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86 Mennella Road Poughquag, NY 12570

(845)-724-4121- home
(845) 505-5067 cell
Dutchess Community College - Poughkeepsie New York
Christopher Columbus High School, Bronx, New York
Tolworth Girls School - Surrey, England
Crime Victims Assistance Program- 29 Hamilton Street, Poughkeepsie, NY- Voluntee
Study for An Multidisciplinary Approach in the Reaching Teaching of Adolescents
Albany NY- Concentration: Elementary - High School
CASAC T- - January 2007
(Chemical Dependency Counselor Certificate) Program
Continuing Education
New York State Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse
New York State Multidisciplinary Approach in Reaching and Teaching
New York State: Mandated Reporter of Child Abuse
New York State Advocate of Rape Crisis and Domestic Violence
Community First Aid and Safety
Children and Adolescents: Building Their Futures
MACHS Conference Mid- Atlantic Consortium of Human Services Annual Conference 20
Mental Health Dialogue Connection - A Program of NAMI
Domestic Violence in the home: Author Lundy Bancroft - Cert. Course- Albany, NY
Author of WHY DOES HE DO THAT? (Inside the Minds of Angry and Controlling Men)
Substance Abuse Can go hand in hand with Chemical Dependency

Beekman Fire Department, Officer: Beekman, NY
Beekman Baptist Church Sunday School Superintendent
Town of Beekman Bingo caller for 3 years
Chairperson of Playground Committee Beekman Elementary School
(Raised $30,000) Blood Drives
Collections of articles for the Troops in Iraq
Collections of articles for the victims of crime
Humans Services Club member- Dutchess Community College
Recognition of Dedication to the Town of Beekman
Academic Citation Certificate - Dutchess Community College

Employment- October 07, 2007- June 2010

Florence Manor
Fishkill, NY 12524
Assistant Program Director/Clinical Counselor

1.Be responsible for case management of small number of residents (determined by

supervisor), which included:
a) Assessment through participation in the in-take process and completion of adm
ission paperwork.
b) Involvement of resident in establishing his/her service goals.
c) Formation of timely documentation of progress repots, services and treatment
plans, care reviews, case conferences, and discharge planning referrals.
2. Offer direct support to recovery and relapse prevention. Intervene in crisis
situations as necessary

3. Facilitate assigned programs activities, such as meditation, step and discuss

ion groups, and educational programs

4. Monitor and evaluate resident performance regarding service goals and communi
cate pertinent changes in case conferences with clinical team.
Other duties as assigned, such as arranging resident transportation to AA meetin
gs, community agencies, court appearances, attorney /probation and CPS appointme


1. Maintain records and communications food stamps, billing, status, public assi
stance, Medicaid, petty cash, and community advisory correspondence.
2. Monitor and dispense mail and incoming telephone calls.

3. Maintain and update resident' computer records.

4. Perform additional clerical tasks as delegated by Resident Manager.
Resident management:
Admit and discharge residents under the direction of the Resident Manager.

Daytop Inc.
Hartsdale, New York
Adolescent/Adult Clinical Counselor
Case management
Group Therapy
Family Therapy
Individual Therapy
Re-certification for Insurance benefits
Speaking engagements with clients
Van cleared

Ability to safely perform the essential functions of the position with, or witho
ut accommodations required by federal, state, or local law. A recovering chemica
lly addicted person should have an appropriate length of sobriety.

Family Services Inc. Rape Crisis and Domestic Violence Advocate

29 N. Hamilton St. Poughkeepsie, NY

* Main goal: To help the victim feel comfortable and in control.

* Advocate Roles. To serve as an Advocate -To facilitate the survivors decision
* To protect survivor's bill of rights.
* To serve as an Advocate and liaison between the various systems (health, legal
, family, etc).
* To accompanying/stay with victims
* To offer crisis intervention counseling via the hotline or in person to victim
s/ families.
* Understanding the Experience of Sexual Assault
* Understanding Emotional reactions to Sexual Violence. i.e. Humiliation, shame/
self blame, guilt, fear, loss of control, concern for rapists, grief, depression
, denial, anger/irritability, preoccupation with disease or pregnancy, risk of s
uicide, alcohol/drug abuse.
* Discussion of STD drugs and HIV medications and the morning after pill.
* Unconditional advocacy for our clients.
* Referrals to victim and family of victims
* Victims claim form assistance, if needed.

Town of Beekman Recreation Department

Main Street, Poughquag, NY
Assistant Recreation Director
Manager: Staffing/Inventory
* Assist in the development of General and Education Curricula, Programs and Ser
* Resource person in the development of appropriate teaching techniques.
* Interact in decision-making with personnel of component school districts regar
ding initiatives for new programs and services.
* Design and implement appropriate staff development programs.
* Supervised personnel and orderings of all foods /equipment for Recreational fa
cility. (Managed the Recreation Concession Stand, including hiring of all staff
* Facilitated Community Day - Organized staff, volunteers, vendors and Beekman F
ire Department, various logistics etc.
* Facilitated Registration for Day Camp 8-week program.
* Implemented classes for staff CPR, SWI, and Community and First Aide through t
he YMCA.
* Supervised and escorted seniors on all senior trips, in and out of State.
* Attending monthly meeting with Town Board

CDC Intern - Dutchess Community College @ Day Top Village Millbrook, NY

Job offer made by Director: Kim Tedadli.
Special Education - What is the SAFE Project?
The SAFE Project is a collaborative effort in which trained healthcare practitio
ners and rape crisis advocates work together with law enforcement agencies and t
he prosecutor's office to provide a team approach to effectively meet the needs
of the sexual assault patient.
Note: As a favor to the head of the Forensic Nursing staff I acted as a rape vic
tim and model for 4 RN's. I permitted the team to perform a Rape kit on me for
the knowledge of how to probably administer the kit.
I am married for 30 years to a NYCFD LT .We have three children. I have been wor
king in the field of Human Services for many years, and find great comfort in do
ing so. I am the adult child of parents who were/are substance abusers. I have l
ost family members to this disease
and seek to aid those working the 12 step program/introduce it to those who have
the desire to learn .