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23547 Schoenborn Street
West Hills, CA 91304
Experienced sales manager with the proven ability to lead teams to improved cons
ultative sales results and goal attainments. Experience in managing teams of 10
to 13 representatives with maximum supervision of team of 28 representatives. K
nown for guiding teams through successful new product launches and effective man
aged care pull through campaigns. Builder of technically sound teams whose repre
sentatives cultivate support from key opinion leaders. Strong implementer of ma
rketing plans and a contributor to product brand teams and local management coll
aborations. Energetic team leader able to create a motivating sales environment
for representatives.
PDI Inc, Los Angeles, CA January 2010--present
Sale Representative
Responsible for promoting Boniva (ibandronate sodium) therapy to select target l
ist physicians in conjunction with Genentech counterpart team. Charged to delive
r monthly reach and frequency goals while also driving market share in targeted
physician offices.
SCHERING-PLOUGH PHARMACEUTICALS, Los Angeles, CA 2005- November 2008
Respiratory Sales Manager
Achieved corporate sales and marketing goals in the Asthma/COPD market by develo
ping an effective and coordinated sales team. Charged to select, coach and deve
lop 10 member team toward improved consultative sales results, improved goal att
ainment and for preparation towards advancement. Work synergistically with prim
ary care management counterparts and by so doing, exemplify cross-functional tea
mwork that is to be emulated by representatives. Experienced in initiating work
improvement plans and leading reps through management development process.
* #1 Proventil HFA market shares in the Western region achieved by increasing ca
ll frequency to top physician targets
* Achieved Top 5% in Proventil HFA and Asmanex voucher redemptions by institutin
g field time practice to improve reps' voucher presentation to physicians and st
* Instituted "You Make the Call": Executed one presentation during rep field vi
sit which increased credibility with physicians and reps, built camaraderie with
in the district and improved rep reception to coaching feedback
* Top 5% market shares in the nation for Nasonex and Clarinex achieved by partic
ipating in rep cluster meetings to insure coordinated messaging, appropriate rea
ch to key targets and proper sample distribution plans
* Led launch of Asmanex: led rep certifications and key opinion leaders developm
* Appointed to national Asmanex product brand team which produced improvements t
o the Asmanex voucher program and gained field input into Asmanex visual aid use
d by field representatives
* Exceeded regional speaker program attendance average by improving rep solicita
tion technique and by making personal attendance requests to key physician targe
* Created Owning Excellence presentation which led to greater enrollment in comp
any distance training courses
* Participated in 4 expansion hiring sessions which yielded 30 new hires to the
West Respiratory region while simultaneously leading two high potential represen
tatives through the management development process
* Delivered Reach and Frequency goals by aiding access to top tier physicians du
ring field visits
BAYER PHARMACEUTICAL, Los Angeles, CA 1993-2005
Division Sales Manager (2000-2005)
Led representatives to the achievement of strategic sales goals in the anti-infe
ctive, erectile dysfunction, and statin markets. Concluded field contacts with
creation and review of field contact reports which funneled into the creation of
annual performance appraisals.
* Organized and led Levitra launch training meeting with GSK co-marketing counte
* Top 5% in national ranking in Levitra sales during entire promotional period(2
* Maintained Cipro PO/IV on formulary on all major hospitals inherited in the Lo
s Angeles district by securing support from local Infectious Disease and Pulmon
ology communities
* Selected as trainer for Ventiv Contract Sales Force expansion. All participan
ts passed presentation certification
* Maintained 75% field contact goal in district composed of 13 representatives s
panning Fresno to Los Angeles
* Led division through Passionate Persuasion and Consultative Selling workshops
which improved feature/benefit delivery skills of representatives
National Sales Training Specialist, West Haven, CT (1998-2000)
Primary trainer for Phase I, Phase II and Specialty Sales Force training classes
Conducted training across all Bayer sales force disciplines. Created interactiv
e workshops and lectures. Conducted lectures for over 1,000 managers and repres
entatives. Provided personal training and development as videotape recording (V
TR) coach. Worked cross-functionally with other headquarter departments to deve
lop sales aides, product core messages and sales training bulletins. Led produc
t launch programs on both a regional and national level. Responsible for leading
computer training for new hire representatives
* Contributed to creation of Avelox National Launch Plan and led Avelox launch t
raining for Phoenix, Orlando, New Haven and Charlotte sale areas
* Created script for and led Cipro UTI Pilot Program rolled out to Houston and O
rlando Sales Areas. Pilot success led to national roll out of program.
* Conceived and presented interactive computer training module subsequently used
in all Phase I training classes. Increased trainee participation and shortened
training session by nearly two hours.
* Lead or secondary trainer for initiatives that trained over 1000 new hire or t
enured reps
Territory Manager (PSRII), Sacramento, CA (1993-1998)
Responsible for promoting all Bayer anti-infective, diabetic, and hypertensive p
roducts to doctors, hospitals, retail pharmacists, and wholesalers in $1,000,000
territory. Convened with P&T committee members of 3 downtown hospitals to main
tain or add Bayer products to formulary. Partnered with local diabetes educators
and diabetes centers to host diabetes support groups. Also, served as new hire
trainer at division and regional levels.
* Achieved 100% market share quota attainment in three different territories
* Conceived and coordinated first annual Bayer Golf Open, September 1996. 97 he
alth care providers attended. 100 attendees at 1997 program
* Product launch experience with both Adalat CC(Nifedipine) and Precose(Acarbose
* Success as division trainer led to rotational then permanent national training
SUMMIT PHARMACEUTICALS (Div. of Ciba-Geigy Corp.), Sacramento, CA 1992-1993
Sales Representative
Promoted all Summit cardiac, dietary, and estrogen replacement products to docto
rs, wholesalers and pharmacists. Coordinated lecture and in-service programs wi
th local hospitals to illustrate product effectiveness.
Sales Representative
Implemented corporate-sponsored ad events, secured new product distribution, ass
isted retailers in developing competitive pricing structures, and developed sche
matic store changes.
B.S. in Business Administration (Marketing)
University of the Pacific,
Stockton, CA