JOSEPH THE DREAMER IS GIVEN A SPECIAL COAT Cast: Jamie and Tammy are teens (dressed in long colorful

skirts, white blouses, and solid color scarves over their hair, wearing brown sandals). Joseph is a teenager (wears long robe with tie around waist and band around his head, and brown sandals). Jacob is an adult (robe, tie around waist, white hair, sandals). Introduction: Tammy and Jamie are arguing over a yellow scarf. Jamie thinks she would look best in it. Jamie shares her Hebrew lesson with her sister about Joseph and his dreams and the special coat that his father gave to him. Joseph display pride in his coat, and boastfully tell his brothers about his unique dream. Props: Pillow, blanket, colorful coat, yellow scarf, book, chair for Jacob and Jamie.

Scene 1: Jamie and Tammy enter arguing Jamie: Give it to me! Taaaaaamy! Tammy: Mom gave it to me. It doesn’t belong to you. Jamie: But it suits me better and it’s the color that I wear all the time. You don’t look so cool in that color. The yellow is too bright. Your skin looks like that new mustard mom bought the other day. Tammy: I’ll think about it; besides, hadn’t you better study your Hebrew for class tomorrow? Jamie: Well……..I guess I should. Will you think about giving me the scarf? Tammy: We’ll see. What words do you have this week? Jamie: It’s actually a lesson about Joseph. Tammy: What about him? Jamie: He was given a coat of many colors and…….he was stingy and would not share it with his brothers. Tammy: What is that supposed to mean? Jamie: Nothing. Tammy: I haven’t heard that story in a long time. Tell it to me. © Jeanne McIntosh. August 2006, All rights reserved

Jamie: Will you give me the yellow scarf? Tammy: Maybe. Jamie: Ok….. Listen to this! (Picks up book as if reading)

Scene 2 Joseph and his father Joseph: Nothing looks familiar around here. Where is my father? Does he know that his sons are sitting idle and have left the herds attending alone? I know my father will not be happy with their behavior. Jacob: Joseph, is that you? (Sitting in a chair) Joseph: Yes my father. It is I. Where are my brothers? Jacob: I was hoping that you could tell me their whereabouts. Why is it they cannot seem to be about taking care of the animals rather than all their chatter? Why must they be so neglectful? Joseph: I will check on them father. Jacob: Just like a good boy. I knew I could count on you. You go tell them I need them to come back this evening. I want to talk with all of you. I am getting old and will not live long. Oh, I do miss your mother so much. I have been so lonely since she left me. Joseph: I know father. I never knew her, but you have been a father and mother to me. Jacob: Here Joseph, I have been making this for some time now, and do not want to delay giving it to you. (Hands him a coat of multiple colors) Joseph: Father, you shouldn’t have. It is beautiful! I will treasure it for years to come. It will keep me warm. (Puts coat on) I think this looks good on me. Thank you, Father. Jacob: Your brothers have given me nothing but trouble since the day we settled here. I wish…..(Puts head in his hands and shakes his head) Joseph: Father, I’d better go and check on my brothers. (Exits - rubbing his coat and examining it proudly).

Scene 3: Jamie shares the story with Tammy Jamie: Here is what is says: Joseph was born in Haran to a man named Jacob. When he was just a young child, his father was rather old, but he loved him just the same. His mother’s name was Rachel, and Joseph was told many stories of how much his father loved her. He thought © Jeanne McIntosh. August 2006, All rights reserved

that was why he was his father’s favorite child. Joseph had many who were much older than he was, and therefore they were not the best of friends. One day, his father called him into his tent and said he had something to give to me. Joseph was shocked to be presented a beautiful coat that his father had made himself. It had so many vibrate colors that dazzled his eyes. He was speechless and hugged his father tightly. From that day on, Joseph wore that beautiful coat wherever he went. Tammy: I bet that made the brothers mad at Joseph. I would not like it if you got something that Mom and dad would not give to me. Jamie: I think Joseph sounds a little goody two shoe. Tammy: I wouldn’t share it either if it was my coat. I don’t like to share my things I wear. Jamie: You promised me that yellow scarf! I know it would look so good on me. (Holds up a mirror viewing as she places the scarf to her face). Tammy: We’ll see. (Takes the scarf back) Jamie: As time went on, Joseph noticed his brothers treated him mean. They would say unkind things to him and laugh at his beautiful coat of many colors. It made him feel kind of sad inside, but he wore it anyway. They were not going to make him give it up, just because they were jealous. Listen to this…..Joseph had some strange dreams.

