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Putnam County. copy of the last Will & Testament 0} nal will,which 1s now on file in my: o: ‘@s appears from the origi- «day of February,1911- | jPurtatie Mnarek /p™ / Ul. bev euily Obra | Hartlett Elizabeth, Deceased, } I, Elizabeth Bartlett,of Putnam County, Temes: To hast Will & Testament. » | 4 feeble health of body,but, of sound mind and (hi spos~ being | ing Menory, aware of the uncertainty of 1ife,and the certainty of deathydo make and publish this as my last will and testament hereby revoking all former Wills by me at any time maker First. I direct that all my just debts & funeral expenses be first paid,out of any money ay have on hands at my death,or that may come into the hands of my Executor. Second ~ I give and bequeath to Alfred Bartlett, the following piece of land,being a pert of my old home tract in the 34-District of Putnam County, Tennesseesto be laid off to hn = follows; Begining at the creek East of my house,at a point on said creek,s0 as by runing south to the top of the hill will include in said boundary a spring west of the house on | anid lands, thence eastwardly from the top of the hill to James Bohanmn's Line, thence | with his Line down to the creek,thence with the creek to the place of beginng, sup~ Posed to contain Thirty | reaybe the sare tore or lesss I also direct that said Al- | ered nave a wagon and two mules, and One hundred Dollars in Money-and also bed,bed stead, clothing for same & pillows. ‘Thirdly. I give and bequeath to Lucy Bartlett six acres of land including the Spring and house now being built on said land,being in the 3d-Diste,of Putrlam County, Tennessee, adjoing | the lands of Watson-Dyer et al.,to be laid off so as to be the most conveint for the | use to seid house and spring for a home,and I further direct that out of the.renain- | dsr of the tract,off of which this six acres is taken that the said Incy Bartlett,i + ] is to have sufficient firewood for her use for and dury her natueral life-,I further | direct that said Lucy have,her bed and and all necessary clothing for same pillows »} ete,and fow* chairs,and dishes,knives and forks etc,and at my death she have set apa to her out of ny-effects = yeas support,and indation to the above bequest she be paid by my Executor One hundred dollars in money. Fourth. | give and bequeath to Jossie Bartlett her bed,pillows and the necessary clothing | paid by ty Executor One hundred dollars in Cashe } | | for the same,alao,four chairs, dishes knives & forks etcjand'that she be, > | | Fifth. | Sixthe be paid Twenty five Dollars in Mone; I give and bequeath, and direct that Bartlett McCommack (Son of Bill MeCom~ _ jack) be paid or given Twenty five Dollars in Noney,also to have my bed thal. I lay on, and clotning for sane . Seventh. : I give and bequeath and direct the Elizanath Walker,(a Girl beng raised by my Sister Clenintine) have Twenty five dollars. . Bight. 4 | Jee Verbleynow has in bis hands to look after, collect interst, ans collect | One Thousand Dollars of Notes,or Judgeents,and money collected on sane,and out of this amount I give and bequeath to him Four Hundred Dollars if that id | amount should remain in his hands at my death,I also direct that the Verble out of the money collected vy him will nave erected over the Graves of Nathan Bartlett & Wife Peggy Bartlett, Tomb Stones to cost as much as Thin rty Dollars eachjand to be erected so as not to eterfere with the stone > already around their graves. | Ninth. ALL the remainder of-my property both real & personal,of what ever kinds and descriptiongI give and bequeath to my Brother-in-law Jack Walker and :* his wife, CLenintine Walker,and I especially bequeath to Clemintine the pict~ ure of "y Husband,my Sons and myself, but I further direct that after my Ge death, that the land to be set apart to Alfred Rartlett,be laid off to him him, and that Bill Metomack t wife Lee Ann,have the u: and occupation of the reaainder of my home place for the first three years next after:my de Jk. rent free,and that the taxes for said time on said land be paid by Jack Wwal- ker,or out of any effects of mine that may come into his hands. I further direct that as soon after my death as practiable that all my per Sonal property, such as may be about my premises,be sold by my Executor, exe opt the dedsteud now standing in wy Parlor,I sire that it reaain in said Toolt, Te old Bureaux standing & old clock in my family room I desire to re main in said reom so Tong as the house is occupied by Bill MeCommack and wif ind that the money,notes,Judgnents or accounts that may be due me at my death | I desire the sae collected,and after paying the bequest herein made and * | the expenses incident to winding up uy estate,tho remainder to ve given to | my Brotherinlaw Jack Walker & WifesT further @iract that the one acre around and including the Grave Yard now on my old home place be and the sane is re~ surved and not included in. the bequest of my home place,and there be erected z 225 over my Grave.a Tombatone like the one over the Grave of my husband and that thia(iaic” reserved by me for this Grave Yard,be fenced by my Executor, and get in good conditia Amcluding the Graves of the Collered folks buried