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I certify that, to the best of my knowledge and belief, all of the information o
n and attached to this Resume is true, correct, complete and made in good faith.
I understand that false or fraudulent information on or attached to this Resum
e may be grounds for not hiring me or for firing me after I begin work, and may
be punishable by fine or imprisonment. I understand that any information I give
may be investigated. I understand submitted information must not contain classi
fied information.

Oscar Lee Hill

Belle Chase Dr.
Raeford, North Carolina 28376
Home: (910) - 904 - 2792
cell (706) 442-7119

Opportunity to obtain position as a Maintenance Quality Control, or Power Genera
tor Service Tech
Experienced Multi Equipment Maintenance Technician, able to learn and adapt to m
odern technology. Have excellent ethic ratings physically, education and technic
al, Quality Control Maintenance procedures and troubleshooting skills as in Mult
i Fuel Generators, HVAC system, refrigeration, appliance repair, heavy equipment
, automotive, industrial maintenance.
Any additional information and reference can provide upon interview.

Present/ 5/2007 L3 Communications Systems
Maintenance Mechanic Tech
Repair, replace parts, troubleshoot all Special Purpose Equipment, and Automotiv
e Fleet equipment for the 3rd Special Ops Group unit, Afghanistan and Fort Bragg
. NC, US Army, include MRAP training

5/2007 - 8/2004 ITT,IND Iraq

Industry: Government- Military/Defense
Power Generator Technician
Maintain Emergency 24/7 Power Support for TAC-SWA project
Maintain Tactical and Commercial 52KVA-1MEGAWatts Generator Set
Test, troubleshoot, replace parts and repair
Troubleshoot and repair Transfer switch and gear box controls (500 amp)
Schedule maintenance, conduct ASI procedure
Additional duties, hvac, automotive, procurement,
Due to the confidential mission any additional information please contact e-mail

2/2004 - 6/2004 The Logistic Company Ft. Bragg NC

Industry: Government- Military/Defense
Military Fleet Equip Quality Control Inspector
TLC (The Logistic Company) sub-contract of ITT; position QC inspector, Inspect P
LS, FMTV, HMMV, TRACK and all purpose equipment. Utilize SAMMS, ULLS, manual and
automated maintenance forms, operate, control, and logistic support. IAW compan
y policy and military procedure 738-750
12/2002 - 5/2003 ITT, IND Kuwait
Industry: Government- Military/Defense
Lead Power Generator Technician
Inspect, Troubleshoot, and Repair All Ground Support Equipment, APS-5 Surge Proj
Repair Power Generator Units
Movement Control military equipment
Inspect, test, troubleshoot, replace parts and repair
Schedule, organized, special purpose and ground support equipment for inspection
Critical support teams for all engineer equipment
Any additional information please contact me

6/2001 - 12/2002 CSA, Ltd, Kuwait

Industry: Government- Military/Defense
Light & Heavy Engineer Equipment Mechanic, Power Generator Mechanic
Power Generator Mechanic, CSA Ltd, Camp Doha, Kuwait 09889-9905, ( 001 965) 625-
1904. Repaired and operated all tactical power generators from .5KW to 300kw whi
ch includes repairing additional equipment such as air compressors, liquid distr
ibution pumps and HVAC systems. Heavy Equipment repair, include combat construct
ion equipment.
7/1998 - 6/2001 West Central Hospital, Columbus, Ga.
Industry: Social Services
HVAC system Operator/Mechanic
Operated, maintain, scheduled maintenance, and emergency standby contact, for a
14 unit State Hospital Complex; equipment maintenance include Boilers, HVAC syst
em, Chillers, and Power Generators

1999 2001 - 1 diploma; Automotive Technology; Columbus Technical College
1998-1999 - 1 diploma; Automotive Fundamental; Columbus Technical College
1997-1998 - 1 diploma; Appliance Service Technology; Columbus Technical College
1977-1997 - Military Occupation Specialist Courses (BTC, AIT, PLDC, BNCOC, ANCOC
, and ITC) Warehouse supply 94A, QM Equipment Repairer 63J, Utility Equipme
nt Repairer 52C, Military Instructor Training Course
1975-1977 - General Studies; Central Virginia Community College,
1975 E.C. Glass High School, High school Diploma.
2 Ea Coalition Army Certificate, 1 ea. ITT sys Award, 5 Military Award,
Ethics Award
CDL Class A driver's license2000, EPA Certified (Type I) Secret Clearance.
Additional Information
EPA certificate , CDL ,
Computer Literature; SAMMS, SARRS, ULLS, Power Point, Graphing , Microsoft Word
Military Maintenance Procedures, Policy and Forms
MATT Chart
92A Warehouse Specialist
63JH Quartermaster Equipment Repairer/ Sr. Instructor
52CH Utility Equipment Repairer/Senior Instructor
Hydraulics/ Flow/Pressures
Subcategory Electronics
HVAC systems
Refrigeration systems
Boilers/ Pumps/ Chillers
Power Generator 1.5kw - 1 Meg
Transfer switch
Elect Gear Box Control
Small Engine Repairer
Construction Engineer Equipment
Combat Engineer Equipment
Track Vehicle ,
DC 10 Dozier
Hummv series
Commercial Automotive
Welding, Brazing, Soldering
MRAP Training
Countries work abroad; Okinawa, Germany, Korea, Kuwait, Iraq, and Afghanistan
I certify that, to the best of my knowledge and belief, all of my statements are
true, correct, complete, and made in good faith.

Date: 28 MAY, 2010