quality, which is something in the front camera or your surroundings The iPhone 4 is just 93 millimeters thick—0.37 inches. It’s currently the iPhone users have clamored for since the on the rear. Fortunately, Apple is making world’s thinnest smartphone. first iteration. FaceTime’s protocols an open standard, so Apple calls the new 3.5-inch touchscreen a Retina display because other companies can use it in their own projects, opening the door for its 326 pixel-per-inch, 960x640 resolution with 800:1 contrast ratio integration into apps like Skype or Adium. smooths text to the point where your eyes shouldn’t notice the pixels Our look at an unfinished iMovie for iPhone showed potential, too, any longer in normal conditions. Our hands-on time proved this with basic but effective controls that stay out of the way, letting users true—we saw no pixelation even when zoomed way in on text, making doll up their plain video footage with titles, transitions, and themes, reading web pages and the new iBooks a pleasure. The iBooks app also then add photos and music. We suspect many competing video cameras reads PDFs now, providing a handy row of thumbnails at the bottom for like the Flip will be relegated to a junk drawer. All the videos and photos skipping around. And with such true colors and the impressive viewing we saw on the demo units were shot with iPhone 4 prototypes, and angle that comes with IPS (in-plane switching) technology, photos look the tap-to-focus video and stills, optional LED flash, and improved amazing too. 5-megapixel camera produced some pretty slick-looking results.



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The iPhone 4 demo units all ran the new iOS 4, which was still a couple weeks shy of its June 21 release date as we went to press. We’d already gotten a look at the new OS at Apple’s preview event in March (see Jun/10, p10), but the good news at WWDC was that it was to be a free update. First-gen iPhone and iPod touch units can’t run it, and second-gen iPod touch and iPhone 3G won’t be able to use all the features, specifically the intuitive multitasking. Meanwhile, the rich-media iAds, scheduled to launch July 1, sure look polished and ready for prime time, but at the end of the day they’re still ads that users have the option of clicking or ignoring, their novelty notwithstanding. As always, we left the event with plenty of questions. Why no 64GB storage option, especially if we’re meant to record and edit high-def video right on the iPhone? This could be a supply issue, or (likelier) Apple’s desire to keep the iPhone 4’s price points—$199 for 16GB and $299 for 32GB—the same as its predecessor. No additional carriers were announced (that iPhone-onVerizon perma-rumor feels more like wishful thinking every day), and we heard no official word from Apple about AT&T’s decision to discontinue unlimited data plans for new customers—a bit surprising considering iOS 4’s ability to stream music from Pandora in the background and the way data-hungry apps like Netflix for iPhone were highlighted in the keynote. AT&T says its new 2GB and 200MB monthly data caps should be sufficient for just about everyone, but that’s at today’s usage patterns—what about tomorrow’s? Apple seems committed to pushing its handheld computing platform further and further with each iteration, and we think the iPhone 4 will help the company keep its perch on top of the smartphone heap...that is, if its sole U.S. carrier doesn’t hold it back.

Apple added its A4 processor and beefed up battery size, promising 40 percent longer talk time, up to 7 hours when using 3G.

WWDC’s theme for 2010: The intersection of technology and liberal arts. The conference sold out just in eight days, a record for Apple.

Testing out FaceTime after the keynote, we made some new friends. But we also wondered if this is really the killer feature Apple thinks it is.

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Alleged Killers one did, would you want one anyway? Can any tablet match the iPad? And if
he iPad may have taken down non-products like HP’s Slate (heavily rumored to be cancelled) and Microsoft’s Courier (straight-up confirmed cancelled) without breaking a sweat. But there is no shortage of challengers lining up to battle Apple’s magical device for supremacy. Some don’t actually exist yet, and of course,


none of them run Apple’s superior touchscreen iOS. Some, we’re sorry to say, even run Windows, so don’t count on Mac integration. Still, we present this collection of iPad competitors to keep you informed about what’s out there and to help you make conversation at your next nerd party. Yup, we’re here for you like that.

Apple made a point to avoid the netvertible crowd (“netvertibles” are netbooks that convert to tablets), but the ultralight IdeaPad might make some question that logic. With an up to 250GB hard drive, 1.8GHz Intel Atom N470 processor, up to 2GB of RAM, a 10.1-inch LED touchscreen, and optional 8-hour battery, the Windows 7–running S10-3t (from $549, might be the cream of the aren’t-betterat-anything crop.


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exopc . color us impressed. the 5-inch Streak is more of a big smartphone than a small tablet—it even makes calls. which boasts an 11. and a lame belief that web apps are the wave of the looks a heck of a lot like the might have been a worthy adversary—if only the company hadn’t left out an accelerometer. EXoPc slAtE ExoPC has targeted September 7 for the release of its Windows 7–based Slate ($599. and more cumbersome. but the devil is in the details: It’s heavier (2. and 1080p video playback. locked down access to the Android Market. we’re numb to its still-vague promises of Flash (“later this year.” says a blog post on Dell. archos. a smaller battery. DEll strEAk Mini 5 Set to ship sometime around Labor Day.6-inch 1366x768 screen. the super-wide Archos 7 Home Tablet ($199. USB ports. The custom OS only runs the internet—yup. 2GB of and video chatting (“down the road”). no native apps. thejoojoo.5 pounds). and the promise of Flash—Nvidia’s 9-inch Android prototype looks mighty impressive. bulkier. Frankly. FoXconn tEgrA Chock full of specs the iPad can only dream about—a dual-core 1GHz ARM Cortex 9 processor. and skimped on built-in storage (8GB!).com). If it isn’t powered by pixie dust. a front-facing camera. But the lack of a release window has us skeptical. 1GB of RAM. worldmags & avaxhome maclife.Archos 7 About half the size of an iPad and sporting a rad fold-out kickstand. not to mention USB ports and a camera. joojoo ($499.99. joojoo At first blush. with less storage (4GB).com AUG• 10 13 .

Michael LaVista. one of years. Yeah. And why not stick with Flash. In theory. all the developers we spoke to are confident that HTML5’s day will come. it means more work for dev worldmags & avaxhome . we couldn’t find anyone that had shifted programming resources from Flash to HTML5 yet in any serious measure. Sure.” Talent is also a concern. Never mind the iPad—or the iPhone or iPod touch. But then along came the Apple iPad. The problem is. game. ensuring there will be plenty of work for talented web gurus for years to come. iPad users simply wouldn’t be able to access all of these Flash websites that Zeitbyte—or anyone else—had developed. in the case of Flash. games. says HTML5 is harder to use and is so expensive to code for now that it’s cost-prohibitive for many of his clients. President Gary Kahn used to do a lot of development in Flash. Says LaVista. And what’s worse. but “For practical purposes. Flash still rules when it comes to interactive. much less HTML5.” he adds. For starters. senior developer Scott Hunter says he “hasn’t heard a peep” about HTML5 from major clients and that the company has yet to be asked to create an external HTML5 site. you read that right.>>>start In the erA of iPAd. “Our clients are still working on iPhone integration. “It keeps reminding me of the browser war. In fact. illustration Courtesy of tony Gil 14 AUG•10 maclife. CEO of Caxy.” he notes. Flash is a de facto standard. you still have to code for different HTML5 implementations in different browsers. HTML5. a web consulting and development company. Kahn thinks it’s a question of months. of course. and all sorts of browser-based parlor tricks. LaVista. there are a few pockets of interest in HTML5 here and there. and video content for the web. and developers will be able to create it without having to pay for the tools to do so from one company that controls the keys: Adobe. according to the developers we spoke to. Virtually everyone is unanimous that the near-term solution will be joint development of both standards. “The market share isn’t significant enough to merit pouring resources into it yet. HTML5 will allow developers to create the same types of content that Flash allows for today— video. no one seems to care. iPad or no. Sure. has made his own sentiments on that rather publicly known. spending so much more time to develop the same material over and over. where you’re doing a lot of busy work. instead leaving them staring at those cold. Either way. with Flash and HTML5 websites running side by side and delivered on demand. Director of Open Source and Standards. pretty much right where it used to: into Flash. Any HTML5-compliant web browser will be able to render this content without an additional download. It’s hard enough to find developers who can work in Flash. boasts that Flash has an 80 percent market share of the casual gaming market. says McAllister. Regardless. creating embedded video content for the likes of the Museum of Modern Art. By Christopher Null At web development shop Zeitbyte Digital Media. is that HTML5 just isn’t fully baked. Who needs flAsh?* *You do. and it isn’t nearly as mature and as capable as Flash is today. and that it “has been able to demonstrate that it has the coolness factor that developers are looking for.” Steve Jobs. and its lack of Flash support— support that Apple is telegraphing is about as likely as a fourth season of Arrested Development—and everything changed. And so today Zeitbyte is pouring its development resources. the new and developing alternative to Flash. for that matter. well. Kenneth Cole. it’s just a question of when. anyway? Adobe’s Dave McAllister.” Talk about the proprietary components of Flash all you want. MTV. reflecting the general slowness of corporate America to pick up new standards. baby blue rectangles where a video of Tori Spelling or Lindsay Lohan ought to be. not everyone is using an HTML5-compliant browser. and even Perez Hilton. everyone is interested in the standards-based alternative. The main reason. Says Kahn. but every development shop we talked to reported that Flash is still commanding vast interest from clients. “We still have tons of clients using IE6!” At web shop Fuel Industries. a stark reminder of the old “special version of the site for IE users” days. and all without the need for a plug-in.

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You can even include the link where you found the $14 VINOTEKA VinotekaSoft. We got tons of great entries. we’re giving away a set of Ceramic Speakers from Joey Roth ($495. We’re scared to think what the auto-dealership markup on an iPad is going to be. and search your collection by author. poetry. which can hold details about your wines like proper serving temperature. and other bits of inspiration you want to hold onto. com). This month. For his efforts. subject. OUR CONTESTS HAVE MOVED! For details on this month’s $49. fire up iWisdom and add them to your database. which is easily searched later by author. Wine collectors will be drunk on organization options with Vinoteka. A lovely interface makes using Vinoteka almost as fun as drinking the wine. keyword. powersurgepub.90 As you come across quotations. we’re rewarding Steve with a Mysterious Box of Mystery. which includes a custom skateboard from our friends at Incipio (myincipio. joeyroth. but our favorite was Steve Lopez’s in-dash iPad for his car. vinotekasoft. and much more. we asked for descriptions and illustrations of your dream iPad app.>>>Start SHAREWARE PICKS THINK ’N DRINK iWISDOM 2. You can even customize the shape of the bottles so what’s shown in the app resembles the actual wine bottle.maclife. and text. food pairings. its exact location in your cellar’s racks. visit www. direct from the Mac|Life test lab. 16 AUG• 10 maclife.0 Apps to organize your collections of inspiration and vino PowerSurge worldmags & avaxhome .com) and some surprise goodies hand-picked by the crew at Mac|Life. Integrating your stereo system with all the buttons needed for your car’s climate controls and other functions seems like a pretty sweet idea to us. or category. WIN You Rise to the Challenge We Reward You with Cool Prizes “iPad” = “I’m Pushing Auto Design” Back in May. list Aug_10_Win. rating. Enter quotes and inspiration.

LLC. Download a trial version of DiscLabel today… www. ™ The fastest and easiest way to enhance your CD & DVD labels and packaging Learn how to create your own labels. Watch a tutorial at Copyright © 2010 SmileOnMyMac.DiscLabel lets you decide which image to present to the world. LLC. PageSender and TextExpander are trademarks of SmileOnMyMac. DiscLabel. PDFpen.smileonmymac. worldmags & avaxhome .

com worldmags & avaxhome . but the A-Frame looks particularly promising. making it great for games.>>>Start Crave The geAr we’re lusTing AFTer…This monTh A-FrAme SUSIE $49. 18 AUG• 10 maclife. It’s sturdy. and I like that it can hold the iPad upright in portrait or landscape orientation.99 >>>We’ve seen a lot of iPad stands come through the Mac|Life labs.

the iP49 features Digital Power Station technology from Bongiovi Acoustics to give your tunes some extra oomph. Nice! RAY PAUL >>>I already pack around a carrying case for my earbuds.99 >>>This rechargeable speaker dock is the first portable in iHome’s Studio Series line. One side lets you coil up your earbuds as usual. FireWire 400/800. In addition to music playback and alarm clock $9. but the other side serves as an iPhone holder (landscape or portrait) that props it at a nice angle for vegging out to a movie while stuck on a plane or $159. and Western Digital keeps adding killer new features. but iAngle charms me by pulling double duty.99 (2TB) – $979. and USB ports.99 >>>I’ve been a fan of the WD TV since the first iteration. I can connect to practically anything. FLORENCE ROBERTO iAngLe iangle. and with eSATA. The four drive bays are hot-swappable. worldmags & avaxhome maclife.99 (8TB) >>>The name’s a AUG• 10 19 . Now WD TV sports Netflix streaming with a brand-new interface that lets you add new flicks to your Queue without having to fire up a web browser or iPhone $149.99 WDTV LiVe PLus wdc. but 8 terabytes of high-speed RAID storage on my desktop will be great for editing video projects.iP49 ihomeaudio. OWC MerCury eLiTe-AL PrO Qx2 $519.

you came through. 20 AUG•10 worldmags & avaxhome . AND iPAD OWNERS.THE ULTIMATE APPLE ANSWERS GUIDE OF YOUR MOST BURNING QUESTIONS. Struggling with iTunes syncing? iPhone backups? RAID cards? iPad printing? Or just wondering exactly what Steve actually wears every day? The answers await. iPads. The queue in our inbox looked longer than the lines that curled around NYC’s 5th Avenue Apple Store for the launch of the very first iPhone. We distilled all those inquiries down to the 50 best. Y For months now.. iPhones. OU ASKED FOR HELP WITH THE THORNIEST PROBLEMS FACING MAC. AND WE ANSWERED. we’ve been asking you to send us your most burning Apple questions. and Apple itself. and to put it mildly. we could only marvel at the insightful list of vexing technical issues and twinkle-in-your-eye trivia tidbits that you challenged us with.. And when we dug into the meat and potatoes of your queries. backstopped and bulletproofed by the pros at Mac|Life. iPHONE. PROVIDING 50 FOOLPROOF SOLUTIONS THAT’LL COME IN HANDY FOR ANYONE WHO USES APPLE GEAR. Then we put our crack team of experts on the job of coming up with this ultimate answers guide for all things Apple. most burning questions about Macs.


click on AirPort in the left then the AirPort tab. Any advice? This problem seems to be affecting many Snow Leopard users. delete all of your previous locations.11n mode on your router.3 or later. Despite the name. ■ Change the security settings on your router from WEP to WPA/WPA2. ■ Manually change your router’s wireless channel to another channel to avoid interference with other wireless networks. then the Advanced button. If you’ve enabled “Secondary Click. ■ Within that Advanced area. all 6. drag AirPort to the top of the service order by clicking on the gear icon and choosing “Set Service Order. click on the TCP/IP tab and turn off can fill this gap and free your photo library of clutter.4. leaving it in 802. Click the Photos tab. and Events to your iPhone. and I don’t want to fi nd and delete them all myself.” you might be tapping in the wrong area of your worldmags & avaxhome . ■ Zap the PRAM on your Mac (get One of our best tips for troubleshooting Wi-Fi connection instructions at tinyurl. ■ In your Network System Preference. Any ideas? iPhoto lacks iTunes’ duplicate-deleting prowess. then select the iPhone in the iTunes sidebar. Re-sync to apply your new settings and get back a few gigabytes on your iPhone. particularly if it’s a non-Apple router. create a new location and delete all of the previous locations. so we’ve come up with a series of steps that should resolve it.8.000 of my MacBook Pro’s photos move to the iPhone—very uncool! How do I remove them from the phone and ensure one-way photo transfers to the Mac in the future? That’s at least 5. Simply go into your Trackpad System Preference and make sure that “Tap to Click” is checked.8 and 8. where you can choose to transfer none of your pictures or just specific iPhoto Albums. See which channels are being used by other networks with a utility like AirRadar ($20. Then. So if you’ve enabled “Dragging” or “Drag Lock.” ■ Delete all of your preferred networks.8. 3 MULTITOUCH GESTURES: Why can’t I do the one-fi nger double-tap to open documents in Snow Leopard? You can absolutely use the one-finger double-tap on your Multi-Touch trackpad to open documents in Snow Leopard. ■ Turn AirPort off then on again from your menu bar. it identifies and tags duplicate pictures with a keyword so you can collect them in a Smart Folder to review and annihilate at your leisure. try Google’s DNS servers of 8. but the shareware app Duplicate Annihilator (tinyurl. 4 SYNCING iPHONE PHOTOS: When I sync my iPhone.6.4. problems is to create one brand-new location and then com/365z95q). which is located in your Utilities folder. 22 AUG•10 maclife.11b/g mode only. 2 WI-FI DROPOUTS: Since upgrading to Snow Leopard. Faces. I still get Wi-Fi reliably on my iPhone. go into the DNS tab and make sure that your DNS servers are correct. and my wife gets it on her PC. ■ Within your new location. koingosw.8. If in doubt.950 pictures too many. ■ Run Keychain First Aid in Keychain Access. my Wi-Fi connection randomly drops for no reason.” you might be holding down your finger too long after the second tap. ■ Restart your modem and router.THE ULTIMATE APPLE ANSWERS GUIDE 1 DUPLICATES IN iPHOTO: I can’t fi nd any options in iPhoto for removing all duplicate pictures in one fell swoop. To see your preferred networks. ■ Upgrade your router’s firmware to the latest version. Your confusion may also stem from the fact that your Multi-Touch trackpad is capable of understanding many gestures. Start with the first and work down until the problem goes away: ■ Update to Mac OS X 10. ■ Turn off 802. Just connect your iPhone to your MacBook.

have a certain level of compression already built in. For example.7MB. there’s no standard way to remove a program from your Mac. such as JPEGs. An uninstall feature may be obvious. Launch the installer and proceed through it carefully.UNINSTALLING: My Mac still runs processes from a program I deleted. or it could be hidden among options to customize the installation process. Am I doing something wrong? Not all file types can be compressed with the same space-saving results. consider investing in a dedicated uninstaller like CleanApp ( AUG• 10 23 . How do I delete an application entirely and prevent this from happening? Unfortunately. worldmags & avaxhome maclife. Be sure to quit the program you want to delete before uninstalling It may lurk in the main folder of the app you want to terminate— check those subfolders!— or it might be in the original installer itself. You can use Spotlight to search for the deleted application’s name to find these strays. but the sizes of text files and uncompressed image file formats can be dramatically reduced with ZIP compression. I recently compressed a 117. but some developers simplify the job by including an uninstaller with their application. Some files. but if you have a lot of applications to remove. AppZapper (appzapper. com/5nb2yy).4MB file to just 116. and other media formats. com/2a2nls). or AppCleaner (tinyurl. These programs automate the process of zapping unwanted programs—and their stuff— off your drive for good. FILE COMPRESSION: I’d like to save hard drive space with the Finder’s Compress command. then the only way to delete it is to drag it to the Trash. compressing a ZIP archive won’t make a significantly smaller ZIP file. this won’t remove preferences and other support files left behind on your Mac. However. If an application didn’t come with an uninstaller. but I’m not getting useful results. MP3s.

a cute name for a not-so-cute problem. you’ll be told the locations of pictures containing GPS data must be retrieved again. you’ll still need your traditional Apple remote to navigate to those worldmags & avaxhome . The first step is to look at your Mac’s history. But for content that doesn’t live on your Apple TV. What’s the right mailbox setting to move a message deleted in Mail to Gmail’s Trash? All your Gmail goes into the All Mail folder. 24 AUG•10 maclife. and how can I stop it? Ouch. even a kernel panic isn’t the end of the world. An operating system’s kernel acts as a bridge between applications and the computer’s hardware. so be sure to back up important files and verify your hard drive with Disk Utility regularly. CAN I USE THE TOUCH TO NAVIGATE TO THE YOUTUBE APP AND SEARCH FOR VIDEOS. The chief causes of kernel panics are faulty RAM and software incompatible with the operating system you’re running.THE ULTIMATE APPLE ANSWERS GUIDE REMOTE CONTROL: WHEN I USE MY iPOD TOUCH AS A REMOTE FOR MY APPLE TV. or you can drag your iPhoto library file from your Pictures folder to the same location on a new Mac. Google’s default IMAP Mail settings (available here: tinyurl. Was there a time when it didn’t get kernel panics? Think back to any (and we mean any) new hardware or software you installed before the panics began. and we can offer some pointers to help you figure out what’s wrong. Happily. Unfortunately. 8 GMAIL. it remains in Gmail’s All Mail folder in the sidebar. or do I have to click on all those faces and enter all those locations again? All your vacation sites and friendly faces will transfer to another Mac with OS X’s Migration Assistant. such as YouTube videos or the iTunes Store. the Remote app will display its own keyboard. whether or not it’s been recently deleted and no matter which Gmail folder label is attached to the message. All that time you spent entering Faces and Places data will not be lost just because you bought a spiffy new Mac. but when I delete a message from Mail. When you launch iPhoto on the new machine. BEHAVE!: I sync Gmail with OS X’s Mail. IT APPEARS TO ONLY GIVE ME ACCESS TO THE APPLE TV’S LIBRARY AS IF IT WERE AN iPOD. but to send a Mail message directly to Gmail’s Trash. that range could include any number of bad things that may be happening on your poor PowerBook. What you’re describing is a kernel are correct. Why does this keep happening. Update or uninstall them one item at a time to isolate the panics’ cause until you narrow down the trouble. say) will remain intact. your Mac isn’t happy. However. OR TO BROWSE THE MOVIE RENTALS? Apple’s Remote app for the iPhone and iPod touch lets you control the playback of media that you’ve already purchased or downloaded. and kernel panics are the last-ditch efforts of the operating system to recover from serious conflicts between them. Whatever the issue. Also note which hardware and software you’re using just before they strike—there may be a pattern. which lets you quickly type what you’re searching for. but custom locations you’ve entered yourself (for pictures taken with older cameras. the good news is that whenever an onscreen keyboard appears on your Apple TV. IS THERE A WAY TO USE THE iPOD TOUCH LIKE THE TRADITIONAL APPLE REMOTE? FOR EXAMPLE. CRASH-TASTIC: It always happens at the worst possible time: I’ll be using my PowerBook G4 when the screen suddenly dims and shows a Rosetta Stone’s worth of languages telling me to restart the computer. you’ll have to drag it to the [Gmail]/Trash folder in Mail’s sidebar. PHOTO MIGRATION: Can Faces and Places data in iPhoto ‘09 be moved to another Mac.

RI 02892 USA • 998-2510 worldmags & avaxhome . eliminating costly electricity • 132 Fairgrounds Road. And managing today’s Back-UPS couldn’t be easier thanks to an integrated LCD that provides diagnostic information at your fingertips. so you start saving money the minute you plug it in. too.Unbeatable power protection now beats energy costs. Its highly efficient design noticeably reduces energy use. • 10 Outlets • 450 Watts / 750 VA • 70 Minutes Maximum Runtime • Coax and Telephone/Network Protection The best-value ES 550G The ES 550G uses an ultra-efficient design that consumes less power during normal operation than any other battery backup in its class. Automatic voltage regulation (AVR) adjusts the undervoltages and overvoltages without using the battery. which automatically shut off power to controlled outlets when the computer plugged into the host outlet is deemed asleep. energy-efficient features. The reinvented APC Back-UPS is the trusted insurance you need to stay up and running and reliably protected from both unpredictable power and energy waste! Enter to win one of seven Back-UPS BR 700G (a $130 value)! Visit www. Schneider Electric. these power-saving features eliminate wasteful electricity drains. the reinvented Back-UPS does even more. Today. e-mail: esupport@apc. eliminating wasteful electricity drains. Today’s cost-saving Back-UPS For years you’ve relied on APC Back-UPS to protect your business from expensive downtime caused by power problems. All Rights Reserved. The energy-efficient ES 750G The ES 750G boasts innovative power-saving outlets. Legendary Reliability.apc. saving you money on your electricity bill. West Kingston. and many models have been designed with power-saving features to reduce costs. Plus. or its affiliated companies in the United States and other countries. Only APC Back-UPS guarantees to keep your electronics up and your energy use down! Keep your electronics up and your energy use down! Back-UPS models are available with the features and runtime capacity that best suit your Key Code t210w • Call 888-289-APCC x8318 • Fax 401-788-2797 ©2010 Schneider Electric Industries SAS. (BR700G shown above) Unique energy-efficient features Power-saving outlets automatically shut off power to unused devices when your computer and peripherals are turned off or on standby. • 8 Outlets • 330 Watts / 550 VA • 43 Minutes Maximum Runtime • Telephone Protection Trusted insurance for all your business needs The award-winning Back-UPS provides reliable power protection for a range of applications: from desktops and notebook computers to wired and wireless networks to external storage. APC’s highly efficient designs reduce power consumption when power is good and extend runtimes when the lights go out. the transformer kicks in only when needed and automatically deactivates when power is stable. Together. Only APC Back-UPS delivers unsurpassed power protection and real energy savings. The High-Performance Back-UPS Pro Series High-performance Back-UPS Pro units deliver cost-cutting. APC. saving you about $40-50 a year. and Back-UPS are owned by Schneider Electric. With our patent-pending AVR bypass. Power-saving outlets automatically shut off power to unused devices when your computer and peripherals are turned off or on standby.


