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Dennis Kenna

250 Clinton Avenue

Tiffin, Ohio 44883 Current
Crestview Heights, Henderson, NV New
419-443-8357 Home 567-207-5353 Mobile

Human Resource Director:

I am a highly skilled professional with extensive experience in the implementati
on and management of large-scale operations and fulfillment strategies. I am cur
rently working for Aramark in Toledo, OH. My wife and I are currently in the pro
cess of relocating to Las Vegas, NV, where I grew up, and obtained many of my fo
od service skills. I have worked for large hotels and restaurants and have devel
oped and implemented operational tools to successfully increase the efficiency o
f the organization.
Some of my key strengths include:
* Extensive experience in managing critical projects and business development in
itiatives with the knowledge to balance the requirements for functionality, qual
ity, economy, and timeliness; ability to successfully complete projects and task
s before deadlines while maintaining consistency and professionalism
* Restaurant Management skills include Cost & Overhead Reductions, Inventory Con
trol, Efficiency Improvement, Labor Relations & Efficiency, Operations Budgeting
, Supplier and Vendor Management, Workforce Scheduling, Guest Relations, & Time
* Ability to revitalize business performance through assessment and implementati
on of strategic process improvements
* Outstanding ability to efficiently and profitably manage day-to-day individual
business operations as well as multiple locations and territorial/regional oper
* Solid background in areas where sales expertise, administration, organization,
interpersonal communication, motivation, and management are required
* Exceptional capacity to enter new environments and begin to produce clear-cut
results right from the start with well developed technical and communication ski
lls; flexible and adaptable to both new situations and changing organizational n
My professional background has provided me with knowledge and skills necessary t
o succeed in this recession challenged and fast-paced field. I have demonstrated
the ability to position restaurants and food service units for long-term growth
and profitability. I excel at targeting opportunities for revenue enhancement t
hrough cost reduction initiatives and profit optimization.
I would appreciate the opportunity to speak with you in greater detail regarding
this position. I can be reached anytime at the above email address and phone nu
mbers. I am certain that my experience, skills, and self motivation, when linked
with the vision of your company, will create dramatic and successful results. T
hank you for your consideration.

Respectfully Yours,
Dennis Kenna
Enclosure: Dennis Kenna Professional Resume.doc

Dennis Kenna
250 Clinton Avenue
Tiffin, Ohio 44883 Current
Crestview Heights, Henderson, NV New
419-443-8357 Home 567-207-5353 Mobile
Experienced and Dedicated Restaurant and Food Service Management professional, w
ith extensive experience leading profit-generating operations, and accomplishing
record-breaking performance. Offers experience in strategic operations planning
, innovative team development, and has a superior understanding of customers' ne
eds. Offers focused leadership to drive sales and profitability in competitive m
arkets. Self-motivated and dynamic professional with diverse credentials which c
ombine solid and tactical leadership expertise with a strong food and beverage b
ackground, an ability to work collaboratively, and a commitment to achieving goa
ls. Dedicated to maximizing profits, providing impeccable customer services, and
creating an atmosphere of exceptional employee morale. Proven track record of l
ow turnover, high retention rate, and high profits.
* Leadership/Motivation/Teamwork
* Cost Containment and Budgeting
* Inventory, Safety, & Quality Control * Company/Operations Development
* Communication/Customer Relations
* Development and Implementation * Hiring & Training Employees
* Process/Project Management
* Computer Program Knowledge
FOOD PRODUCTION ACCOUNTING, Aramark, Inc. Toledo, OH 2008-Present
* Managed the daily accounting functions, including accounts payable, receivable
and payroll duties for 16 locations including retail and board hall serving 600
0 students daily
* Responsible for managing food production, correcting food costs, waste, and co
rrecting labor hours
* Served as the Information Technology Coordinator; identified & troubleshot har
dware/software issues
* Facilitated innovative and effective training programs for managers in food pr
oduction & accounting
Key Accomplishments and Contributions as the Food Production Accounting Supervi
* Handled Accounts Payable for 16 locations including retail unit generating 1.5
million plus in sales
* Successfully identified and corrected food production and waste, payroll error
s and time clock malfunctions & streamlined the food production and payroll repo
rting procedures which increased employee productivity, satisfaction, & morale
* Effectively reorganized the Accounts Payable department, increasing operationa
l efficiency
FOOD PRODUCTION MANAGER, Aramark, Inc, Tiffin, OH 2004 - 2008
* Responsible for managing food production, correcting food costs, waste, and co
rrecting labor hours
Key Accomplishments and Contributions as the Food Production Manager for Aramar
* Successfully increased bottom-line profit & employee turnover while retaining
* Secured the renewal of key contracts which dramatically increased annual comp
any revenue
RETAIL MANAGER, Aramark, Inc. Tiffin, OH, 2002-2004
Retail Manager, Location Manager, Assistant Catering Director
* Served as the front-line manager of the retail operations on the college campu
s and coordinated events; executed social events and secured live music for the
college events while securing student safety
Key Accomplishments and Contributions as the Food Production and Unit Manager:
* Launched, redesigned, opened, and operated the location which included a full
food-service with a Starbucks and retail store for the students to buy goods wit
hout having to leave campus
* Generated high profits in a secluded location, with a poor location design, an
d a bad economy
ASSISTANT FOOD SERVICE MANAGER, Aramark Inc. Tiffin, OH, 1998-2002
* Managed the Human Resources activities of the location; screened and interview
ed qualified and potential employment candidates, made hiring decisions, facilit
ated training programs, handled retention and relations activities, terminated e
mployees as necessary, and enforced company policies & procedures
* Created, monitored, and maintained budgets and profit and loss statements and
generated forecasts
* Responsible for reviewing all catering events, community events, and company e
Key Accomplishments and Contributions as the Assistant Service Manager:
* Instrumental in securing a new large account at the University of Cincinnati b
y creating a full operating kitchen in the bottom of a parking garage within onl
y a 90 minute time period serving hot food
Additional Professional Experience: Regional Director of the Hospitality and Foo
d Service division of one of the most successful and respected management consul
ting firms, C.J. Hegarty and Co. * Instrumental in organizing a company hired by
the State of California to provide training and obtain locations for the visual
ly impaired. Consulted with IUS to create software programs for the hospitality
and food service industry * Organized and designed a new company in Las Vegas,
Nevada which is now one of the largest of its kind in Nevada, Passkey Systems *
Catering Manager for several family held venues in the Los Angeles CA area inclu
ding City Hall, LA County Court House and the Federal Building
* Onsite Manager for the LA Olympics Weight Lifting Venue * Company cited by th
e Mayor of Los Angeles for commitment to excellence in training and employing in
ner-city children for the Olympics Weight Lifting Venue
Business Accounting * Business Communications * Personal Computing in the Workpl
ace * Organizational Development * Staff Communications * Public Speaking * HR T
raining * Spanish * Behavior Modification
Computer and Technical Proficiencies: Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point * Photo
shop * Microsoft Office Suite * Many Payroll and Accounting Programs
Summary of Professional Highlights and Qualifications: Directed on-site manageme
nt of the Los Angeles Summer Olympics Weight Lifting Venue * Held financial resp
onsibility of accounts up to $2.5 million dollars in sales * Supervised manageme
nt staff for an 85-room hotel * Catered and managed the catering for the LA Lake
rs World Championship Award Ceremony * Developed and instituted Marketing Progra
ms for a variety of companies utilizing the Internet and the World Wide Web * Re
cipient of the EXCEPTIONAL LEADERSHIP AWARD in Food Service and Hospitality pres
ented by Insight Learning Programs
Personal References Available Upon Request