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Tid Bits of Wisdom

TID BITS of WISDOM from the

1801 Old Hickory Trail
From the Wonderful Word Publishers

DeSoto, Texas 75115

Publishers, Inc.
April & May 2022 Vol. 16:5-6


I am poor and needy. I cannot stand alone. I don’t have the strength or
the power to deliver my life from destruction. I need a “LIVING GOD” to love
me and deliver me. My creator is a LIVING GOD. I was birthed into a life of sin
and death. By the time I arrived my mother and daddy had found someone who
could deliver them and me, and they told me about Him at a very young age.
I was eight years old when I went forward in church to get saved. I was
accepting religion, not Christ. I did my best to look and act like a Christian for
the next eight years. At sixteen years of age the Holy Spirit turned a light on in
my heart and showed me just who I was and I KNEW I was lost.
Not everyone believes there is a God. What if my family was wrong and
there was no God. What was I going to believe? I sat there while the preacher
was preaching and knew I had to make a decision. If there was no God, then I
would walk out of that church and do as I pleased for the rest of my life. If there
was no God, then there was no one to answer to for my life. I was blessed to have
a daddy who lived what he preached and you could see Jesus in him. I wanted
DeSoto, Texas 75115

to have what my daddy had. He had placed his whole life on the Word of God
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and he had trusted the Lord Jesus to save him and give him eternal life. I decided
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that if my daddy could trust his life to Christ, then I would trust my life to Christ.
When I knelt at the alter I told the Lord that if He was worth trusting to forgive
my sins and take me to heaven, then He was worth trusting for my everyday walk
in life. I was going to be the best Christian that ever came to Christ!
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CALL? MY GOD IS ALIVE!!! extent you seek to know His Will and His Way for your daily life. Does the world
Within two weeks, I had fallen flat on my face. For the first four years, I see Jesus in you ?
kept telling God that I was sorry and I would do better, but better never came. Fi- These are sime things to check out in your life. Have you accepted God’s
nally, I realized that God wanted to live through me. He didn’t want me to show created position for your life? We were created to serve through man’s authority.
Him how good I was, He wanted to show me how great He was. I had been saved Does that bother you? Jesus is our example. He serves through the Father’s au-
ten years before I learned the difference between living in the flesh and living in thority, and always will. Without authority, you have confusion. Confusion is the
the Spirit. When I finally learned, I commented to live in the Spirit to the best of way Satan rules! We are blessed to live in America where we have the freedom
my ability. What a difference it makes to turn it all over to God! to choose who we marry. It doesn’t look like we are very good at choosing with
I learned early in life that I didn’t have all the answers and I didn’t have the amount of divorce we see, but still, we have freedom. As children, we cannot
all power and all strength. I needed God. I would have utterly destroyed my choose our parents, but God does. There are all kinds of parents and all kinds of
life if I had been left to myself. I look back at my life today and remember the husbands. You may have it easy or you may have it difficult, but when we let God