GET ZIPPY iPHONE BACKUPS: How can I speed up iPhone backups so I’ll never have to cancel midbackup again? They seem to take forever when a couple minutes really should do it. First off, keep your iOS software current. Not only will the latest updates squash bugs and add features, they can improve backup times. To update, sync your iPhone, select it in the iTunes sidebar, then go to the Summary tab.


Ask yourself this: Are those apps you never use on your iPhone really worth slowing down your backups?

Pare down the number of applications on your iPhone. Application data like inapp purchases, saved games, and new documents are all backed up when you sync, and that can add up to a long wait while the backup progress bar creeps by. To start cleaning house, connect to iTunes, select the Apps tab, then delete your most infrequently used applications. You’ll lose the data saved in these apps, but you’ll gain speedier backups.



Sync often. If you sync at least once or twice a day, fewer applications will have new data to back up when you reconnect to iTunes. If you can’t bear to part with any of the applications on your Home Screen, making multiple faster backups will let you keep all your favorite apps at your fingertips.

Keep Camera Roll clean. While the contents of your iPhone’s photo library aren’t backed up during a sync, the photos, movies, and screenshots in Camera Roll are. Transfer this media to iPhoto as soon as you begin a sync, and delete the files from Camera Roll when the transfer is complete to get this data copied onto your Mac while excluding it from being backed up in iTunes.


Connect to a USB port on your Mac instead of an external USB hub. Not all USB ports are created equal, and connecting to a powered, fullspeed USB port that’s built into your Mac will ensure the fastest possible transfer speeds during backups. That means you can be off to your next port of call quickly, secure in the knowledge that your iPhone data is safe on your computer.


Before you sync to iTunes, purge unnecessary SMS messages, old call histories, and non-essential files downloaded by apps that store data on your iPhone. For example, if you regularly copy files to your iDisk app or productivity apps like DocsToGo, make sure you’re only carrying what you need before a backup. Odds are these files live elsewhere on your Mac or iDisk, so there’s no need to back them up again.
More photos = slower backups.


Junk your old, unused files, too.



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P5 Headphones

Concert for one
P5 Mobile Hi-Fi Headphones What’s it to be? The rush-hour commute, the stuffy office, the line at the local supermarket? Or the control room at Abbey Road Studios, a box at the Met, the front row at CBGB in 1976? The noise-isolating P5. It’s not a set of headphones. It’s a transportation device. Listen and you’ll see.

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TIME TRAVEL: I’ve been running Time Machine for months in Mac OS 10.6.3, but I’ve never seen instructions about how to go back in time and retrieve information. Help! Mount your backup drive, then launch Time Machine from your Mac’s Applications folder. Your desktop will be replaced by a timeline and Finder windows showing your Mac’s contents as they were in the past. Just click a Finder window (or click within the timeline) to return to a specific date. You can also search within Finder windows for specific filenames, and more. When you find a missing file, select it and click Restore to return to the present with your document.

RIP ENCRYPTED MOVIES: I want an easy way to download a DVD to my computer so I can put it on my iPod or iPad. I used to use HandBrake, but that no longer works for encrypted DVDs.


HandBrake (free, is still the quickest and most reliable tool for directly converting DVDs into video files that will play on your iPod or iPad. But you’ll also need to install VLC (free, if you want to decrypt commercial DVDs. Place both HandBrake and VLC into your Applications folder, and you’ll be able to convert encrypted DVDs with HandBrake once again.

If you aren’t yet using Time Machine to automate your Mac should. Setup literally takes just a few clicks.

HandBrake and VLC need to live together in your Applications folder.


DUMP DISCS: I want to go disc-free on my MacBook, but a few of my games require a CD or DVD to play. Is there any way to make OS X think the disc is in the drive when it’s not? OS X’s Disk Utility can make a duplicate of your game’s CD or DVD and save it to your Mac as a file called a disk image. Once created, disk images can be double-clicked to open and mount on your desktop just like a conventional disc (you’ve already seen them in software installers downloaded from the internet). But there are two things to remember: copy-protection schemes on the disc may prevent duplication, and you should have plenty of room on your MacBook’s hard drive before you begin. A DVD’s disk image will take up several gigabytes. To get started, insert the disc you want to dupe, then launch Disk Utility from your Utilities folder. Select the disc in the sidebar, then click New Image in the Disk Utility toolbar, set the image format to DVD/CD Master in the resulting sheet, and save the disk image to your Mac. Next time you want to play your game, double-click the image file, then launch your game normally once the virtual game disc mounts. When you’re finished, you can drag the mounted disc to the Trash to eject like any conventional media, leaving the disk image on your Mac for the next time you want to get your game on.


BRANCHING OUT: Which operating systems— and I mean all of them, not just Mac versions— will run on a PowerPC-based Mac? The PowerPC processor has become something of a museum piece since Apple abandoned it for Intel’s chips, but these Linux distributions can help you breathe new life into G5- and G4-powered Macs. Ubuntu (, Yellow Dog (, and Fedora ( all maintain builds that run on PowerPC hardware. When you’re looking to run a worthwhile alternate operating system on older Mac hardware, the penguin has you covered.


THE $1M QUESTION: When will Adobe Flash content be viewable on iPhones and iPads? Never. In April, Steve Jobs had this to say about Flash on Apple’s website: “Flash was created during the PC era—for PCs and mice. Flash is a successful business for Adobe, and we can understand why they want to push it beyond PCs. But the mobile era is about low-power devices, touch interfaces, and open web standards—all areas where Flash falls short.”



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Different routers have different ways of showing which addresses (and thus. game consoles. the AirPort router itself. the least fiddly solution often ends up being emailing yourself a document and printing from a computer. 21 worldmags & avaxhome maclife. We also had success with Air Sharing HD ($9. Canon’s Easy-PhotoPrint for iPhone runs on the iPad and will print photos to certain Canon printers. In the Wireless Clients section. iPhones. launch AirPort Utility from your Utilities folder. follow their instructions. which are unique codes that identify network devices. Hopefully Apple has something better in the pipeline… 18 iPAD PRINTING: What are the best ways to print from the iPad? Until Apple decides to build printing into iOS. including your iPhone. launch the iLife ‘09 installer from your disc. The list will include your Mac. so you can tell when something with a foreign address is using your Wi-Fi. although in our experience the results are decidedly mixed. Next. but Apple only allows syncing of all or none. and disable iPhone bookmark syncing in iTunes. We’ll get you started: your computer’s address can be found in the Network section of System Profiler. but we’d hardly call that true iPad printing. PrintBureau ($12.99). Xmarks doesn’t sync new bookmarks made on your iPhone back to your Mac. Click Logging and Statistics. but turning on Printer Sharing on our Mac made all our printers visible to the app. including GarageBand preferences. Then the game’s afoot! SIM-PLIFY: I have a 1G iPhone that I want to use as a simple iPod AUG• 10 29 . And the App Store is full of plenty of third-party apps that promise printing from your iPad. match the MAC addresses to your network devices. you can view (and even search) them in a layout formatted for Mobile Safari. There’s an optional free helper application you can run on a Mac to give PrintBureau access to your printers (a solution common to several iPad printing apps). Ultimately. even after AT&T service has been terminated or transferred to another phone. Click it. there’s no way around this limitation besides jailbreaking your iPhone with one of the methods floating around on the internet. or other devices using your Wi-Fi connection. Xmarks (xmarks. then select the items you want to reinstall. At the bottom of the final screen is a Customize button that lets you install iLife components individually. then Logs and Statistics. then click the Advanced icon in the resulting window. Is there a fix? It’s almost elegant. 20 STAY SAFE: How can I tell if someone is using my Wi-Fi? Elementary. It reliably printed to one—but not another—of the printers on our home network without any intervention. leaving aside the phone features entirely. Just sign up for Xmarks. Unfortunately. Unfortunately. and any other computers. Just remember to run Software Update afterward to ensure that everything’s up to date. my dear Wi-Fi user! The mystery’s solution lies in MAC (Media Access Control) addresses. but your missing applications and files will return to your Mac without affecting other iLife applications and documents. the 1G iPhone requires a SIM card to operate as a basic iPod. Like we said…almost elegant. and its profiles let you decide which bookmarks appear on specific devices. 17 although there are several apps in the App Store that might meet your needs. but this will require signing up for a new phone service contract.iLIFE OOPS: I accidentally deleted iMovie and the Apple Loops that came with GarageBand.99) searches your network for shared printers. Can I reload them from the original disc without losing all my other iLife files? Sure! First. there unfortunately isn’t a “best” way— 19 TAME BOOKMARKS: I have tons of Safari bookmarks on my Mac. It didn’t work immediately with our Wi-Fi–enabled printer. You can get a new SIM card from AT&T. doubleclick your router’s icon. When you’re finished. which is packed with features for moving and sharing files with your iPad. I don’t want them all on my iPhone. you’ll see a graph showing the address of each device connecting to your network. but I don’t have the original SIM syncs bookmarks across multiple browsers. What are my options? Your options are slim. If you have an AirPort router. Best of all. But—like using a companion app—that also requires that you have a Mac running. Unlike later models. The installer will insist on installing GarageBand along with your missing loops. you’ll know the addresses of devices you want on your network. devices) are accessing your network.

worldmags & avaxhome . Click and drag other 22 FONT FIXES: When using Mail. Scheme chart to remove Once all your data’s the partition (don’t worry. If. Click affecting other data on the the Partition button. tapping Store. and no problem updating them in iTunes on my computer. if a CD gets scratched. 23 NO SCRATCHING: I just bought a new 21. However. then select You’re in luck. typewriter style font. then deleting them from your iPhone. then verify that your address and billing information are correct. In order for a font to be successfully seen on somebody’s computer. Apple’s really into razor-sharp edges. That way. any font that I use in my outgoing email always shows up on recipient PCs as Courier—that archaic. Reconnect your iPhone to your computer to sync the updated apps back to the phone. The easiest place to start is by navigating to Settings. then drive.THE ULTIMATE APPLE ANSWERS GUIDE MERGE PARTITIONS: Is there any way to un-partition a non-boot hard drive in OS 10. their computer will substitute your font with a font that is already installed on their system. Word documents. How can I get my Mac fonts to translate onto PCs? partitions to resize them and fill the empty space that will be left behind by the deleted partition. I get a “Cannot Connect to iTunes Store” error. 25 30 AUG•10 maclife. the apps may the culprit. because you have multiple usernames or passwords tied to your iTunes account. the drive in the sidebar (be OS X’s Disk Utility has been sure to choose the icon able to add and remove noting the drive’s capacity. websites. Help! These days. down the road. Since 10. What gives? Assuming the problem is reoccurring and not a freaky networking APP-UPDATE ERRORS: When I try to update apps from my iPhone. irreversible scratches to valuable CDs. these same applications refuse to update from your iPhone again. not on the internal drive itself. and those very same sharp edges have made it onto the slot on the side of the iMac where CDs are loaded. You can also click the plus button to add a new partition that can also be resized. at least it’s not the original.6 without wiping the data? Utilities folder. For example. Luckily. or even because your billing information was recently changed on another device.5. the unibody MacBooks also famously have sharp edges where users rest their wrists. Another option would be to purchase an external CD drive to either use as your primary CD drive or to make copies of your valuable CDs. This applies to emails. you’ll need to create PDF files or images and attach them to your outgoing email message. yet I have no problem downloading new apps. Try updating them in iTunes. those sharp edges are just on the outside. Click Apply to commit your changes and begin Operation: Un-partition. If your recipient doesn’t have the same exact font as you. This could be because a different user has logged into your iPhone.5” iMac (late 2009 model) and found a serious design flaw: the CD slot has sharp aluminum edges that can inflict permanent. but it’s almost guaranteed to keep scratches at bay. it sounds like your iPhone (or the problematic apps themselves) may be confused about the status of your iTunes account. Disk Utility in the shaded box showing won’t merge data from the the drive’s Volume Scheme. you may avoid scratching your CD. deleted partition to another select the partition you want partition on the drive. they need to already have that particular font installed on their machine. This isn’t the most beautiful thing to look at. securely backed up. If the problem persists. If it is. so back to remove. and confirming that yours is the currently active account on your iPhone. try signing out and signing back 24 in with your most recent iTunes account information. So if you carefully and slowly slide in your CD without touching the outside edges. If maintaining the integrity of fonts is important to you. partitions from disks without not just its name). But here’s a more practical solution: Put electrical tape around the edges of the slot. deleting them from your Mac and re-downloading them from the iTunes Store may fix this. almost anything. launch it won’t disappear right Disk Utility from your Mac’s away). Click the minus up all your data—especially files on the partition you’ll be button below the Volume removing—before you begin.

This problem exists in 10. choose Photoshop. iPads are also prone to other Wi-Fi glitches. like the Applications folder. frustrating issue that exists with all 2009 Mac Pros. If those options don’t do the trick. Now I have to drop the photos onto the Photoshop icon. TIF. Moving or deleting the wrong files while logged in as root can have serious consequences for your Mac. like sketchy signal strength. the invisible files created by the Finder to store icon sizes. Right-click a JPG. and at Mac|Life HQ.DS_Store files. log in as the root user. then set uncooperative folders to the view setting you prefer.” which changed its file-opening behavior (see Ask. and remember to log back into your normal user account and disable root access when the job is done. window backgrounds. PSD. and only the system (also known as the root user) can make permanent changes to these directories. and under Open With. choose Get Info. Snow Leopard ignores “creator codes. not you. want Photoshop to get first dibs can reveal or delete these files for you. it would shut itself down. Yes. When I installed 10. icons. What looks like random stubbornness may be OS X remembering that it’s in charge of these folders. Just open and set each folder to your preferred view. Do this again for PNG. and it’ll take an OS and/or firmware update from Apple to vanquish this annoying glitch. which creates a smaller pool of DHCP leases and keeps the main Wi-Fi network safe. don’t technically “belong” to any user except the system itself. so if you set your iPad to never sleep (Settings > General > Auto-Lock > Never).6. this seems to be a prevalent problem with the 2009 Mac Pros. JUST OPEN!: I used to double-click any photo. Whenever you play any audio. then select View > Show View Options in the menu bar and check the topmost button in the resulting window to force the Finder window to always open in that view. frequent drops. the Finder has ignored these helpful preferences since the earliest days of OS X. This increased heat also causes decreased performance. CPU heat sink 60ºC). Apple explains how to log in as root here: tinyurl. Your stubborn folders aren’t the first! Your folders may be confused by corrupt . it can crash the Wi-Fi itself! I’ve heard this is a common problem—is there a fix? You’ve heard 27 iPADS KILL WI-FI: When enough of us use iPads on the office Wi-Fi. We can only guess that something’s screwy with iPad power management… 28 MAC PROS ARE HOT: I just wanted to bring to your attention a widespread.WINDOWS SET TO APPEAR IN DIFFERENT VIEWS DEPENDING ON THEIR CONTENT. your Mac may think you don’t have permission to reset the view options of certain folders. or you can use the Terminal to delete them yourself if your UNIX Fu is strong. IS IT A BUG. and it would open in Photoshop.000 on Apple’s top machine. That’s hardly ideal. but does not happen in Windows running in Boot Camp. file extensions are boss. To show your Mac who’s boss. And after spending $ and Cocktail (tinyurl. maclife. OR AM I MISSING A SETTING? 26 MAKE WINDOWS BEHAVE: I HAVE VARIOUS FINDER Setting a specific folder to open in a particular view (such as columns. I feel like I have been had. and click Change All. Just be careful. Unfortunately. but we’re publishing your letter in the hopes that greater publicity on this issue will help get a speedy resolution from Apple.6. and slow speeds. Unfortunately. and any other photo file types you In Snow Leopard. Some. BUT CERTAIN WINDOWS STUBBORNLY—AND RANDOMLY— REFUSE TO REMEMBER MY PREFERENCES. May/10. Playing any type of audio heats up the Pro precariously close to—but not quite at—dangerous heat levels. AUG• 10 29 worldmags & avaxhome 31 . If your Mac actually reached dangerous heat levels. one of the first things you should do is increase the brightness upward and turn off the Auto Brightness option (Settings > Brightness & Wallpaper). p81)—it’s all about file extensions now. we set up an iPad-only Wi-Fi network.5 and 10. and more. know that the issue is caused because an iPad can stop renewing its DHCP lease when it goes to sleep. the CPU rapidly heats up (core temperatures as high as 90ºC. you’re good. Until then. Bizarrely. so it appears to be a Mac OS X bug. System utility apps like TinkerTool (tinyurl. this feature disappeared. we don’t have any solutions for you. or lists) can make browsing files in the Finder a lot easier.

turn the machine over with the lid partly open to allow the liquid to drain. try changing the channel on which your AirPort broadcasts in the Wireless tab of the AirPort section of AirPort Utility. can be used on up to five authorized computers and the iDevices that sync to them.THE ULTIMATE APPLE ANSWERS GUIDE 30 AIRPORT FIZZLES: I stream my music from iTunes to an AirPort router. it’s a sign your iPhone thinks you have two distinct sets of friends. but half the hassles. DOUBLE THE ADDRESSES: Why do I have duplicate Contact entries on my iPhone but not on my Mac? Odds are your iPhone has gained multiple groups of contacts after syncing them both wirelessly through MobileMe and through iTunes when you connected your iPhone to your Mac. introduced in iTunes 9. If the problem persists. You’ll have half the friends. then re-sync. we recommend a bit of gauze lightly dampened with rubbing alcohol. make sure your iTunes and AirPort software are up to date. So: Immediately power down. What’s the best way to clean up? Sounds nasty! Although this particular spill has long dried. FAMILY PLANNING: My wife and I have our own iPhones and iTunes accounts. select Apps in the sidebar. Apple TV purchases. If dropouts continue. then drag iPhone applications you want to share from iTunes to a networked computer or removable hard drive. and remove the battery (if it’s removable). we’ll start these cleanup instructions from the moment right after spillage to make them more widely worldmags & avaxhome . disconnect the power cord from the MacBook. however. entering one iTunes account username and password on each. first back up your Mac’s contact data. turn off MobileMe contact syncing in Settings on your iPhone. The website iFixIt. like DRM-protected movies and TV shows. and we’re adding an iPad to the happy family. Repeat this step on all your computers. Signals can be impeded by microwaves. Activate Home Sharing by selecting Advanced > Turn On Home Sharing. and bouncing baby iPad. choosing to delete the existing contacts on your phone. check your iPhone Contact app’s Groups. Can we sync both iPhones and the iPad (plus our Apple TV) to a single iTunes account. making sure that the laptop doesn’t close all the way. Just open iTunes. uncheck Sync Address Book Contacts in the Info tab. What can I do? First. If you see a group named From My Mac in addition to groups you’ve created in OS X’s Address Book. The good news is that apps. thick masonry. Once you set up all computers on your network. But even these files can be synced and transferred to multiple computers and iDevices. then choose the exported apps to load them into that computer’s library. so your family will have to keep juggling separate accounts and purchases from your iPhones. 31 32 WHAT A MESS!: One of my coworkers spilled juice on his older MacBook Pro. 33 It’s hard enough to find the contact you’re looking for—who needs duplicate entries? 32 AUG•10 maclife. Apple TV. turn Contact syncing back on. These apps won’t retain saved data from the original computer. Select File > Add to Library in iTunes on the second authorized computer. but otherwise they’ll be fully operational and can be updated normally. After doing as much as you can with paper or cloth towels. syncing works automatically. but it’s not an exact science. and share our apps on all devices without affecting our current library and future purchases? Bad news first: there’s no way to merge multiple iTunes accounts into has great step-by-step guides to taking the keys off and getting your MacBook back to normal. will still be tethered to one of your computers. Connect your iPhone to iTunes. simplifies this process by allowing users to drag and drop media to shared computers within iTunes. Next. but it frequently cuts out. move your router away from possible sources of interference. Whatever the cause. and more. and now the keys are sticky (when pressed down. then selecting which media you’d like to share. Then you can drag media from shared libraries in iTunes’ sidebar into a computer’s local library at will. Future purchases can be shared automatically by clicking the Settings button at the bottom of Home Sharing iTunes library. Here’s the better news: Home Sharing. zapping new media off to each machine. To fix the problem. wireless phones. they don’t pop up right away). Now you should have just one set of contacts shared between your iPhone and Mac. When dabbing at disassembled keys and other parts. If that doesn’t remove the extra contacts. and choose to merge MobileMe’s data onto your iPhone if asked. Wi-Fi is convenient. Give it about 72 hours to completely air dry and then take apart the machine to thoroughly clean the innards.

you can keep specific media types—all videos. You can even sync your playlists—both their music files and the lists themselves in the iTunes sidebar. START THE SYNC To sync your library. MAKE THE CONNECTIONS SuperSync can even keep metadata updated across different Macs. just check the obvious boxes and enter a password in the application’s Network preferences. Whether you simply want to copy files or meticulously update their play counts. you can fine-tune what you sync and how. If your music collection doesn’t live in your Mac’s Home folder. and playlist. you’ll need a copy of SuperSync running on both your home and work computers. or transfer albums. Casual Fridays will never be the same. artists. SuperSync looks and feels kinda like iTunes. BUY THE SOFTWARE To get started. you can synchronize your entire library in one go. For instance. for instance—out of your shared library and pick which metadata changes will be synced back to your home machine. When the syncing starts. but is a whole different beast. worldmags & avaxhome maclife. SuperSync has your back. not a jukebox. you can start copying music from your crib to your cubicle and back again. and more across your computers.CONQUER SYNCING: What’s the most elegant way to sync iTunes libraries between work and home computers? We use SuperSync. When you first launch SuperSync on your home Mac. While SuperSync may look a little like iTunes (and it can even play some unprotected audio files). New files will be noted automatically and can be transferred with a click. it’s really a conduit and control panel for syncing. To set up sharing. Just finish your download in iTunes. Your DRM-protected files must still be played by an authorized copy of iTunes. then turn on sharing and connect to your home computer. but in just a few quick steps. install and launch SuperSync on your work machine. although SuperSync will transfer them just AUG• 10 33 . sync individual files. it loads and displays your iTunes library in an iTunes-alike window organized by genre. Two licenses will set you back $24. you can point SuperSync to a library stored on a remote or network drive and share from there. SuperSync’s interface gets pretty busy. or you can snag ten for $34 and give one to your manager for Boss’s Day. then phone home with SuperSync. SuperSync’s busy interface can seem a little daunting. and whole genres at once. files added to iTunes on your work computer can be synced back to your home Mac. artist. or by using a UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) router and letting SuperSync do the work for you. Naturally. This is easiest (and fastest) on a local network. While you’re there. Once you get both computers talking to each other. a program that lets you sync your iTunes library among multiple computers on local networks or over the Internet. but you can sync your music over the internet by manually forwarding ports on your home router. ratings.

and reliability. so you can hook it up to a TV to show off photos.” and it communicates any OS notifications effecting thermal conditions to your hardware. How do I prevent PTMD from taking over my Mac? This may not be a common question. RAIDs can either be mirrored or striped—in the first. and apps. is camera for support for Adobe Flash. Technology worldmags & avaxhome .com One of the things most obviously missing from the current iPad is a webcam. With the error message you’re receiving. This would instantly transform the iPad into a videophone. though. 36 I’d guess the following: ■ Front-facing camera for videoconferencing ■ Multitasking (duh. the storage space of all of your drives is added together into one larger drive. com). but it certainly is a burning one! According to Apple’s Mac OS X Reference Library. and what should I do? RAID stands for Redundant Array of Independent/Inexpensive Disks.. Daniel Lyons Newsweek iPAD 2: What upgrades will we see in the next version of the iPad? (We emailed a trio of well-known tech experts for their predictions..” But. It’s also likely that the next iPad will have more memory and a faster processor. get hot. It will become sluggish. This seems to be a new problem that has cropped up for some users in Mac OS 10. and it always pops up this error message: “Write cache disabled due to insufficient battery charge. Dual cameras— One thing it definitely a front-facing won’t have. so it’s trying to let your hardware continuously know this incorrect information. already announced) ■ Higher-resolution screen ■ No Flash ■ Gorgeous ads that will change your life ■ Unicorn tears 37 34 AUG•10 maclife.3. You may also try resetting your Mac’s System Management Controller. PTMD stands for “platform thermal monitor daemon.what is a RAID card. softraid.THE ULTIMATE APPLE ANSWERS GUIDE HOT FLASH: My MacBook Pro has been acting strangely. and it’s a tech that lets you combine multiple hard drives so they appear as one.) Dylan Tweney Wired Christopher Null Yahoo! News. The main advantages of a hardware-controlled RAID are increased performance and reliability. In the meantime.6. and the fans will come on at full speed. it might have an HDMI port too. This daemon is supposed to automatically quit itself when it’s done communicating. videoconferencing That door is closed. so if one fails. you’ll still have all of your data intact on another (known as redundancy). RAIDs can be controlled by software like Apple’s Disk Utility or the excellent SoftRAID ($129. If we’re lucky. and its size—just slightly bigger than the human face—would be perfect for face-to-face video chats. so take it into Apple to get which is responsible for thermal management (follow the directions at bit. 35 IT’S A RAID: I have Apple’s RAID card in my Mac Pro. or they can be controlled by hardware like your RAID card. you can manually quit out of PTMD in Activity Monitor (launch it from your Utilities folder) whenever it starts acting up. videos. each drive is an exact copy (or mirror) of the other drives. will be huge for probably forever. but apparently your Mac erroneously thinks that its thermal conditions are continuously changing. so hopefully it will be fixed in a future update to the operating system. but no redundancy unless you’ve configured your RAID with parity handling (which uses a portion of each drive to hold identical copies of data from one of the other drives). If you configure your drives as a striped RAID. opening up a whole new market for the iPad. This will give you increased performance and increased storage space. Activity Monitor shows that a process called “PTMD” is taking over 60 percent of my CPU. Apple’s Mac Pro RAID Card it sounds like the battery on your RAID card has improves RAID performance died.

