GAIA I fill my heart with so much love I fill it with the knowledge that I am one with all that

is When I feel my heart fading I remind myself that life is just a dance A dance of the rarest kind Human life that is There is no other place Than in the human form That we can dance That we can speak in a voice A voice that can be heard That came directly from the highest place The thing we don’t yet realize as humans Is that we all have the capacity to love To love without strings To love without the words to explain This deep untouchable place within us What I am trying to say really is That I cannot imagine life without love I have lived so much of my life being in the position of independent In order for us to survive this transition from the 3rd to the 5th we must increase our awaremess of love and light we can no longer live with a warlike mentality we cannot continue to pretend that we are not shifting Earth ascends to Gaia every moment As we sit in our place of frailty Continuing to believe that we are not affected What is all the fuss, we say What is the big deal ? As she descends down a long dark hallway In the powerlessness of her position She remembers her agreement To hold our race to ascension What an honor it is to have spent this time here To have felt what I know to be the most intense

Emotions of any existence, no matter where I have been I honor her in her process and do my best To reveal her beauty and essence In my everyday existence What I am not sure of is how much longer She will last Although I know better than to think that She is delicate She is our mother We are born through her With her, on her She sustains us, all of us She knows no boundaries And gives love unconditional My hope is only that I give her Even the most remote sense Of peace and harmony As I do my part to continue The process and participate In her ascension I can never promise anything But I can do everything in my power To be a participant in life And not stand in the shadows And watch, pretending that None of it matters It is time to wake up It is time to move on It is time to be present To the love Divine Embodied here on Earth So, on this day, I honor her My mother, My friend My gift of life Thank you

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