SCENE 4 Joseph Has A Strange Dream (Joseph enters and lies down with a pillow and blanket) Jamie: Many times Joseph would walk out in the fields and lie on the ground watching the stars at night. The moon shone brightly in the sky and the cool breeze felt so good on his skin after a long hot day from working in the fields. One evening as he was lying in the cool grass, he fell asleep. While he was sleeping, he had the strangest dream that he had ever had. (Brothers enter and bow to him then exit) He dreamed that his brothers were bowing down to him. That was weird, he thought, what could it mean? Joseph: (sits up) Where am I? This place sure looks strange. Did I have a dream? (Rubs his head) What is this thing? (Pulls at his clothes) Where is my new coat? Did my brothers take it while I was sleeping? I better go find out. (Jumps up and exits) Wait until I tell them all about my cool dream. Jamie: When he told them his dream, they really got mad at him. Tammy: Wow! What did they do? I’d sock my brothers in the nose.

© Jeanne McIntosh. August 2006, All rights reserved

Jamie: You wouldn’t dare! It was pretty bad what they did. Tammy: Tell me! Jamie: It is terrible! Tammy: What is terrible? Jamie: (Puts book down) It troubles me to read what they did to him. Maybe I can tomorrow. Tammy: Promise me? I’ll give you the yellow scarf. Jamie: Yes, I will later if you give me the scarf. It suits me better anyhow. Tammy: It’s a deal! Jamie: A deal! (Both exit) © Jeanne McIntosh 2010 All rights reserved.

© Jeanne McIntosh. August 2006, All rights reserved

JOSEPH WHO IS BETRAYED TAKES A LONG TRIP Cast: Jamie and Tammy are teens (dressed in long colorful skirts, white blouses, and solid color scarves over their hair, and brown sandals). Joseph is a teenager (wears long robe with tie around waist and band around his head, and brown sandals). Merchants (camouflage hats purchase from #NB 9175 @ $2.65 each, they also wear white long t-shirts and white pants with sandals). Donkey (strong adult wearing tan material covered over body and head). Introduction: Joseph’s brothers put him in a pit and sold his to some merchants who were traveling to Egypt. They dip his coat in blood and take to their father deceiving him to believe it is the blood of Joseph. It is a long and tiring trip for Joseph along the dusty dessert. He grows weak form hunger and lack of water. Props: Donkey, tan material, money bag, two slices of bread in a baggy, jar of mustard, colorful coat, yellow scarf, book, chair Jamie.

Scene 1 Joseph: (riding donkey) This is sure a bumpy ride. Why did my brothers have to be so mean? What did I do wrong? Hold on there! You are going too fast. Halt! I said halt! What do you say to a donkey to get them to stop? Whoa there! I said whoa there! Are you deaf? Hmmm so you are dumb as well. I could have guessed. I cannot understand a word those Merchants are saying either. Merchant 1: How much money you got? Merchant 2: Look at all this! (Takes out bag of money) Merchant 1: But what are we going to do with him? Merchant 1: Don’t know…dump him somewhere. What else? Merchant 2: We could sell him? Merchant 1: Hmmm…He looks good! Maybe get a good amount…with those muscles. Joseph: When do I get to eat? I’m hungry.