thereine I hereby nominate, consti- tute and appoint Jack Walker as my Ececutor of this my last Will & Testament,and hav ing implicit confidence in his honesty and integrity,I direct that he wind wo said atate without bond as required by la In Witness whereof I have hereunto set ny Her hand,on this January 20th.1902. Elizabethy Bart] ott Te above and foregoing Instrument was signed by Elizabeth Bartlett,as and for her last Will & Testament, in the presence of ch of us,who at her request, and in her presence of each other have subserib: our names hereto as attesting witnesses, The day and year above written. ‘Tals Dennye Benjamin F.Sloan. By way of Codicil to my foregcing will,I make the following changes,to wits In the ninth section or clause,I direct that Bill MeComack & WifejLee’Ann,have the free oo- capation of the renander of my home place for but one year in lieu of three years, next after my death, And in the Bight section or clause,where I direct that J«HeVerbl have Four Hundred Dollars,I change & direct,that he have Two Humdred,and Two Hunéred dollars, I pequexth and direct that it be paid to the Presbyterion Church at Cookev- lle, Tennessee, and One hundred Dollars to the Presbyterion Congrigation at the Dry Valley Church,Putnan County, Tenneby said Verble or my Executor-This Aug. 25th-1904. sini pene ‘The above Codicil was attached to said Will and also signed by Elizabeth Bartlett, making her mark theretc,and she acknowledged the same @ part of her lai WAL & Testament, and made her mark to same in our presence and we at her request sign our names heratoas witness to ome. This Auge25th+1904. Tels Denny. “Benjamin F.Sloan. State of Temessees | y¥.OsWatson, Clerk of the County Court of said County,do hereby Putnam County. | certify that phe above and foregoing is a fll,true and perfect copy of the last Will & Testament of Elizabeth Bartlett, Dgceased,as appears from the original will,which 1s now on file in ny office.This the 2otheday of March 226 | je Ae Wallace, In the name of God Am Je AeWallace. '» and in the presence of the tes tetor and at his request, as hi; Testaments This Sept-1l1th.18% = Atteste @3-Marraye As Ae Staley. John PeMurraye a State of Tenn 1, W-0-Watson, Clerk of the County Court for\gaid County, dhe Bartlett Elizabeth, Probated May the Sth 1911. | will. T Elizabeth Bartlett,have this day desided to make sont~ | change in my Will that I have heretofore have mades T had heretofore, willel to Jack & Clem Walker,my home place with the exception that I willed to Al- | fred Bartlett, the east end of this farm from a hollow that comes down to the road near the end of the field as you go up the Creck from there Sow thardly to Dock Millers linesnow owind to the age of Jack Walker and to have the Grave Yard looked after longesI will and bequeath to John H.Verble ‘the lands of my home plate,with exceptions of this farm here to fore menti~ on the condition that John HeVerble,pay the Sua of Three Thousand Dollars, $3000-00 to Jack &-Clen Walker,in payments of Five Hundred Dollars,each for 4 six years after my death with Intrust on all after the one year,& after said John H.Verble takes possesion of said farm.It is farther my will fo]Jack & | Clan Walker,or their heirs to have a lien on said land until the said sum of Three Thousand dollars and intrust are paid in full.L Elizabeth Bartlett deleave the said land described in this will are worth Thirty five hundred dollars-I also give the $500-00 in this place to John H.Verble,for the pur- | pose of looking after the Grave Yard & to keep the Iron fence panted oncea : | year duering his life time ,It is my will that John H.Verble ameditly atte my death take posesion of said Farm and have this will put of recordeNow this isnot to interfear with the other will that I have made qply on the land, that I had here to fore willed to Jack & Clem Walker.Now as to the Seven hundred & twenty five dollarsYote that I hold on you,at my death you are to | nave $400-00 cut of this Note for what you have done for me,% pay to your 4 Children’ 950-00 each,ond pay for my coffin and if any left pay the balence to Alfred Bartlett, This is my last will and T autherise John HeVerble to sign my nme to the swe. This Paly OA Flizateth Rpartlett. | Witness. Gusta Verblo- By John H-Verbl Mat, Conley. John Fowards I will & beaqueath out of the above will Six hundred dollars ($600-00) Four hundred to Brothers Seorges Alex (4400-00) One hundred to Mat Conley, ($100.00 )one hundred to Sitha Vinson ($100.00) this is to be taken out of the boddy of the above will in Prorato omJack % Clon Walker, Alfred Bartlett & JeHsVerblesThis is my last will,T | have hereunto nade ny lark to the samesThis Noves25,1909, her Witness. ElizabethABartlett. mark. J-W-Howard. | Gusta Yerbho. Dy JeHeVerbles It is my wish to give the $100-06, that I gave to Sitha Vinson, $50-0o,to Roaa Watson 50-08 to Liga Budkior, Mis Nove+l0,1910. “Elizabeth Bartlette By Jel. Verblee It is my will for Eviline Carr to have $50.00 in cash out of my estate and one bed $ & stead at my death, And I Elizabeth Rartlett, appoint and eupower J.!