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Paul Hudon Beaulieu.

Metis interpreter and guide Paul Hudon Beaulieu was born in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan
on May 10, 1817. He was the son of Bazile Hudon de Beaulieu1 and
Ogemahgeshigoquay, daughter of White Raven, Chief of the Wisconsin Chippewas. She
was baptized as Margaret Racine.

Paul married Maria Margaret Fairbanks on October 15, 1841 at

White Earth. She was the daughter of Mary “Sha-gon-aush-
equay” Sayer and John H. Fairbanks. He resided in White Earth
Indian Agency, and was an interpreter after 1843, assisting in
concluding many treaties with the Chippewa tribe of Indians.
He accompanied General Fremont on his trip to the Rockies,
joining that expedition in Fort Bent, Arkansas. In 1838, he went
to Los Angeles with Jean Tete and others, as employees of Bent
and St. Vrain. In 1853, he worked as an interpreter and guide
for Governor I. I. Stevens, in his exploration of the West.

His father, who was employed by the American Fur Co., was
descended from the Beaulieu family who came to America from France, twelve years
before the revolutionary war.

Paul H. Beaulieu was born at 1820. He was of French and Indian descent and took an
active part in the early development of the territory and state of Minnesota, especially in
all matters relating to the Chippewa Indians, and in their several treaties with the
government. He possessed the attributes of a splendid education, was a master of the
English and French languages, a born diplomat, a brilliant orator, and a Chesterfield in
manner and address, and was reputed to be the most fluent interpreter of the Chippewa
dialect that the nation ever produced. He was largely instrumental in bringing about the
measure which secured to the Chippewas their present home, the White Earth
Reservation, and he, too, led the van when they removed hither, and turned the first
furrow and planted the first crop, and took the initiatory steps in the paths of a
new civilization. Mr. Beaulieu never sought the uncertain allurements of the political
works, although grandly qualified to honor and administer the duties of its most intricate
branches; he chose, rather, to humiliate himself to his humble surroundings and to the
elevation of his kindred, the Chippewas of Minnesota. He belonged to that lofty school of
individualism that is fast passing away, and who, "along the cool, sequestered vale of life,
they keep the 'morseless tenor of their way" and whose noble deeds of self- sacrifice are
buried with them. Mr. Beaulieu had been in failing health for some time, and the sudden
and tragic death of his beloved son, John H. Beaulieu, a few weeks ago, undoubtedly
hastened his demise which occurred on the 9th of February, 1897. He leaves a wife
and two daughters and two sons, Mrs. Jennie Ledeboer, Mrs. A. J. McIntosh, and Truman
and C. A. H.. Beaulieu. He was a brother of the late lamented Col. C. H. Beaulieu, and at
Bazille Hudon de Beaulieu was born May 18, 1785 at Riviere Quelle, Canada. He came from Montreal in
1804 and worked the fur trade in the area of Wisconsin and Michigan (upper penninsula).

the time of his death he was employed as interpreter on the Chippewa commission. In
respect to his memory Maj. R. M. Allen, U.S. Indian agent, ordered the agency flags at
half mast during Wednesday and Thursday, and that general business about the agency be
suspended during the funeral services. He was laid to rest on Thursday, in St. Benedict's
mission cemetery;
Rev. Father Aloysius, O. S. B., officiated at the funeral services. –

Detroit Record.

Compiled by Lawrence Barkwell

Coordinator of Metis Heritage and History Research
Louis Riel Institute

The census records pertaining to Paul and his wife Maria are listed below.

NAME: Beaulieu, Paul H. (1819) [1860 U.S., Powell]

!NAME: Beaulieu, Paul H. (1817) [1870 U.S.]

!NAME: Beaulieu, Paul H. [1864-5]

!NAME: Beaulieu, P.H. [1865, 1880 U.S.]

!SOUR: L.D.S. Ancestral File [additional information]

Listed as (AFN:FQZF-6R)

!"HALFBREED"_LAND_SCRIP; LCCN: E93.U69, House of Representatives, 42nd

gress, 2nd Session, Ex. Doc. 193, "Chippewa Halfbreeds of Lake
[Lake Superior Halfbreed Scrip, Jan. 18, 1869 - Saint Cloud, Minn.
according to
John G. Morrison he was born in Mackinac in 1820; father was Bazil
Beaulieu, a
voyageur for N.W. Fur Company from Montreal

l860 Census, Cass County, Minnesota, family 177/177: born Michigan,

U.S. Interpreter; land $1500, estate $1600
1860: also listed with family: Hole-in-the-day, Emma, servant
Aspinwall, Clara, servant
Herriman, Elizabeth;
Ferringden, John B., servant

!CENSUS: U.S. Census, Becker County, 1870 family 48/48, born in
Wisconsin - 1/2
breed, occupation Chippewa Interpreter ["laborer" crossed out], male
over age 21, estate $800

!CENSUS: U.S. Census, Becker County, - White Earth Agency, JUN

1880:58/59 race:
Indian, male occupation: farmer check mark "unemployed during the
Census year"
born: Wisconsin father born: Canada mother born: Wisconsin

!GENEALOGY: Minnesota Historical Society, R.J. Powell Papers, Microf.

Roll 10, Powell Genealogies, families #41:35, #52:--, #82:8
Roll 14/0012, Mixed Blood

grandfather of: Beaulieu, Lizzie (1868)

Old Crossing, OCT 2, 1863: Special Interpreter

Washington, D.C., APR 12, 1864 (Treaty Amendment): Special Interpreter
Red Lake, 1864: United States Interpreter
Red Lake, OCT 1, 1865: U.S. Interpreter
Pembina, 1865: U.S. Interpreter;
Red Lake, OCT 8, 1867: Interpreter
Pembina, 1867: U.S. Interpreter

NAME: Beaulieu, Maria M., (1822-4)

!NAME: Beaulieu, Maria M. (1822) [1860, 1880 U.S.]

!NAME: Fairbanks, Maria [82:8] [Powell 10/0330]

!NAME: Fairbanks, Maria (ABT 1844) [F3:8, 82:8] (WE-398) [Powell


!"HALFBREED"_LAND_SCRIP; LCCN: E93.U69, House of Representatives, 42nd

gress, 2nd Session, Ex. Doc. 193, "Chippewa Halfbreeds of Lake
[Lake Superior Halfbreed Scrip, Jan. 18, 1869 - St. Cloud, Minn.

!CENSUS: U.S. Census, Cass County, 1860:177/177

!CENSUS: U.S. Census, Becker County, - White Earth Agency, JUN

1880:58/59, Maria
(1822) is listed as: race: Indian, female occupation: keeping house
illiterate, cannot write father born: Vermont mother born: Minnesota

!GENEALOGY: Minnesota Historical Society, R.J. Powell Papers, Microf.

Roll 8, Powell Genealogies, families #59:1, #F3:9, #82:1, #82:8
(O-398) [notation: "1/4"]
Roll 14/0012, Mixed Blood

!Clement H. Beaulieu papers, Minnesota Historical Society

!L.D.S. Personal Ancestral File [additional information]
Listed as (AFN:FQZF-7X)


!NAME: Fairbanks, Marguerite, married OCT 15, 1841 in Wisconsin

!WELSA_Genealogy_Sheets, Red Lake, #52, giving her date of birht as

1823 and
her date of death as July 1900, identified as WE-398

!U.S. CENSUS: Becker County, 1870, family 48 48

- 1/2 breed keeping house illiterate - cannot read or