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Warren Weber 7450 Carson TR NW Albuquerque, NM 87120 Phone: 505-2

49-2784 Email:
Objective: I am seeking a position based in New Mexico. I am willing to travel 5
0%-75% of the time.
Summary: I am proven professional with 15+ yearsa experience in IT Solution Sale
s. My greatest asset is my ability to thoroughly think through complex problems
and issues, bring together technical teams for further analysis and create solut
ions that result in profitable, long-term customer relationships. I am able to d
o this because I can quickly demonstrate competence in the needed product/servic
e area and thereby engender confidence in my audience.
Transferrable Skills: Very strong presentation development and delivery Skills;
Solid analytic and product/financial management ability; excellent verbal and wr
itten communication skills; operations and contract management; exceptional team
building and management experience. I have trained myself to be able to quickly
learn, unlearn and relearn complex information and processes. I am adept at tea
ching, coaching and counseling team members.
Recent Graduate Work: Management Economics, International Business, Lead
ership, Business Strategy and Policy, Operations and Systems, Management of Tech
nology, Accounting and Finance.

Employment History: M.D. Weber & Associates, Inc. 6/10-Present
This is a temporary position. I am helping my wife start her rehabilitation cons
ulting business. I have written the marketing plan, set up the bookkeeping syste
m, created the marketing communication material and provided the initial sales a
ctivity to the state government (DVR), social security administration and privat
e attorneys in central New Mexico.
Paradigm Technology, Inc. 7/09-6/10
During the first four months I refocused the sales and marketing effort of the V
AR division of this staffing firm from a transaction focus into a consolidation
practice with virtualization as its major tool. I also revamped the marketing
communication program. After turning over the maintenance of the marketing prog
ram to a marketing coordinator, I failed to get management to fund the VAR divis
ionsa sales expansion via the Chicago Regional Office. I left to help start my w
ifeas business and to undertake and finish the capstone semester of my MBA progr

Sirius Computer Solutions, Inc. 11/06-7/09
I analyzed the regional opportunity for IT consolidation and opened a new sales
territory for IBMas largest reseller. Leading with virtualization I established
new major accounts such as Presbyterian Healthcare, The State Supreme Court, The
2nd District Court, Dona Ana County and ABQ Health Partners. Met quota one year
, exceeded quota the other year. I left for what I believed to be a better oppor
tunity with Paradigm.
Microsystems Engineering, Inc. 5/05-11/06
During this period I attempted two growth projects with local IT resellers. I su
ccessfully trained the sales team of one firm in my solution selling system whic
h helped increase his new account sales by about 20%. I tried to help the other
firm move up the IT afood chaina to enterprise level sales. Despite some initial
success (as a result of acquiring enterprise level sales relationships with maj
or vendors), I could not get the owner to fund the hiring of enterprise class sa
les people. I was recruited by Sirius because I referred a customer that needed
a solution I could not provide-AS/400 J.D. Edwards upgrade.
STORServer, Inc. 1/01-5/05
I was the channel manager for the Midwest and the southwest. I helped create the
initial marketing plan, communications material and website content. I taught m
y solution selling system to resellers across the country. Although I left the f
irm, I am the only non-employee stockholder in this relatively young, closely he
ld organization. Exceeded quota three out of four years.
Avnet Enterprise Solutions, Inc. 4/93-1/01
I held sales and storage management positions based in Albuquerque, NM. In just
over one year, I established Avnetas public sector business in New Mexico and We
st Texas. As the storage team leader for the southwest I trained new sales reps
in solution selling and virtual project management which helped drive storage sa
les to just over $33M per year. I exceeded quota every year and as a sales rep w
as top IBM product sales rep three years in a row. I was recruited by STORServer
to help launch their nationwide sales effort.
I earned a BA in Economics from The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and have
just completed the University of New Mexico, Anderson School of Managementas Exe
cutive MBA Program July, 31, 2010.