■ Back up your Mac. try to rule out software problems: ■ Trash the following files and then restart your Mac: Macintosh HD/Library/ Preferences/SystemConfiguration/com.  + Lunor Ideal I 380 Glasses.plist ■ Reboot your Mac in single-user mode and run fsck (file system check)—get instructions at bit. AutoWake. but it still hangs after waking from sleep. I ran DiskTools Pro. You can try to pinpoint bad RAM by either removing one of your RAM chips and see if the problem continues. ■ Corrupt preference file. and drag your current network to the top of the list. your Mac may be trying to apply the password from one router to the other router. sadly.plist and Macintosh HD/Library/ Preferences/SystemConfiguration/com. ■ Your system may need a general maintenance. $140 These classic trainers are just right for sneaking out of meetings or dashing to the office to jot down an insanely great idea. before assuming the worst. ■ Keychain problems. take a look at the DVDs that came with your AUG• 10 + New Balance 993 Trainers. Beyond that. but they make him look like a million bucks. Insert that DVD and restart your Mac while holding down the D key on your keyboard. 40 SAD MAC: My iMac flatout freezes when I try to wake it from sleep.airport. ■ Preferred Networks problem. However. ■ Security incompatibilities. then the Advanced button. Turn on interference robustness on your router or change the wireless  This is often a symptom of a failing graphics card or a failing logic board inside your Mac. $165 The iPhone lacks buttons. If all of these steps fail.38 MAC VAN WINKLE: When I wake my MacBook Pro from sleep. WPA instead of WEP).apple. 39 STYLE MANUAL: What exactly does Steve wear on a daily basis? We asked our team of fashion experts. Sometimes it even forgets the Wi-Fi password. then erase and install Mac OS X. try to rule out hardware problems: ■ External devices: When your Mac fails to wake from sleep.” So we made them stalk the streets of Cupertino and watch hours of keynote footage to bring you the scoop on Steve’s sartorial secrets. which verified and repaired my hard drive. in which case you would need to take your Mac into an Apple Authorized Service Provider for repair. and their roomy pockets are the safest place to hide prototype iPhones. repair permissions with Disk Utility. Delete any unused networks. those external devices may be to blame. “The same dang thing no matter what. to bring your Mac into an Apple Authorized Service Provider. you can perform a series of basic troubleshooting steps to rule out other variables that may be causing this symptom. $60 These jeans provide the ultimate blend of style and try unplugging any external hard drives or peripherals to see if doing so makes your Mac suddenly wake from sleep. Croix Mock-Turtleneck. do you connect to one wireless router that’s named “Linksys” at work and then another router that’s named “Linksys” at home? If so. Trash the file located at Macintosh HD/Library/Preferences/ SystemConfiguration/com. click on AirPort. Rename one of the wireless networks.  + St. then the AirPort tab. Launch Keychain Access (in Utilities) and delete any AirPort Network password entries for the wireless networks that are giving you problems. ■ Wireless First. PowerManagement. If so. Try changing the type of wireless security on your router (for example. ■ RAM: You may also have bad RAM inside your machine. empty the caches. your problem may be caused by one of the following issues: ■ Two Wi-Fi networks with the same SSID (wireless network name). check out the extensive troubleshooting steps that we gave in Question #2 to see if any of those ideas solve your problem. it’s time. Go into your Network System Preference. For example. and so does Steve in this lightweight cotton top blended with moisture-wicking microfiber. price unknown. one of them will say that the Apple Hardware Test is on it. To run the Apple Hardware Test. ■ Reset your Mac’s System Management Controller (get instructions at bit. How the heck do I get it to remember? First. Steve’s specs probably cost somewhere between an iPhone and a MacBook Pro. Next. or by running the Apple Hardware Test to see if it can identify any bad RAM. preferences. Levi’s 501 Aged Perfect Jeans. it doesn’t connect to my Wi-Fi. and run the UNIX maintenance scripts with Cocktail. maclife. and they said.  worldmags & avaxhome 35 .plist and restart your Mac. Run Disk Warrior on your machine. That’ll show ’

Facebook Mini DisplayPort meets VGA with this adapter. Your backup drive must also be partitioned properly. While Apple hasn’t set up an official company page. It could indicate a problem with that particular file or with your internal hard drive. the key phrase is “a tiny bit of a speed 3zne68. use a different backup program like ChronoSync to see if the slowdowns continue. and is the current Mini DisplayPort standard the best tech for the job? Apple’s flirtation with different video interfaces makes it seem like a puppet of the International Dongle Cartel. then something else is going on. We’re not sure if that makes it the best can help you sniff out failing hard drives. 36 AUG•10 maclife. 43 FEELIN’ SOCIAL: Does Apple have a Twitter account or Facebook page of any sort whatsoever? Steve may be cool with answering emails. Other than that. com/AppStore. you can try some general tips to speed up your Mac overall: Upgrade from Leopard to Snow Leopard. so if your computer is actually coming to a standstill. Then. eliminate the possibility that your backup drive has a hardware problem by swapping it out with a different backup drive. Next. but it’s really all about doing more with ever-shrinking video ports.THE ULTIMATE APPLE ANSWERS GUIDE 41 42 STOP TIME: When Time Machine is running.” meaning that the speed loss should be negligible to most computer users. purchase faster internal and external drives (7200 RPM or SSD). but the company isn’t too keen on Twitter. but if it lets us carry just one small adapter that works on both MacBooks and If you don’t have another drive handy. make sure that you do not have any virus software scanning your backup drive. my Mac virtually comes to a stop. which can carry video and audio and connects to VGA. and turn off hard disk sleep in the Energy Saver System Preference (this last one has a huge impact if your hard drive is powered via USB only and has no separate AC power). or HDMI displays at resolutions up to or Disk Warrior ($99. we’re happy. DISPLAY DESPAIR: Why has Apple used so many display interfaces recently. That includes today’s Mini DisplayPort. Our preferred destination. However. though. prosofteng. ChronoSync will let you see which file is actively being backed up while the problem is happening. add more RAM to your Mac. as explained at tinyurl. There is no official Apple Twitter account. Time Machine is designed to be fast and extremely lightweight. What is happening. it has created an App Store Facebook page: facebook. a utility such as Drive Genius ($99. DVI. YouTube has your favorite Apple commercials. is the Apple YouTube worldmags & avaxhome . The best way to troubleshoot this is by eliminating variables. alsoft. First. which lets us check out all of our favorite Apple commercials: youtube. If they do. and what should I do? Any time an application such as Time Machine is actively reading or writing to a hard drive. use a faster connection interface (eSATA or FireWire 800). SLOW is a bit more complicated. you may notice a tiny bit of a speed loss if you’re also trying to access your hard drive as well because the read/ write heads take time to physically move to different locations on the hard drive platter. This is a known factor that could slow down your Time Machine backups to a crawl and that may affect your computer’s overall speed as well.

you can synchronize to Google using Spanning Sync ($25 for one year. While 1. but I continually have glitches. maclife. AutoImporter > In the meantime. use you connect your iPhone. which lets you manually your Mac simply by dragging OS 10. spanningsync. onto your next You could have your can be easily and quickly question of bypassing iPhone launch Image Capture copied somewhere else on iPhoto altogether. I have to drill down through some crazy iPhoto directories in the Finder just to copy the photos somewhere else. On your AUG• 10 46 worldmags & avaxhome 37 . Alternatively. and then I have to wipe out data and start all over again. format. You could drilling down into any iPhoto preferences for each have your iPhone run an directories on your Mac. Blu-ray is another or the outstanding Kerio Connect ($540. Apple’s interest in promoting its HD iTunes movie downloads and Steve’s declaration that bringing Blu-ray to the Mac is “a bag of hurt” don’t bode well for Blu’s chances on the Mac. But perhaps best of all. It would be wonderful if MobileMe would do its job and sync all of my calendar and contact information. Image Capture import iPhone photos from and you really shouldn’t—be even lets you set different the File menu. apple. and an iPad. For even more control significant amount of control and then delete those photos over the however. You don’t need to— or iPhones. without you intervening at—scroll down to #37) on how to reset your MobileMe syncing from scratch on all of your devices.0 gear is already trickling onto the market.0 and Blu-ray in Macs? What’s taking so long? USB 3. the Image Capture download your photos into and dropping them out of application gives you a the directories of your choice iPhoto.000 synchronizations before everything needs to be reset from scratch again. you can even take syncing into your own hands by using a product like Apple’s Snow Leopard Server ($499. If have your iPhone launch the File > Export command in you have multiple cameras Preview. kerio. Is there any way to alleviate these problems? We’ve heard from an Apple support representative that syncing problems with MobileMe are very common because the MobileMe servers are not yet robust enough to handle more than 1.6. individual camera. It’s located at Macintosh HD/System/ Library/Image Capture/ Support/Application/ AutoImporter. is that this same representative told us that Apple is aware of its MobileMe syncing shortcomings and is continuously working to increase the competency of its servers. an iPhone. If you have an extra Mac that you can use as a server machine. In Mac itself. your iPhone could launch AutoImporter. which can synchronize to your iPhone and iPad using Google Sync (google.44 FEELIN’ BLU: When will Apple include USB 3. Unfortunately. PHOTO DOWNLOADS: There seems to be no way to download my photos from my iPhone directly to my Mac without using or use the built-in (but more limited) syncing tools within Snow Leopard’s Address Book and iCal. and you can set this application’s Image Capture is the place to go to directly download photos from preferences by choosing your cameras or to set what happens whenever you connect your cameras. Can’t I just pull these photos off my iPhone and put them wherever I want? Any photos that are in iPhoto Now. The good news. your best bet for solving the glitches you’re experiencing would be to follow our extensive guide from our November 2009 issue (or find it online at tinyurl . if you want to stick with MobileMe syncing. 45 TAME MOBILEME: I have four Apple devices: two MacBooks. You could name of your photos. Even then. so it’s probably just a matter of time before the first computers sporting the blazing new standard roll out of Cupertino.000 synchronizations might sound like a lot. you may want to ditch MobileMe altogether and explore alternatives such as the web-based calendaring and contact solutions from Google. One of the devices will often stop syncing. which lets you iPhoto. consider that a sync takes place every single time you make a change to a contact or a calendar. AppleScript. and over what happens when from the iPhone. a hidden application that automatically imports photos to the directory of your choice.

com).and so will all those Windows viruses. Bad news: Voice Control everything else stays or Carbon Copy Cloner (donations requested. And they won’t be able to since Boot Camp only allows you to read your Mac partition but not write to it. That way. By default any hard drive. where you’ll find the experts on all things PC-related. add some deleted when they log out. if you install a program like MacDrive 8 ($ 47 you’ll have full read and write access to your Mac partition. Preferences > Parental Controls. we recommend Winclone (donations requested. Your Mac will continue to maintain its health as long as all those hundreds of thousands of Windows viruses can’t reach your Mac files from within the Windows 7 environment. Boot Camp can get it done on your Mac. Good news: You can shut off Voice Control dialing. mediafour. To clone your entire worldmags & avaxhome . bombich. setting X to be any number you like. AND IT’S ANNOYING WHEN IT’S IN MY POCKET AND ACCIDENTALLY ACTIVATES. Once you turn on Passcode Lock. back to the login screen to force the next person to log in as a user or guest. those are two things that Mac users are not required to do. plus a Guest Account for when we have parties and people are drawn to the 27-inch screen to play. “Save Stuff Here. 38 AUG•10 maclife. you’ll need to make two clones: one for your Mac partition and one for your Windows partition. How do I maintain my computer so both the Mac and Windows platforms stay healthy? And how can I make a clone of my computer that captures both? For tips on how to keep your Windows 7 partition healthy. To shut down Voice Control dialing. the login screen always appears when you start up. pretty icons for party-startin’ apps like an alias in the Dock to a shared folder on your Photo Booth and Camera Bag. but you could park big.. you can turn off Voice Dial. I just want it to go The auto-logout option is in System Preferences > Security. Can the Mac automatically return to the login screen after some period of inactivity? I don’t want guests to have access to our accounts. say. shirt-pocket. you’ll want to turn to our sister magazine Maximum PC (bit. So be doubly sure to have antivirus software on your PC side.THE ULTIMATE APPLE ANSWERS GUIDE THE OTHER TEAM: I’m running Windows 7 on my Mac using Boot Camp. which lets you select which applications will be available. and I don’t want my wife to have to remember to log out when she’s finished. To do this and turn off Voice Control Dialing. twocanoes. For your Windows is a good place to start). you need to turn on the Passcode Lock option for your iPhone. However. It’s also easy to lock down the Guest Account with System Set up a Guest Account with System Preferences > Accounts. For the Mac partition.” files in a Guest Account’s Home folder are While you’re sprucing up the Dock. 48 49 SILENCE: HOW DO I DISABLE VOICE CONTROL ON MY iPHONE 3GS? I NEVER USE IT. then manage—or spy on—it with Parental Controls. make sure Disable Automatic Login is checked too. If you gotta run Windows 7. No problem—head to System Preferences > Security and check the box for Log Out After X Minutes of Activity. LOG ME OUT: My iMac has separate user accounts for my wife and me. navigate to Settings > General > Passcode Lock. use a tool like SuperDuper ($28. Although conventional wisdom about PCs dictates that you’ll want to defragment your Windows hard drive regularly and immediately install antivirus software on your Windows partition. instead of a default administrator account. While you’re there.

BEHIND THE BLACK SHIRT: What does it take to become a Genius Bar technician? There are fewer great occupations in life than working at the Genius Bar. the apprenticeship continues in a real live Apple Store for as much as another month before you become true blue Genius material. BLAcK iS BOSS The shirt color is an essential part of working in the Apple store. For all you know. The shirt depicts what department you work in and makes it so that customers know who exactly the Geniuses are who can help them with their waterlogged iPhone. either. and Portable) and practice time with fake customers who are really good at being a pain in your backside. Think about it: When someone asks you what you do for a living. you never know what to expect when you work at the bar. you need to get trained. After that. you get to tell them that you’re a Genius. <<< worldmags & avaxhome maclife. as well as software offered for all of the latest operating systems. Survive that hurdle. so smile…and keep your lips zipped tight about any advance knowledge of upcoming Apple products you might have. Or else. and it’s off to Cupertino for four weeks of sessions that include acquiring three Apple certifications (OS. you get to manhandle Apple computers all day long. most of their job involves coping with damaged or seriously broken gear. LOAd-BEARinG Can you diagnose a problem and solve it within 15 minutes? The Geniuses at the Bar can. On top of that. MAGic hAndS Before you can get your hands on customers’ gear. Check out our handy chart (at right) to see what it takes to become a Genius Bar employee.GET SMART! First things first: You gotta have plenty of knowledge about past and present Apple products. BE hAPPY— And diScREET Employees at the Apple Store must be like employees at Disneyland— you’re in the Happiest Place on AUG• 10 39 . Geniuses must know hardware ranging across entire generations of Apple products. Appointments taken at the back of the store are only supposed to take as long as it takes to get you halfway through your favorite sitcom. A lot. After all. dealing with situations like figuring out what in the heck is going on with a MacBook that a carpenter impaled with his drill (remember to tell him it’s no longer under warranty). a customer might bring in their Performa 460 and ask you to transfer their hard drive data to one of those newfangled Mac Pros. Applying to be a Genius begins with a battery of tech questions—and we’re not talking the ins and outs of GarageBand. Applicants are expected to have deep knowledge about how to diagnose and fix serious hardware and software issues—after all. which ensures that even stores with heavy traffic volumes have a chance to help everyone out. Desktop.

MAC GAMING POWERS UP! 40 AUG•10 worldmags & avaxhome .

and bey ond. FLORENCE ION. O bviously. and the big publishers are bringing huge. fuzzball. it’s time to get y our gam 2010 is the e on year that M ac gaming ! shake it will finally s reputa tion for suck. We’ve assembled ever ything you need to make your Mac a cutting -edge GAME MACH INE. too. Apple’s latest machines—desktop and laptop—have powerful Intel processors and graphics cards. BY CHRIS BARYLICK. th developme anks to h nts from Va uge lve. In fact. Launched in May. because we’re here to tell you that 2010 is the year Mac gaming finally gets some respect. including details on how to take on the Mac|Life editors in multiplayer battles over Steam. the only time we’re ever reluctant to admit our rabid Mac fandom is when we’re hanging out with our PC-using buddies and the conversation turns to gaming. Blizza rd. ZACK STERN. we round up dozens of reasons to get excited about gaming on your Mac. “Isn’t that an oxymoron?” Well.MAC USERS. but these advances in gaming are making it more fun. In the pages that follow. Being a Mac user will always be cool. “Mac gaming?” they snicker. we’re all proud to be Mac users—the Mac OS and Apple’s elegant hardware are a match made in geek heaven. ANDREW HAYWARD. AND NIC VARGUS worldmags & avaxhome maclife. that make gaming more attractive across the product line. New technology is closing the gap between Windows and Mac release AUG• 10 41 . laugh it up. backed up by long-lasting batteries. hotly anticipated titles to both platforms this summer. and we can’t imagine ever not using Macs. SUSIE OCHS. Valve’s industry-leading Steam service for downloading games and managing multiplayer is tearing down the wall that used to separate Mac gamers from our PC pals.

Why the change of heart? For one thing. allows for the free transfer of games across OSes. Valve has also promised that the much-anticipated Portal 2 will arrive both on Mac OS X and Windows simultaneously—an olive branch years after the company canceled a Mac port of the scifi classic Half-Life. to make porting that much easier. funny puzzler). the only way a company will undertake that effort is if they can turn a profit. Other factors. then porting the Steam download and user interface rendering engines to Mac OS X. and the key feature. Valve seems to have thought this through on both the developer and consumer ends. When you install and launch the Steam client on your Mac. and much more. a list of your friends who also play. Steam Play. and for any gamer. a not-so-little content-delivery app called Steam launched this May on the Mac. support links. helped the process. and more. where you can purchase and directly download games.Steam on mac S omewhere down the road on a cold winter’s night. download the Mac version of the game you’ve already paid for in Windows at no additional cost. you’ll be able to tell them 2010 was the year gaming came into its own on the mac. when your grandchildren ask.” JUSt What iS Steam. it quickly becomes as essential as Safari and iTunes. Say you already purchased the Windows versions of Portal or Left 4 Dead on your Boot Camp partition. The Mac version’s initial library of over 50 recently released and soon-to-be-released games includes classics such as Half-Life and Half-Life 2 (narrative-driven shooters). 42 AUG•10 maclife. Shoot Both WayS But even if porting is easy and a platform’s users are clamoring for a great game. After years of playing around with Linux binaries for its dedicated server machines. “it was the year ioS 4 finally brought data tethering to certain devices. black-toned interface. you connect directly to Valve’s online game store. Valve has already sorted out a fair amount of the tricky development work. It opened the floodgates for a slew of marquee Windows-based games to run natively on Mac OS X while also providing additional tools to help developers port their current work to the Mac. devour the latest news and worldmags & avaxhome . Think of Steam as a kind of App Store for your Mac—but with a cooler. Counter-Strike (multiplayer perfection). and Portal (a dark. such as Apple’s switch to Intel processors in 2006 and the availability of Mac OS X system libraries that Valve was already familiar with. and it also developed its own toolset. forums. making the system one of the most successful online storefronts ever created. maintain lists of friends you play with. It’s supremely usable. Valve reports that it has an installed base of 25 million Steam clients.” you’ll say thoughtfully while sitting by the cozy fireplace. and it was the year valve finally released Steam for the mac so we could play some really cool games without having to boot into a Boot camp or virtual partition… “it was also the year i entered rehab for my Portal addiction. the Steamworks API. Presently. “it was the year of the iPad. Valve has been collaborating with Apple on refining its OpenGL code so it works well with games. Additionally. and every game has achievements to earn. anyWay? Seven years after its groundbreaking release on Windows and after more than a year of development. Just launch Steam on your Mac OS X partition. porting a title to Mac OS X has gotten easier. with Left thiS changeS everything 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2 (zombie killin’!) rounding out the pack.

folks are seeing this as absolutely penciled’re good to go. We’re optimistic that [developers] are going to be doing what we’re doing with Portal 2. Doug Lombardi. Even with Steam already succeeding on conventional notebooks and desktops. “Now that we’re proving that there’s double digits of extra revenue to glean from [it] without an incredible development effort. “The first week was 11 percent.” See what your friends are playing at any given moment. you can wait a few more days smoking gun that proved that or developers often had to wait weeks or months to see how their games were selling. Valve gaming bells and whistles.” says Valve’s vice president of Mac client. We’ve made Torchlight. but not much longer. worldmags & avaxhome maclife. a list of cool things you can do with Steam. “We’re targeting thinks it can sustain that growth and even Dashboard-esque widgets will provide the Wednesdays for new-release day on the push it further into the teens as additional ability to stream music through Pandora Mac. achievements. Even better.” says Lombardi. Killing Floor.COM Jump on the Steam train and get up to speed with our extensive Steam coverage at maclife. so developers distributing their games on Steam can see what’s selling and offer discounts and promotions as needed. and if you bought any games on Steam for Windows.” “There’s something week following the launch of the Steam for Mac users ought to enjoy Steam’s nonevery week. MuCH MORE ON MACLIfE. the Steam storefront. But the best news is that Valve saw a bump right away from its Mac sales.” “Making a Mac version But in the Apple universe. According to Lombardi. heart of gaming is absolutely Apple’s mobile devices. Check out our beginners’ guide to Steam. Developer Jason Mitchell says. and community features. according to Valve. and you to buy game guides and switch between you wait several years. to AUG• 10 43 .” says Lombardi of Valve’s revenue increase in the these days isn’t an extraneous extra effort. you can re-download them on your Mac for no charge. “The base [engine] layer is there for them already. the beating ENTICING DEVELOPERS Valve’s system even puts other developers at ease—in the past. We can get to the titles in a year with 1. and our how-to for navigating Portal—more coverage is being added as Steam for Mac’s library keeps growing. too. and if that 11 percent figure are the the game and the guide as you play. Success stories like add-ons include an extension that allows They’re coming. And gaming the other [Valve] properties out on the Mac. You’ll still have to wait to get Mac ports of every Valve game you own for the PC. Upcoming marketing. and we understand that people want users sign on and more games are added to or watch Hulu right on Steam.5 to 2 full-time engineers devoted More Mac games are being added to Steam each week. And that’s the way it goes. and you have access to both versions via Steam. Mac and Windows users can team up—or battle each other to the death—in multiplayer games while taking advantage of Steam’s friends list. You make one purchase. The Steamworks API includes utilities that report real-time sales data. representatives from Valve MuCH. which is bring the game out on both platforms. we’re finally going Steam on the Mac could work. GAMING BEYOND THE MAC to make good on all that.

and Xbox 360 toward the end of 2010—and it includes a cooperative mode featuring the lovely couple above. and absolutely addicting.99) is charming. family-friendly.99) enjoyable to the end. >> Cure that Diablo itch with torchlight ($19. and we’d love nothing more than for you to join and. 10 tO try firSt >> Survival-horror first-person shooter killing floor ($19. puzzled-packed adventure. serving more as an extension. and Team Fortress 2. co-op mode. >> The essential Orange Box ($29. invite your friends.99). colorful. for a bloodless massacre we like to call “frag the editor fridays. Say hello to our little friends! 44 AUG•10 maclife. and it contains just enough strategy to keep players coming back. with Steam for Mac’s growing library coming in.99) is a compelling winner of the “videogames as art” debate. but we’re not listed on the iPhone developers page yet. join. iPad. “You’d be able to check your achievements.) See you in the virtual trenches.99) is five amazing multiplayer games for the price of one: Half-Life 2 and both its follow-up worldmags & avaxhome .” Even so. musthave Braid ($9. and— hopefully—the financial numbers to prove to other developers that Valve’s model works. “But creating a game from that experience would be something we’d want to do from scratch. go nuts.steampowered. >> The bundled Sam and Max complete Season 2 ($29. >> Stylized puzzler World of goo ($19.. >> Clever writing and puzzles keep the fiveepisode adventure tales of Monkey island ($34.99) is a puzzle masterpiece that.) admitted that the jump over to the groups/official_maclife.99) has an easy learning curve. quite simply.99) is fast-paced. comment. chat. >> Beautiful and heart-wrenching. and iPod touch will be incremental at first. Windows. >> Top-down shooter Madballs in Babo: invasion ($9. >> Vibrant and zany with limitless replay value. We’re looking at them with great interest. and chat with friends. Pacific time.99) has stunning graphics. Once you dive into its marvelous. Braid is breathaking. >> Fast paced and clearly focused. Let the fragging begin.” says Lombardi. find us at steamcommunity. shoot us in the face. Oh MAAAAAAcLife! cOMe Out And PLAAAAAAy We’ve got a community on Steam. We recommend these 10 games to anyone looking to get their gaming feet wet. Steam will be the dawn of a new era of Mac gaming. and we’re not going to be appearing there in the coming weeks or months. Awkward hand-holding between robots is just a small part of the humor that makes Portal so great. make friends. Peggle complete ($14. and cross-platform multiplayer. you’ll be overjoyed to know that Valve’s highly anticipated Portal 2 will be released simultaneously for Mac.SteAM On MAc (cont. Portal.m.99) saves you $15 compared with buying its five episodic adventures individually. schedule a game time. oh. a fully fleshed-out action-RPG on Steam. you need to own. MMO action-RPG city of heroes: Architect edition ($19. Valve adds more Mac games to Steam every week—see the full lineup at store. As more multiplayer games are added to the roster—team fortress 2!—we’ll let you take us on head-to-head every friday at 4 p. and chaotic. the promise of Portal 2 (at right) being simultaneously released for the Mac on the same day as Windows. like everyone else is.” (no skill required…believe simple.

