Kingly Haste

Your loyal servants watch As you rest upon your throne To the bone chilled They sit in silence Waiting for the wrath of your lashing tongue You command the trust Of scared young steeds Who gallop with pride To carry out your deeds To the battleground they run Not looking behind Praying only for the salvation Of their kind The gentle hearts Of the goddesses pound As they watch their kin Flee from the battleground Picture this my sweet In modern time Your discerning look Scares me blind I watch you with my breath Held so close Within me I feel the burning Of a thousand fires lit Whatever your quest It cannot go on I cannot watch your kingly haste Fucking my pawn Stay close to me As I enter your chamber Looking for clues To your long lost anger Delve my precious Into your bed Where I will meet you halfway

And rip off your thread I will free you from bondage If only for a moment Lift off your burdens Hang them as a hat No more battles No more war Peace and love Gather in store For you my precious angel Fallen from grace Let me embrace you And take your cane And set it down Let love override reason Good will prevail Evil only exists in the willing

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