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in collaboration with

SAP Technical Upgrade Deployed

at Asian Paints
Capgemini combines global SAP expertise with local
client knowledge to ensure success

The Situation project plan for the upgrade was based on

Asian Paints sought to upgrade its current a comprehensive checklist that included
SAP platform from R/3 4.7 to ECC 6.0. system and application landscapes,
Asian Paints was using a version of SAP retrofitting strategy, test scripts and time
that was nearing the end of its life cycle. schedule.
An upgrade to a newer SAP release was
necessary if Asian Paints was to remain The Result
fully supported. The enhancement would Thanks to meticulous planning, all
help align the company with its future systems were delivered ahead of schedule.
business needs and save on maintenance With the system installed, Asian Paints can
costs. Capgemini was selected to be the now leverage the functionality offered by
delivery partner. the latest SAP release. A single go-live was
executed by the team to ensure minimum
The Solution downtime and to maximize the
In addition to the technical upgrade, the opportunity for quick wins. By carefully
scope of the project included applying all minimizing development effort, Asian
required patches for the upgrade, Paints was able to maintain their
retrofitting all custom developments, “business as usual”.
validating the upgrade, providing effective
support during user acceptance test and
go-live phases as well as the two-week
phase. The

“ We had a
sincere team from
Capgemini committed
to the delivery of the project
on time and to budget. At various
stages of the project, team members
were candid about their expectations
from our team. At the same time, they were
open to changing their work styles based on
feedback from us in the interest of meeting
project timelines.

M. R. Parasuram,
Project Manager,
Asian Paints
Consumer Products Sector the way we do it

How Asian Paints and analyzed and documented. When it came mock upgrades. This approach helped to
Capgemini Worked Together time for internal testing, the team used analyze and identify possible show
Capgemini and Asian Paints worked Capgemini’s testing expertise to create a stoppers well in advance of the actual
jointly to come up with the following full repository of test cases covering all rollout, thus ensuring a smooth
objectives for the project: scenarios and documenting all test runs. implementation.
• provide the user community with a
As part of the delivery methodology, the Capgemini used its DELIVER SAP project
state-of-the-art IT solution for
team framed acceptance criteria and management methodology for all aspects
functional areas within agreed timelines
technical standards for both the Advanced of this project. As part of the process,
and at competitive cost
Business Application Programming (ABAP) service delivery was reviewed and rated by
• enable the IT organization to deliver and the testing tracks. We also decided to management at Asian Paints, who gave the
several projects in parallel without the concurrently make the ABAP unicode team very high OTACE (On Time and
need for increased internal resources or ready so that the system could support all At/Above Client Expectation) scores. They
time languages, allowing the company to easily consider the project a concrete example of
• create a robust and flexible platform to expand its business functionality going the One Team ethos and credit the spirit
cope with future integration needs forward. As part of the SAP administrative of camaraderie engendered by the team as
• benefit from the latest technologies activities (The Business Application a major factor in the success of the
available from SAP. Software Integrated Solution – BASIS project.
track), we planned and carried out four
The project presented several key
challenges to any implementation partner.
Most importantly, there was no room for About Capgemini and the
failure. As Asian Paints enjoys an enviable
reputation as a trend setter in the domain
Collaborative Business Experience™
of information technology, impeccable
delivery was the only option. The Capgemini, one of the get the right balance of the best talent
company was also on a very tight timeline, world's foremost providers from multiple locations, working as one
one that required that downtime be kept of consulting, technology and team to create and deliver the optimum
to an absolute minimum. outsourcing services, enables its clients to solution for clients. Present in more than
transform and perform through 30 countries, Capgemini reported 2008
Management at Asian Paints recognized technologies. Capgemini provides its global revenues of EUR 8.7 billion and
that working with a partner on the clients with insights and capabilities that employs over 90,000 people worldwide.
upgrade would add value and a fresh boost their freedom to achieve superior
perspective. Asian Paints carried out their results through a unique way of working, More information is available at:
assessment taking both the hard facts and the Collaborative Business ExperienceTM.
the softer aspects into consideration and The Group relies on its global delivery
eventually visited the Capgemini facilities model called Rightshore®, which aims to
to talk to the team who would be
managing the project. The Asian Paints
technical team liked the collaborative Capgemini India Approved by:
approach that Capgemini espoused and Consumer Products M. R. Parasuram, Project Manager
sensed that there was a good cultural Industrial Chemicals Asian Paints
match between the two companies. These Technology Services Vijay Shanbhag, India MRD Sector Leader
attributes, plus strong delivery credentials Advanced Development & Integration Capgemini
on SAP projects on both a global and a
local level, were exactly what Asian Paints
was looking for in a partner. In collaboration with has an enviable reputation in the
corporate world for professionalism,
The project team, consisting of persons fast-track growth, and customer-
from both companies, developed a centricity. Asian Paints has offices in 20
meticulous and detailed plan for the countries, and its 28 paint
upgrade. Each step was fully identified, Asian Paints Ltd. headquartered in manufacturing facilities service
Mumbai with group consolidated consumers in over 65 countries.
annual revenues totaling Rs. 5463
crores (US$ 1.2 billion) is India’s largest For more information, please visit
paint company in Asia. The company

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