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Merchant 2: He wants to eat…ha! Ha! Ha! Merchant 1: Maybe we can get him some of those hamburgers he is used to. Merchant 2: Yea! A big cattle burger! Merchant 1: Hey! We aren’t guides here. Merchant 2: Here is a date (throws to Joseph) that will do you till we get to Egypt. Joseph: You are taking me to Egypt? How far is that? When will I see my father again and my brothers. Merchant: This kid dumb or something. His brother sold him and he wants to know when he will see them. (Both laugh and point at Joseph) Merchant 1: Come on we don’t have all day. This sun is getting hotter and hotter out here. Joseph: I need to rest. This ride is so bumpy. I feel sick like am I going to puke for this hot sun and no food and water. (All exit stage) Scene 2 Jamie: Did you bring the scarf? Tammy: Sure, I have it. Why do you want it so bad? Jamie: Well……I like the color and as I told you it looks good on me. Tammy: Hmmm…you really think so? Jamie: Here, let me read you some more from my book. Tammy: About Joseph. What happened to him that was so bad? Jamie: One day, Joseph’s father sent him into the fields to check on my brothers. They had been gone so long, and he was worried about them. He hated to go around them because they did not get along very well. Tammy: I wonder why! Jamie: Well, anyhow he wanted to please his father and started out taking his water bottle along for it was a hot day. The sun beat upon his back and sweat ran down his face, but he kept walking. Finally, after a long time he could see them in the distance. Unknown to Joseph, they saw him too, and begin plotting to harm him. © Jeanne McIntosh. August 2006, All rights reserved

Tammy: What were they going to do to him? Jamie: As he approached my brothers, Joseph noticed that they were not smiling, In fact, they looked downright mean. His brother Judah grabbed him and dragged him to a pit. Joseph was really scared. Tammy: I bet he was scared. Jamie: He tried to speak and holler but could not get my breath. He was thrown into the large dark well. He bumped his head, and then felt darkness as he blacked out. Tammy: Did he call 911? Jamie: Of course not silly. He had blacked out. Did you hear? They did not have cell phones back then. Tammy: Did he die down there? Jamie: When he came to, Reuben his brother was talking. He was begging with the other brothers to save Joseph and not do him harm. The brothers pulled Joseph roughly out of the well. Then Joseph could hardly believe his eyes and ears. There was this a group of men with his brothers. He saw them exchange some money between them. Before he realized what was happening, these men grabbed Joseph and threw me in the back of their caravan. Joseph looked at his brothers and begged them to help me. They all turned their backs on him and started walking away. Tammy: What happened to his beautiful coat of many colors? Jamie: They took his beautiful coat of many colors away from Joseph, killed an animal and dipped his blood in it. Then, they took the coat and showed it to their father. It looked like Joseph had been hurt badly by a wild and mean animal. Joseph’s father wept for a long time. Tammy: That is terrible! Did anyone call Amber Alert? Jamie: There were no police back then. Jamie: These strange men traveled a long time. It was tiresome riding in the back of their caravan. Joseph’s head hurt from the bang in the well in which he was dropped and his lips were parched from lack of water. Scene 3 Joseph (enters on donkey again along with the Merchants) Crosses the stage as reading continues) Jamie: Joseph couldn’t remember how many days they traveled, but knew that it was one of the most miserable times of his life. He begins thinking about God during this time. He © Jeanne McIntosh. August 2006, All rights reserved

remembered the stories that his father had told him about God and wondered if they were really true. Where was God now? He knew that in order to stay alive and see his father some day, he would have to trust in someone and God was the best source of whom he could trust. Joseph: Such a long trip. How much farther do we have to go? Merchant 1: Shut up back there! Merchant 2: Give the kid a break! He must be hungry and tired. We want him in good shape to make a good sell. Merchant 1: All right! Here kid……eat this sandwich. Joseph: Bologna….my favorite. Do you have any mustard? Merchant 2: Now don’t get greedy there. Merchant 1: Here take this (hands him a bottle of mustard) Merchant 2: We are getting closer to Egypt…..come on let’s go a little faster. (Exit stage) Jamie: Can I have the scarf? Tammy: Sure…why not. Let me put it on you. (Ties around her head) There….you were right…it does suit you. Jamie: Thanks, sis. I hope we find out more about Joseph tomorrow. I have some reading to catch up and I’ll let you know what happens. Tammy: That’s great, Jamie. Let’s go eat…I hear mom calling……and its bologna sandwiches…. ………WITH mustard! Jamie: Yuck! I’ll take peanut butter and grape jelly. (Both exit) © Jeanne McIntosh 2010 All rights reserved.