The sequel to the legendary sci-fi real-time strategy game and its Brood War expansion includes a primary chapter called StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty. and it’s survival of the fittest. Blizzard has a huge 2010 planned. Blizzard’s games always have a long learning curve. plus more tips and movies can be found in the Help menu. Feel like you’ll never win again? The game will seek out more evenly matched players and offer bonus points for beating a favored opponent. “The story kind of got away from us and got really. StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty centers on protagonist Jim Raynor as he leads an insurgency against the Terran Dominion. such as what to blast with your laser drill. focused on the Terran race. really big. teach the skills needed for multiplayer AUG• 10 45 . StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty. which focus on the Zerg and Protoss races. To help fix this. But Blizzard reps did confirm that gamers will play as the Zerg and Protoss races throughout the game. worldmags & avaxhome maclife. instructional movies are available in missions. is finally slated for release July 27. wELCOmE BACk TO SpACE After more than seven years of development. and two roughly 30-level expansion packs: Heart of the Swarm and Legacy of the Void. it’s a little like wandering into the woods and inviting every nearby creature to eat you— the service is packed with power players. While multiplayer StarCraft on Blizzard’s ThE COmpAny ThAT ALwAyS TOOk mAC gAmIng SERIOuSLy ISn’T LETTIng up Battle. In service has always been fun. They also T he fine folks at Blizzard have been at the mac gaming party forever. and you’re good to go.FORECAST: BLIZZARD following a nonlinear structure in which players choose the story path as Raynor takes on missions to earn upgrades and additional units for later. the seven-year StarCraft II prompts you on your next move. StarCraft is all about multiplayer. the application will give you tougher competitors to test your mettle. Battle. look at the technology tree. When you’re on a winning streak. you can only control the game with hotkeys—a little tough love to show you how much faster hotkeys are when you’re playing online. Most levels are played as the Terrans. And between the long-anticipated sequel to the widely loved StarCraft franchise and the world of warcraft: Cataclysm expansion pack for the world’s most popular mmO. Better yet. respectively. such as defending a base and effectively managing resources. StarCraft II’s nonlinear single-player mode starts on an interactive version of the battleship has a new algorithm to match opponents more fairly. the new tutorial system includes nine challenges that bridge the gap between single-player and multiplayer game modes. but a redoubled effort has been made to make StarCraft II easier to pick up. In addition to the tutorial mode. Forgot which structure you need to build next to get the weapon you want? Simply open the Help screen. and if Blizzard can get this just right. earning much respect and loyalty for their policy of simultaneously releasing games on the mac and windows.” jokes Blizzard’s design director Dustin Browder.

there is but one game. and creating characters—if you wanted to be. the dragon Deathwing—the final the Goblins for the Horde. Around 50 games are available. and unique community features include beta access for indevelopment titles. and its name is WoW. and new guild MacGamesArcade serves the Mac-only niche of its owner. deliveR2MaC deliver2mac.95 at greenhouse. 180-title GamersGate has a community rewards program that rewards active fans with discounts or free games. The dark side? It costs an extra $5. this Maconly service owned by Virtual Programming emphasizes customer support. gaMeRsgate gamersgate. Reshaping the WoRld To many Mac gamers.99 to re-download titles for up to two years. buying. MaCgaMesaRCade macgamesarcade. gets by with a little help from his friends. For those faithful and the series’ many other fans. which aims to literally change the face will also introduce two new races: the expanded race and class combinations when of the World of Warcraft map. so you’ll find many greats. but Mac games are well represented with about 45 titles. 7 doWnload seRviCes diReCt2dRive Steam and OnLive (see p49) are just the giants. and introduce a revamped stat With 120 games. In the third werewolf-like Worgen for the Alliance. Inside Mac Games. gaMetReeonline gametreeonline. Even better. and level others. Greenhouse’s small catalog of seven indiedeveloped games is a delightful garden of off-the-beaten-path titles that hold their own against anything the big publishers have. with clean browsing. the addicting World of goo is $19. um…you still can’t. plus you don’t need to run a special client outside your browser. archaeology as a secondary skill. and redownloading of its catalog of 1. Aspyr. the hard-drinking insurgent hero Jim Raynor. shop around for the best deals.) wait will be completely forgotten in a flash. expansion. This will tear apart existing Re-download-friendly. such as the Horde capital of Orgrimmar. But opponent from Warcraft II—will resurface through a dimensional barrier. pack. the most hotly anticipated Mac gaming release is the World of Warcraft: Cataclysm expansion starCraft ii’s The digital store owned by Penny Arcade. You can re-download prior purchases. especially Star Wars games. Each leaves DRM copy-protection (or lack of it) up to game publishers. players can now select from you’ll have more choices than ever before. allow flying mounts in new areas. direct2drive. causing a cataclysm that reshapes much of the map’s surface. gReenhouse playgreenhouse. 46 AUG•10 maclife.BliZZaRd (cont. whose ties to EA and Ubisoft secure occasional exclusives and worldmags & avaxhome .com Nearly all of GameAgent’s 19 Mac games are exclusive titles from its owner. and dungeons. VP’s own titles appear here two weeks before being available at competitors’ sites. Post enough on the boards. gaMeagent gameagent. say. flood some areas. buy other games. but Blizzard’s plans for Cataclysm shows the company’s dedication to keeping its flagship MMO fresh for newbies and veteran players alike. Since content often overlaps.000-plus Mac-only GameTreeOnline is owned by TransGaming. and otherwise engage to unlock the bonuses. The changes Cataclysm will also raise the level cap from 80 to 85. and you can re-download purchases later if needed. Other Mac-only and Mac-friendly download services each have their own flavor—and occasional aftertaste. a Blood Elf dentist. IGN-owned Direct2Drive emphasizes other platforms. No release date had been announced as we went to press.

“Gaming isn’t something that’s limited to ‘pro’ machines anymore—Mac Mini and MacBook users can get in on the fun. and surprise. believes the broad range of Mac hardware makes it easy for anyone to play a great game. a five-on-five real-time tactics game based on the immensely popular Warcraft III map Defense of the Ancients. AUG• 10 47 . All three of the company’s titles have been released on the Mac. Mini Ninjas trANsGAMING TransGaming has already been busy in 2010.” he says. soldAk ENtErtAINMENt the settlers 7: Paths to a kingdom Indie developer Soldak Entertainment has been pumping out actionRPGs for the Mac since 2007. but they don’t have all the games. as well as Ubisoft’s The Settlers 7: Paths to a Kingdom. Feral Interactive has partnered with publishers to bring their top titles to the Mac. According to Paul Nowosad. “Things are constantly changing and evolving based on your actions. CEO of S2 Games. an excellent realtime strategy. head of marketing. they’re still at it. the latest game from Hitman creator Io Interactive. and even the monsters’ actions.” explains founder Steven Peeler. Trail of the Twister marks the teen detective’s first appearance on Mac. TransGaming’s latest Mac releases—The Sims 3: Ambitions expansion and Nancy Drew: Trail of the Twister—launched simultaneously across platforms early this summer. Feral delivered Rome: Total War. delivering Mac versions of popular Electronic Arts games Dragon Age: Origins and The Sims 3: High-End Loft Stuff expansion. Peter Cohen. but with randomly triggered environments and layouts. We called up some of our favorite Mac-friendly developers to inquire about their plans. After last year’s smash shooter BioShock. worldmags & avaxhome maclife. you shouldn’t be punished by not having amazing games to go along with it. “No longer is Mac gaming only about casual downloadable content or the latent releases of PC titles. in which your character finds himself fighting off the warring demons and undead. vice president of corporate marketing and business development.” says Marc DeForest. but she won’t be investigating the “Case of the Missing Mac Games” anytime soon! s2 GAMEs “Just because you prefer some of the advantages the Mac has over the PC. This kid-friendly actionadventure follows a pack of young ninjas as they attempt to take down the Evil Samurai Warlord and his animal henchmen. too.” says Nowosad. and its most recent release. the actions of the people in the town.” Feral’s next release this summer is Mini Ninjas. and the latest is the just-released Heroes of Newerth. follows the template set by genre pioneers like Diablo.” Next up for Soldak is an expansion pack.MorE MAC GAMING MAC GAME dEvEloPErs hAvE WhAt thE othEr IN thEIr CrosshAIrs thIs yEAr PoWEr v alve and Blizzard might get a lot of attention. and its latest. the shift toward same-day releases on PC and Mac is making Macs more appealing for gamers. Brothers in Arms: Double Time collects two well-received World War II shooters in one package. tentatively titled Din’s Curse: Demon War. and found that they were just as excited about this year as we are. “Apple is doing a better job than ever of offering powerful hardware that can run games across the entire product line. “Every single playthrough is pretty unique. FErAl INtErACtIvE For well over a decade. Din’s Curse.

” he says. says the company intends to bring its existing catalog to the Mac in the near future. point-and-click adventure with sharp hand-drawn artwork and hilarious voice acting. Goulding is upbeat about the game’s potential: “Mac users seem to embrace point-and-click adventure. CEO and cofounder.” Looming on the horizon is a Mac version of real-time strategy hit Supreme Commander 2. Plus. She couldn’t shed any light on what to expect for the rest of 2010 from Aspyr. Civilization IV: Colonization. and then use sales and player feedback to decide whether to fund a full season of episodes. and the company’s Tales of Monkey Island five-episode series is already available for the worldmags & avaxhome . which will launch single episodes of various new games. Dan Connors. but hints that we’ll hear more once the ink dries on some publishing contracts. the third season of Sam & Max episodes. Released in June.” explains Connors. It’s the first entry in Telltale’s Pilot Program initiative. in Minnesota. an edutainment adventure that lets kids draw their own characters and items in the game. including Strong Bad. telltale Games Telltale Games has led the point-and-click adventure genre on the Windows side for a few years with episodic favorites like Sam & Max and Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People. “We think it allows us to be more diverse and more creative in the stuff that we pursue.GamING power (cont. the Heir to the Throne expansion pack to strategy favorite Europe Universalis III. a quirky adventure about a federal puzzle investigator sent to discover what’s happening at the Scroggins Eraser Co. and The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition (reviewed on p81) to the Mac. and ItzaBitza. Founder Andrew Goulding says the increased Mac support in game engines makes it easier to bring titles to the platform. will continue to unravel over the summer. time-traveling first-person shooter Darkest of Days. Jolly Rover. director of digital publishing and business development. called The Devil’s Playhouse. “We’re working with other Mac publishers in hopes of creating a Mac gaming destination beyond Aspyr. supreme Commander 2 VIrtual proGrammING Hot off the releases of well-received shooter The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena (reviewed on p79) and soccer franchise sim Championship Manager 2010. Of course. which launched to solid reviews on Windows and Xbox 360 this spring. and helped him while preparing his latest indie game. but you won’t need a Boot Camp install to enjoy its hilarious hits for long. if stats on casual charts are any indication. 48 AUG•10 maclife. wallace & Gromit’s Grand adventures aspyr So far in 2010. Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Adventures. Also in the works are celebrated tower defense title Defense Grid: The Awakening. and the first two seasons of Sam & Max. Virtual Programming CEO Mark Hinton says his company has big plans for the rest of the year: “Mac gaming for Virtual Programming has never been so exciting and so distribution portal. Telltale’s next Mac project is Nelson Tethers: Puzzle Agent.” says Elizabeth Howard. it’s a pirate-themed. long-time Mac gaming leader Aspyr has brought ports of The Force Unleashed: Ultimate Sith Edition.) brawsome Australian developer Brawsome has lent its talents to Diner Dash spin-off Avenue Flo and to point-and-click adventure Emerald City Confidential. the company has been re-releasing many favorites via its Gameagent.

and OnLive will manage peak-time demand by adding users to the service gradually. no computer required. microsoft. EXCELLENT don’t try to GaMe with your trackpad—truSt uS hese Mac|Life-recommended gaming peripherals and add-ons might not make you an fpS sharpshooter or an MMo wizard this connection must be wired (no Wi-Fi). record and share “brag clips. which can OnLive also shoulders the burden of keeping the game servers updated with the latest hardware upgrades.99. Suitable for all mouse sensitivities. instead of the two-minute startup time you’d experience on a high-end gaming PC. OnLive’s planned MicroConsole add-on will even stream games directly to your TV.onlive t it’S like a water faucet for GaMeS able to play the latest games without worrying about your processor speed or graphics card. It should work perfectly. Later this now comes in a Left Hand Edition (pictured) especially for southpaws. Since OnLive’s computers are doing all the heavy lifting—including keeping the games running. vibration-equipped. but if you have trouble using any gamepad with your Mac. <<< GREAT worldmags & avaxhome maclife.95. “We’re not going to let more people on than we can handle the load is plastic but feels as soft as cloth. onlive’s catalog offers Mac users their first crack at some hugely popular pc games. GREAT razer naGa MMO junkies will love Razer’s Naga ($79. After seven years of development.” and even pause a game on a PC and pick it up on a Mac later. so the hardware you’re using significantly affects how well that game will run. You can program thousands of key combinations and keep ‘em right under your thumb. letting you play games without even having to install them. Razer’s classic DeathAdder ($59.” OnLive’s service also lets users demo games before buying. USB-connected universal Xbox 360 Controller ($39. and both the right-handed and lefthanded options are totally Mac-friendly. Pricing details can be found at onlive. steelseries.” Perlman promises.5 will work with the service. you’ll need a highspeed internet connection to avoid latency and lag—a 5MB/s connection is best for games in HD resolution. since all the game data (both what you see on your screen and the input from your controllers) is streamed live. But a competing new service called OnLive (scheduled to have launched on June 17) takes the hardware out of the equation entirely. rather than applications that are tied to a single platform’s AUG• 10 49 . spectate other gamers’ matches. OnLive CEO Steve Perlman says that any Intel-based Mac running OS 10. Of course. so you’ll always be GaMer Gear t razer deathadder A top-quality mouse should be any gamer’s first purchase. and we’ll have more coverage at maclife . It’s even comfortable enough to quest all day. except the first-generation MacBook Air. OnLive’s data centers are crammed with high-performance servers that run the games. Even non-gamers will feel the difference. GREAT SteelSerieS 5l MouSepad The Steelseries 5L ($39. for example—you can jump into Unreal Tournament 3 within a couple of seconds. it’s especially optimized for laser mice. OnLive’s goal is to treat games as media that should work the same anywhere.99) and its 17 programmable buttons. download GamePad Companion ($15. ergonomic. but at least they’ll eliminate the time-honored crutch of blaming your equipment. At launch. MicroSoft XboX 360 controller No other gamepad can compete with Microsoft’s once the service is live. and the company’s new technology for streaming low-latency video allows you to play remotely on your client Mac through a browser plug-in. “We want it to just work. he Steam service downloads games directly to your Mac. which include a 12-key thumb grid. razerzone.

Using a robotic voice reminiscent of a 1950s sci-fi flick. and it contains some Easter egg games. Don’t try to modify or adapt these commands unless you really know what you’re doing. First you must find your Emacs version number. for instance) stop the command from working. so be true to exactly what’s printed for instance). You’re given your Emacs version number (1. forms part of the UNIX system. To make it back up every half hour instead. Commands split over two or more lines should be typed in their entirety—don’t T press Return halfway through. 1. use 7200. including the ever-popular Tetris. Then enter the following: ls /usr/share/emacs/[VERSION]/lisp/play Replace [VERSION] with the number obtained earlier (no parentheses). And bear in mind that some commands are case-sensitive. of worldmags & avaxhome .” These are system-level commands that can cause huge problems if misused. Now type ls (lowercase LS) and press Return again. open settings. replace it with 3600. press Escape. but leave the quotation marks around it intact. Have fun! A variety of simple games—like Pong—are accessible via the Terminal. By typing specific commands into your Terminal window. and the name of the next game. Now switch to Emacs through Terminal by simply typing emacs. To remove the message. You get a directory of all the available games.) One final warning: All the tips in this feature have been thoroughly tested.loginwindow LoginwindowText “” 04 Play Games in the Terminal As you may know. In the Terminal. you can make changes. and for two-hour backups.21. You can switch to the next game by pressing Escape. Some characters (exclamation points. It’s a simple trick. Always remember to be especially careful with commands that begin with “sudo. or take a screenshot. You can change this figure to suit: For example. To access the games. a text editor.backupd-auto StartInterval -int 1800 The 1800 at the end of this command is a half hour. type: sudo defaults write /Library/ Preferences/com. type cd /usr/share/emacs/ Press Return. Write it down. it’s fun. BY IAN OSBORNE erminal (in Applications/Utilities) gives you direct access to the UNIX system that underpins Mac OS X. then X. it can ask after your health. 2. and be careful with your punctuation. tell you a joke. In the Terminal. simply type: sudo defaults write /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/ com. Just open the Terminal application and enter: say Mac Life And the Terminal robot utters the name of this magazine. or access features that aren’t available by any other means. Obviously it doesn’t have to be Mac|Life—type anything you like. iROBOT Your Mac can talk to you. 50 AUG•10 maclife. Time Machine backups take place every hour. LOGIN GREETINGS Another sudo (and therefore dangerous) command enables you to add a message to the login window. type: sudo defaults write /Library/ Preferences/com. to back up once an hour again. Pong. 3. After typing one of the commands listed here.Get extra mileage from your Mac using OS X’s Terminal. X. and type the name of the game you want to play before pressing Return. BACK UP AT WILL By to cut and paste the commands expressed in seconds. (Or head over to MacLife. Give it a go.loginwindow LoginwindowText “Your Message” Replace Your Message with whatever it is you want to display. OS X is UNIX-based. Make a note. or say anything else you care to type. but experimenting with the Terminal is not a task to be undertaken lightly. but you can change this through the Terminal. which is why you’re asked for your administrator’s password the first time you try one. Emacs. and Snake. press Return to activate it.

and it’s invaluable for serious web udn_dont_resize_img_win 1 The window now remains a constant size. you can increase the Dock icon size to 512x512. This is very annoying if you want to set—and stick to—your own window ffview. WANT COMICS? There’s a wealth of downloadable free comics available on the web. you can scroll through them in the same way as you would in Grid view. 8. If you find you don’t like these changes. RESIZE PROBLEM FFView (www. You can activate it using Safari’s Debug Menu outlined in No. You can substitute another figure if you wish. you can deactivate this feature by repeating the command. To switch this effect off.safari IncludeInternalDebugMenu 1 Quit Safari and restart it for the hack to take effect. A restart is again required. iCal has a Debug mode that can be activated through Terminal. Your List view icons are bigger. Type: defaults write com. Type: defaults write com. enter the code again. perfect for comics. type the command again. replacing the 1 at the end with 0. just return to the Dock’s preferences and move the Magnification slider back. 9. 6. repeat the command and replace YES with NO at the end. enable Magnification in System Preferences > Dock. Also like Grid 11. HYBRID DOCK FOLDERS For a different version of a Dock folder or Stack’s List option. B.Safari WebKitDeveloperExtras -bool true After restarting The application must be closed and restarted for these commands to take effect. QUICK TIP To enable a debug menu in Safari 4.05. you can now access the Web Inspector by right-clicking a web page and selecting it from the contextual menu.iCal IncludeDebugMenu YES A new menu bar pull-down titled Debug appears. C. DEBUG ADDRESS BOOK Address Book also has a hidden Debug menu. worldmags & avaxhome maclife. type: defaults write com. but replacing true with false and restarting Safari. 11. com/dk8ell. but its Pagewidth Mode resizes its window every time you turn to the next image. Check it out at http://tinyurl. but don’t go any higher than 512. killall Dock This increases their maximum size to 512x512 pixels. iCal must be restarted for changes to take effect. To get rid of it again. RESIZE RESOLUTION Terminal solves the problem. With the right Terminal command. repeat the command. INSPECT THE WEB Safari’s Web Inspector offers a great deal of detail about web pages. Now restart the app.dock use-new-list-stack -boolean YES. DEBUG ICAL Like many OS X applications. free-to-download material suitable for reading on your Mac with FFView. 10. To disable it again. and in the Terminal type: defaults write type: defaults write com. For example. and if there are more items than fit the window. but if you only want the Web Inspector. type: defaults write AUG• 10 51 . replacing the 1 at the end with 0. 7. As you might guess.dock largesize -int 512. replacing YES with NO. GET A MASSIVE DOCK If you want giant-sized magnified Dock icons.html) is a great sequential image viewer. type: defaults write com.feedface. mobile comic publisher Robot Comics offers a list of high-quality. To reverse this. clicking a folder now opens it within the You can hide it again by repeating the code but replacing YES with NO.addressbook ABShowDebugMenu -bool YES The Debug pull-down appears in the menu bar. Fix Window Sizes in FFView A. giving you an extra menu bar pull-down labeled Debug. killall Dock This gives you an interesting hybrid of the List and Grid viewing options. To enable it.

iTunes invertStoreLinks -bool YES Restart iTunes to activate it. as you can see here.dock no-glass -boolean YES. you can navigate through its enclosures using the arrow keys. killall Dock Repeat the command. When the new stack is in your Dock. showing a list of your recently used applications: defaults write com.Dock showhidden -bool YES. that’s something you can access in both operating systems by right-clicking on the icon in question. It’s a really useful feature. Folders look pretty dull in Quick Look. you can get it to search your library instead: defaults write com. type the command again. Icons are no longer reflected in the Dock.dock mouse-over-hilite-stack -boolean YES. 16. Quick Look folders are returned to their customary state. and open applications are indicated by a white dot instead of a blue floodlight. If you want to get rid of it again. you activate Quick killall Dock Repeating the command with YES instead of NO returns your Dock’s Exposé functions to normal. if you drag your mouse pointer over the grid. Recent Servers. }’. In Leopard. replacing YES with NO to disable this feature. SEE THROUGH THE VEIL X-RAY VISION IS YOURS Quick Look now offers an X-ray view of a folder with an icon that shows you what’s inside it. type: defaults write com. QUICK TIP To turn the Dock icons translucent for applications that are open but However. you can spice up your folderviewing experience. use this tip to switch to something a little simpler: defaults write com. To make Quick Look give you an X-ray image of a folder. DOCK THE GLOSS If you’re not too keen on the 3D Dock. and Terminal is the way. Enable X-Ray Folders in Quick Look A. 15. though we doubt you’ll want to. finish showing reflections of the application icons. Replace YES with NO to switch this off again. this gave you a contextual menu. “tile-type” = “recents-tile”. substituting NO for YES. If you’re running Snow Leopard but prefer you can repeat the command. you can right-click it and change it from showing Recent Applications to Recent Documents. 18. with its shiny glass 52 AUG•10 maclife. or List view. simply type: defaults write com. This somewhat intimidating code introduces a new stack into your Dock. RECENTLY USED 13. GRID VIEW HIGHLIGHTS If you open a stack in Grid view. B. Leopard’s way of doing things. killall Dock Your Dock background is now a much plainer translucent black design with a thin white outline.dock persistent-others -arrayadd ‘{ “tile-data” = { “listtype” = 1. giving you information about the item in question and possibly a preview of the worldmags & avaxhome . Favorite Volumes.finder QLEnableXRayFolders -boolean YES C. just drag it out of the Dock. 14. EXPOSÉ YOUR DOCK By default. and repeat the command with NO replacing YES to switch things back to their default behavior. just like a regular stack. FOLDERS CAN LOOK DREARY If you highlight a file in the Finder and press the Space bar. so you’ve nothing to lose by giving it a go. killall Dock You now get the same gray background box during mouseovers as you do when navigating through the grid using the keyboard. Icons for applications that are already hidden when you activate this feature will not appear translucent unless you show and then hide them again.>>TOP 25 TERMINAL TRICKS 12. However.dock show-expose-menus -boolean NO. SEARCH YOUR MUSIC When you highlight a track in your iTunes library. }. To disable this feature. clicking and holding on the Dock icon for an active application in Snow Leopard activates Exposé. you get a rightfacing arrow in a circle. and the currently selected icon is highlighted by a gray gradient box. showing all of that application’s currently open windows. or Favorite Items. type the following Terminal command: defaults write com. Clicking this searches the iTunes Store for similar material. killall Dock Type it carefully. using this Terminal input. no such highlighting appears unless you use this Terminal command: defaults write com. of course. replacing YES with NO. It can be displayed in Fan. If you decide you prefer the 3D look after all.

GOLD LEADER! This must be the strangest Terminal command ever. COPY.blinkenlights. To remove it. 24. 20. SCREENSHOT NAMES If you capture a screenshot in Snow Leopard. replacing YES with NO. Pressing this expands the dialog. Go on. just replace TRUE with FALSE to revert to how things were.dashboard devmode YES You must then log out and log back name “Anything you like”. quality of the shared screen: defaults write com. To go back to the default. and 5 takes you back to full color. killall Finder A Quit option now appears at the foot of the Finder menu. type: defaults write -g NSNavPanelExpandedStateForSaveMode -bool TRUE If needed. but there they must remain. the default setting. but there’s also a “They shut down the main reactor. EXPANDED SAVE VIEW The Save command brings up a dialog where you choose a filename. You can change this using a Terminal command: defaults write AUG• 10 53 . type: telnet towel. such as resource forks. 3 offers 8-bit color. giving you a blackand-white image. where they float above open applications and Finder windows. and while it’s interesting to see what’s there. 4 is 16-bit color.ScreenSharing controlObserveQuality 1 This reduces the screen to its lowest possible quality setting.finder QuitMenuItem -bool YES. Next to the title. but depending on your internet connection. Wait for the prefilm credits to end. or restart your machine. FASTER SCREEN SHARING MobileMe’s Screen Sharing is an excellent feature. Liberate your widgets from the Dashboard—place them on your desktop instead. REVEAL HIDDEN FILES There are several applications that let you look at Mac OS X’s hidden files. there’s a blue button with a triangle pointing down. save location.finder AppleShowAllFiles TRUE. you can quit the Finder in the same way you would any other app: defaults write com. akin to the Gadgets in Windows Vista’s sidebar. you can speed it up by using a Terminal command to reduce the image 25. it can be very You’ll see the Star Wars movie. killall SystemUIServer Simply change Anything you like to whatever you wish to call the screens you capture—the date and time remain unchanged. you must log out and log in again or restart your Mac for the change to take effect. If you want this window to appear in its expanded form by default. Thankfully. We’ll be destroyed for sure! This is madness!” worldmags & avaxhome maclife. replacing YES with NO. repeat the command. Those files are hidden for a reason. retold in ASCII art. or the graphics won’t format properly. don’t fiddle with them unless you know what you’re doing. type the command again. To turn off this feature. You can now capture a widget by clicking and holding it. You can replace the 1 at the end of the command with the numbers 2 to 5. repeat the command. To activate it. 21. and don’t resize the Terminal window.19. Again. Widgets placed on the desktop function just like they do on the By capturing a widget that’s on your desktop and pressing F12. it’s automatically titled “Screen shot” followed by a date and time. after which widgets that are already on the desktop can be returned to the Dashboard. giving it a similar format to a Finder offering progressively higher-quality screens: 2 gives a grayscale image. type: defaults write com. replacing TRUE with FALSE. killall Finder Be careful with this one. replace Anything you like with Screenshot. QUICK TIP With this handy command. <<< 23. and sometimes the format in which it will be 22. very simple command you can employ from the Terminal: defaults write com. Drag Dashboard Widgets onto Your Desktop One of the most interesting Terminal tips enables you to drag your widgets out of the Dashboard and onto the desktop. you can return it to your Dashboard too. and pressing F12 to dismiss the Dashboard and drop it on your desktop. To disable this

AmpliTube guitar interface we’ve tried. p57) featured noticeable latency. seen anything or iPad else this featureWide tonal flexibility. The $39. aided and abetted by the iRig Price: $39. so the fact that the Songs icon is an iPod is a naughty tease. But you know what? It’s worth the money.99 for AmpliTube LE plus $4. or you can use the $2.99 for each additional The bottom amp and $2. and Mesa/Boogie. then plug the iRig into your iPhone or iPod touch. iRig is the best rich.99 iRig interface adapter is the way to connect your beloved real-world guitar to that virtual amp farm. the system doesn’t do everything we’d hoped.99 for each additional line. No perceptible latency.>>>Apps AMPLITUBE iRIG uitar amplifiers have been going through an identity crisis lately. You also get a collection of 10 stompbox-style effects. $2. The full software should guitar geeks. minus effects and with just one (usually poor) amp worldmags & avaxhome . The best praise we can offer is that we quickly forgot we were playing guitar through a phone. and the results are rocktacular.99 a pop. but you can loop a phrase to drill your skills. While the AmpliTube iRig combo does more than we expected. For years. it’s easy to save presets along the way. and the iRig only comes with the limited Free version of AmpliTube. the iRig is the key Mac | Life EXCELLENT R A T E D that opens it. Most impressively. crunch. 54 AUG•10 maclife.99. Plug your quarter-inch guitar cable and headphones into the iRig. and have been bundled with the iRig. is like a private Processor-intensive real-time playground for amp emulation makes it a battery metal. including specialized units like an octave pedal and an envelope filter. Also. lead. $19. AmpliTube Full. You can upload MP3s to jam along with. You can get battery-operated headphone amps for around the same cash.99 for customization.99 to $4. As on real stompboxes and amps.99 for iRig and you go crazy with AmpliTube Free. Fender. you can’t slow the songs down in the player. We haven’t effect Requirements: iPhone.99 PRS Guitarbud cable (prscables . Oh. and IK Multimedia AmpliTube lets ikmultimedia. Each amp suits a different tonal purpose—clean. AmpliTube for iPhone is a collection of five virtual amplifiers. AmpliTube passed our signal along with almost no lag. and you’ll be pickin’ and grinnin’ in a few seconds. from a humble 1x12 combo to a slanted 4x12 halfstack. or bass—and offers your choice of cabinets and microphones to tailor the sound. amount of tonal versatility. the Full edition runs an extra $19. the controls are clearly labeled and easily tweaked: Tap the knob and adjust the volume or intensity by sliding your finger up or down. clearly based on (but not licensed versions of) classic tones by Marshall. Other cables will let you connect a guitar to your iPhone directly. The iRig gets you rocking in higher fidelity and in AMPLITUBE iRIG total privacy. but you still can’t access iTunes directly. but the signal coming through the iRig is noticeably cleaner and quieter than the $29. and it’s worth the extra $10.99 LE edition and add effects and amps à la carte for $2. whereas PRS Jam Amp (Jun/10. but then digital technology figured out how to capture and cram the sounds of many amps into one program—and who doesn’t like choice? Now the realm of digital amp emulation comes to Apple’s handhelds with AmpliTube. one amp with a good sound was all fine and dandy. AmpliTube offers a surprising D ISCOVER THIS MONTH’S MOST INTERESTING i PHONE & iPAD APPS! A TINY GUITAR AMPLIFIER WITH BIG FEATURES—AND BIGGER SOUND BY DAN AMRICH G AmpliTube offers several cabinet options. iPod touch. and even has a setting for even less latency at the cost of fidelity.

especially in a noisier setting. However. Pinball wizards can also shake their iPad for that essential ball-saving nudge.TRIPPO VOICEMAGIX Bridge that language gap with an app Those of us with serious bouts of the travel bug tend to hit the road with a light load. Fortunately. and grammar and conjugation were not always up to par. though the item-drop and level-up systems give you something fun to strive for.99 must-have. Most of the game is spent engaged in turn-based battles that can become a little tedious.0. Hindi. Pinball HD is a must-have for enthusiasts of the GREAT iPAD iPHONE+iPAD silver ball. including French.” and an impressive underwater table. which means leaving the phrase book at home and foregoing any possibility of real communication overseas. And during duels. and the app will translate it into the language you choose. At a rockgameprom. As a utility. Translation from English was usually way too The bottom AUG• 10 worldmags & avaxhome 55 . Square Enix squareenix. constantly in view. Unlike a paperback phrase book. choose a two-person team and guide them around the perilous dungeons with the intuitive touch-anywhere joystick controls. we still wouldn’t trust it as our primary translator on an excursion around the world. but each is enjoyable Pinball HD 1. Players can view the entire table in landscape mode or follow the ball in portrait mode.3 and graphically striking. To play. Trippo VoiceMagix proved itself extremely essential.99 SOLID iPHONE You’d be better off piecing together words from a Romanian phrase book. and send messages in other languages via SMS. Gameprom The bottom line. or because the flippers aren’t you’ll tilt. and lesser-known languages like Romanian and Hausa. VoiceMagix occasionally couldn’t figure out what we were saying. though there is no autosave feature. There’s also a selection of 14 languages that can be dictated to you. you can control both characters in your party separately or in a paired attack. Despite the app’s potentially useful features. —Florence Ion Trippo VoiceMagix 1. so you can hear exactly how words are pronounced. email. Trippo VoiceMagix is a language translation app that can help you overcome the language barrier without the extra weight in your carry-on. The game is fairly easy for newcomers to the RPG genre.—Nic Vargus CHAOS RINGS Action-packed role-playing game Chaos Rings crams the same animation. It’s another $12. opposite for the right. VoiceMagix has the ability to register your voice input and translate your English into any of the 27 languages available in the app.0 Cellictica Ltd. for your trip around the world we’d suggest the added weight of a paperback phrase book.—Florence Ion maclife. form factor. which could cause some communication issues if you’re trying to converse with non-Englishspeaking natives. Both are usable options. Pinball HD is perfectly suited for the iPad and its controls. The game includes three tables to choose from: a table modeled after the Wild West. Worse. cellictica. which gets frustrating if you forget to save before a difficult Chaos Rings 1. it doesn’t work without cell service or a Wi-Fi connection. a jungle table with a gorilla named “Big Kong. for example.0.0 battle $2.99 bottom price. but portrait mode is slightly more risky Don’t shake the iPad too hard. engrossing storyline. VoiceMagix can also translate text that you copy and paste from your mobile browser. must-play Square Enix iPHONE GREAT game. Tap the left side of the screen and the left flippers activate. For starters. Traditional Chinese. and game mechanics of Square Enix’s videogame titles into a smaller Bet you keep your real-life valuables in chests too. PINBALL HD Looking and feeling like real pinball. You’ll need to rely heavily on this feature for languages that use non-Western characters. or various social networks. The bottom line. They vary in size and $24. All you have to do is dictate your phrase clearly into the microphone of your device.

making them easy to locate at a glance. And when I’m really indecisive. Galcon Fusion’s real-time battles to strategically control a galaxy of planets are fast paced. It has the usual database of recipes. you’ll be able to look back on the successes and train wrecks of your life. Most importantly. The bottom line. If you’re a novice to journaling. and with iCARS Interface. I turn to Mixologist.MAXJOURNAL There’s no excuse not to log your life Journaling is an easy way to score a great deal of personal satisfaction.99 EXCELLENT iPAD OUR FAVORITE APPS Each month. but I love how it lets me pull up drinks based on the ingredients I want to use. The eight single-player modes with 10 difficulty levels are just icing on the space cake. MaxJournal 1. but doesn’t actually do anything. super fun. Having used MaxJournal on my iPad for over a month. and big shots can even dive in and create their own beats from scratch. easy to find and join. your whole journal can be backed up to your Mac via iTunes. oddities. Fortunately. the app is pretty and makes a few sounds. That’s good enough for me. Pastebot I’m an extremely finicky organizer.21 Omaxmedia omaxmedia. The other side of the screen has a sidebar where you can attach pictures from your iPad’s Photos app to your entries. which is why I’ve taken a liking to Pastebot. When my standards feel too standard. please.—Seamus Bellamy Keeping the facts straight is easy with the generous set of tools provided by MaxJournal. By scribbling down your daily trials for posterity’s sake. Lag-free RTS matches against 11 other players? Yes. and iPod touches to show you the latest gems. There’s no point in logging your life for years if you don't have a way to ensure the safety of your entries. a randomizer lets me specify an ingredient or two. the Mac|Life staff gives you a peek inside our iPhones. The app looks suspiciously like something Captain Picard would have used to explore an alien planet. The $9. edit. You can password-protect your journal and export individual entries to a number of different file formats. The beauty of MaxJournal can be found in its simplicity of design and purpose. Dates you’ve made entries on are marked in blue. You can even tag your adventures to help you sort through them years down the road. and it boasts features to keep them journaling for years to $2. and most of all. PAUL SUSIE ROBBIE RAY FLO Mixologist Sometimes the biggest obstacle to cocktail hour is deciding what to mix up. 56 AUG•10 maclife. as well as push them over to your Mac via the desktop version of the app. then shake my iPhone to have the deciding done for me. Like the props in the show. MaxJournal will please most users with just one use.99 app re-creates an Electribe-R drum machine on your iPad for a couple hundred bucks less than the original worldmags & avaxhome . You can timestamp your entries and personalize them with a number of fonts and font sizes. MaxJournal has you covered there too. Best of all. Cheers to that. iCARS Interface I love Star Trek. Casual users can spend hours tweaking the included patterns. Korg iElectribe is a must-buy. iPads. You can save. the journal’s text entry area is easy to read in most lighting conditions. A ribbon of dates runs down the left side of the screen. and WTFs that we’ve uncovered in the App Store. and reliable. alternating between whimsy and the cold sweats of remorse for years to come. secure. and organize your clippings with just a few finger swipes. you’ll want to settle on a method that’s easy to use. a superpowerful copy-and-paste app that copies text and images from your internet travels on your iDevice. I can pretend that my iPad is directly from the science lab of the starship Enterprise. Its uncluttered interface makes it very clear that a lot of thought has gone into ensuring that the application’s users can quickly log their exploits and then easily find them to read over again later. Galcon Fusion I love multiplayer online games on the iPad. but turn-based ones can take forever to complete. Korg iElectribe If you’ve ever had dreams of being a superstar DJ or producer. I can say that the application more than fits the bill.

Incorporated. 2010. © Pantone LLC. One big Plus. Pantone LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of X-Rite.WHAT WILL YOU MAKE WITH PLUS? Introducing The Plus PANTONE® and other Pantone trademarks are the property of Pantone LLC. All rights reserved. 566 new colors. worldmags & avaxhome . the next generation of the Pantone Matching System®. pantone.

that means I don’t have much room left for the music and videos that the iPad was optimized to play. but I really wanted the iPad. it’s not a native iPad app. you’re out of luck. respectively. 58 AUG•10 maclife. (Heads Air Video has tons of options to enhance your videos on the fly. So I did what any recklesspurchase justifier does: I bought the base model and said it was “for work. StreamToMe ($2. such as settings for live conversion. Plus. Plus. Technically. you can upgrade your storage amounts to 50GB or 100GB for $99 and $199 per year. It comes packed with quite a few bonuses.) You need an iPhone app called Airfoil Speakers Touch on your iPad (free. this app isn’t ideal for entire libraries. However. And by “get creative. but it’s possible—and it pays off. dropbox. I used the Remote app (free. not being dependent on a computer running server software and the ability to access my media anywhere with an internet connection were huge advantages. Hopefully Apple will get the memo. ProjectsWithLove . Another interesting option.99. The free 2GB of storage fills up fast. Sob. I had to use ripping software HandBrake (free. and worse yet. handbrake. This was the only solution that allowed me to play music purchased from iTunes. again by creating a free server that also enabled me to set up a login account that password-protected my files. even the best streaming apps are still fairly crippled. Dropbox ( for Airfoil on the Mac to recognize the iPad as a remote speaker. much less my Boyz II Men concert videos. though. video quality. repeat all the files in a folder. which lets you peruse your photos and documents as well as music and videos. Air Video can be made to play your music. there are serious options for anyone hoping to stream video on their iPads. so I had to get creative.99.WE ALL SCREAM FOR iPAD STREAMING Media streaming on the iPad isn’t perfect. InMethod. OrbLive is better suited for the iPhone’s size.” I mean. and you have to control your iTunes from the computer. and what exact file they were accessing. which can stream videos from your Mac with the help of the free local server on my Mac to get videos in the proper format for playing them through Dropbox. However. Video takes a bit more tinkering. and I ran into more errors setting it up. so I was looking at a double-size iPhone a Mac app called Airfoil ($25. but after a bit of fiddling. resolution. I decided it wasn’t worth it and got back to offers cloud-based storage that can stream music quickly and efficiently. I added folders that I wanted to share and was accessing them from my iPad almost instantly. up: The free trial puts irritating static noise on all transmissions over 10 minutes. I was able to shuffle my music. they aren’t the only way to go. streaming music from my Mac. Nothing allows you to access your iTunes media without setbacks. My 16GB hardly covers my Boyz II Men audio. Without background audio (coming in the fall when iOS 4 arrives on iPad).com) allowed me to stream both videos and music. It even showed StreamToMe doesn’t let you search for a song unless you stop the one that’s worldmags & avaxhome . “turn to the App Store. If you want to read a book or surf the web while streaming music. on my iPhone to access my library while it streamed to my iPad. I found it wasn’t as snappy as StreamToMe. rogueamoeba. and repeat the same song over and over. they aren’t the only way to go. Air Video really only does video. apple. and the pixelated picture made videos basically unwatchable. For instance.” My first download was Air Video ($2. you can’t search for your next song without stopping the one you’re already playing.” Months later. Though streamingcentric apps are the best solution. BY NIC VARGUS I’m not the early-adopter Apple didn’t build an AirTunes-like feature into the iOS for me how many people were using my media at any given time. and zoom. can turn your iPad into remote speakers. and we’ll see true AirTunes compatibility soon. especially if you’re interested in storing videos. But unless your music files are all in one folder. Many iPhone users are already familiar with OrbLive ($9. Though streaming-centric apps are the best solution. rogueamoeba.

Grand prize is a brand new iPad.Introducing App-Stravaganza! Suggested AUG• 10 59 . The IN YOUR FACE viewbase conveniently holds your iPhone or iPod touch with or without a case. Interested in marketing your iPhone app or product here? * Shown w/the V1 Golf App Contact your MacILife advertising representative for more details! Aida Rodriguez at 708-562-0686 IN YOUR FACE VIDEO CONTEST Share how you are using or would use the IN YOUR FACE viewbase by creating a short video on exible holder for iPhone worldmags & avaxhome www. a plane’s tray table or anywhere else you go. Clamp it to a golf cart*. Infinite. Contest rules at TheInYourFace.

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Mac | life R A T E D GREAT worldmags & avaxhome maclife. ioSafe’s line of fireproof. thanks to heavy heat-absorbing plates that surround the drive mechanism. At 5x7. and pitched it into a bonfire. we dumped a bunch of data onto the Solo. USB port. fan. but aren’t your kid’s baby pictures worth it?—Ray Aguilera Solo ioSafe iosafe. making it fine for use as your working drive. but it’s pretty tough. Our benchmarks uncovered read and write speeds of 36. All our data was still there. no worse for wear. After it cooled. and they’ll recover your data to a new drive.98 MB/s from the 7200 RPM drive. we couldn’t wait that long. That’s just plain cool. The steel enclosure tells you this drive means business. The power switch. But even the most rigorous backup plan isn’t going to help if your house floods—or Price: $149. With dark days like that in mind. Being geeks. To test its mettle. but they promise to withstand even the toughest data disasters. even your triple-redundant RAID backup system isn’t likely to be much help. we couldn’t wait to try to destroy it. In a true disaster.85 and 26. The drive features a data-recovery guarantee—ship your drive off to ioSafe after a disaster. It’s also sealed inside a waterproof pouch. able to survive 10 feet of water for up to 72 hours. The next day. but the metal case stayed intact. ioSafe guarantees the Solo to withstand a 1550°F fire for up to 30 minutes.99 as tested (prices vary with capacity and length of Data Recovery Service) Requirements: USB port Available in 500GB to 2TB capacities. it keeps on ticking B acking up your hard drive is important. The ioSafe Solo does a great job of protecting irreplaceable data from serious threats. T of hard drives—it sure ain’t pretty. removing the drive mechanism and plugging it into a new enclosure. But this sucker is the Mr. we took the case apart. waterproof externals might be big and bulky. lugged it to San Francisco’s Ocean Beach.ioSAfe Solo With the flames licking. catches on fire. So of course. the Solo isn’t going to be mistaken for any old desktop AUG• 10 61 .99). and other plastic components quickly melted away.99 and $99. Great fire and flood protection. we also tossed the charred Solo into a bucket of water and left it overnight. Base models only include one year of Data Recovery Service (3and 5-year upgrades cost $49.1x11 inches and 15 pounds. The bottom line. You’ll pay a slight premium for that peace of mind.

