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(626) 967-1765 4900 N. Grand Avenue, #316 - Covina, CA 91724 loa750e6@west
* Masters in Inclusive Education August 2008.
* B.S., Elementary Education.
* Over 10 years of effective classroom experience.
t Over 10 years of effective purchasing and inventory control experience
* Expertise in forecasting and planning
* Outstanding research capacity of sales records, and stock turnover.
* Proven interpretive skills for current supply and demand changes.
* Able to negotiate pricing and write purchase orders and/or contracts.
* Strong team player and role model.
* Develop effective programs from design through implementation.
* Outstanding competence in communications, presentations, and report writing
** Demonstrated interfacing capabilities with parents, fellow educators and scho
ol administration..
Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, CA
Master of Arts, Inclusive Education,
Archdiocese-sponsored program
Dominican College, Blauvelt, NY
Bachelor of Science, Elementary Education
Rockland Community College, Suffern, NY
Associate of Science, Human Services
Teacher, Saint Frances of Rome School, Azusa, CA 2007-2010
* Epiphany Catholic School, South El Monte, CA 2000 - 2007
* Served as Third Grade Teacher from recruitment through conclusion of 2005-2006
school year.
* Second Grade Teacher for 2006-2010 school year.
* Designated as Education Coordinator during 2005-2006.
* Selected for multiple education planning committees.
* Assigned to evaluation leadership team for WASC evaluation.
Purchasing/Inventory Control, Sande Equipment Co. Inc. Monterey Park, CA 2004-2
* Purchased all parts needed to manufacture pressure washers (hose, engines, p
umps, belts).
* Negotiated prices, prepared contracts and purchase orders for all materials.
Controlled the inventory. Responsible for yearly physical inventory and balan
* Interfaced with management, sales, accounting, and parts and service, on pr
icing, availability, ETA's and company reports.
* Strong vendor follow-up and communication.
I have worked as a Wholesale Inventory Control Specialist for JC Penney Co. Inc
for 9 years.
Responsibilities included: Analyzing vendor reports for store orders, analyzing
JCP warehouse reports and tracking orders, using these documents to forecast fu
ture needs to vendors. Forecasting turnover rate for company owned warehouses a
nd meeting or exceeding the rate. Strong communication with vendors and warehou
ses on ETA's, damaged goods, return authorizations, and any necessary informatio
While working in the garment industry I controlled piece goods inventory and was
responsible for the cutting room and the first phase of production. Chose outs
ide cutting services when necessary based on reliability and pricing. I worke
d for Mr Remo of California, Guild Inc. Sterling Styles and LEI.