© Jeanne McIntosh. August 2006, All rights reserved

JOSEPH BECOMES A SLAVE Cast: Jamie and Tammy are teens (dressed in long colorful skirts, white blouses, and solid color scarves over their hair, and brown sandals). Joseph is a teenager (wears long robe with tie around waist and band around his head, and brown sandals). Butler and Baker (wear special hats. The butler can wear a chef hat and white apron). Suggestions: #NB8499 $3.50 Chef Hat and Baker Hat NB 7015 $4.45. Introduction: Joseph is purchased by a man named Potiphar who treats him kindly. Joseph is soon placed in prison due to a lie that Potihar’s wife told on him. Once again, Joseph is held captive against his will when he had done no wrong. He interprets some dreams hoping to get out of prison to be forgotten. Props: Blocks for Joseph to stand on at auction, money bag, green scarf, rope

Scene 1: Joseph with his hands tied in front of him head hanging down is being auctioned to the highest bidder. Auctioneer: Who will give twenty five dollars for this nice looking young man? Strong young man with great muscles who can do two days work on one. Twenty five dollars is all we are asking. Twenty five, twenty five, going once, going twice. Bidder: 25.00 Auctioneer: Now we have twenty five dollars. Who will give thirty? Thirty dollars for this nice looking young man who is strong with great muscles and can do two days work in one. Thirty once, thirty twice….. Bidder: 50.00 Auctioneer: Sold to the gentlemen for 50.00 (Potiphar submits a bag of money and commands the ropes to be taken off). Potiphar: (Merchant takes off ropes) We will get you some nice clothes and a bath, and make sure you are fed all that you want to eat. You will get to rest off you feet and ride in my carriage. I will take good care of you for I have good plans for you. Come with me young man. (All exit) Scene 2

© Jeanne McIntosh. August 2006, All rights reserved

Tammy: You really look great in the yellow scarf. The color is growing on me every time I see you. Jamie: (Picks up book and opens) I love it! Tammy: Did Joseph make it ok on that trip? Jamie: Let’s see here. They finally arrived at their destination – Egypt. The merchants took Joseph to an auction block and placed him there to be sold to the highest bidder. Tammy: How could they do something like that? He was a free man. Jamie: He wanted to cry, but knew no one would listen; and oh well, maybe, he could learn something from all this. A man by the name of Potiphar purchased him to be his slave. He was a kind man, and gave him whatever he needed. He gave him some new clothes, a good dinner, and a bath –which he greatly needed. It felt so good – but it was not home. How Joseph missed his father. He often wondered what was he thinking all this time? Would he be worried? Tammy: I bet he was. My dad would not sleep all night. He would send my big dog, Sam after them all right. Jamie: But Joseph did not have a watchdog, Sam. Jamie: He worked for a long time for Potiphar who was always kind and provided for all his needs. Joseph talked allot to God during this time and thanked him for giving him such a kind man as Potiphar. He learned many new things and was promoted to a higher position in the home. Potipher really trusted him so he made him ruler over his whole household. Tammy: That was pretty fast! Jamie: One day while Potiphar was gone for the day, His wife came and started talking with Joseph. She kept trying to get him to notice her. Joseph did not like that kind of attention. He decided to go outside and find something else to do. When he did this, she got mad at him and went and told Potiphar that Joseph was treating her in a wrong manner. Tammy: That was some big lie! Mom would ground me for a week if she caught me in a lie. Jamie: Potiphar believed his wife, and he got very angry at Joseph. He told him that since he could not be trusted anymore that he would have to put me in prison. Tammy: Why did God allow Joseph to go to prison for a lie that someone had told on me. He just went right back into more trouble. Jamie: I guess God had a bigger plan for Joseph. Life does not always seem fair – does it? So Joseph though he may as well make the best of it for he was there to stay for a while. Tammy: I wouldn’t like her for a friend. © Jeanne McIntosh. August 2006, All rights reserved

