BACKGROUND INFO SRP USA OEM: Mfr’s Rec Mo/Vol: TYPE Configuration/Scanner: SPEEDS First Copy: Multicopy (Ltr/Lgl/Ldgr): Warm-up:

Dataquest Segment 4 $41,750. (Xerox) $3,999. (Kopykat) Xerox (USA) Up to 200,000 copies Monochrome copier, MF Console, digital 6.2 sec 65/32/32 cpm 4 min

PAPER/DOCUMENT CAPACITIES Paper Feed: Four drawer, lrg cap feeder, bypass Paper Capacity: 500 per drawer/3,100-lrg cap/ 50 bypass Max. Paper Capacity: 5150 sheets Paper Weights: 16 to 110-lb. bond Bypass/Weights: 50-sheet/16 to 32 lb. bond Max. Paper Sources: 6 Maximum Original Size: 11 x 17 Minimum Copy Size: 4 x 5-1/2 Maximum Copy Size: 12 x 18 Duplex: Auto (1:2, 2:2, 2:1) Capcity: Unlimited Paper Sizes: 5-1/2 x 8-1/2 to 11 x 17 RADF: Std RADF Speed/Capacity: 65 cpm/50 orig Paper Weights: 16 to 32 lbs. Finisher: Std finisher Tray/Stapling/Position(s): 2,000/50/2

FEATURES Automatic Features: AES, AMS, APS Book Copy: Std Color: No Copy Control: 500 Covers: Std Editing: No Energy-Save: Yes Erase: Yes Image Overlay: No Interrupt: Yes Job Programs: 10 Margin Shift: Yes OHP Interleaving: Yes Photo Mode: Yes Preset R/E 3R,3E Program Ahead: Std Sheet Insertion: No Timer: No User Programs: Yes Zoom Range: 25 to 400 (1%) Other Features: Anamorphic zoom; image rotation; one uer-programmable zoom ratio; booklet ceation; image insertion; proof copy; auto job recovery; auto centering; magazine/ photo/text mode; mixed-size originals; program/scan ahead CONTROL PANEL Quantity Selector: Message Display: SPECIFICATIONS Dimensions (H x W x D): Weight: Power Requirements: Dedicated Outlet: Energy Star-Compliant: Operating Noise Level: Keypad and touch screen 1 to 999 (0 to 9 keypad) Yes 44-1/2” x 69” x 28” 538 lbs. 115 V, 20 A Required Yes Not available

OPTIONS 16-MB RAM: $195. 32-MB RAM: $295. Network Card $2000. MAINTENANCE Fuser Rollers: Fuser module Yield: 175,000 Fuser Oil: Not required PM Schedule: None set

SUPPLIES Photoconductor: Organic drum crtg Yield: 125,000 Price: Incl in maint agreement Toner: Toner Cartridge Yield: 20,000 % Coverage: 5% Price: $40. per cartridge Developer: Incl in Toner Cartridge

COMMENTS Std copier, optional printer, 400 x 600-dpi scanner resolution; 600 x 600-dpi print resolution; 32-MB RAM memory upgradable to 64 MB; 2-GB hard drive; scan once, print many