times that God corrected me, instructed me and led me away from destruction. I work in our lives, we can accomplish God’s will regardless of the circumstances.
wouldn’t be setting here writing this article today, at perfect rest with God, had Circumstances do not make are break us, they reveal us!!!! Life is not always
God not worked a miracle in my life. easy, but it’s the most important thing you posses. You choose how you are going
How many of God’s children never seek God’s leading in their everyday to live it!
life? How many feel they can make it on their own? All they wanted from Christ These are some important things to know. Be sure you have been born
was to have their sins forgiven and to know they can go to heaven when they again. Delight in obeying the Lord. It’s not enough to just do it, He said Delight
die. I ask the question,”If God is God enough to forgive your sins and take you in it and He will give you the desires of your heart. Those desires do not always
to heaven, isn’t it just common sense that His way each day is worth seeking and come overnight, but it is a promise to come. Love those you serve. You cannot
following in order to get the best of life?” have hatred, a vindicative spirit or a judgmental attitude and serve love. Your
This month we celebrate the Resurrection of Christ. HE IS ALIVE! The serve will not affect those you serve unless you serve with a pure spirit. That
Scripture tells us that we who have believed on His name are in Him and He is in means you must forgive as Christ forgave us while we were still sinners. See
us. He is in the Father, which means we are all within one another. He can’t get those you serve as your mission field. Missionaries give up all their comforts to
any closer than that. He says if we ask anything in His name, He will do it so it go to a people in hopes of seeing God save their lives. Can you do that for your
will bring glory and honor to the Father. All we need to do is to call! family. Can you lay aside your wounds and love them anyway?
Jer 33:3 March 28, 2020 my husband died in the church next to me. I watched
Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and shew thee great and mighty him leave. He had a smile on his face. I shall never forget it. Our early marriage
things, which thou knowest not. was a miserable marriage. We were quickly destroying each other. God did a
work in my life and I made my husband and my children my mission field. It
My heart goes out to those who have false gods. Eyes that cannot see,
changed me first and then changed our lives completely. Jerry died a happy, sat-
ears that cannot hear and feet that cannot move. If you serve an idol, you must
isfied, fulfilled life. I sat beside him a happy, satisfied, fulfilled life. God’s way
take care of it, because there is no life in an idol. An idol is an extra burden. You
works!!!! What is His way?
have to carry it, it cannot carry you. Our Creator is not like that. He is God of
Matt 16:24-25
gods, Lord of lords and King of kings. These next verses are what God thinks of
Then said Jesus unto his disciples, If any man will come after me, let him
deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.
Isa 41:22-24
For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life
Let them bring them forth, and shew us what shall happen: let them shew the
former things, what they be, that we may consider them, and know the latter end
for my sake shall find it.
of them; or declare us things for to come. KJV