The Squeezebox Touch packs one of Logitech’s network music players into a slim. this Squeezebox was made for touching. Audio sounds great. trusted ratings Logitech Squeezebox touch Touching greatness Ever since E.99 Requirements: Mac OS 10. and Elliott bonded over a cut finger. the Squeezebox needs to disconnect from one server before browsing the next. For example. and the Squeezebox Touch excels.3-inch screen separated from the base—the device is a single unit. It’s occasionally more complicated than necessary. streaming was reliably rock-solid. so you can’t leave it connected and tap the controller from the couch. Can’t access files from multiple computer libraries at the same time.—Zack Stern SQUEEZEBOX TOUCH Logitech logitech. however. but its many benefits compensate for its shortcomings. In addition to simple streaming of online radio stations. connect additional Squeezebox devices to your network. But in most cases. Limiting the Squeezebox to one library at a time is inconvenient— pooling multiple libraries would be a much more elegant solution. wired or wireless network. Since it connects to your existing stereo setup. Slacker. Mac | Life R A T E D G REAT 62 Aug•10 maclife. the electronics industry is starting to catch up. Interface occasionally falters.3 or later. We felt liberated to play back gigabytes of music in the living room. The Squeezebox Touch makes a great network music player. but secondary functions for a music device. it works well to drag the timeline to fast-forward in a song. letting the Squeezebox reach them directly. S/PDIF optical. or a coaxial digital plug. But the interface still has rough edges. And support for more NAS drives would make the system more attractive to a much wider audience. which seems strange. such as the Netgear Ready NAS Pro. You begin by installing the Squeezebox Server software on a Mac. The Squeezebox connects to your network through 10/100 Ethernet or 802. While you can control the system with the bundled infrared remote from across the room.>>> Reviews Tough testing. such as when swapping audio libraries. Switching libraries also stops streaming from online music sources. Squeezebox can even present slideshows from Flickr and Facebook—nice touches. and you can stream the same or different music to each device.T. so you need to keep that Mac running to access your own files. Online sources include Pandora. The interface is nearly identical to other Squeezebox devices. searching with an onscreen keyboard. although multiple-Mac setups can be worldmags & avaxhome .com Price: $299. we’ve understood the power of touch. Can’t stream files directly from most network storage devices. Decades later. Slacker. The software streams all of your local music.11g Wi-Fi. The touchscreen especially shines when Behold the power of touch. the Squeezebox can connect to services including Rhapsody. stereo system with speakers. you’re only limited by your existing audio hardware. In a pinch. The bottom line. you can plug in headphones or powered speakers. but touch controls feel more effective than arrows and an Enter key. You can also play back music directly from an SD card or USB disk. and more. or powered standalone speakers Touchscreen aptly drives the interface. It easily beats ferrying files by plugging in an iPhone or iPod. You’ll also attach it to an audio receiver via stereo RCA cables. and we didn’t notice much of a performance hit when using our network for other tasks while cranking the tunes. touch-sensitive device. including iTunes playlists. headphones. Get past this issue. In our tests. We only wish that the 4. Any of them can serve music. the device can’t access network storage without a running Mac as an intermediary. Supports many networking and audio-connector standards. The quality of streamed audio was excellent. and others. The underlying player is practically the same as previous models—with the many benefits and several drawbacks—but the touch interface easily beats traditional button-based controls. so that you could use it to control songs from anywhere. Pandora. Logitech supports a few network drives. We only wish that the great touchscreen was detachable. but the same method stumbles in an hour-long podcast—we usually jumped too far. Audio streaming worked well in all of our tests.

iPod and iPhone are not included. worldmags & avaxhome .i-Luv. iPod is a trademark of Apple Inc.S. and other countries..i-Luv. and other iLuv and Greenology are trademarks of iLuv Creative Technology registered in the ©2010 www. The illustrated product and speci cations may di er slightly from that supplied. registered in the U.The World’s First iPhone Dock with Bed Shaker Introducing the Vibe Plus iMM178 TM Speaker Integrated Bed Shaker Wake up to 7 Selectable Unique Alarm Sounds Buzzer | Rooster | Train Horn | Xylophone | Phone Ring | Horse Race | Cuckoo Clock jAura Technology Inside Speaker integrated shaker Intuitive user interface Superior sound Our History of CES Innovation Awards www. iPhone is a trademark of Apple Inc.

well exposed.and 1. Continuous shooting limitations. clear images. but some of the P100’s other features lack polish. This type of camera is very tempting for people who want a do-it-all camera at a low price. The P100 has a very impressive 10fps frame rate at full resolution. CoolPix P100 Nikon nikonusa. the P100 is styled like a small digital shortcomings. The HDR mode needs work.3-megapixel images. The P100 features a full 1080p HD mode. that gives you a very narrow window to work in. That works out as a 0. SD or SDHC memory card 26x zoom range. While you’re zooming. Like other superzoom cameras. The alternative is the Sport Continuous mode. with a new backlit 10-megapixel CMOS sensor designed to improve low-light picture quality. It has built-in distortion correction which stops straight lines near the edge of the frame appearing to bow outwards (a common problem with zoom lenses). At heart the P100 is a competent superzoom. Above-average picture quality for a superzoom.95 Requirements: Mac OS 10. but they have limitations—the sensors are small compared to a digital SLR’s. a slightly increased 26x zoom range and—most exciting of all—full HD movie mode with stereo sound. and soft looking—a long way from the spectacular HDR images you see in photo mags. Our test shots came out sharp.—Rod Lawton 26x optical zoom is great. and only for 25 or 60 frames. Shutter-Priority. respectively. the rest of the time it delivered sharp.>>> Reviews Tough testing.4. It can zoom from one end of its range to the other in less than 2 seconds. The idea is sound enough—the camera takes a series of exposures in (very) quick succession and combines them to produce an image with exceptionally high tonal range. generating 2. 1cm macro mode. including the high-speed continuous shooting modes. or Price: $399. The 3-inch display on the back of the camera is clear. the picture sometimes jumps around as if the sensor’s come loose.6-second burst. the P100 is very responsive. Nevertheless. 10. Once it is enabled. Again. too. But the results the P100 comes up with are gray. and it swivels for waist-level or overhead shots. but it can only keep this pace for six frames. You can zoom during filming and the autofocus continues to work—more than you can say for some cameras—but there are problems with both. and the backlit CMOS sensor does produce slightly better images at higher ISOs. and saturated. but only at reduced resolutions. It’s a further refinement of the P80 and P90 models that came before it. GOOD Mac | Life R A T E D SLR. and it has a full set of Program. which can deliver 60fps or 120fps. but befitting its price. but the execution isn’t perfect The P100 is Nikon’s latest compact superzoom camera. you’ll discover that it’s so slow— especially at longer zoom settings—that it’s barely worth having. But the HD movie mode’s weaknesses drag the P100 down slightly. the P100’s picture quality generally is good for this type of camera. Aperture-Priority.11. If your subject’s moving even slightly. It’s not perfect. It’s responsive and versatile. The bottom line. the autofocus can fail to lock on altogether. and Manual modes. Weak HDR mode. but works well most of the time. or it doesn’t have very clear outlines. so your timing will have to be perfect if you want to capture fast action at its peak. the movie mode has some 64 AUG•10 maclife.8. trusted ratings NikoN CooLPix P100 Feature-packed and affordable.6 or later. There are other disappointments. and the focus locks on— great for action shots or shooting while you’re on the move. worldmags & avaxhome . and while the lens did lose a little definition at its maximum focal length (to be expected with superzooms). even at full zoom. and this has a big impact on definition and noise. Zooming and autofocus problems in movie mode. and produces good images.5. and you have to go into the Movie menus to activate the autofocus. Nikon includes a focus-tracking mode where you center the subject on the display. flat. and the autofocus is fast. USB Port.

as we studied it closely. Here is your chance to claim a piece of watchmaking history in a rare design that is priced to wear everyday. the release is a limited edition. Try it for 30 days and if you are not thrilled with the beauty and construction of the Meisterzeit II. I recently reviewed the Stauer Meisterzeit timepiece. you can wear a superb classic historical reproduction watch and laugh all the way to the bank.18K Gold-clad case and bezel . but.. This refined beauty has a fastidious side. you can see into the heart of the engineering and view the rotor spin—it’s powered by the movement of your body.” —George Thomas Towson Watch Company We Can Only Find One A rare chance to claim a unique piece of watchmaking history for under $100! E ighty-six years ago. MZW287-01 Burnsville. This limited edition Stauer Meisterzeit II allows you to wear a watch far more exclusive than most new “upscale” models. Dept. so please be sure to order yours soon. He invented the first watch with an automatic mechanical drive. Minnesota 55337 www.Interior dials display day and month . The 27-ruby-jewel movement utilizes an automatic self-winding mechanism inspired by a patent from 1923.Fits 6 3/4"–8 1/4" wrist 76% OFF Exclusively Through Stauer Now only $95 +S&P Save $300! Call now to take advantage of this limited offer. Inspired by history. With an exhibition back. we realized that we could engineer ours with a much higher level of precision. Only 4. our Stauer Meisterzeit II has been painstakingly handcrafted to meet the demanding standards of vintage watch collectors. a watchmaker in Paris famous for building the magnificent clocks at Versailles created a legendary timepiece.stauer. This watch will quickly move to heirloom status in your household. Stauer Meisterzeit II Watch—$395 1-888-324-4351 14101 Southcross Drive W. Only seven of these ultra-rare watches were ever made and we’ve studied the one surviving masterpiece in a watch history museum.999 available. classic design and technology. The assembly and the precision of the mechanical movement are the best in its class. Why the new “antique” is better than the original. WATCH SPECS: . The best part is that with our special price. These innovative movements required no batteries and never needed to be manually wound. Promotional Code MZW287-01 Please mention this code when you call. but built on $31 million in state-of-the-art Swiss-made machinery. Elegant and accurate. made for the millionaires who want to keep their millions. Stauer specializes View the precision in classic timemovement of the less watches and Meisterzeit through the jewelry that are rear exhibition port.Precision 27-jeweled movement .“As the master craftsman who opened the famous Lincoln Pocket Watch in Washington. Since it takes about 6 months to build each watch.Croc-embossed leather strap . The original timepiece was truly innovative. Each movement and engine-turned rotor is tested for 15 days and then certified before it leaves the Smart Luxuries—Surprising Prices worldmags & avaxhome . D.. simply return it for a refund of the purchase price.

trusted ratings For detailed definitions of every score on Mac|Life’s ratings>>> Reviews Tough testing. 66 AUG•10 PHOTOGRAPHY BY SAMANTHA BERG worldmags & avaxhome . go to maclife.

The bottom line. but they’re powerful enough to pump music to a decent-sized room as well. we do most of our listening via iPods or from our Mac at our desk. except for the fact that most computer speakers suck. Bach. They connect to your Mac via USB. We tested the MM-1 with everything from WNYC’s Radiolab podcast to Black Sabbath. AC outlet Excellent volume and clarity. But these days. Bowers & Wilkins’ MM-1 are solidly built and sound spectacular.—Ray Aguilera MM-1 Bowers & wilkins bowers-wilkins. But the sound coming from these small pillars is anything but minimal. Expensive. And for 500 bucks. a pair of MM-1s takes up a pretty minimal footprint on your desktop. we were amazed at the clarity and level of detail Bowers & Wilkins has managed to eke out of such small speakers.95 requirements: USB port. The included remote adjusts the volume on your Mac and advances tracks forward and back. They’re intended for the desktop. At 3. maintaining its character even at high volumes. and everything in AUG• 10 67 . Beautifully designed.75-foot cable permanently attached to the left speaker. as well as a headphone out and a 3. we expect nothing less. but those stats don’t do justice to the gorgeous sound. Bowers & Wilkins also included hard volume buttons on the right Price: $499. and the overall sound quality is the best we’ve heard from a pair of desktop speakers.9 inches.5mm AUX input for connecting another audio source. Which is fine. Smartly. The MM-1 speakers are designed specifically to work with your computer. you should just stop reading this review now and start earning some of the 500 bucks you’ll need to pay for them. Bowers & Wilkins built a 3-inch woofer and a 1-inch tweeter into each channel. In all cases. You’ll also need to plug them into AC power and connect the two speakers together via a proprietary 3. Treble is crisp. But these speakers from Bowers & Wilkins are so good. Non-standard interconnect between speakers.Bowers & wilkins MM-1 Mini but mighty desktop speakers T here was a time when listening to music meant sitting in front of a stereo and popping in your favorite CD—or maybe even an actual vinyl record. Bass is taut and deep.9x3. Compact size. and they’re instantly recognized as an output device in the Sound preference pane. No need for a subwoofer. Mac | life R A T E D AWESO ME worldmags & avaxhome maclife. although they’re flexible enough to be used with other audio sources.

restoring missing data on the new drive to return your Drobo to its intended redundant state. There’s no complicated backup software to install. but high-end users looking to use Drobo to bulletproof their video-editing workflow will be disappointed in Drobo’s speed. If you back up to a single drive. not if. Too slow for HD editing. The bottom line. Drobo is similar to a RAID device. Connecting Drobo to a Mac is easy with a USB 2. not at all. the Drobo S is a pricey—but great—addition to the home office or small business. This technology allows you to cram any 3. and it’s always a question of when. Drobo immediately goes to work “healing” itself. A red light means that a particular drive needs replacement. Our only real complaint is that all this behindthe-scenes data shuffling makes Drobo slow. your data is copied to multiple drives.>>> Reviews Tough testing. the mix-and-match approach is no problem for Drobo. your data dies along with that drive. or simply store all your files on the Drobo itself. In our FireWire 800 test against another external drive. and in some cases. Data Robotics. Blue LEDs across the bottom of the Drobo serve as a capacity meter.—Roberto Baldwin Green light. We tested this feature by randomly swapping out drives. If you need to store large amounts of data without worrying about drive failures. a distinct advantage over traditional RAID boxes.0. and mounts on your Mac as a single Price: $799 Requirements: Mac OS 10. Unlike standard RAID devices. red light! Drobo S Data Robotics. FireWire 800. which makes it easy to add or replace drives as your storage needs change. your data is spread over multiple drives. And even if you do back up. Instead of being backed up to a single drive. right? And still. showing how much space you’re using in 10 percent increments. drobo. At its core. and in all cases. the dirty little secret of modern computing is that most of us—Mac|Life staff included—don’t back up as much as we should. We love being able to quickly check Drobo’s status from across the room without having to fire up a utility. or eSATA Expandable. Green means you’re all good. and a pair of FireWire 800 ports at your disposal.5-inch SATA or SATA II drive into the Drobo. you should look elsewhere. hot-swappable storage with built-in backup. Orange means you’re going to need additional space soon. This redundancy is what makes RAID backup special. the Drobo S transferred data at about half the speed of our other enclosure.0 port. sets aside space for redundant data. Pricey. you can quickly replace it without even bothering to power down your Drobo. there’s a redundant copy of your data on another drive. Inc. Mac | Life R A T E D G REAT pill-shaped lights that indicate the status of each drive. But with a RAID. It works great for relatively small files like photos and such. Drobo is focused on redundancy and simplicity. Drives fail. Where different drive sizes and manufacturers might trip up a traditional RAID. When a drive fails. The front of Drobo’s black enclosure features five that if any particular drive kicks the bucket. the makers of the Drobo.4 or later. Drobo S uses a proprietary system that Data Robotics calls BeyondRAID. an eSATA port. so 68 aUG•10 maclife. Drobo pools the storage capacity from all your drives. When you replace a drive. USB 2. If you’re looking for an external RAID-type device for HD video worldmags & avaxhome . and you can use Drobo in tandem with your favorite backup software if you wish. secure in the knowledge that everything is continually backed up. hope to make rock-solid backup simple and foolproof with their line of external drive enclosures. Individual disks are also hot-swappable. using that old drive you purchased in a fit of Y2K preparations isn’t much protection. our data survived intact. Unlike RAID setups built for speed. trusted ratings Data RobotIcs DRobo s Redundant data for dummies You know you should be backing up.

this kind of performance is really limited to pros buying hardware on someone else’s dime.300. backlit keyboard. New processor architecture. giving a total of four virtual cores.0 ports. this month we got to spend some quality time with the top-of-theline 17-inch Pro. The off-the-shelf model we tested isn’t quite so vulnerable to overheating—in our tests. which means faster data access and an improved operating speed. connecting system memory directly to the processor and eliminating the need for a separate I/O controller.53GHz chip looks like a step backward. Mac | Life R A T E D GREAT worldmags & avaxhome maclife. which is actually more powerful than the 2. Retains ExpressCard slot. The Core i5’s Hyper-Threading feature allows two threads to run simultaneously on each of the processor’s two cores. at $2. Improved graphics switching.1+EDR Beautiful big screen. 802. FireWire 800 port.06GHz when only one core is used. Nvidia GeForce GT 330M graphics processor with 512MB of GDDR3 memory. Multi Touch trackpad. which lacks power but is easy on the battery. three USB Price: $2. we found it barely rose above 176°F. You can switch off this feature and use the discrete graphics processor at all times if you wish. Graphics processing now switches automatically between integrated Intel HD graphics. 17-inch 2.2. but new technologies included in Intel’s new Core i-series mean nothing could be further from the truth. the mid-2010 17-inch MacBook Pro is a major step up from the previous generation. The new 17-inch Pro also offers new graphics technologies and a battery life of up to nine hours. It’s been reported that the 2. Intel HD graphics with 256MB of DDR3 SDRAM shared with main AUG• 10 69 . Still. there’s no option to restrict the MacBook Pro to integrated graphics to preserve battery life. but strangely. p56. Performance is top notch—and top dollar. 4GB DDR3 SDRAM. Gigabit Ethernet. Mini DisplayPort. the processor’s Turbo Boost technology shuts down those that are unused and transfers the power to active cores. 500GB 5.8GHz Core 2 Duo used in the previous generation. the MacBook Pro ran silently. At a glance.53GHz processor used here can run at up to 3.66GHz Core i7 version of the 17-inch MacBook Pro (available as a build-to-order option on the Apple online store for an additional $200) runs at over 212°F when the processor’s running full-bore.53Ghz core i5 MacBook Pro Apple apple.400-RPM SATA hard drive. Bluetooth 2. The bottom line. A Blu-ray drive would’ve been appreciated. Can’t restrict MacBook Pro to integrated graphics for improved battery life. We have very few complaints about the new 17-inch MacBook Pro. an Nvidia GeForce GT 330M graphics processor with 512MB of GDDR3 memory. 3MB shared L3 cache.—Ian Osborne The 17-inch model is the only MacBook Pro to retain the ExpressCard slot.11n AirPort Extreme. That’s still pretty hot. and while our first priority was putting the more commonly purchased 15-inch model through its paces (Jul/10. iSight.299 Specs: 2. but it was never going to happen. And if your application doesn’t take advantage of all available cores. ExpressCard/34 slot. but it didn’t cause any performance issues. Overall. the move from a 2. More impressively. Our first car cost less than this machine. The 2. and the discrete GPU.5 stars). even after 15 minutes of running the processor at maximum.53GHz Core i5 MACBook Pro Still large and in charge Apple’s entire MacBook Pro range was updated in the mid-2010 refresh. It now boasts a 2.8GHz processor to a 2. 1920x1200 glossy 17-inch LED-backlit display. The new architecture also includes an integrated memory controller. audio in/ out. 4.53GHz Intel Core i5 processor.53GHz Intel Core i5.

95 per month Requirements: Firefox or Safari Web browser. e-books have been in the spotlight plenty. and more). but you’ll get much better results. Inc. and too many titles leave you high and dry books on an iPod almost impossible. whole DRM-free thing feels like an afterthought. Despite that advantage.95 for up to three download credits per month. If you want DRM-free audiobooks. so does Mac support and customer service. trusted ratings SIMPLy AudIobookS downLoAd CLub Simply unacceptable With the ongoing battle between Amazon’s Kindle and Apple’s iBooks. that isn’t titles are actually Mac-friendly DRM-free MP3s. you may redownload your purchases. and must be tweaked in iTunes in other features you expect from online stores (ratings.95–$31. Most of the Simply the issue went unanswered. Sigh. The 50-second audio samples are too short to get a feel for a new thing we’ve seen in a long time. some have skips and other glitches. with that convenience comes digital rights management (DRM) that restricts how you can listen to your books. and other insult to injury. these files lack cover art. search tools and a clean layout make finding known books or authors easy. Here’s the kicker: audiobooks are delivered not as one or two files converted from the original worldmags & avaxhome . sport the bare useful information. nobody with no sample at all. At least each book’s page gives heard of the iTunes Join CD Tracks command? Adding you total runtime. so selection is improving. fewer than 500 enough for Simply Audiobooks. it makes navigating discovery.” Not only is that the skeeziest DownloaD Club Simply Audiobooks. and distortion in several files made some narration making the site more like an inventory than a bookstore. Unfortunately. author and narrator names. Most new releases are MP3s. Enter Simply Audiobooks.>>> Reviews Tough testing. we were politely told that the files sounded good Windows Media Audio (WMA) files. simplyaudiobooks. Weak Mac support. As with Audible. user reviews. slim selection all but ensures that either your favorite The bottom line. But for now.95 to $31. but it lacks perks like New York Encoding quality was fine. but as dozens of individual tracks ripped from CD—right down to incomprehensible track names like “CD 01-003. You’ll lose the however. Another nice touch: each month brings a free download that requires no membership to download. Mac | Life R A T E D AWFU L As bad as DRM is. you’ll need to rename the Windows Media Download package it arrives in so you can open it in OS X. Purchases can be re-downloaded without penalty. Our email to customer service about And what a small bookstore it is. We snagged a Hercule Poirot mystery—très bon! Solid Sadly. Very limited selection. —Adam Berenstain 70 AuG•10 maclife. broadband internet connection Files are DRM-free. and those files remain yours after you cancel your account. What. a wouldbe Audible-alike website offering downloadable audiobooks—at least some of which are free of meddlesome DRM.98. feeling cheated is even worse. Simply Audiobooks delivers most minimum of metadata. Its audiobooks are sold individually or through monthly subscriptions that range from $14. order to remember playback position. But audiobooks are still the easiest way for many readers to get a quick fix on the go. unintelligible. the instant gratification. Audiobook files are just tracks ripped from CD. Price: $14. but occasional skips Times Bestseller lists and other reader-friendly guides. author’s work will be unavailable or that there will be you’re far better off getting CDs from Amazon—or gaps in their catalog because some books are available maybe trying Simply Audiobooks’ CD plans—and ripping only as WMA files. them yourself instead of downloads. it also offers Netflixstyle CDs-by-mail plans starting at $17. Once you download a book. and after several phone Audiobooks catalog consists of DRM-protected calls. This nearly good enough for us. They can be enjoyed hands-free almost anywhere. No cover art or choice of audio quality. this upstart bookstore can’t begin to compare to its better. but browsing isn’t fun. and—thanks to Audible and iTunes—they’re as easy to buy as their e-book counterparts. more established competition.

run it down again. mac | life EXCELLE N T R A T E D worldmags & avaxhome maclife. and weighs only 2. sane as the P-Flip. or iPod touch Large-capacity external battery can top off your device more than once. laptop AUG• 10 71 . well designed.. although the small nonskid pad didn’t always keep it from sliding around on an airline tray table. —Susie Ochs P-FliP Foldable Power dock Dexim dexim. and so essential to our daily lives that awarding it the Editors’ Choice is a no-brainer. and. Nonskid pads could be a little bigger. Dexim says you’ll get 8 extra hours of talk time. It ably fills three roles: a dock for charging and syncing to your Mac.Dexim P-FliP FolDAble Power Dock Keeps your iPhone going. is less than half an inch thick. we believe it—if we remember to hook up our iPhone 3G before it dies.95 requirements: iPhone 3G or 3GS. and a curved support for your iPhone or iPod touch’s back. or charging the battery with your Mac or the iPhone’s AC adapter. The P-Flip folds into a compact 3x3. and then charges your device. so it’s extra refreshing when we find one as useful. Dexim includes the USB–to–mini USB cable you’ll need for using the P-Flip as a charge/sync dock connected to your Mac.5 inches. The P-Flip can hold your device either upright or on its side. and a powerful external battery. we can bring it back to 98% charged. and even brought it to a wedding in a tiny satin clutch for some quick iPhonerecharging mid-reception. or 60 hours of music.5 ounces. Doubles as a stand and a syncing dock. so you can keep going too We’ve seen some fairly ridiculous iPhone and iPod accessories in our Price: $54. a travel stand that works in landscape or portrait. The base is a long-lasting 2000mAh battery that you charge via USB. disconnect the P-Flip. We’ve carried it in our jeans pockets. and juice it almost all the way back up before the P-Flip runs out of power. The bottom line. It’s a solid performer at a reasonable price. Blue LEDs give you an idea of how much capacity is left.. and backpacks. 15 hours of video or gaming. Compact design. After using the P-Flip for months. Flipping open the cover reveals the 30-pin dock connector.well.

space-saving concept.—Ian Osborne Dualie Buffalo Technology dualie. Connecting via USB. Transfer speeds bog down while an iPhone or iPod is docked. It’s perfectly compact too. But it’s also powered via AC adapter. It’s best to make sure only the hard drive is docked when transferring large files. A bit expensive for what you get. the drive offers USB and FireWire 800 connections—no power supply required. with both the dock itself and the hard drive sporting a brushed aluminum and rubber finish. the drive proved admirably speedy when used alone. Your iPod touch or iPhone looks right at home there. Attractive. It’s a little expensive. so you can recharge your phone or audio player even when your computer’s switched Price: $199. enabling you to sync or otherwise manage either device while it’s in the dock. giving you a hub to connect additional USB peripherals. The Dualie even has two extra USB ports on the back. Currently. It connects to your Mac via USB. When used without the Dualie dock. but multifunctionality makes Dualie an excellent addition to any Mac owner’s desktop.95 Requirements: Mac OS 10.4 or later. the Dualie is exclusive to Apple Stores and Apple’s website. robust design. And Dualie looks the part. Behind the iPhone/iPod dock sits a 500GB hard drive. Mac | Life EXCELLENT R A T E D 72 AUG•10 maclife. USB or FireWire 800 port Excellent.>>> Reviews Tough testing. but docking an iPod or (especially) an iPhone slows it down by up to 25 percent. the drive can be removed and carried around just like any other portable drive. In our QuickBench tests. The bottom worldmags & avaxhome . with a footprint just under 4 inches square. trusted ratings BUFFALO TECHNOLOGY DUALIE This space-saving dock has many tricks up its sleeve The Dualie is a portable hard drive and a docking station for your iPhone or iPod.