-Verble,as my | Exseouto? with out givemiany bond to see that all of, the above wills are carried out Nove 10,1910. : Rlizabeth }Bartletts . marke By JeH.Verble. | State of Temesser, | JsW.0-Watson, Clerk of the County Court for said County, do hereby | Patan coy theme avove and foregoing Instrument of writing ia a true and perfect copy cf the Ladicilsicf the will.of Elizabeth Bartlett, deceased,as apper! ars from the Origbicl Godicils which is now on file in my office. This May 8the1911. W.B.Nahirr creck | : 3y Cligeed nentia.c. | | | Probated July 18th.1911. tyilo make and publish this as my last will and Yas |Bartlett Elizabeth, | I,mizapeth Bart] vevoking and making void all other wills by me To Will testanentshar at any time made, |Pirste I direct that my funeral expenses and all my debts be Paid as soon after my | death as possible,out of any moneys that I may die possessed of,or may first cone into | the hands of ny Executor. Secondly- I give and bequeath to John H.Verble,my home, and Farm situated on the waters of Falling 3rd Civil Dist-,of Putnan County, State of Temn.And bounded as follows, Towlt \on the west by the lands of W.H.Walker,on the south by the lands of John geen NOY & Dock Miller,on the East by the lands of Alfred Bartlett and James Bohanan,North by, © the lands of William Huddleston. Also 1 Note I hold against him executed by himself to me for Seven hundred and fifty Dollars,also One thousand Dollars of the money I have| Geposited in Te Cookevill Bank, Cookeville, Tenn. I furgher direct him to keep the F Aly Cemetry in good epair, cleaned off yoarly,fenced,that Tomb Stones placed at all the Family Graves without further charge. =f | mirdly- I give and bequeath to Alfred Bartlett, the Young Man I raised about forty. | five acres of land to be that more or 1ess,Situated in the eastern portion of my Fearn 228 lana Joining the lands of Janes Bohannan’on the east Guy Bohannan on the North, Jorn HeVerball on the west ,and Dock Miller on the south beginning at the Cre¢h lat or near the forks of creck,running south a straite line east passing a bluff. lof rooks then to or near a pig pen on top of hill, thence continuing north east ko Dok MAllers lines Also I direct he have one two horse wagon, one pair good Mules, Bed and Bed Clothes, and one himdred Dollars,in money. Fourthly- I direct that Eviline the Colelady who stayed with me and Coked and waited on me during my illness be paid by my executor One hundred and twenty five Dollars out of any money I may die possessed of or may come into his hana! Fitthlyz I direct that the One Hundred Dollars bequeathed and set apart to the Cookeville, Tanne, thit Fifty Dollars be paid to George Buckner my ne Nephew, Twenty Five to Bartlett MoCommack, and Twenty five to Joseph MeCommack instead of the Church,and I also direct that Bartlett MeCommack have one of my beds & ded cloth: Sixth- I give and bequeath’ to Mat Conley one hundred and twenty five Dollars, Anstead of land for hie services rendered me during my life time. Seventh- I give and bequeath unto the C-P.Church or trustees of same Dry Vally Tenne, Fifty Mollars to be used to the Glory of Gods Eighth- I direct nominate and appoint Allex Verbell sr-,as my Executor and he shall be paid for his survices for acting for same One hundred Dollars,No bon’ eing required of him I also give and bequeath unto him Four hundred Dollars, in Money to be Paid out of my estates Ninth- I further direct that Allex executor take charge of ally ny property or means not bequeathed and specified in this will advertise and sell at sale at highest and best bider pay my debts and expenses out of sane, keep the ravainder if any for him self and ow uses Tonth- I Aurther direct that Lean MeCommick,be paid twety five Dollars for sa_ wises rendered me during my life time. - Blevanth- I direct and request that some suitable Minister of the Gospel be in- ployed some tile in future to come to my old home stead and Preach my funeral, when most suitavle and most convient to him and be paid for same Ten Dollars. Also I direct that John Waters dec'd.,(best known) as the Little Preacher Boy) be paid Five Dollars to purchase Bible & Song Books Lastly- It is uy last desire and request that there be no controversy or liti- gation cver this my last will and testament,by any person or kindred as to haw I have bequeathed my effects as I am lawfully possessed of sameyand do think and fecl while in my right presence of mind have a perfect right to bequeath same to whom soever I may after due consideration,without compulsion or restr aint, for my own peace and comfort and good will to all. In witness whereof I o to this my last will set my hand and seal,this 12th day Jany 1911. her Attest. Elizabethppartiett. Sealy Benjamin P.Sloane Guy Bohannan. [Signed sealed and published in our presence and we have subscribed our names fhereto in the presence of the testator, this the 12theday Jany 1911. Benjamin ¥.Sloan, Witnesses, Quy Bohannan, m= ‘State of Tennessee; } I,W.0.Watson, Clerk of the County Court of said County,do Putnam County: {hereby Certify that the above and foregoing,is a full,tru jana perfect dopy of the Last, Will.& Testament of1 Elizabeth Bartlett, Dettdy, esd appears, from the original will,which is now on file-in officesThis the 1sth. [aay of Iuly,19LL. Clerk. 1 ®. Maleoy By Mord Yoon Dee

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