2 11
Shew the things that are to come hereafter, that we may know that ye are gods:
TID BITS yea, do good, or do evil, that we may be dismayed, and behold it together
Behold, ye are of nothing, and your work of nought: an abomination is he that
OF WISDOM chooseth you.
Isa 41:28-29
MONTHLY REPORT For I beheld, and there was no man; even among them, and there was no counsel-
This is an exciting month for me. I was able to get a new folder and a new lor, that, when I asked of them, could answer a word.
stitcher. Hopefully it will be easier to put the paper together this time. Bro. Larry came Behold, they are all vanity; their works are nothing: their molten images are wind
over and got the equipment ready to use. and confusion.
God has continued to increase my strength daily. It has been a battle to go for- That is not who I God is. These verses tells us who our God is.
ward, but we must push on and go forward as long as we can. What time do I have left? Isa 40:21-27
I don’t know, and you don’t know either. We only know about today. Jerry would say Have ye not known? have ye not heard? hath it not been told you from the begin-
every morning, “This is the day the Lord hath made. I will rejoice and be glad in it!” ning? have ye not understood from the foundations of the earth?
Wherever you find yourself today, REJOICE that you are not alone, God is with you. It is he that sitteth upon the circle of the earth, and the inhabitants thereof are as
I not only have Tid Bits of Wisdom to publish, I also have Wonderful Word Pub- grasshoppers; that stretcheth out the heavens as a curtain, and spreadeth them out
lishers to work. I would appreciate your prayers as I work on our old tracts and reset them as a tent to dwell in:
so it will be easier to print. Paper has almost doubled in cost, but what we print (God’s That bringeth the princes to nothing; he maketh the judges of the earth as vanity.
Word) is priceless. Yea, they shall not be planted; yea, they shall not be sown: yea, their stock shall not
If you know of anyone who would like to receive our paper, please send us their take root in the earth: and he shall also blow upon them, and they shall wither, and
address and zip code. If your church would like extra copies, please let us know. the whirlwind shall take them away as stubble.
The last two years have been difficult and I so appreciate all of you who have To whom then will ye liken me, or shall I be equal? saith
continued to send your support. Thank you to those who have sent special gifts. Your the Holy One.
sacrifices are precious. Lift up your eyes on high, and behold who hath created these things, that bringeth
I hope you are reading through your Bible this year, I have had special morning out their host by number: he calleth them all by names by the greatness of his
time lately and I’m way ahead of my reading schedule. It doesn’t always happen that might, for that he is strong in power; not one faileth.
way. It amazes me that wherever I am reading, it is always about something I needed for Isa 40:28-31
that day. Likewise, every time it is hard to make it to church, it is always something I Hast thou not known? hast thou not heard, that the everlasting God, the Lord, the
needed to hear. Everything is beautiful in God’s time!!! Creator of the ends of the earth, fainteth not, neither is weary? there is no search-
If the Lord does a work in you through this little paper, would you take the time ing of his understanding.
to let me know. It is so encouraging to find out that the Lord has used you to help some- He giveth power to the faint; and to them that have no might he increaseth
one else. We all need one another!
Even the youths shall faint and be weary, and the young men shall utterly fall:
But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their
I do not take a salary from Tid strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles;
Bits of Wisdom. Anything you send with they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk,
Tid Bits of Wisdom’s name goes straight
and not faint.
to Tid Bits of Wisdom. The paper will be
16 years old this December and many who
started with us have died or become un- This next verse is one of my favorites. It shows God has a since of hu-
able to give. Many have been faithful all mor. Remember, we serve a LIVING GOD!
these years. Pray and ask God if He wants Isa 43:11
you to join me with a monthly support. I I, even I, am the Lord; and beside me there is no saviour.
am grateful for our faithful supporters. Isa 44:8
All donations to Tid Bits of Wisdom are Fear ye not, neither be afraid: have not I told thee from that time, and have
tax deductible. 1801 Old Hickory Trail,
Jerry and Gloria Brewster declared it? ye are even my witnesses. Is there a God beside me? yea,
DeSoto, TX, 75115. Phone 214-293-5252 Founders of Tid Bits of Wisdom there is no God; I know not any.
10 3
M Larry E. Dickson & Glen Boone
A Loved one and friend of the Gene Patees
INSPIRATIONS Gloria Brewster

