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James S.

4665 Oregon St. #8
San Diego, Ca. 92116
Tel. (619) 952-2779
OBJECTIVE: A challenging position for bilingual electronic field service tech w
ith interests in international travel.
EXPERIENCE: I have fourteen years' experience doing repairs, installations and i
nterfacing of electronics systems in the U.S. and around the world with over nin
e years managing other techs in a wide range of projects. My job requires contin
ually solving unusual problems (electronic & other) and "out of the box thinking
" as every project (boat/ship) is truly custom. My solutions must be practical a
s well as esthetically pleasing due to very expensive interiors.
TECHNICAL: High proficiency with wide range of electronic equipment such as rada
rs, AIS, RF (HF,VHF,UHF), GPS (Wass and DGPS), camera/nightvision (Flir, Elbex )
, CCTV, gyros, sonars, direction finders, depth sounders as well as satellite co
mmunication and satellite tracking TV dishes, phones, PBX's and computer systems
, NMEA 183/2000 and more. Knowledgeable in the use of multiple pieces of test eq
uipment and reading of blueprints and schematics. I am computer literate and pro
ficient with Windows and multiple maintenance and repair programs that are brand
or equipment specific. Specializing in problem solving and trouble shooting.
PERSONALITY: Team player, leader and teacher, adaptive, organized attention to d
etail and excel under pressure. Work with minimal or no supervision, improvise a
nd innovative approach to problem solving.
LINGUISTICS: Bilingual French and English, written and spoken. Limited German.
2006-PRESENT: Senior tech, Seanet Electronics Inc. San Diego, California
Regularly work on multi-million dollar yachts, racing boats and U.S. Navy vessel
s as well as local tour boats companies. Jobs vary from full retrofits to basic
installation or repair and maintenance of all equipment listed in Technical para
graph and more. I build or fix complex information networks (NMEA-183/2000) inco
rporating numerous pieces of equipment from different manufacturers whose build
dates have gone as far back as the late 1960's. I regularly service a group of 5
0+ U.S navy port security boats.
2002-2006: Field Service Engineer, Honor Marine, San Diego, California
I worked extensively on site in the South Pacific, Asia and Central America repa
iring commercial vessels, U.S. tuna fleet and occasional yachts. While in San Di
ego I regularly worked on multi-million dollar yachts and west coast sport fishi
ng fleet as well as servicing U.S. Navy and Coast Guard ships and Scripps Oceano
graphic and NOAA research vessels and a local tug fleet.

1997-2002: Electronics Technician, USCG, San Diego, California. Active secret cl

Responsibilities included maintenance of all electronic equipment on board three
110' patrol boats, six rigid hull go fast boats, two 41' search and rescue boat
s, three communication sites with HF-VHF-UHF and microwave links as well as buil
ding and maintaining USCG operation and communication center for air station San
Diego. Support of visiting ships and two local 378' high endurance cutters. Tra
ining new personnel in operation and maintenance of previously stated vessels an
d equipment. Sole person responsible for all USCG Cryptographic equipment repair
or replacement as well as maintenance for southern California. Personally respo
nsible for San Diego DGPS Site's maintenance and operation, VM-100 Fog Detector
for light house, tended to the care of all phone and computer lines for 12 build
ings and offices through installation, maintenance, adding, changing, moving the
Hornblower: Aug 2008 Lord Hornblower is a 200ft tour vessel. It was hauled out f
or a full engine replacement including running new engine controls and new navig
ation equipment (NMEA 2000 Matreron). This daunting job was bid at 7 days to ful
l completion and we finished with a day to spare. We built an information networ
k integrating weather, fire and bilge alarms, depth and all manner of engine and
transmission information. The information is then fully displayed on the bridge
U.S. Navy MESG: Regular service. MESG maintains several groups of Navy port secu
rity boats deployed around the world. I repair and maintain all electronics incl
uding secure communications and navigation equipment for the thirty some boats t
hat are waiting for the next deployment.
Geronimo: April 2009 Geronimo is a 100ft racing trimaran (sailboat) that current
ly holds eight world transoceanic speed records. I repaired their satellite comm
unication equipment as well as their B&G wind and autopilot.
USCG San Diego Communication Center relocation: May 2000
Project manager and lead technician involved in planning, moving, updating, impl
ementing and transferring a thirty-five year old communication and search and re
scue center. This involved relocating equipment and integrating it with a lot of
new units with a cut-over time ranging from 15 minutes to a couple of hours. Th
e work included running heavy transmission lines (heliax), mounting several ante
nnas on new tower, running phone and data lines, communication cables, assemblin
g and programming of said equipment. Designed and fabricated custom brackets for
equipment installation. Amended original drawings and modified installation and
equipment to accommodate unforeseen problems and plan changes. This is still th
e most modern USCG comms center on the West Coast. When the Los Angeles Comms Ce
nter was updated, I was asked to help with implementations and transition due to
my past success and innovation with the San Diego Communication center.
The department of Transportation later reported that my personal implementations
saved them over $200,000 on this project alone.
International jobs examples:
Aug. 2002 American Samoa (South Pacific): Three month project to repair and ser
vice any and all electronics on a fleet of approximately 30 tuna fishing vessels
. Isolated Island meant that I had to do all repairs at component level as getti
ng replacement parts was difficult and untimely.
Dec. 2003 Bangkok Thailand: Three weeks replacing two large industrial sonars wi
th two new ones on a French 340ft tuna boat while in the water. This involved co
ordinating with local divers and welders and the crew of the ship who helped me
replace and remove these 850 pound units from the interior of the ship using blo
ck and tackle and cutting out bulkheads.
Sep. 2005 Panama: Repair of a Gyro on a container vessel. Non-stop 22 hour job o
n a ship awaiting departure. Total time in the country was less 30 hours.
Training Programs
Human and civil rights
Raytheon surface search radar sys.
Differential Global Positioning System, DGPS
Radio Secure Communications (cryptographic repair of USCG equipment)
Several military C schools
Multiple factory certifications from companies such as Furuno, Raymarine, Seatel
, KVH and SSR.
Electronic technician school, USCG
Two years college YVCC
High school diploma: Eisenhower High School, Yakima WA.
Primary, secondary and preparatory schools completed in Switzerland in the Frenc
h language.
Clearances & awards
Secret clearance expired in 2005.
Achievement medal, good conduct medal, pistol and rifle expert medals
Two meritorious team commendations, excellence ribbon
I have several military evaluations stating outstanding adaptability, problem so
lving, work ethic and exceptional resourcefulness
Personal Information
Born 27 July 1975 in Lausanne, Switzerland (American parents)
United States and Swiss Citizenship: Authorization to work in any country in the
European Union.
Personal interests
Sailing (national competition), SCCA sanctioned class 3 auto racing (regional co
mpetition), Coed softball and billiards(locally), marksmanship, mechanics, runni
Vernon Lenz, President Laurence Shank
Golden West Communications electronic Tech 15 years' experience
(509) 961-5948 (858) 688-5645
Mesa AZ 85205 San Diego Ca.