It’s hard to imagine any collecting enough data. Professional. This capability alone is Cheaper versions available if you don’t need all the features of the a huge timesaver for focusing research through a large number of Pro Office version.0 also keeps any files you add in their original form. As you continue adding data. devon-technologies. The core philosophy behind all three flavors of the app— Regular. And it’s this ability to collect projects into databases that makes DEVONthink a valuable addition over just relying on the Finder and Spotlight. app. Its depth and breadth can be overwhelming. If you have collections of paper documents you’d like to make electronically searchable.95 (upgrades $20–$120. You can even use it for searchable email archives. More often than not. creating linkages and relationships across PrO OfficE 2. The amount of information that needs managing grows on a daily basis. Common tasks like note-taking. allowing you to use the See Also feature in its search window Broad options for information to have the app suggest similar documents. What also sets DEVONthink apart is its abilities to make inferences DEVONthiNk about related information. storing information and URLs from the internet. Sometimes value The bottom line. allowing you to export them later.0? That depends on what your task is. For starters. From there. No data-format lock-in. and DEVONthink’s latest update makes great strides in its ability to collect and search data. the first collection point for added files. rendering most files’ contents indexable by the Simply mousing over a stored webpage shows you a wealth of metadata.5 or later files. the app uses word frequency to figure DEVONtechnologies out which documents are related. DEVONthink deserves your attention. preventing lock-in to any proprietary data format.DEVONthiNk PRO OfficE Price: $149. DEVONthink helps you tag and organize disparate bits of information. input.0 uses all the Spotlight plug-ins that you already have on your Mac. and Pro Office versions are available—is the same: accumulate lots of information and then provide ways of making that information useful. DEVONthink builds more and better associations between your depending on prior version) Requirements: Mac OS 10. DEVONthink’s suggestions are quite useful. —Stephan Somogyi worldmags & avaxhome maclife. Lawyers use it to collect case research. DEVONthink 2. saving you from having to buy a separate app to digitize text. At its simplest. whether into categories or into separate databases.0 Ask me anything If your work includes any explicit information collection. So what do you actually do with DEVONthink 2. you’re in luck: DEVONthink Pro Office 2. documents collected over a long period of time. and aggregating data on your Mac are made easy by DEVONthink’s unified AUG• 10 73 .0 is a great tool for collecting only becomes apparent after and making sense of a lot of information. knowledge worker not benefitting from the app’s organizational GREAT Mac | Life R A T E D tools. DEVONthink 2.0 your data. Authors use it to collect digital research materials before sitting down to write books. DEVONthink 2.0 includes Optical Character Recognition (OCR).

Essentials omits many key features that were present in the previous iteration of Quicken for Mac. Then there’s the documentation. but that’s deceiving.” The handful of Intuit employees we found posting answers were undermined by the disclaimer: “Intuit does not guarantee the Editing transactions is a simple affair. We’re at a loss to explain why. which shows your transactions in a weighted tag cloud—it looks interesting. If your bank isn’t listed or you don’t want to store your account passwords inside the application. and its utility is limited at best.” Sigh. All the big banks are present. Reporting was another disappointment. we needed to drag a file into the application that just created it. The third report variety is the Spending Cloud. accuracy of the Live Community postings. assets. Quicken Essentials is all about keeping track of your cash. account. and download transactions. After we entered our login credentials. It might score higher if it were a $19 download. create records for each of our accounts. The Category Report is useful—it can be filtered by date. When you add a new account. Quicken Essentials is an entirely new product. Intuit has drawn heavily from Apple’s current interface design principles—Essentials uses the now common split-window design popularized by iTunes. Automatic account creation.8 or later.6MB Quicken 2007 data file with about 3. Load it with your bank accounts. trusted ratings INTUIT QUICKEN ESSENTIALS FOR MAC “Essential” is the new “lite”—and it bites A new entry in Intuit’s venerable line of financial software. Essentials is essentially bare bones—many useful features are missing. Investment tracking has been cut back. The bottom line. Intel processor Easy to use. Quirks Essentials can import manually downloaded Quicken Web Connect files. Mac | Life R A T E D WEAK aside. users are sent to the Live Community. While accounts and transactions can be entered manually.99 Requirements: Mac OS X 10. Useless “cloud” report. Essentials was able to connect to the bank. the conversion tool required us to locate that file in the Finder and drag it back into the converter. We threw a 3.5. we want documentation and support. transactions must be categorized. but we easily found our small local bank among the choices. and tags. credit cards. a web forum where they can “get answers from other Quicken Essentials users and experts. Thin documentation. Rather than being given a full manual to fill in the gaps.—Stuart Gripman 74 AUG• 10 maclife. Most useful features are missing. check printing. your first stop should be the conversion tool. but for 50 bucks. Essentials did convert and load the old data without error. and bill pay. QUICKEN ESSENTIALS FOR MAC Intuit quicken. which consists of a shallow “getting started” guide. Like the Quicken products that came before. categories. Ooh-kay. Essentials offers two monthly summary reports. Rather than being an update to Quicken Mac worldmags & avaxhome .300 transactions at the converter. and it’ll show you where the money is going. This is actually a separate application that launches to perform the file Price: $49. and adding tags should be instantly familiar to iPhoto users. and they can’t be customized. and Turbo Tax export features have all been jettisoned. Quicken Essentials was built for downloading. the first step is selecting your financial institution from a list of hundreds. If you’re migrating from Microsoft Money or a previous version of Quicken. you can save it as a custom report. in a product touted for its simplicity. displaying the results in three levels of detail.>>> Reviews Tough testing. Unfortunately. After creating and saving a new file. one each for the current and previous month. but Essentials adds a Tags section to add data to each transaction. Once you’ve set up the filters just how you want them. Weak investment tracking. not a public forum where you may or may not get help. and loans.

Remarkably. Plug-ins support many different file types. the simple act of sharing a file with a coworker is way more complicated than it needs to be. Mac | Life R A T E D GREAT worldmags & avaxhome maclife.” featuring long strings of random characters. Nothing you upload is password protected. As you upload a file. but there’s no way to change the privacy level on files as you upload them from your Mac. Through plug-ins called Raindrops. Privacy features are AUG• 10 75 . CloudApp’s minimal Mac application is backed by a web interface that shows all the files you’ve uploaded. allowing you to grab previously generated links to share again and delete files you no longer need. Should she email it to me. The bottom line. you can use a system-wide hotkey to instantly send whatever you’re working on to CloudApp. Facebook post. the app uploads them all as a single ZIP file. By default. easy file and link sharing. ultra-fast file sharing Considering how wired we are. you can customize the application to work with everything from Firefox URLs to Photoshop files and tracks from your iTunes library. the links generated by CloudApp are “private. IM the file over. Even better. all you have to do is drag the file from a Finder window to the little cloud icon at the top of your screen. CloudApp aims to simplify the process of quickly sharing files and web links. Can’t specify public or private links as you upload.5 or later Quick. but CloudApp is a great way to quickly and almost instantly pass a file to a colleague or your flock of Twitter Price: Free Requirements: Mac OS 10.—Ray Aguilera CloudApp Linebreak getcloudapp. To share a file. If you have multiple files selected. so everything is accessible to anyone who has—or can guess—the URL. Private links are only private by virtue of their being harder to guess. either with your coworkers. CloudApp copies a URL for your upload to your Clipboard. CloudApp installs as an item in your menu bar. or instant message. Changing a setting in the web interface will generate shorter “public” links—great for Twitter—but the distinction is mostly a word game. or put it up on the server? Where on the server should she put it? It’s a huge waste of time when you consider that all we’re trying to do is share a file. we always have to pause to figure out how she should send it. If I ask Susie to grab a screenshot for a review. or with friends on social networks like Twitter or Facebook. Doesn’t offer truly secure links. Can be set to automatically upload screenshots. ready CloudApp’s simple web interface offers tools for managing uploads. there’s no limit to how much you can store in CloudApp. for pasting into an email. You can toggle files between public and private links via the web.LinebReAk CLoUdAPP Turn to the cloud for lightweight.

An option to power the hub via an AC adapter would make UBoard much more useful. but are available in larger capacities for under $100. Ultimately that doesn’t matter much. keyboard—and don’t forget. and it ended up taking up more desk space than it saved.>>> reviews Tough testing. but $1. UBoard comes flat-packed in a box and only took a few minutes to assemble into a shelf 22. The bottom line. graphicsintensive files. The hard plastic legs also tended to move around quite a bit on our smooth desktop. Macs haven’t used floppy disks in well over a decade.—Ray Aguilera data traveler 310 Kingston technology kingston. which is problematic when connecting and disconnecting USB devices— some rubber feet would help keep everything in place. For $109 less. which can create a passwordprotected volume on the drive—but of course the application is Windows-only. plug it into another Mac—boom! File transfer done. It’s cool in a “because you can” sort of way. but for Price: $49. and maybe a few ripped MP3s between machines. While we usually use flash drives to move images. but unfortunately they’re bus-powered.3 inches deep and 3. who needs ’em? But sometimes you just need to move files from point A to point B with a minimum of fuss. And the MacBook comes with a screen. It’s a desktop shelf with a built-in USB hub and even a cupholder.100 is a lot to pay for a flash drive. because Mac users can create their own encrypted volume on the drive with Disk Utility. So who would use this thing? Most likely professionals who need to transport large. you can buy a MacBook.” after all. the cost-per-gigabyte is sky high. As a flash drive. Once we got it set up. mac | Life R A T E D WEAK KinGston technoLoGy data traveLer 310 256 gigs in your pocket Recently. it seems the best use for the UBoard is as a laptop stand with your external keyboard tucked underneath the shelf until it’s needed. we were disappointed to find that the UBoard is too tall to fit under the edge of our iMac—it is called “Multiboard for Your iMac. Though the white plastic legs and glass shelf are sturdy enough. UBoard also features a cupholder on the right side. Word docs. USB ports are bus-powered. Drink holder isn’t all that useful. averaging slightly above Kingston’s reported 25MB/s read and 12MB/s write speeds in our tests. its many shortcomings quickly became apparent. Which is fine.95 requirements: USB port Adds two USB ports to your setup.108 requirements: USB port Ginormous Price: $1. it’s an actual computer. to be exact. but that obliterates the main useful working area on our desk. Sony announced that they were killing the 3. mac | Life R A T E D SOLI D 76 auG•10 maclife. We placed it in front of our iMac. Portable external hard drives are physically larger than this USB stick of course. The bottom line. it might help. A year from now.9 inches wide by 8. and we used it to move large files back and forth between multiple machines. Too tall to slide under an iMac. the UBoard seems cool. and with the internet. Plug it into your Mac. so they’re really only handy for low-power uses like flash drives and card readers. but 50 bucks is steep for what you get. Yep…that’s a cupholder.5inch floppy disk. If you have a serious space crunch. UBoard sports three USB ports built into the left side. Transfer speeds were quick. the Data Traveler 310 works exactly as it should. copy some files.1 inches high. trusted ratings Pyramid distribution uboard usb muLtiboard For your imac Now your Mac has everything…including a cup holder On paper. But we can’t help choking on the price—$1. It mounted on several test Macs without any problems.100 is a lot of money to pay for a flash drive. Kingston ships the drive with Password Traveler. Kingston’s new Data Traveler 310 is made to carry a lot more—256 gigabytes. —Ray Aguilera UBoard USB MUltiBoard for YoUr iMac Pyramid distribution pyramidistribution. Instead. especially when a MacBook with similar storage capacity can be had for under a thousand dollars. the Data Traveler 310 might be affordable for mere mortals. worldmags & avaxhome . but its placement toward the rear of the unit and its fairly small size made us wary of spilling our drink while trying to use it. as far as we’re concerned. which is where the USB flash drive comes in.

Available in six colors. and calling without the need for an external power source.NovoThiNk SUrGe Plug your iPhone into the sun Every time my day deviates from the normal home-to-work-and-back routine. that’s no problem. The Surge’s back is taken up by a solar panel that catches the sun’s energy.95 requirements: iPhone 3G or 3GS. Kind of bulky. but if you’re going to do that. I was initially skeptical that the Surge would do me any good. Charges even in indirect sunlight. I have to plan a strategy for iPhone power. Car chargers are an option. And on those rare days when we do see the sun. and stores it in an internal 1320 mAh battery. emailing. as is keeping a spare charging cable in your go-bag. or on desks under artificial lighting. USB port to charge without sun. Mac | Life R A T E D GREAT worldmags & avaxhome maclife. Below the solar panel. Two hours of charge time gives you enough power for 30 minutes of talk time on AT&T’s 3G Now you can use your iPhone as an excuse to get outside for a change. LEDs indicate charge level. But what are you supposed to do if your day’s travels aren’t going to include time in a car or in front of a computer? Novothink’s Surge is a hybrid charger/case that promises to keep your iPhone twittering. the Surge could quite easily replace the nightly ritual of plugging your iPhone in to charge—or at least let you get through the day without a power-up. Obviously won’t work if your iPhone spends most of its time in your pocket or bag. why drop 80 bucks on a solar charger? The bottom line. The system is intelligently designed so that it charges the iPhone’s internal battery before storing excess power with the Surge’s own battery. If you’re outdoors regularly or have a secure sunny spot nearby where you can leave your phone during the day. bags. Given San Francisco’s well-deserved reputation for fogginess. The Surge can be charged via USB in a pinch. I was pleased to find that on a typical overcast spring day in the city.—Ray Aguilera Surge Novothink AUG• 10 77 . the red LED indicating that the Surge was charging stayed brightly lit—it even worked through the tinted windows of Mac|Life’s offices and on a shaded balcony that wasn’t receiving direct sunlight. Surge features four green LEDs to indicate the charge level of the internal battery. but most of the iPhones we know spend the day in dark pockets. If you have a corner Price: $79. network. The Surge’s only issue is that it needs to be left in the sun— preferably with your iPhone attached. which means your phone always has the maximum power available. the Surge happily sucked it up and juiced up my iPhone with no problem.

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version of the terrific Butcher Bay means Controls take some work to get fans should waste no time picking it up. a ship full of mercenaries fosters rather foul mouths. For that reason.” This talent is the only leg up gamers have as they try to escape a high-tech spaceship overrun with deadly mercenaries. lurking in the shadows. More vulgar than the guards are the controls. and hit the NOS—all in time to get the kids to soccer practice. More Price: $49. HAVE MAC.3 Riddick plummeting faster than the Rotten or later. Much is recycled from the absolutely stellar Escape from Butcher Bay. Diesel sticks to the shadows. used to. Exciting and enjoyable fighting. card with 256MB VRAM. Acrobatic sections fall flat. Escape from Butcher Bay. an ability called “eyeshine.95 Requirements: 2. you’ll overhear characters speak about their wives. Unfortunately. However. GO O D Mac | Life R A T E D —Nic Vargus maclife. and their guns. but they CHRONICLES OF never become comfortable. well. and bassy oneliners. our hero Riddick (voiced by Diesel once again) is not a bullet sponge like many first-person shooter heroes. left off). ESRB rating: Mature. Athena’s keyboard and mouse configuration starts out a complete mess. Radeon 2400HD. Assault on Dark Athena contains the most explicit language of any game in recent memory. Fighting is also a much larger part of Athena—players frequently choose between devastating enemies with close combat or using the guns found around the ship. Dark Athena.16GHz or faster times than not. or impale at exactly the right time. In this sequel.>>> Play Those familiar with Vin Diesel might expect a sci-fi counterpart of the Bic’d barbarian to blast the doors off the mothership. their jobs. and the aiming sensitivity defaults to incredibly high. AUG• 10 worldmags & avaxhome 79 . or better graphics Tomatoes score of a Fast and Furious flick. Apparently. CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK: ASSAULT ON DARK ATHENA Gritty stealth shooting with all the polish of a feature film Even minor characters have movie-caliber polish. the from Butcher Bay game. avenge his fallen comrades. Quite literally. With a little tinkering and reconfiguration. If the story sounds like déjà vu to Riddick fans. stab. 1GB RAM. in Assault on Dark Athena (which starts where the last Riddick game. It’s a killer package that executes gritty Too much backtracking. Primary controls are allotted to buttons that don’t exist on the Magic Mouse. and the voice acting is first rate. Waiting in the shadows. Apparently. RIDDICK: ASSAULT ON each section of the game has at least DARK ATHENA one sequence in which you jump from Virtual Programming deliver2mac. and the ship is awfully dark all the ledges to reach the next checkpoint. the iffy controls will send Intel processor. both games have three main parts: shooter. Mac OS 10.6. One of the true strengths of Athena is the way it gives you an almost guilt-inducing feeling of becoming a highly trained killer—manifested in brutal finishing moves when you melee. Though parts of the disk space Comes with the awesome Escape game are a bit rough around the edges. and environments. GeForce 8600. combat. ready to kick some serious butt. is built on a new engine that supplies updated lighting effects. Riddick can see in the dark. stealth-shooter with ease and style. they’re tolerable. 12GB free The bottom line. it is. however. it’s wise to stay where the guards can’t see him. Brilliant fact that the game comes with a revamped voice acting. Fortunately. WILL GAME Vin Diesel’s back. fluorescent tube lamps don’t exist in the future.

” too often. game saves the single frame of action and Situations arise where you need an unanticipated object sends it to the other player. on top of a pinhead. anything. Sam’s a “canine shamus” and his weird buddy Max prefers to be called a “lagomorph. backgrounds. the other player can get frustrated. only the things you build are real. ambient objects. we can’t do that. —Zack Stern 80 aUG•10 maclife. you’ll make something good and move on. The other player (below) only sees the action. imagining they’re pirates on rolling seas. choosing and controlling characters and backgrounds. Players alternate 30-second Downloadable assets can help build up your object library. The characters and scenery do come from somewhere. Characters can be a duck. but that usually takes much longer than the 30-second turn allows. it’s so much more and less. Suppose you built sets and characters for a story at an ice-skating rink. Sleep Is Death requires two players on different computers. Sleep Is Death’s limitless potential conflicts with the practicality of creating everything. Kids and improvisers can agree on anything. since they have no set or props. Still. The game includes a second download for your friend. telling a collaborative story. Mac. Unlimited line of dialogue—when you’re finished. moving their character and typing a stories for later review. in a bubblegum lake. will game The game controller (right) has many settings to keep everything running smoothly. everything—think of the man behind the plus a second computer and friend curtain. either on a local network or online. you’ll those you determine. Lacks goals other than minutes to an hour later.>>> play Have Mac. so players can only agree on what they see. so creations have a pixelated style. character. Weak like a story. Sleep Is Death tries to distill this spirit into a computer game. “No. Still. And you might be able to find a partner to play with on sidtube. The game runs in a low resolution. even music. the potential and replay. the leading player creates or downloads almost everything ahead of time. Afterward.” Sure. The leading player decides documentation causes confusion. Sleep Is Death takes a visual Sleep iS Death Waking from a great dream Kids can run around the backyard without costumes or sets. Open-ended creativity. but that’s more freeing than limiting—instead of striving for perfection. Jason Rohrer sleepisdeath. But no matter how much the controlling player planned ahead.2 or later. Back and worldmags & avaxhome . players who can work together or get absorbed in the tools can enjoy the creative process. a community website. usually 30 system. minimum $1 Requirements: Mac OS 10. you could spend hours figuring out the tools and building a cast and sets. Sleep Is Death is whatever you make it. Lacks sufficient tagging or search when the game has ended. Max. The second person sees just the Powerful visual editors can created scene and controls their single craft anything. Completely open-ended. And if you say. cross-platform for Windows. Creativity is a big part of the fun. whatever. Adults playing in an empty black-box theater call this improvising. a girl. showing each turn and action. Sleep iS Death (GeiSterfahrer) One person leads the story. a tornado. What happens if the other player wants to leave that location? The leading player can scramble to create the new sets on the fly. you’ll run into situations where you can’t proceed. Records your turns. Scenes can take place anywhere you can dream up: the Earth’s core. or Linux. And it’s not fair to call it a game. The bottom and handling dialogue for nearly price: Name your price. halting a story. Instead of creating a space where anything is possible. Music editor builds soundtracks. an airplane. Powerful editors let you build characters. or set. get a storyboard that can be viewed in a SOLI D Mac | life R A T E D web browser.

6. A three-level hint system (if you’re stuck. an aspiring young pirate who must pass three trials while rescuing Governor Elaine Marley from the dreaded ghost pirate AUG• 10 worldmags & avaxhome 81 .—Nic Vargus maclife. Enter The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition. The bottom line. Yet it’s also rewarding to 1. they just smell funny Videogame classics never really die. As an overhaul of a classic. discover powerful new uses for the mighty Grog beverage. Challenging puzzles. Max. the interface is easy to master. classic series of video games. this Special Edition succeeds. you’ll need to talk to everyone.3. while top-notch vocal and audio works add to the bright. examine anything that catches your eye.99 Requirements: Mac OS 10. receive full audio and graphical overhauls. 2GB free disk space Edition can be beaten within five to six Updated graphics. To solve them. The game is designed around a series of puzzles. especially if you had a new 512MB RAM. Updated graphics catch the eye. This is an irreverent game that knows Aspyr aspyr. and endure horrible. and as funny and little better defined. horrible puns—which actually come in handy as you work to save Elaine and establish yourself as a pirate to be reckoned with. and appear on computer platforms they’ve never been on before—which is definitely a good thing. We saw rock-solid system performance under Mac OS 10. not to be confused with the newer Tales of Monkey Island episodic adventures by Telltale Games. ATI or Nvidia graphics idea for a puzzle you were stuck on. Plus. and it’s funny on Price: $9. the game’s tutorial doesn’t point out the hint system as clearly as we’d like. Special card with 128MB of VRAM. And you’ve got a lot of nerve putting a trademark symbol in game dialogue! THE SECRET OF MONKEY ISLAND: SPECIAL EDITION Classic games aren’t dead. press H) lends a hand and will actually tell you where to go and what to do if need be. and try everything—if an idea seems stupid. die-hard fans of the series. replay later.” Sure. A great introduction to a enjoyable. But they do come out of retirement. You control the character of Guybrush Threepwood. Solid performance. Special Edition keeps the series’ THE SECRET OF trademark sense of humor intact. and while that time is price. and the game begins to feel intuitive after the first hour of play. a recrafted version of the 1990 LucasArts puzzle classic.Sam’s a “canine shamus” and his weird buddy Max prefers to be called a “lagomorph. Unfortunately. Low hours of gameplay. but it’s also Tutorial/hint system should be a where it’s coming from. pick up whatever items you can. multiple levels.8GHz or faster Intel processor. Along the way. and the game never froze or crashed during test play. satisfying as any puzzle game on the Mac | Life EXCELLENT R A T E D market. whatever. This game will thrill Very limited replay value. we were left wanting more. friendly atmosphere.5 or later. you’ll learn how to improve your swordfighting skills via the perfect insult. ESRB rating: Everyone 10+. odds are it’s part of the solution to the puzzle that’s been driving you nuts. and even MONKEY ISLAND: improves on it with updated voiceover SPECIAL EDITION work.

