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Field of Concentration: Supply Chain | Logistics
Relationship and Business Development ~ Strategic Planning and Execution ~ Leade
rship Development ~ Lean Thinking
Cost Management ~ Continuous Improvement ~ Innovation ~ Customer Focus ~ Organiz
ational Development
Change Management ~ Team Building ~ Operational Execution and Excellence ~ Compl
ex Decision Making

Highly-motivated and goal-oriented professional equipped with a successful track
record across multiple disciplines. Possess strong interpersonal, communicatio
n and problem solving skills with the talent to develop and cement customer rela
tionships that result in opportunity and revenue growth.
Experienced professional with demonstrated ability to work in a multicultural en
vironment, meet tight deadlines, and exceed client expectations under time-inten
sive environments. Keen analytical and problem solving skills with an innate ab
ility to simplify complex situations, motivate teams to action, deliver on commi
tments and attain strategic goals and financial objectives. Proactive team memb
er who excels in challenging and competitive environments. Demonstrate strong o
ral and written communication skills with the ability to successfully interact a
t all levels of an organization, from Front-line employees to the C-Suite.
Technical Proficiencies: Microsoft Office, MS Visio, Project, SAP WMS


General Manager ~ Louisville, KY ~ Apr 2009-Present
- Instrumental for Customer Relationships and a $100M P&L across a spectru
m of functions: Planning/Procurement (MRP, Lead-Time, Product Life Cycle, LTB, E
OL, E&O, Vendor Portal, Warranty) Logistics, Operations, Human Resources, Financ
e, Business Development, Engineering, and Program Management.
- Played a significant role in the leadership and development of 9 direct/
matrix reports as well as 700 indirect reports in a multi-shift 500 square foot
facility across a range of services; spare parts logistics, reverse logistics, t
est, repair, vendor managed inventory, inventory management, etc.
- Effectively stabilize operations; resulting in the achievement of all Le
vel of Fill metrics and other critical success factors; realize an annual saving
s of $3M on cost management initiatives in the first 12 months of assignment.
- Attain operational goals and objectives through a series of KPI’s and modeli
ng activities (financial bridges; labor, PAI, ROIC, P&L, ITO, Inventory Levels,
etc.) as well as development of Program Management to assume P&L ownership and a
ctive management
- Identify and develop talent into organizational management teams that ef
fectively improve operational and bottom-line performance.
- Develop and institutionalize employee development, activity and relation
ship programs (LvL C.A.R.E., Recognition, Fasttrack, etc), including Customer Fo
cus Teams facilitating monthly program reviews and reports; competently improve
employee and management relations and improve underperforming accounts (returnin
g to profitability) through a series of initiatives including voluntary time-off
, process improvement and redistribution of responsibilities following attrition
- Successfully improve and stabilize RTV operations, reducing WIP, lead-ti
mes and financial risk as well as a labor savings through Lean activities (multi
-million dollar savings).
- Oversaw strategic planning and Innovation initiatives to improve Flextro
nics Value-Add Curve and competitive position (Image recognition, Supplier Score
cards, Automated RMA, E-Commerce, WUR storefront, RTV competency, Supply Chain v
elocity initiative, etc., etc.); institutionalize Critical Events and Invoicing
- Introduce Furlough Program to reduce labor costs, maintain morale, and p
romote noninvasive attrition (LvL first in the Flextronics Organization to imple

Senior Business Unit Director ~ Memphis, TN ~ Mar 2008-Apr 2009

- Accountable for a $200M annual P&L as well as the leadership development
, strategic direction and performance of 8 direct reports and 500 indirect repor
ts in a multi-shift facility.
- Directed all facets of Forward Logistics, Reverse Logistics, Postponemen
t/PCC, Repair Operations, Blister Pack, Kitting, Pick/Pack/Ship and Asset Recove
ry Operations, resulting in restored customer confidence and improved satisfacti
on levels.
- Handled leadership, coaching, and support of colleagues and employees to
develop lasting relationships and improved organizational performance.
- Managed complex +200K Rework activity to repair ODM quality issues and r
estore image of the customer brand.
- Implemented Lean/Improvement initiative in printer repair business to re
alize a significant labor savings, 20% reduction in foot-print, world-class qual
ity and highest customer satisfaction level in the history of the program.
- Administered change management through collaboration, metrics and indivi
dual accountability – Improve production scheduling, process flow and shop-floor met
rics to realize elusive “Build to Commit†targets meeting customer expectations and achi
eving best performance in the history of the program, while simultaneously reduc
ing labor costs and improving employee morale.
- Established cross-functional teams to encourage and realize operational
improvements as well as similar activities in the Flextronics Guadalajara facili