Jamie: I don’t think I would either. I have a nice neighbor Mrs. Smith who likes me to water her plants in the summer. She gives me lemonade and chocolate chip cookies when I am done. Tammy: She is nice, isn’t she? But you know her better than I do. So what happened in the prison? Jamie: The prison was smelly, cold, damp and full of many people who were there for various reasons. Joseph felt like he did not belong in such a place as this. Maybe, if he could find some work to do to keep himself busy time would go faster. He started talking with the guards and prisoners and made friends among them. Tammy: Maybe it was not be such a bad place after all. Jamie: The guards gave him some work to do, and he was kept rather busy. During all this time, he continued talking to God. God was the only one who could help him in this situation and Joseph knew he must trust in Him. Then something happened one morning that was very strange. Tammy: What was so strange about it? Scene 3 The Butler and Baker Share Their Dreams with Joseph Jamie: One morning, when Joseph went to check on the prisoners, he heard them discussing something weird. (Butler and Baker sitting on bench) Butler: I don’t understand it. I had the craziest dream last night! Baker: Me too! Butler: It was weird! Baker: Mine too! Butler: It seemed so real! Baker: Same here! Butler: What if it means something important? Baker: Yeah! What if it does? Butler: Maybe it has a religious interpretation. Baker: Like the bible? Butler: Well, you never know. That Joseph sure knows a lot about the Bible. Baker: Think he can tell us what they mean? © Jeanne McIntosh. August 2006, All rights reserved

Butler: It sure would not hurt to ask him. Baker: Let’s do that. Come on. (exit)

Jamie: Two of the prisoners (a butler and a baker) had a dream that was indeed strange and they were puzzled as to what their dreams meant. Tammy: I hate to wake up in the middle of the night when I have had a scary dream. I can’t go back to sleep. Did they tell the other prisoners? Jamie: None of the prisoners or guards seemed to be able to help them. Joseph asked them what the dreams were about. Tammy: What did they say? Jamie: They asked Joseph if he wanted to know what they had dreamed. After, they told Joseph the dreams, he really did not want to tell them the meaning, but since God had revealed to him what the dreams meant, he thought he’d better give Him the glory by telling them the meaning. So he did. Tammy: Well…what were the dreams? Tell me. Jamie: The meaning of the butler’s dream of the three branches represented that in three days he would be restored to his position with the king. The meaning of the Bakers’ dream of the birds that ate bread out of the baskets meant that in three days he will hang and die. Tammy: Yikes! This is getting scary. Jamie: Oh, don’t be a chicken when it’s getting real good now. Within three days, all these things actually happened to the butler and the baker. Tammy: For real? Did the Butler tell the King about what Joseph had done for him. Jamie: No, he forgot about him for a long time until something happened one day in the palace. Tammy: What happened? Jamie: Give me your green scarf? Tammy: No way! Let’s go mom is calling. (Exit)

© Jeanne McIntosh. August 2006, All rights reserved

Egyptian walk: (This will give you some ideas that you can improvise to fit your church group).

Scene 1 - Tammy does the Egyptian walk Jamie: What are you doing? Tammy: The Egyptian walk. Jamie: You look kind of silly! Tammy: It’s fun…come and try it. Jamie: I don’t think I can do it. Tammy: Sure you can….it’s easy………watch this Jamie: Don’t you want to hear the rest of the story? Tammy: After I finish my walk. (Continues) ……Ok I’m ready. What happened to Joseph in the prison all that time? Jamie: Wait a minute! Let me get situated here. Ok here is the rest of the story….. Scene 2 – Pharaoh Call Joseph to Interpret His Dreams Pharaoh: I feel like I have not slept in 1,000 years. Butler: What can I do for your highness? Pharaoh: Tell me the meaning of my dreams. Butler: I can’t do that. Pharaoh: Why not? Butler: I just can’t……….oh dear me! Pharaoh: Now what is wrong? Butler: I just remember something. Pharaoh: Tell me…what is it that you remember? Butler: There was a man in prison who told me what my dream meant and it came to pass. Pharaoh: Who is this man?

