V OLUME 11 I SSUE 5 M AY 2011

Published monthly by the Lincoln Izaak Walton League

The excitement is building, at least here at my household. It is open water fishing season and the time is fast approaching that some of us are headed to Devils Lake. I probably bragged a bit last year when we came home with several limits of quality walleye, pike and white bass. I am looking for a repeat, but I hear that the lake rose another two feet or so and that means some new exploration. What an amazing resource it is! But, we certainly feel for those folks that are losing their farms and homes to the high waters. CHAPTER HAPPENINGS The annual election is coming culminating with ballot counting done at the Annual Meeting scheduled for July 26th. As you recall, we elect four directors to serve on our board for three year terms each year. This year the incumbents whose terms are being completed are Ed Mundorf, Dick Mavis, Mike Moore and myself. All of these members have been re-nominated and Ron Teselle has joined the slate of candidates. See the biographical sketches elsewhere in this newsletter. A matter of considerable concern in recent years has been how the elections are carried out, both in terms of equity and cost efficiency. This led to much discussion about an appropriate processes. The board wishes to make sure that each member has ample and equal opportunity to cast a vote and adopted the following procedure for the upcoming election. When balloting begins in the next (June) newsletter, if you are a member you may cast your ballot in any of three methods. You may cast a ballot: 1. as a return email; 2. by mailing a paper ballot from a paper copy newsletter which will appear opposite the mailing label (label needs to remain readable); or, 3. by casting a ballot at the meeting by showing your IKEs ID card. Only the election committee will know who voted for whom. The committee will certify that each member will be allowed one vote correlated with the membership roster. I urge you to exercise your voting privileges. Only you can elect the best leaders for our chapter. OTHER STUFF In other action, our board has decided that it is high time to undertake a serious review of our bylaws. The last changes were made back in 1997, 14 years ago. With that in mind, a special board meeting is called for June 7th to be dedicated to that mission. As always, all members are welcome to attend. I am pretty sure

N EW M EMB ER S Travis Anderson Ray Atwood Clark Bellin Bradford Bondy Chris Brandstetter Bruce Burris Kevin Chipps Andy Grubb James Hannaway Andrew Hartley Donald Hartman Malachi Kingery Shot Kleen Jim Koelzer Brian Koerwitz Bill Lueth Jake Lysgaard Jeff Maldavs Lane Mayes Jay Nemec Steve Nolan Ryland Nolan Bradley Philson Travis Porter Tracy Preston Brandon Ray Steve Remer Don H. Shalla Wally Siems Curtis Sorge John Wragge Richard Wurtz




( CONTINUED ) worked out. Watch for the announcement of the first class registration. It will fill quickly, I am sure. Another long-anticipated range has been completed. The new 75 yard facility should really take some pressure off of the old “pistol/small bore” range. If you haven’t been out to look it over, go out and see what you think. Please let the board know what you think. We are trying a bit of new approach. With some intermediate target backers, safety must be high on the list of concerns. We need to police ourselves in order to prevent problems, problems that could result in closure of our rifle ranges. Range safety is a number one priority thus everyone needs to be observant. Please read the signs. Enough Ramblin’ But remember this; “The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not.”----Thomas Jefferson ----One of the smartest men of our time. Wes Sheets

that some of the changes will be approved by the board and thus need to be adopted by the membership at the annual meeting to become official. A long awaited opportunity for persons wishing to learn basic handgun shooting is about to present itself. Member Kent Kennedy approached the board offering to provide classes in handgun shooting as a benefit to new and other interested persons. Our board enthusiastically embraced the plan and urged Kent to move full speed ahead. Of course, as with all activities, the logistics will need to be

CHAPTER 65 MEMBERS, we finally put the finishing touches on the new multi-use range. This range has one bay and target backer at 25 yards and we ask that it only be used for sighting in new rifles, or new sight/scope or other optical sight system. Because this target is not close to the berm, we would ask that you limit your time on this firing point. There are also three bays (six benches) at 75 yards corresponding with three target backers. Likewise at 50 yards there are three bays (six benches) for the three 50 yard target backers. We need to be especially careful not to cross fire over to another target as that may put other equipment in the line of fire. than a day, but we will send out another notice when we can firm up this date. I hope to not inconvenience too many of you, please keep an eye on the calendar.