The Value of Woman

I have been invited to speak on “The Value of Woman”. That is a mighty
deep subject. There is so much to be said about both the male and the female. If
you believe in creation, then you believe we are here by design, for a purpose. If
you are an Evolutionist, then you may believe you can change your design. As
a creationist, we believe there is a God and the Holy Bible is His word. I am not
God enough to change His work. I might change the outside to appear to be a
man, but a woman will still live within me. What does it mean to be a woman?
God created everything in six days, woman being the last creation. You
might say she was the icing on the cake! Every day of God’s creation He said,
“And it was good”, but after creating woman, He said, “And it was very good.”
He didn’t call it very good until we got here! The only time He said, “It is not
good”, was when He said, “It is not good for man to be alone.” Things just didn’t
get good till we got here.
How many men did God create on the sixth day? God created ONE man
and that man was a male and female (Gen. 1:26). We both are man. It takes a
male and a female to make a complete man. You do not have to be joined to a
male in order to be a whole person. Each person is complete in themselves, but
to replish and multiply as God commanded, we must join one another to fulfill
that command. You do not have to marry to do the will of God. The will of God
is different for each one of us, but in order to bring forth children, we are to marry
and join one another to become “ONE” like the Godhead is one. The Godhead is
the Heavenly Father, the Word and the Holy Spirit. The Man is a male, a female
and a spirit of their union. The male provides the seed, the woman produces the
seed and the children are the product of the seed. The male is the head of the
union and the female is the help meet of the union. Now less just look at the
woman in God’s creation.
What are some of the negative thoughts you have had concerning being
4 9
(Continued from page 7) a woman. Did you ever see the male’s position as being better than the female’s
position? Don’t you remember, God said He was not a respecter of persons. It’s
Not only is He alive, but He is not finished. not God’s character to be partial. Remember the old saying, “The grass is always
greener on the other side”. It’s easy to see his benefits and hard to see ours.
How do I know that Christ is risen? Why do you think that Satan came to Eve and not Adam? Most answer
What proof have I to give? with, “Because she was the weaker sex.” She wasn’t the weaker sex! She was
He touched my life one blessed day, the weaker vessel. Her character wasn’t weaker, her body was weaker. God
And I began to live. didn’t create us to move pianos. We are to be the soft compassionate person, not
the mussel George of the jungle. I told my husband that if God had made us as
How do I know He left the tomb strong as the man, woman would have beat him to death! He doesn’t want us to
That Easter long ago? lord over the male.
I met with Him this morning, So, why did Satan go to Eve and not Adam? The Scripture tells us that
And my life is all aglow. the Godhead talked about what they would do to redeem man when he fell into
sin. The Word, Jesus, agreed to be born of a woman, live a perfect life and die
How do I know that Christ still lives on the cross. He would pay our debt of sin and three days later, come out of the
Rich blessings to impart? grave alive, in order to give us Eternal Life. Satan knew this. Satan came to Eve
I know it’s true because He lives intending to destroy her WOMB. Without a womb, they couldn’t replish and
And reigns within my heart. Jesus could not be birthed. The Bible tells us that the woman is OF the man and
----Eugene M. Harrison the man is BY the woman. Without the woman, creation could not go forward!
I’m sure Satan hoped she would die instantly, but God had other plans. Eve did
He is not finished with sympathy, He is not finished saving sinners or not plunge mankind into sin, Adam did. He corrupted the SEED in him, and all
sanctifying saints or sending out servants. The napkin is still folded. “If I go...I that came forth from his seed had the curse of death on them. Sin is not carried
will come again. from the womb, if it was, Jesus would not have been sinless!
God asked Adam, “What have you done?” God asked Eve. “What did
There is more to this book by Bro. Clyde Box. I don’t know where you you do?” God did not ask Satan any question, He simply told him how it would
might find it but it would be worth seeking. be. He said, “I will put enmity between you and the woman.” We have a warfare
that man does not have. Then He said, “Between her seed (Jesus) and your seed
(Antichrist). Satan is out to keep us from birthing mankind and to keep Jesus
from birthing us into Eternal Life. There is a war ladies and we are on the front
Satan hates woman! But Satan needs woman! If Satan can’t kill you,
then he will try to use you for his cause. Why does Satan hate the woman? Be-
cause she is God’s creation to bring forth the Will of God. Your life either ben-
efits the Kingdom of God or your life benefits Satan’s agenda. There is no middle
ground. What kind of a woman are you??? Who benefits from your life?
In the book of Revelations, we have two women. The Bride of Christ
and the Whore of Satan. In chapter 12 you see the protection that God had for
his bride, and in chapter 18, you find Satan standing at a distance watching while
Mystery Babylon is being destroyed. You better be sure who your master is, or