Director of Operational Improvement ~ Memphis, TN ~ Aug 2007-Mar 2008

- Assumed overall P&L and Operational responsibility for PPS Operation res
ulting in the advancement of process improvement initiatives, cost savings, 100%
on-time shipping/accuracy performance as well a 27 point improvement in invento
ry accuracy (72.0% to 97.7%) over a 60 day timeline.
- Supervised Lean and Kaizen initiatives across multiple programs, directi
ng a supporting staff to realize operational improvements; oversaw and maintaine
d internal auditing processes and inventory control.
- Established and led cross-functional teams in the identification and rea
lization of continuous improvement and change management utilizing PDCA, Action
Tracker, SWOT, etc. in order to realize cost saving targets
Director of Operational Improvement and Business Development ~ Memphis, TN ~ Jan
2006-Aug 2007
- Dealt with various Business Development Activities (Due diligence: acqui
sition targets, client management, etc.)
- Spearheaded Value Stream Mapping, Lean Implementation, and Kaizen functi
ons and operations.


General Manager Service Logistics International | Business Development | Field S
ervice Repair Organization
- Managed multi-site, global spare parts distribution, reverse logistics,
commercial goods, FSL’s, Loaner and Refurbishment operations; led multiple facility
consolidations and out-of-state relocation projects.
- Administered change management and cultural integration as OSSP Due Dili
gence team member.
- Decreased finished goods inventory by $13.3M (19% through SMI, Direct Sh
ip, Lead-time Reduction, Re-classification, etc.) and defective inventory by 53%
resulting in an improved cash position of $7.2M annually
- Reduced annual transportation costs by more than $700K (consolidation, n
egotiation, spot quoting, etc.); eliminated break-even and spend situations to r
ealize an annual cost savings of $653K.
- Saved $510K through successful reorganization of supplemental distributi
on outlets; enhanced Gallop customer satisfaction rating from 75% to 95% and man
aged more than $30M in hi-tech turnkey installations.
- Repeatedly achieved “A†rating on all internal and external audits, and develope
d a KPMG endorsed cycle count program resulting in 99.7% inventory accuracy on 4
6,000 SKUs valued at $70M.
- Handled multiple legacy WMS conversions to SAP Solution with RF barcode
and RFID Technology Pilot
- Institutionalized Lean and Best Practices (5S, Kaizen, SWOT, PDCA, Actio
n Tracker, Poka Yoke, 7 Wastes, etc.)
- Supervised Baseline Budgeting and Cost Management and develop executive
level relationships; formulated strategic partnerships and improved marketplace
position in order to realize multi-million dollar growth objectives, including M
ulti-vendor management.
- Managed Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers across multi-cultures and geographie
s (Scorecard, Kaizen, Etc.)
- Selected as a Philips’ High Potential Leader; Fasttrack and Strategic Develo
pment Team.
- Incorporated Best Practices across multi-sites (action tracker, cost man
agement, talent development, operational excellence, etc.) as well as Green init
iatives (Recycling, Waterless solutions, Industrial fans, Skylights, Motion sens
e lighting, Electronic Thermostats, etc.)

, TN ~ 2004
TN ~ 1991
Strategic Selling and Business Development | Effective Team Management
Best Practice in Inventory Management | Lean Management – Lean Thinking – Lean Tools
Dale Carnegie Customer Satisfaction | Six Sigma Methodology (Philips’ Medic)
Statistical Analysis and Quantitative Decision Making | Value Stream Mapping | B
est Practice in Materials Management
Transportation Management | Import / Export Compliance
Constraints and Continuous Process Improvement (under Dr. Satish Mehra)
1993 Shingo prize winner and certified JONAH of the Goldratt Institute
Hi-Tech Medical Technology and Practices | RF, Cardiology, MRI, X-Ray, C.T., Ult
rasound, Surgery, Angiography