I would like to merge his apps with my apps. the © and ® and ™ symbols. you’ll have to cough up 99 cents to purchase the iEmoji app from the App Store. and apparently I’m the only person who has ever wanted to type the © and ® and ™ symbols. Ideally. iTunes will ask you if you want to transfer your husband’s apps into your own iTunes library. You can then sync your iPad once again. First. On your iPhone. TV shows. so when I go to sync the iPad with my own MacBook. Those five computers can then sync to any number of iPads or iPhones. Typing Special Symbols I’m a university law professor. but it will give you over 600 adorable icons you can use as well. Not only will iEmoji give you the three symbols that are currently missing from your iPhone’s keyboard. Give it a try—you’ll be surprised at what you find when you press and hold on a key. Any content that your husband purchased through the iTunes Store on his Mac or through the App Store on the iPad— apps. and movies—can be stored on up to five authorized computers. I don’t want to do this. you can allow that to happen because you’re now bringing over all of your apps—yours and your husband’s combined. While the three 82 AUG•10 maclife. TECH SUPP ORT & TECHSPL ANATIONS >>>SYNCING APPS FROM MULTIPLE MACS My husband surprised me with an iPad for my birthday. authorize your Mac with your husband’s iTunes account name and password. decline that option for now (you’ll do that later). Apple has only enabled this emoticon keyboard on iPhones sold in Japan. I need to type these symbols regularly. so I haven’t synced my iPad yet. Is there any way? If iTunes asks you if you want to overwrite your iPad with your own apps. choose Store > Authorize Computer and type in his iTunes account information. and all your husband’s apps will now be sitting alongside your own apps inside iTunes. Click Transfer Purchases to bring purchased iTunes Store and App Store content onto your authorized Mac. worldmags & avaxhome . I can’t find them on my iPhone. most special symbols and accented letters can be found by pressing and holding down different keys on your iPhone’s keyboard. So if you want access to this special keyboard. This time. those apps are now tied to his personal iTunes account on his MacBook. Click the Transfer Purchases button. The easiest way to do this is to plug your iPad into your computer. my iTunes wants to override his apps with the apps that I had previously purchased for my iPhone. Each iTunes account can be authorized on up to five computers. music. loaded with about 25 apps. and I can’t find them on my Mac. can only be found on the iPhone’s hidden emoticon keyboard. You can verify this by clicking Apps in the sidebar of iTunes. However.>>>Ask Yes. In iTunes. Strangely enough. and iTunes will ask you if you want to overwrite your iPad with your apps. But those three common symbols. Then you’ll need to copy his iPad apps onto your computer so that his apps and your apps can peacefully co-mingle in your own iTunes library.

it only works with emails that Mail pulls from the server itself. Also keep in mind any upcoming events. the Mac mini was updated last in October GrowlMail will pop up a visual indicator and an optional sound whenever new messages arrive in Mail. And then just wait.aiff file from Apple Mail (right-click Apple Mail in the Finder. double-check that your Mail preferences are set to play a sound when new mail arrives (go to Mail > Preferences > General and look for “New messages sound”). Providing a summary of each Apple product. It’s the first place we go when people ask us this question. “We sell no wine before its time. and place it into your ~/Library/Sounds folder. or System Preferences > Language & Text in 10. a new one will be along when Apple’s good and ready. and the trademark symbol ™ is Option-2. go ahead and buy such as WWDC.symbols you need should display on anyone’s computer or phone. Sometimes when new email messages arrive. go into System Preferences > Sound and verify that the checkbox is checked for “Play user interface sound effects.” Only their wine is Macs. For additional symbols. the copyright symbol © is Option-G. or whatever people are itching for that Cupertino hasn’t announced yet. and then open the Resources folder). To get your sounds back. You can configure GrowlMail to show a floating notification window for new mail. But other times when new email messages arrive. It pulls messages when you click the Get Mail button or when it automatically checks for new mail based on its schedule in Preferences. I get the new mail sound. Then. The Waiting Game When is the new Mac mini coming out? This is how Keyboard Viewer looks when you press the Option key.6). that tend to signal new product releases. choose Show Package Contents. your emails are actually being pushed to Apple Mail in real time as soon as those messages arrive. Next. and even link to recent rumors on MacRumors. whether they were pushed or pulled. If you’re checking your email from an IMAP server that supports the IDLE command. the other icons will only appear on iPhones. you could disable your push email altogether by going into each email account and unchecking the option to “use IDLE command” (Mail > Preferences > Accounts > Advanced). worldmags & avaxhome maclife. iPhones. Oh. So if you really need one today. enable the Keyboard Viewer Input menu in your menu bar (located in System Preferences > International in 10. According to the MacRumors Buyer’s Guide. which is loosely calculated as mid product cycle. check the menus in the applications you’re using for an “Insert special characters” option or install the handy shareware program iEmoji opens up a whole new world of PopChar X (€30. If you want Growl to use the exact same new-mail sound that Mail does. Shift. But if you can wait. as well as play an optional sound. choose Show Keyboard Viewer from the new icon in your menu bar and press Option. To see which symbols have keyboard shortcuts associated with them. the registered trademark symbol ® is AUG• 10 83 .com). tell you how many days it’s been since the last update. this page will let you know where the item is in its product cycle. growl. But Apple Mail’s new-mail sound doesn’t work with push email.” If both of those are set correctly. and on your Mac. you’ll need to make a copy of the New Mail. Mail doesn’t make any sounds at all. so they are best used for sending text messages to other iPhone users. Your best bet is to keep an eye on buyersguide.5. you can turn off the new-mail sound in Mail’s preferences and hand off this responsibility to GrowlMail ( New Mail Sound in Apple Mail I’m having a strange problem with Apple Mail. then you’re likely experiencing a bug in Mail related to the IMAP IDLE command. ergonis. Any ideas as to what’s going on here? First. Or Apple follows Paul Masson’s classic line. symbols and icons on your iPhone. We wish we could be more specific! The MacRumors Buyer’s Guide helps you make educated guesses about when to buy a Mac. Very handy.macrumors. or both Option and Shift to see the different symbols that you can type.

which can be Ask is written by Susie Ochs and Scott Rose.95. actually. mouse over the file in question and click the down-facing blue arrow on the far right. we’re going to urge you to just buy a new power adapter. Visit him at www. you’ll have to connect the iPhone to the iMac. minutes.95. TextEdit’s preference file. quit iPhoto. So as long as you save that TextEdit file to Dropbox. We found good deals on G4 PowerBook adapters at PowerbookMedic. and instead use ForeverSave ($ automatically keeps versions of the files you store in your Dropbox 4000 Shoreline Ct. dropbox. We are not trained electrical wizards—or even apprentice electrical wizards—and as such. you could set TextEdit’s autosave to Never.” Now. Another tip: Dropbox (free up to sells a power adapter for less than half the price of an Applebranded power brick. iPhoto Noooo! Every time I hook up one of our iPhones to our iMac. and pressed Return to have Terminal read the default settings in that file.scottworld. Suite 400. but doesn’t that one big text file get unwieldy? Wouldn’t a new file for each Leopard. typed defaults read ~/Library/Preferences/com. South San Francisco.95. CA 94080 Dropbox keeps old versions of the files you save there. and look under the General tab for a dropdown labeled “Connecting camera opens. called com. Opening a power adapter is a pretty dangerous thing to do. but we didn’t notice anything that would adjust the autosave interval. 4 stars in Nov/08. you could accidentally introduce an electrical short. and switch back to iTunes again. and I’d love to fix this as well. or month work too? Up to you—we’ll stop wondering and answer your so maybe it will be expanded in future versions. and select the iPhone in iPhoto’s sidebar. So we fired up Terminal. in case you want to isolate your journal entries in one folder and exclude everything else. can it be split open to see if there is a wire broken inside. Do you know how to change this value with the Terminal? That’s how I adjusted the number of recent items in my menu.Dear Journal: Help! I use TextEdit as my ongoing “journal” notebook. which has an Apple-branded white-brick-style adapter for $49. So we’re skeptical that a Terminal command could fix that—Apple only added autosave to TextEdit as of Mac OS 10. week. or am I stuck purchasing a new one? ForeverSave’s autosave intervals top out at 60. Once there. We just can’t recommend it. Both come with a one-year warranty. So you’re keeping your entire journal in one TextEdit file? We see how the “free” factor might trump dedicated journaling apps like MacJournal ($39. You can even exclude folders. Is the adapter box but you have to access the previous versions by logging in to your account on its Set that dropdown to “No application. iPhoto find a broken or write to Mac|Life. check out support. PowerbookMedic. a Los Angeles– based FileMaker developer and Mac consultant. and fix it. In the meantime.TextEdit. which shows a menu including a Previous versions link. I’m sure it’s a setting on the iMac. Open iPhoto > Preferences. I have to wait a few seconds. codingrobots. p65) or Mémoires ($29. under Devices. dropbox. launch iPhoto manually. The list was pretty extensive. If you need to figure out which power adapter goes with your PowerBook. but which one? It’s a setting in iPhoto. GOT A TECH QUESTION OR A HELPFUL TIP TO SHARE? Email worldmags & avaxhome . and a PowerbookMedic-branded clunkier-looking adapter for $22. and even if you safely pry it open. when you want to get photos from your iPhone into iPhoto. iPhoto! We’ll call you when we need you! Don’t Do It The power adapter for my G4 aluminum PowerBook quit working.” (iPhoto views your iPhone as just another camera.95. This utility will automatically save files in the applications of your choice at the interval of your choice—up to 60 hours. But the document is quite sizable now. Back off. is kept in your ~/Library/Preferences/ folder. and you won’t lose your journal if your Mac’s hard drive goes kaput. or even hours. 84 AUG•10 maclife. and autosaving has become a significant event—and every 5 minutes (the maximum offered in the preferences) is too frequent for this interruption to occur. and that’s of course a fire hazard. tool-forcesw. it’ll always have your last copy available.

worldmags & avaxhome .

you can download a prerelease version of Adobe’s Gala Flash Player at labs. but it won’t. which lists your top five CPU resource hogs right in your menu bar. we’ve got some tips on how you can have the best of both worlds: How to responsibly use Flash when you need to.264 without the need for proprietary plug-ins like Flash Player. you probably heard about the battle between Apple and Adobe: Adobe wants Flash on the iPhone. We’re firmly on Apple’s side. the entire machine slow to a crawl. and then Safari crash. too. bjango. too. the Flash plug-in eat up our CPU usage. In Leopard and earlier. you can quit or force quit them worldmags & avaxhome . preferably 10. Sort by the CPU column to bring the worst offenders to the top. >>>WHAT YOU NEED >> A Mac running Mac OS X.adobe. It’s always a good idea to update to the latest version of Flash. which is supposed to improve performance under Snow Leopard. its usage is combined with your web browser’s usage. you won’t see a separate listing for Flash. install iStat Menus ($16. Steve Jobs even outlined six reasons why Flash is not allowed on the iPhone. only to witness the fans roar at full which you can download at or later. but still retain control of your Mac’s precious resources. We’re tired of trying to watch Flash videos on our Mac. and Apple does not. but these handy tips can help Flash Player behave on your Mac Unless you’re living under a rock. Until websites widely adopt the new HTML5 standard.6 (see Step 3) >> The latest version of Flash Player (see Step 1) easy LEVEL: Update to the latest version of Adobe Flash. How is it even possible for the Flash plug-in to be eating up 103% of our CPU? We’re just trying to watch an episode of The Apprentice! 86 AUG•10 maclife. if you’re running Mac OS 10. which is the modern way to play videos in formats such as H.>>>Create Take Control of Flash Your iPhone is refreshingly Flash-free. Also.6. For an even easier way to track your CPU usage. In his “Thoughts on Flash” open letter. BY SCOTT ROSE HOW TO DO ANYTHING ON YOUR MAC Adobe’s Flash Player can seem to mess up your Mac nearly as much as a flash of lightning. 1 Update First You can see which processes are taxing your CPU by using Activity Monitor (in Applications/Utilities).html. If necessary. and we’re betting that you are. 2 Watch and Learn We wish we could tell you that updating to the latest version of Flash will solve all of your Flash problems.

and your battery will drain quickly. bashflash. you can whitelist those sites so you don’t have to click the Flash elements to see them. you still have no control over how much of your CPU the Flash plug-in will consume. If Flash starts hogging your processor again. If so. Vimeo includes a “Switch to HTML5 player” link below all of its videos. because it doesn’t allow Flash to crash Safari. BashFlash places an icon in your menu bar to let you know if the Flash plug-in is trying to hijack your Mac. Notice the ultra-tiny red “Switch to HTML5 player” link in the lower-right corner of this Vimeo movie. The BashFlash menu bar icon will change its color to red when Flash is not behaving nicely.One of the smartest decisions you can make is to upgrade your Intel Mac to Snow Leopard. you can quit Flash in Activity Monitor. If your favorite video site (cough. Simply click it to see that content. Some websites are switching away from Flash in favor of HTML5. your Mac will slow down. YouTube has an HTML5 beta test that you can join at youtube. If this happens. You can kill it right from this menu bar icon. These plug-ins block all Flash content on webpages unless you allow it on a case-by-case basis with one simple click of your mouse. 6 Put It on Notice Even if you approve Flash content in your browser. your fans will kick in again. email and ask addon/433). clicktoflash. Let them know that you support this decision by using the HTML5 version of their sites. because a crash of the Flash plug-in will no longer take down your entire Safari web browser with it. 4 Seek Out HTML5 5 Flash When You Want To Install ClickToFlash for Safari (donations AUG• 10 87 . ClickToFlash displays this box instead of any Flash content. your computer will run or you can turn to BashFlash (donations requested. cough. or Flashblock for Firefox (donations worldmags & avaxhome maclife. click on its icon and you can instantly kill the Flash plug-in. 3 Upgrade Your OS Snow Leopard will tremendously stabilize your web browsing experience. If you visit certain Flash-based websites regularly. Flash will just crash itself while Safari keeps on humming.mozilla. when available. Hulu) doesn’t yet support HTML5.

we suggest you make it into a Photoshop Action. see “Automate Photoshop Tasks with Actions. why not just apply a few simple filters to give that trendy look to your digital photos? BY FLORENCE ION >>>WHAT YOU NEED LEVEL: medium Before (right) and after (above): Jazzing up an ordinary photo with old-school Lomo flair. Lomography—or casual.>>> Create How to do anything on your Mac Transform Digital Photos into Analog Masterpieces Old-school cameras are cool again. snapshot photography using Lomo cameras made in Russia—is getting hot (yes really— check out lomography. This photo has the perfect balance of colorful tones and lighting. p90. photographers everywhere are also rediscovering the charming aesthetics of the analog days gone by. which won’t fully benefit from this process. While we’re all busy hightailing it into the digital age.” Apr/10. This will make sure the end result looks authentic. >> Photoshop CS3 and up. 88 AUG•10 maclife. We went with one that was taken outdoors and has plenty of lighting—avoid dark photos taken indoors. preferably taken outside. But instead of springing for another camera. high-contrast photos seems a little drastic. and we’re going to ruin it by making it look for more). 1 Pick a Pic Open a photo you would like to transform. >> A photo with considerable lighting. which automates the steps so you can perform a Lomo makeover on a huge batch of photos at once—we love doing this with our vacation candids. But having to purchase a separate camera for the sole purpose of taking slightly outof-focus. For help. We used Photoshop worldmags & avaxhome . as if taken with an actual Lomo camera. So if you already own either an affordable point-and-shoot or a fancy DSLR and have access to Photoshop. learn how to use Photoshop and your Mac to emulate those trendy Lomo cameras. >>Speed It Up! If you like this tutorial.

Your photo should now have a noticeably faded black border around the edges. in the menu bar). Go to Filter > Distort > Lens Correction and adjust the Vignette settings so the Amount is –75 and the Midpoint is +75. you can try setting Amount between +75 and +100 to make it look faded and weathered around the edges. Next. For this photo. you can take them up all the way to 70. Photoshop’s powerful color adjustment tools—including the ability to modify individual color channels— will let us emulate that look. Deselect Show Grid and click OK. When the Preview box is checked. The best part about photos taken with a Lomographic camera is the slightly faded and strongly contrasting colors. Depending on the mood of your photo. First we’ll select the Red channel.2 Vignette Bring up the Layers dialog and right-click your photo to create a Layer From Background (or choose Layer > New > Layer From Background. which lend that old-timey feel. we’ll add a dark vignette border to give our photo that faded look. for example. worldmags & avaxhome maclife. and select the Red channel. Go to Image > Adjustments > Brightness/Contrast and increase the brightness and contrast anywhere from 45 to 55—for an even more artsy look. we chose 53 for contrast and 68 for brightness. Don’t be alarmed if you see some really bright contrasting. As in Step 2. 4Pump Up the Contrast Experiment with the values as much as you want. Play around with these values to get the look you AUG• 10 89 . Photoshop will show you a preview of the overall effect. play with these values as much as you want. Notice that your photo now appears black and white. you can play with this effect—for a more artsy look. 3Color Tweaking Channels lets you adjust your photo’s colors individually. Open the Channels dialog (Window > Channels).

and iPad that can instantly turn your plain photos into Lomo masterpieces. purchase more filters.>>> Create How to do anything on your Mac Transform Digital Photos into Analog Masterpieces (continued) Repeat Steps 3 and 4 with the Green color channel. oversaturation. When you’re worldmags & avaxhome . Take the opportunity to do something kooky with your photo by experimenting with other values. 90 AUG•10 maclife. HIPSTAMATIC Popular iPhone-only app Hipstamatic ($1. while our after photo has higher contrast and blurry edges—that’s the Lomography effect! 5 It’s Easy Tweaking Green We dig our final product’s vignetted. or save them to your iPhone’s Camera Roll. faded snapshot effect. and your Lomo photo should be complete.99) is like having a collection of different cameras all in your iPad bag.99) is a minimal app that transforms any of your saved images into a Lomography photo or applies color modes like black and white. LOMO CAMERA Lomo Camera ($2. red scale. iPod touch. Notice how our “before” photo (Step 1) had natural colors and perfect lighting. and fish eyes. though you don’t have to use the same values.99) adds analog flair to your digital photos with vignettes. select the RGB color channel. but you can still transform pictures from your photo library into extraordinary pieces of Lomography. CAMERABAG FOR iPAD CameraBag ($2. all essential elements of the perfect Lomography photo. You can email your creations. and transform your photos into hipster masterpieces. You can export to Facebook and Flickr. LOMO TO GO Don’t have Photoshop? Or you just can’t sit still long enough to try this? No problem! We found three neat apps for your iPhone. as well as other photo types like Polaroid. The iPad doesn’t have a camera. blue scale. and discoloration.

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Why bother? Lists have two big advantages: Posts in a list aren’t added to your main timeline—you have to go look for them specifically. BY SUSIE OCHS Seeing the public lists you’ve been added to is always fun. expand. and you can add them to lists with the list button to the right of each person’s name. Name your list something good. To create a list. the hairless feline of Real Housewives of New Jersey!) But if you follow every reality-show pet. filter. you don’t have to follow all the users on a list. The list feature lets you create groups of users into one Twitter feed. we’ll wind up using a lot of browser tabs. anyone can see it and follow it. The list gets its own URL (public or private) and a link in your sidebar on and follow without following. and hot dog vendor you come across. twitter. look to the top right of the page and click the Following link under your profile picture. because if you change it later the URL changes too—try a topic-based one. if having them in a list—and not your main timeline—is sufficient for you. which you then follow. 1 Create a List 2 Populate and Unfollow Your list is created empty. And second. your main Twitter feed quickly gets out of control. These worldmags & avaxhome . Add to a list (top). To fill it up with people you already follow. Twitter lists sound pretty Zen. If it’s private. Many Twitter clients support reading lists. Twitter lists have been around less than a year but are still mainly the realm of power users. look for the New List link in the sidebar on the right and click it. you can unfollow them. Yeah. >>>WHAT YOU NEED >> Twitter account (free. The gear button to the right of the list button has a link to then unfollow the easy LEVEL: Log in to your account at Twitter. like Mac News. You can add people to as many lists as you like and even create a new list right from this dialog. pro athlete. organize. just the list itself. everybody and their cat is on Twitter. Mine are mostly when you really want to read them. and the people who are on it don’t know it exists. 92 AUG•10 maclife. Plus. even though casual users could benefit from them just as much—if not more. Voilá—you get to keep track of more users and tweets while following fewer people in real time. nobody can see it. That gives you a page of everyone you follow. it’s easier to get acquainted with lists by seeing Twitter’s own implementation. Even if you normally use a Twitter client like TweetDeck or Tweetie. If your list is public. So by grouping some—or even most—of the people you follow into lists. (Shout out to @grandmawrinkles. with some location-based lists and an alumni network thrown in for good measure.>>> Create How to do anything on your Mac Cut Twitter Clutter with Lists Curate. and unfollow (below)—although we would never actually unfollow Gordon Mah Ung. too. Creating a list couldn’t be much simpler.

which puts the list in your sidebar for you to read when you like. TweetDeck handles lists beautifully— it had a similar Groups feature before lists came to Twitter. Seesmic. check out their Twitter pages and peruse the lists in the sidebar—we like to open each list in a new browser involves favorites and lists and really large fonts. but if you read it on favstar. You can subscribe to an entire list with the “Follow this list” button at the upper-left corner of that list’s page. Create groups for your organization. worldmags & avaxhome maclife. Mobile devices are especially great for this—try keeping a list of Twitter users who crack you up for an instant pick-me-up anytime. perfect for your blog’s sidebar. and TLists. including TweetDeck. Favstar. Lists can also just make your own Twitter experience more uncluttered. 6 Twitter Clients 7 Web Services ListiMonkey. AUG• 10 93 . 5 Focus Tons of Twitter desktop clients and mobile apps support reading lists. optionally filtered by let you search for lists that fit your interests and add yours to the directory—everything’s tagged for easy browsing. too. whatever. (You’ll find a handy wizard for customizing that widget at twitter. so you can pay attention to the tweets you really want to see. so go crazy. times of day you want to read will auto-generate a list of the 20 people whose tweets you’ve favorited the most. Put accounts you “have to read” in one list for occasional monitoring during the workday and the “fun to read” ones in another that you peruse on your commute will email you the posts from your list hourly or daily. Twitter lets users embed lists into webpages as a constantly updating widget.) Creating a quality list that people want to follow can help your own influence and reach—it shows you know your stuff. It puts Twitter more on your terms. a “microblogroll” of recommended users. like seeing the list members’ most recent favorite tweets. Even lists that follow hundreds of users (the limit is 500) won’t clutter up your main timeline with HootSuite. It works like a regular list within you get extra capabilities. Widgets can show off your nifty widget to the world…wide web.If you know any power users. around a topic you care about. or as a dumping ground for guilty pleasures. And Favstar. Get creative with your lists: topics. Twitter for iPhone (formerly Tweetie for iPhone). and more. 3Subscribe Your public list gets a link that you can share far and wide. Twittelator. 4Hype Follow and unfollow other people’s lists from their specific list pages.

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which is “biting the hand that feeds IT” daily at www.theregister. low-power 24-bit audio. née Langwell. While Intel. The Moorestown platform is made up of three chips. Oh. which manufactures the A4 for Apple. 96 AUG•10 maclife. He was editor-in-chief of MacAddict from 2001 until its transformation into Mac|Life in early 2007. noting that because discussions with prospective customers remain confidential. “it probably wouldn’t be in my best interests to piss them off. used first in the iPad and now in the iPhone 4.In his next dive into hardcore Apple hardware geekdom. a hardware and software security architecture. Bottom line: We simply don’t know how much input Apple had into the A4’s design—meaning the integration of others’ IP and the addition of one heck of a lot of advanced powermanagement circuitry. Unfortunately. plus analog and digital circuitry. Medfield. and word on the street is that the A4 was designed by chiphouse Intrinsity. Bonus points I That phrase “Designed by Apple” is hooey-esque. But about Intel’s Moorestown. and four to five hours of web browsing or video viewing. two days of audio playback. in spring 2008 (but return those points if you didn’t know that PA Semi’s top minds bailed after that acquisition). The iPad’s announcement—with characteristic Cupertinian disregard for both definite and indefinite articles—said that “iPad is powered by A4. The Atom Z6xx processor. Chandrasekher wouldn’t say.” I don’t see Apple jumping ship to Intel’s mobile chips in the near future—although if Moorestown’s not seductive enough. we members of the great unwashed can’t directly compare the A4 with Intel’s new chips. and includes Imagination’s PowerVR SGX 3D graphics and PowerVR VDX video. emphasized the platform’s high performance and low power requirements. bought by Apple this March. provides platformlevel power management. will be available in speeds up to previously known as Lincroft. of course. may be when it rolls around next year. an A5. will tell you practically anything you’d like to know. but almost certainly ARMbased—he claimed one-and-a-half to three times better compute performance and two to four times “richer” graphics. The MP20 controller hub. are easy—we’ll see what Moorestown can do when it appears in devices later this year. Intel needs to entice potential customers with Moorestown details. Anand Chandrasekher. A mixed-signal integrated circuit (MSIC) formerly codenamed Briertown rounds out the trio. Who those devices will be from. and the two layers of RAM that share the A4’s package are from Samsung. say. but since Apple is keeping the A4 all to itself. it can maintain its customary secrecy. the graphics core is an Imagination Technologies PowerVR SGX. whose chips power Apple’s Mac but not its iPhone/Pad/Pod. black turtleneck–clad CEO getting mightily pissed off? >>Since the late 1980s. a Moorestown device would have over 10 days of standby power. Apple’s next-generation system-on-a-chip. however. if you remember that Apple acquired another chipmaker. can’t you imagine one secretive. the head of Intel’s Ultra Mobility Group. When comparing it to current smartphone chippery—not named by Chandrasekher. Designed by Apple. providing more power management. Claims. developed under the platform codename of Moorestown. Rik Myslewski puts the latest chips on the table and asks: THE LIFER Would the Next iPhones & iPads Be Better Off with Intel Inside? ntel has released a trio of chips that it claims can beat the stuffing out of any mobile chips on the and worldmags & avaxhome . But there’s really no reason for Jobs & Co. including Apple’s A4 processor. At Moorestown’s rollout event this May. we know what Intel’s marketing department has told us. The IP (intellectual property) behind the A4’s compute core is almost certainly that of an ARM Cortex A8. we know a lot. its smaller and more power-miserly follow-up. Apple has released next to nothing about the A4.. however.. and is now a member of the snarkily sophisticated team at London’s The Register.” That phrase “Designed by Apple” is hooey-esque. Chandrasekher claimed that in a standard smartphone form factor.5GHz for smartphones and 1. to talk.9GHz for tablets. Moorestown also supports 1080p high-profile HD video and 720p HD video capture. But Chandrasekher’s comment was intriguing: If he had named names. Rik Myslewski has paid his rent by keeping an eye on Apple. Well. PA Semi. And Intel would be more than happy to save Apple the trouble of developing. a display controller. and a memory controller.

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