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66 Elfreths Court * Newtown, PA 18940 * C: 610-360-7880; T: (215) 550-6614 * apb
Highly successful Senior Human Resources Executive with vast experience in defin
ing and initiating training programs, and implementing key policies and procedur
es in domestic and international settings within union and non-union environment
s. Position companies to drive the highest level of performance through their hu
man capital by clearly defining objective and expectations, as well as instillin
g accountability. Ensure compliance standards are met by enhancing awareness thr
ough ongoing, collaborative communications.
* Cultural Integration / Implementation * Compliance / Risk / Legal Relations *
Situational Analysis / Planning
* Multifunctional Leadership * Organizational Design / Management * Strategic Pl
anning / Strategy
* Global Recruitment / Development * Strategic Planning / Tactical Execution * T
eam Performance / Metrics

UPS 1988 - 2010
Director of Human Resources; Philadelphia, PA, Harrisburg, PA / Manhattan, NY
One of the world's largest global operating transportation and package delivery
firms serving more than 200 countries and territories, employing more than 400,0
00 employees and generating annual revenues in excess of $45 billion.
Directed employee relations, health and safety, succession planning, recruitment
and employment, public affairs, leadership and organizational development, labo
r negotiations, contract ratifications and union hearings, EEO, AAP and OSHA com
pliance. Led 50 direct reports and approximately 10,000 indirect reports.
Selected Achievements
* 92% reduction in demotions and terminations achieved by implementing enhanced
training of operational policies and procedures, emphasizing the importance of i
ntegrity in New York.
* In collaboration with Teamsters drivers and inside manual workers, reduced acc
ident and job injury frequency by 50% and 40% respectively, while reducing worke
rs' compensation costs by 30%. All Ketter audits had passing scores in New York.
* Successfully directed negotiations during 2007 West Region contract ratificati
on for UPS.
* Personally trained all Directors of Human Resources in the New York Districts,
all of whom finished in the top 15 of the HR-balanced scorecard within 18 month
* Improved the staff ERI score in Philadelphia from the lowest in the region at
60% to the best in the region at 98% out of 12 Districts.
* Reduced COO concerns from three per month to zero by personally involving the
staff in sensitivity training in Philadelphia.
* Accurately trained more than 30 HR professionals on proper processes, includin
g recruitment and hiring, effectively eliminating all shortfalls in staffing in
Corporate Human Resources Director; Atlanta, GA
Coordinated the UPS Sales Force Integration Project while simultaneously directi
ng the Corporate Compliance Department. Senior Human Resource Manager responsibl
e for the East Region for Supply Chain Solutions. Led 40 direct reports and appr
oximately 3,500 indirect reports.
Selected Achievements
* Reduced turnover 47% in just 12 months by effectively recruiting, hiring and t
raining in order to maintain full operations functionality and staffing levels.
* Achieved the #1 ranking in the region and corporate-wide for two consecutive y
ears by establishing and maintaining trust throughout the organization leading t
o a high ERI score.
* 77% reduction in injuries and an 81% reduction in auto accidents in Supply Cha
in Solutions by implementing revised health and safety processes that previously
were not being utilized.
* Attained 100% consistency in business development post-integration by developi
ng, negotiating and implementing unified HR operating policies and procedures in
cluding compensation standards.
* Ensured maximum compliance with DOT, OSHA, SOX and Environmental regulations b
y developing and implementing training and awareness programs for 100% of UPS Wo
Corporate Project HR Leader; Madrid, Spain
A one-year special assignment to train a non-English-speaking Director of Human
Resources. Formulated procedures and policies for Human Resources and Operations
Selected Achievements
* Achieved full staffing of approximately 2,000 employees as the project leader
of Spain's recruiting process, the only European country to do so within its fir
st year.
* Gained corporate recognition for Spain's HR department for attaining the best
overall results on the balanced scorecard for all European countries through cul
tural integration and project leadership strategies.
* Generated fair and consistent compensation plans and labor policies for all em
ployees, virtually eliminating all compensation, labor and contractual issues.
Prior UPS Positions: Workforce Planning Manager; Special Assignment to Puerto Ri
co; Manager, Packaging & Hub Operations; Operations Supervisor; Manual Employee
/ Driver
American Disability Act
Corporate Health & Safety Process (CHSP)
Hearing Impaired Training
Focus on Compliance Training
Diversity Training Crisis Management Training
Contract Ratifications
Professional Relationships
Employee Assistance Training (EAP)
Performance Management Training
Mediation Process - CDR Associates Violence in the Workspace Business Conduct Co
Labor Relations
Affirmative Action Compliance
Master's in Education, University of Texas, Edinburg
B.A. in English, University of Illinois, Chicago
Affiliations: Leadership Roles Unico - President; Urban League - Advisor and Boa
rd Member
United Way - Advisor and Member; YMCA - Consultant
Affiliations: Member National Liberty Museum; YAI; Pajama Program