index. Optional: RAM upgrades available to 48 or 64 MB maximum Originals Digital document scanner: Up to 50 originals (single. 16-110 lb. stock. Automatic Two-sided Copying One-sided to two-sided. 1.5 x 11" (LEF).2 GB disk storage (hard drive) holds up to 750 pages of standard business text at 5% area coverage.5 x 8. No pre-count for copying single-sided originals to 2sided prints. so work gets done faster. Concurrent scanning and printing. Convenience Stapler (Optional) Staples up to 50 sheets of 20 lb. user adjustable to 11 x 17". 16 lb. scans top sheet first. easier. Finisher Up to 2. .000 staples per cartridge (common with Finisher cartridge). 32 prints per minute 8.or two-sided). Platen: Any size up to 11 x 17"/A3.1"/2mm increments. Load originals face-up.Xerox Document Centre 265 Digital Copier From the company that invented copying.5 x 14".5" to 12 x 18". Scans each original to memory only once per job. Printing Engine Imaging System Digital xerographic with semiconductor dual-beam diode laser.0"/50mm in 0.5" to 12 x 18".5 x 8.5 x 11". comes a whole new technology that changes everything. stock. transparencies. 4 x 5. Note Capacities are for 20 lb. Bypass Tray: 50 sheets. Copy quantity: 1-999. to 32 lb. hole-punched. 5. First print in 6.000 staples per cartridge. Scans mixed-size originals. 8. 16-32 lb. 5.8 seconds from platen. and recycled papers. 16 lb. bond to 110 lb. Sizes 5. preprinted forms. stock.100 sheets.5" to 11 x 17" (A5/LEF to A3/SEF).000 sheets. Trayless duplex: Head-to-head or head-to-toe duplexing via re-circulating paper path.5" to 12 x 18" for 16 lb. bond to 110 lb. including bound originals. bond. labels. No capacity limits. 5. and better. Paper Supply Trays 1 to 4: 500 sheets each. Margin Shift: 0 to 2. stock. 5. 32 per minute 11 x 17". A new Document Centre digital product that scans and prints at 65 pages per minute. Program and scan ahead while current job prints. Specifications for the Xerox 265DC Copy Speed 65 prints per minute 8. Letterhead. High-Capacity Feeder: 3.5" to 12 x 18". two-sided to two-sided. Throughput Sizes: 4 x 5. 16-32 lb. stock). Digital Document Scanner Resolution 400 x 600 dpi x 8 bits. index. 65 scans per minute. two-sided to one-sided. Digital Memory Standard: 32 MB RAM. card stock. 600 x 600 dpi x 8 bits.5 x 8. stock. Stapled sets (single or dual staples) of up to 50 sheets (20 lb.

1 dBA impulse. 64%. Temperature 50° to 95° F. Dimensions and Weight W x D x H . 64.69" x 28" x 44. 125 general accounts (4 digits). and pictures. 6100 BTU/hr operating. Sharpness. photo). Ozone emissions < 0.01 parts per million. Contrast.1 dBA operating. Electronic Auditron Standard 500 user accounts (1 to 12 digits).1/2mm increments). 255 watts (energy saver standby).5 x 11" to 8. Power consumption: 1750 watts (running). 25%.5" Weight 538 lbs.Xerox Document Centre 265 Digital Copier Page 2 Digital Imaging Auto IQ for automatic image quality enhancement for mixed text. bottom. Image Shift (0 to 2. Original Type selection (normal. Warm-up: 4 minutes. Edge Erase (top. Zoom Reduction / Enlargement Zoom from 25% to 400% in 1% increments. 78%. Seven customer programmable percentages. Edge-to-Edge copying. Special Features Auto Paper Select. Auto Centering. 180°. Background Suppression. Build Job (special programming for different pages-can be used for inserts). left. and right from 0 to 2. Auto % R/E Select. Booklet Creation. Transparency Dividers (blank or imaged). graphics. Heat emission 1450 BTU/hr standby. Environmental Factors Noise 40 dBA standby. 60 Hz circuit. 129%. Auto-rotation (rotates image 90°. Electrical Requirements Sole use of a 115 Volt.0"/50mm in 0. and one of your choice. or 270° when needed).1"/2mm increments). and Screening. automatic job recovery. text.0"/50mm in 0. 154%. Multi-Up copies (16-into-1 maximum for 8.5 x 11"). magazine. Covers. Adjustments for Lighter/Darker. Bound Original copying. Stored Job programming (up to 10 jobs). Humidity: 10% to 90%. 60. Sample Set. factory preset at 200%. . Anamorphic zoom (adjusts vertical and horizontal reduction/enlargement separately to fit copy page). 20 ampere.