© Jeanne McIntosh. August 2006, All rights reserved

Butler: His name is Joseph Pharaoh: Bring him to me… once! Butler: Yes, your highness…I will get him at once. (Exits) Scene 3 Joseph Before Pharaoh Tammy: Wow! Did the butler get Joseph? Jamie: He sure did! They brought Joseph out of the cold, damp. Smelly prison. He was given a bath and some nice clean clothes on him. Tammy: I bet he felt good to be out of that prison after so long and to take a long bubble bath. I wondered if he used the new bubble gum kind. It’s just like eating bubble gum only it tastes bad. Jamie: I doubt it. He did make it to the king alright. The king told him all his dreams. Tammy: What did Joseph say? Jamie: He assured the king that he could only tell the meaning of dreams as God gave him the wisdom. He then told the king that the seven skinny cows in the dream that ate up the seven fat cows, meant that there would be seven years of lots of food in the land. Tammy: I bet they were like stuffed turkeys……..I mean cows. Jamie: And then he told Pharaoh that there would be seven years of famine in the land. The king made Joseph ruler of all the land and told him to prepare for this famine that was about to take place. Thank God that he was free from prison at last! Tammy: Wow! I can breathe now. Jamie: What do you mean? I see your pulse working. They build storehouses to hold all the food. One day, while Joseph was working at one of the large storehouses, he saw a large group of men arriving who did not seem familiar to him. When he took a second look, his heart stopped or so it seemed. They were his were long lost brothers. Tammy: Amazing! Did he arrest them? Jamie: He treated them roughly for he did not want them to know who he was. He asked them if they had any other brothers. They told me they did. He then told them not to come back unless they brought their youngest brother with them. Tammy: I bet they ran like scared rabbits. Jamie: They left in a great hurry for sure and did not come back for awhile. When they did Benjamin was with them. Joseph started crying when he saw him that he had to leave so they © Jeanne McIntosh. August 2006, All rights reserved

would not see him. He fed them all and sent them on their way placing his silver cup in Benjamin’s sack. Tammy: You know I feel hungry. I think I could eat a MacDonald’s tight now! Jamie: Yuck! I like Pizza Hut. Tammy: What happened next? Jamie: Joseph hurriedly sent his men under them to run to accuse them of stealing his silver cup which he had placed in Benjamin bag. The brothers were horrified. They could not go home without Benjamin; their father would die of grief. Tammy: They told their father all Joseph had said. He made them return again and take back the cup and Benjamin with them. Jamie: Well did Joseph punish them. They sure deserved it! They told Joseph what would happen to their father if they did not return with Benjamin. Joseph broke down and cried. He finally told them who he was and they were stunned. He told them to bring back his father and the whole family. Tammy: Awesome! Did they all come? Jamie: He gave them food for the long trip until they could all come and live in Egypt. Tammy: Did they get any chocolate ice-cream? Jamie: Of course not silly! It would melt on the way home. Joseph Speaks: To my great delight, they all did return - the whole Jacob clan. It was so good to see all my nieces and nephews. There were so many babies and children running around that I was beside myself with joy. The greatest moment arrived when I saw my father for the first time since that terrible day when I was sold my own brothers to some men who then sold me as a slave in Egypt. Oh, wasn’t God good. Satan meant it for evil, but God used all the circumstances that happened to me for his glory. I was an overcome, because I trusted in God to see me through all the suffering, pain, and lies that were told about me. We can have the blessings of God upon our lives if we place all things, circumstances, and people in His hands and allow Him to work out what is best for our future. We may not understand what happens to us and never even know why God allowed it to happen, but one thing we can do – is to trust Him for He knows best. Jamie: Wow! That is some story. Joseph sure trusted God when everything seemed to go against him. You can keep your blouse, Tammy. I will wait until I find something else that I like later.

© Jeanne McIntosh. August 2006, All rights reserved

Tammy: Are you sure? You know, I don’t want to be selfish, and you do look best in that mustard color. Jamie: Sure thing! Because I know the way you are. You will wear it a couple times and be tired of it. Tammy: So that’s it; well, you are probably right …………as usual. I’m glad you are my sister even if you are a little pest sometimes………….. Just kidding! © Jeanne McIntosh. August 2006, All rights reserved.

© Jeanne McIntosh. August 2006, All rights reserved