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Howard Baskett

PO BOX 211464
Chula Vista, CA 91921
Cell: 760- 580- 3650
OBJECTIVE: To obtain a position in a manufacture environment and be a team playe
Qualstaff, Electronic Smt repair , San Diego, CA (12/09 to 1/10 ) (Aethercomm.)
Build module intermediate frequency (IF) network interface module. If function i
s to fixed wireless system application.
Review drawing / document control article l & lll / drawing , schematic diagram.
Test equipment, analog instrument, RF signal for troubleshoot.
Identify components value with multimeter device. Strong smt & thru hole solderi
Manpower, Microscope solderer, San Diego CA ( 10/09 to 11/09 ) ( Cobham )
Make intergraded antennas & intercoms system. For military defense.
Review drawing for each unit for revision type.
Prepare unit to oven if necessary for proper solder flow to melt properly.
Inspect all components to be in the right orientation & location of the boards.
Indentifying through microscope & drawing. Strong smt microscope soldering / fin
e pitch skill & thru hole soldering. Microsoft office excel.

At Your Home Family care, Caregiver, San Diego, CA (01/09 to 04/09 )

Provide assisted care for senior citizens and disabled persons at their homes.
Assist with the administering of medication for the patients.
Follow up on their schedule for treatment.
Housekeeping, cooking, assisting patients with normal everyday routines such as
changing and bathing.
Cohu, Electro/ Mechanical Repair, San Diego, CA (05/08 to 10/08)
Build digital surveillance camera, motor and LCD system. Model 3965 camera/ 3905
LCD system.
Review product documentation (including drawing, schematics diagrams, BOM, assem
bly drawings, manufacturing instruction and test procedures) as instructed. Fina
l product inspection & testing
ISO 9001 workmanship, SMT microscope solder and thru hole soldering. Install wir
ing AWG 16-24 size.
Ensure all cameras are calibrated / measured / visually inspected for specificat
Muzak Inc, Technical Specialist /, San Diego, CA (5/06 to 5/08)
Review DOA work order on DSL network. Collect data on manual booklet, clients co
mments and file data report. PC literacy able to use MS word, excel, outlook and
other window based program.
Make customer service calls, in /out bound calls. Help assist customers with the
ir drive-thru operation equipments in /out on the field.
Assist customers over the phone by troubleshoot and analyzing the problem on the
ir product.
Muzak Inc, Electronic tech / Quality control inspector, San Diego, CA (8/00 to 5
Troubleshoot to the components level when testing the base station, calibrating
COM2000 headset. Tuning in/out the com2000 communicator on the 8920 analog instr
Review schematic drawing.
First article l documentation. In process, receiving, and maintain calibrate mea
suring & test equipment.
Implementing quality assurance & test procedure as well as maintaining DOA docum
entation in accordance Equipments tools using micrometer, caliper, dimensional c
ontrol inspection documentation.
Strong SMT microscope soldering / fine pitch skills, thru hole soldering. Identi
fy components and value.