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Glenn T. Davis gd5fd02c@westpost.

net 1447 Waterfront Road, Reston, Virginia 20194-1251 (571) 235-8787


QUALIFICATIONS Broad, hands-on, hard-core engineering experience: algorithm development ; software design, coding, optimization, & maintenance; hardware design; research; systems analysis; system design; reverse engineering; statistical analysis; robotics Demonstrated success in developing and applying new methodologies; i.e., compressing data to speed response in real-time query-intensive database search Track record of innovation: holds patent for set of database compression methods Experience in R&D, production, & consulting environments Stable employment history CORE COMPETENCIES Database compression for real-time applications Search engine design Real-time embedded systems Algorithm development Technical writing Postal automation, OCR postprocessing, & address interpretation Application development in C, ASM-386, PL/M, Pascal, FORTRAN, & SQL

WORK HISTORY 2006-2010 Xtreme Compression, Inc. (self), Reston, Virginia

SOFTWARE PRODUCT DEVELOPER Product: TPC-H Data Compressor/Decompressor & Technology Demonstrator. Developed fact table data compressor and decompressor for TPC-H database , a standard DBMS benchmark. Defined requirements, architected product, coded in MS V isual Studio C, optimized performance using VTune, ported to Linux/gcc. Product's performance far exceeds what is now available from industry, b eating IBM's DB2 by more than 3:1 and Oracle 11g's Advanced Compression by over 5:1. Its combination of compression ratio, decompression speed, and code simplicity is unequaled . Product features attribute vector coding, an innovative, proprietary, multidimen sional data modeling methodology; plus a novel statistical, discrete-quantization, entropy-re ducing data modeling technique. An important design feature is compression of Huffman coding and decoding tables to fit entirely within processor's internal registers. Product: Xtreme Component Coder. Developed high-performance back-end dat abase search engine for real-time contextual postprocessing of OCR-read images of postal mail. Defined requirements, architected product, wrote specifications, coded i n MS Visual Studio C, optimized query response by code refactoring, ported to Linux/gcc. Fe atures: Intelligent hypothesis generation. Partial lookahead in hypothesis g eneration exploits the constraint graph's structure to avoid compromising speed with ac curacy. Speedup through compression. Developed structural and algorithmic da tabase compression methods to speed query response. Achieved speed improvem ent sufficient to support web application and client/server environments . Accommodation of imperfect statistics. Piecewise-linear Bayesian est imation in character matching desensitizes decision accuracy to unavoidable imp recision in knowledge of a priori probabilities measured by statistical analysis & used in tuning. Superior uncertainty management. Multilevel commitment deferral prov ides superior disambiguation at all levels without backtracking.


Eagle Software Group, Inc., Fairfax, Virginia

CONSULTING SYSTEMS ANALYST Analyzed requirements, diagnosed system problems, architected solutions, and enhanced & maintained source code for U.S. Postal Service's mail coding platforms . Application development. Designed, specified, and coded database-sup ported functional enhancements to VAX/VMS and Intel Multibus image processi ng systems. Enhancements added new machine capabilities and reduced labor costs. Software maintenance. Conducted maintenance engineering of multiline optical character readers' proprietary image processing, database generation , and address interpretation subsystems in C, ASM-386, Pascal, FORTRAN, & PL/M. Su ccessive releases reduced processing time, reduced labor costs, and increased customer satisfaction by reducing errors. Root cause analysis. Initiated broad investigation into performance degradation in software. Identified incompatibilities, data configuration vulnerabi lities, and failure mechanisms. Defined new data quality requirements, and developed out line for process re-engineering via autonomous distributed system.

Data reduction & data analysis. Post-analyzed a half-million-point e xperiment data set using SQL to determine feasibility of revising critical parameters i n specification of 4-state mailer-applied barcodes. Authored report recommending parame ter changes. 2000-2000 netViz Corporation (now part of CA, Inc.), Gaithersburg, Maryland

CONSULTANT Designed, developed, and specified data compression and decompression al gorithms for Windows metafiles, especially records for polygons & polylines. Delivere d comprehensive design document specifying data structures, algorithms, & pseudocode for procedures. 1985-1992 Arthur D. Little, Inc. Technology Resource Center, Washington, DC

STAFF CONSULTANT Performed automation planning, research, requirements analysis & feasibi lity analysis; developed concepts, technology, algorithms, hardware & software; evaluat ed proposals; wrote specifications; and managed contract research for U.S. Postal Serv ice. Algorithm & software development. Lead design, development, integrat ion, and patenting of set of database compression methods for real-time datab ase search. Achieved 25:1 net compression ratio. Deployment recaptured $5,000,00 0 development cost in 4 weeks & saved $500,000,000 over life of system . Systems analysis, design, & hardware development. Developed hardware /software upgrade to proprietary mail coding platforms to print alphanumerics and extended barcodes. Delivered new circuit board sets featuring finite-state au tomaton print controller using Altera and Xilinx PLDs and dual MOS FIFO buffers. Systems analysis. To support new services, devised new multilevel ba rcode format with distinct advantages in information density, system compatibilit y, resolution requirements, and error detection & correction. EARLY CAREER Scientific instrument design, spacecraft, robotics, embedded microproces sors, PID feedback control systems, data acquisition systems, frequency synthesis, phase-locked

loops, gyrator active filters, analog & digital circuit design, OCR EDUCATION Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, University of Maryland, C ollege Park, MD AFFILIATIONS IEEE, ACM AWARDS Arthur D. Little, Inc. President's Awards (2): October 1985 and January 1991 U.S. Patent #4,868,570: "Method and System for Storing and Retri eving Compressed Data"