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Julie L.

TEL: 650.391.8111
I am actively seeking a position using my skills and expertise in my 20 years of
professional experience in the fields of investigation and security to make a p
ositive contribution to a dynamic organization.
Braddock & Associates (Menlo Park, CA / Boise, ID)
March 2000 - Present
Senior Investigator
Senior Investigator conducting investigations, intelligence gathering, and resea
rch to obtain essential information to meet the most demanding standards and cri
tical timelines for high-profile clients, private citizens and corporations. Re
sponsible for intakes, interviewing and investigating individuals; undercover in
vestigations; background screening; record searches; civil, criminal, fraud and
employee misconduct. Networking and interviewing witnesses, suspects, and victi
ms to establish information and factual elements. Responsible for compiling comp
rehensive investigative reports/SARs for legal, financial, personal, and profess
ional purposes. John E. Reid & Associates Interviewing and Interrogation trainin
g/certification. Instructor for investigative report writing and interviewing te
chniques to Law Enforcement personnel and related professionals.
Ada County Fourth Judicial Court (Boise, ID)
May 1991 - February 2007
Presentence Investigator
Conducted multiple, complex investigative cases concurrently on clients with div
erse ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds for the commission of civil, financial
, fraud and criminal activities for District Court Judges. Conducted face-to-fac
e and telephone interviews with clients, suspects, witnesses, and victims; and r
elated professionals to uncover and document information relevant to court proce
edings within critical timelines. Prepared comprehensive reports containing cri
minal (NCIC), financial, personal, mental health and psychological data/historie
s to establish and support determinations, levels of risk, and financial loss/re
stitution. Coordinated and networked with and made recommendations to investigat
ive and law enforcement agencies in accordance with legal policies and procedure
s. Testified in court/legal proceedings and provided depositions in civil and cr
iminal cases. Delivered on-going case management; training, and presentations.
Boise State University (Boise, ID)
September 1994 a" August 2003
Adjunct Instructor

Instructed Child Abuse Prevention and Recognition College credit workshops for K
-12 Educators and related school personnel for undergraduate and graduate credit
- Division of Department of Education.
Lecturer for a series of classes on Presentence Investigations, Investigative Re
port Writing, Juvenile Justice and Child Abuse Investigations a" Department of C
riminal Justice.

Interviewing and Interrogation Techniques John E. Reid & Associates Interviewin
g and Interrogation training/certification
Investigative Report Writing
Internal and External Investigations
Fraud Detection, Banking & Securities
Database and Public Records Research National Crime Information Center (NCIC) Ce
Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs)
Project Management
Master Degree - Boise State University (Boise, ID)
Completed: December 1997
Major: Masters in Education (3.9 Overall GPA)
Bachelor Degree a" Boise State University (Boise, ID)
Completed: May 1989
Major: Criminal Justice Administration/Law
Additional investigative, security and law enforcement training available upon r