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Server Information:

Server name: DC-6075-B3DD7C

Version: 2.0
Fiery System: 8e Release 2
Password Enabled: Yes
Total Disk Space: 66.3 (GB)
Free Disk Space: 65.8 (GB)
Total Memory: 314 (MB)
Free Memory: 312 (MB)

Server Setup:
Print Start Page: No
Use Character Set: Windows
Allow printing from: All users

Enable Printed Queue: Yes

Jobs Saved in Printed Queue: 20

Preview while processing: No

Secure Erase: No
USB Media Autoprint: Disabled

Enable Hot Folders: Yes

Time Zone: USPacific

Network Setup - Port Setup:

Ethernet enabled: Yes
Ethernet Address: 00:E0:81:B3:DD:7C
Ethernet Speed: Auto
MAC Address Filtering: No

Enable USB Port: Yes

Enable 802.1x Authentication: No

Network Setup - Protocol Setup:

Enable AppleTalk: Yes
Zone Name:

IPv4 Setup
Enable Auto IP: No
IP address:
Subnet mask:
Get gateway address automatically: No
Gateway Address:

DNS Setup
Get DNS address automatically: Yes
Primary DNS server IP address:
Secondary DNS server IP address:
Domain name:
Host name:

Security Setup
IP Filtering: No
Port filtering: No
IPSec Setup: No

IPv6 Setup
Enable IPv6: No

Network Setup - Service Setup:

Enable LPD Printing Service: Yes
Default LPD Queue: Print

Enable Windows Printing Service: Yes

Server Name: DC-6075-B3DD7C
Server Comments:
Domain or Workgroup: WORKGROUP
Use WINS Server: No
Enable Auto IP: Yes
WINS IP Address (Ethernet):
Scan to Windows SMB: Yes

Enable Web Services: Yes

Enable IPP: Yes
Enable Port 9100: Yes
9100 Queue: Print

Email Services
Enable E-mail Services: No

Enable Scan: Yes

Default File Format: PDF
Clear Each Scan Job: MANUAL

FTP Setup
Enable Scan to FTP: Yes
Enable FTP Printing: Yes
Require Password for Printing: No
Timeout (sec): 30
Default FTP Queue: Hold
Use FTP Passive Mode: No

Other Services
Enable SNMP: Yes
Security Level: Medium

Enable LDAP: No

Enable Proxy: No
Enable Bonjour: Yes
Bonjour Service Name: Fuji Xerox DocuColor 5065II-6075II PS
Preferred Printing Protocol: LPD

Printer Setup - DC6075 Setup:

Publish Direct Connection: Yes
Publish Print Queue: Yes
Publish Hold Queue: Yes

Published Virtual Printer(s)

DC6075 hold
DC6075 print
DC6075 direct

PS Setup
Color Mode: CMYK
Offset Mode: Off
Face-Down Printing: Face Up
Text/Graphics Edge Enhancement: On
Printer Screen Mode: 200 Cluster Dot
Allow Courier Substitution: Yes
Print to PS Error: No
Scale to Fit: Off
Convert Paper Sizes: Letter/Tabloid->A4/A3
Cover Page: Off
Use PDF XObjects: OFF
Print Master: Yes

PCL Setup
Append CR to LF: Yes
Font Number: 0
Font Source: Internal
Form Length: 0
Paper Size For System Pages: Metric
Default Orientation: Portrait
Font Pitch (char/in): 0
Font Size (pt): 0
Symbol Set: ROMAN 8
Offset Mode: Off
Face-Down Printing: Face Up

Color Setup
RGB Source Profile:: Fiery RGB v5
Rendering Style:: Presentation
CMYK Simulation Profile: ISO Coated
CMYK Simulation Method: Full (Output GCR)
RGB Separation:: Output
Use Media Defined Profile: Off
Output Profile:: Fiery DC6075 Colotech Plain (64-105 gsm) v1F
Black Text/Graphics:: Pure Black On
Black Overprint:: Text/Graphics
Spot Color Matching: On
Print Gray using Black Only (RGB): Off
Print Gray using Black Only (CMYK): Text/Graphics/Images

VDP Setup
Freeform 1 Record Length: Job

Native Document Setup

Enable native document conversion: No
Send licensing update notifications: No

Job Log Setup

Auto Print Job Log Every 55 Jobs: No
Secure Job Log: No
Job Log Page Size: Tabloid/A3
EFI Hot Folders

Printer Installed Options:

Booklet Finisher (2 Holes / 4 Holes)
Tray 6 (Oversized)

System Updates:
Enable System Updates: Yes
Day: Daily
Time: 0
OS updates: Send notification when updates are available.
Fiery System updates: Send notification when updates are available.
Enable Proxy: No

System Updates - Patches Installed: