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CITY OF COVINGTON Incorporation date: Population: Sales tax collections: Property tax collections: City property tax levy rate: Utility tax: General fund: Overall budget: Schools: Library: Parks: 1997 17,575 $2.8 million (2010) $1.9 million (2010) $1.36 per $1,000** 5.5 percent $11 million (2011) $22.9 million (2011) Kent School District Covington Branch of the King County Library System Nine parks — including skateparks, parks with playground equipment, open space parks, and trail systems throughout the city Contract with King County Sheriff’s Office Covered by Maple Valley Fire and Life Safety and Kent Fire Department Yes: 68.5% No: 24.9% (3,487 (1,272 votes) votes) When Covington incorporated in 1997 its population was approximately 11,000 and its economic center was not established. As an incorporated city, elected officials dictated where stores like Costco and Home Depot would be built and how the commercial core should look.

CITY OF KENMORE 1998 20,800 $3.5 million (2011) $8.25 million (2011) $1.44 per $1,000** 4 percent rate $18.8 million (2011-2012) $37.1 million (2011-2012) Northshore School District Kenmore Branch of the King County Library System St. Edward State Park, neighborhood pocket parks and a large section of the BurkeGilman Trail runs through the city Contract with King County Sheriff’s Office Covered by Northshore Fire District Yes: 70.4% (2,973 votes) No: 28.5% (1,206 votes)

CITY OF UNIVERSITY PLACE 1995 31,500 $1.92 million (2010) $3.72 million (2010) $1.22 per $1,000** 6 percent rate $16.2 million $30.8 million University Place School District; Tacoma School District University Place Branch of Pierce County Library System Ten parks and a senior community center

PROPOSED CITY OF SILVERDALE If voters approved incorporation in 2012, cityhood would have to be final by 2013. 17,000 $7.5 million (2010) (retail only) $3.4 million (2011 values) (estimated) Not applicable* Not applicable* Not applicable* Not applicable* Central Kitsap School District Voters could vote to join the Kitsap Regional Library System Kitsap County could transfer ownership to city.

Police: Fire: Incorporation vote:

Contract with Pierce County Sheriff’s Department Covered by West Pierce Fire and Rescue Yes: 81.5% (7,679 votes) No: 18.5% (1,741 votes)

Proposing a contract with Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office Voters could vote to join the Central Kitsap Fire and Rescue district Would take place in Spring 2012 If incorporated, Silverdale would become the third largest city in Kitsap County behind Bremerton (37,729) and Bainbridge Island (23,025). It would be the 55th largest city in the state if it incorporated with 17,000 people. There are 282 cities in Washington.

Random tidbit:

The Kenmore City Hall was a storefront after incorporation. The city saved up money to build a new facility, which cost just under $15 million. It paid cash, took on no debt and kept the property tax rate the same. The building was completed and opened in May 2010.

University Place taxes dropped by approximately 50 cents/ $1,000 of assessed value when the city incorporated.

* If incorporation is approved, a city council would be elected and responsible for determining the general fund and overall budget amounts, and setting the city property tax rate. The elected council would also decide whether to collect a utility tax rate. Utility tax rates for services provided by outside agencies for electricity, natural gas and telephone are capped by state law at 6 percent; rates for services provided by a city, like water, sewer and stormwater, can be higher and are set by the city. **assessed value (2011)