the end of your life will not be pretty.
When you came to Christ, you trusted Him to forgive your sins and give
you Eternal Life. How much do you trust Him with your daily life? To what
extent you seek to know His Will and His Way for your daily life.
8 5
The Folded Napkin Lord Jesus’ head was not lying with the linen clothes. Instead, it was in a place
by itself, but to understand it, we must know about the Hebrew customs.
by Clyde Box The custom of the folded napkin has to do with the master and the ser-
(Read John 20:1-7 to see the story of Jesus burial) vant. The servant prided himself in knowing his master’s wants. When he pre-
pared the table for him to dine, he made sure everything was just right; then he
would leave the room and wait out of sight. He dared not talk with him, dared
The burial napkin was not just thrown aside when the Lord walked out
not touch the table until the master had finished eating. They communicated, but
of the tomb, but it was neatly folded and left where His head had been.
they had a different way to communicate.
When someone died in that day, it became the duty of the son or a friend
The master would sit down and eat. If he got up from the table, took his
to close the eyes of the dead, then kiss the cheeks. When Jesus died, this was the
napkin and wiped his face, the wadded the napkin up and put it down and left the
duty of Joseph of Arimathaea and Nicodemus. They went to Pilate and begged
table. But if the master got up and wiped his face, folded the napkin and put it
for the body of Christ. Given permission, the two took it down from the cross,
down and left the table, the servant wouldn’t move. The folded napkin meant,
washed the blood and dirt from the body of the One they loved so much and laid
I’m not finished yet, I’m coming back.
it in a new tomb.
It made no difference how long the master was gone - don’t touch the
Then they wrapped it in clean white linen - one leg, then both legs to-
table! The folded napkin says, “He is not finished yet. He is coming back.”
gether, then around the torso, then the arms were folded across the chest. They
That custom was handed down from father to son, so everyone of He-
placed a linen napkin around His head, took one long look at the One they called
brew persuasion or Hebrew by birth knew about the folded napkin, the servant
Master and Lord, then walked out of the tomb.
and the master.
“He (Joseph) rolled a great stone to the door of the sepulchre, and de-
After Jesus died on Mount Calvary, the light went out of the sky for John,
the one whom Jesus loved. John loved Jesus too. He was the one who leaned
It seemed to be over - the end of a beautiful dream, the end of a ministry
on His breast. John was so close that he could feel Jesus’ heartbeat. When Jesus
that lasted just three short years, the end of a ministry started by one Man to be
died on Calvary, the light was completely blotted out as far as John was con-
continued by twelve. Their Master’s end was not on thrones or in palaces, but on
cerned. It was the end of everything! The master was dead!
a cross.
When he came to the tomb, looked inside and saw the linen clothes and
His disciples expected Him to ascend to the throne, to set up His king-
the napkin folded neatly in a place by itself - and knowing the Jewish custom -
dom on earth. Instead, He was crucified like a common criminal between two
John was comforted. “He is not finished yet! He is coming back! The napkin
is still folded!”
After His burial, three dreary days passed - the darkest days this world
The last time Peter had seen the Lord, he had denied Him - not once, but
has ever seen.
three times. Peter ran out into the night and began to beat his fits against the near-
In my mind’s eye I see the following scene: After the burial, the tomb
est wall and said, “Why did I do it! Oh, would God I had died with Him!”
seemed empty except for the body of Christ, but it wasn’t. Satan and his an-
Strange that the angel would say, “Go...tell his disciples AND PETER.”
gels were there. Satan, knowing about the resurrection, commanded, “Guard the
Wasn’t Peter a disciple? Peter now didn’t think so, but when he got to the tomb
tomb well. Regardless of who attacks you, guard it well.”
and looked inside and saw those linen clothes, and that napkin neatly folded in a
But after three days, God said to an angel in Heaven, “Go get Him!” As
place by itself, God spoke to his heart; “Peter, He is not finished. He is coming
the angel sped toward earth, the stars parted. When his feet hit the ground, he
back. He is not finished with His mercy, Peter. He is not finished with His grace.
rolled the stone away. He walked into the tomb and said to God’s Son, “Your
He is going to see you in His service.”
Father wants You!” Then Jesus walked out into the morning light.
He was not finished with John and Peter. The empty tomb and the folded
Mary Magdalene then came to the tomb. When she saw the stone rolled
napkin said to their hearts, “He lives!”
away, she ran and told Peter and John that somebody had taken the Lord away.
Those two things - He is alive forevermore, and He is not finished -
They ran to the empty tomb. John got there first. He looked inside and saw the
should speak to our hearts today.
linen clothes lying there. When Peter arrived, he went inside. He too saw the
It takes a Saviour to save the lost. It takes a living Saviour to prepare
linen clothes. Heaven for us when we die.
There was something unusual about that scene. The napkin about the (Continued on page 8)
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