All other rules on this range are the same as for the other ranges. Slugs and black powder are allowed but please NO shot, as this dam- Michael Kunkee ages target backers and carriers. Izaak Walton Manager In the near future we will be (402) 540-7120 doing some restorative work on the pistol range and will need to close it for less



300 Y ARD B ENCHREST , M AY 7, 2011
Well it finally showed up, I’m talking about the nice weather. The morning temperature was in the mid 50’s with slight North-toNorth East breeze for this Benchrest match. Everyone was visiting about how nice it was not to bundled up and shirring from the cold. After all of the aspects of the weather were discussed, we got down to do some shooting. This month we shot a new format of just two shots on the record bull’seyes. We had two targets posted for each shooter during the match. The targets we use have six bull’s-eyes on them. So the person shooting has one target bull to sight in on and the remaining five targets to shoot for this score. We did have one competitor that added another shot to his target during a memory lapse, but it only cost him an X and it didn’t make a significant difference in his overall score in the end. I like the new format. Chris Benchrest match on July 16th. A couple of the premiere Benchrest matches right in your own back yard. If you need information on either of these matches you can contact me at 402-4205763 or Westover and I were doing the scoring and found it much easier to score and add up things as we went a long. We may look at doing this on a permanent basis for the match’s. The only draw back I can see is that you have twice as much paper to control when the wind decides to pick up. Any way, with the new things we do, we usually find ways to combat the problems that may be associated with them. I’m sure we’ll come up something to fend off Mother Nature’s winds. As mentioned in the newsletter last month, our Nebraska Benchrest Score Championship match is coming up on June 18th and the Cornhusker State Games


Clubhouse, food service area, and beverage services are available. Beverage service includes a full bar. The hall will seat 300. The daily rental fee is $500.00. A refundable damage deposit is required. The facility is perfect for receptions, class reunions, anniversaries, birthdays, or office parties. For price quotes and hall availability call the clubhouse at 4746555 and leave a message on the answering machine. Members and non-profit organizations may receive a discount on the rental fee. Contact Mike Kunkee (540-7120) for discount information.

This months match winners are: CUSTOM CLASS: 1st Mike Shapoval 199-6x, 2nd Chris Westover 199-5x, and 3rd Robert DeMoss 198-3x. VARMINT CLASS: 1st Chris Westover 193-2x, 2nd Robert DeMoss 192, and 3rd Dave Roberts 186. HUNTER CLASS: 1st Don Westover 191-1x, 2nd Robert DeMoss 183-1x and 3rd Rod Dewey 173-1x. Good shooting to all and start reloading for next match on June 4th. Mike Shapoval




A special meeting of the board will convene on June 7th to review and revise the chapter bylaws. All members are welcome to attend. The meeting will be held at the clubhouse at 7:15pm.

You will save the chapter nearly a dollar if you make sure we have your new address. Call Wes (466-9040) or send an update to: LIWL PO Box 6755 Lincoln NE 68506



2011 Pius Trap Club
The Pius Trap team event which tied them for is one of the three school 7th. Aaron Lafler was the teams that use the Lincoln only shooter to break a Izaak Walton League trap perfect 100 out of 100 out range as their practice locaof the 1216 shooters and tion. They complete in the won the event. He also Central Division in the Eastreceived the Jim Carlisle ern Cornhusker Trap Shooting Conference. This year Hertiage Trophy which is there were 1,236 shooters awarded to the shooter with registered in the conference the highest score in the 16 and the average number of yard event whose parent or shooters in the Central grandparent previously shot Division meets was 367, Pius #1 squad: Adam Greitens, Erin Drozda, Head Coach at the Cornhusker Trap both higher than last year. Dave Tunink, Travis Agee, Robert Harrison and Aaron Lafler Meet. Rick Lafler had shot The St. Joseph Junior squad display their metals and trophies from the 42nd Cornhusker won four team awards and for Milford High School. National Jr/Sr High School Trap Meet seven individual awards In the handicap event the which is a great improvement over last SENIOR SHOOTERS: Adam Greitens – Pius #2 squad (Rempe, Borzekofski, year. The Pius Senior squads won six All-Central Division Senior Male 16 yard awards, four handicap awards Third Team First Post – 85.6; Andrew Ellerbee, VanLent and Blake) shot a th and four overall awards at the six Rempe – All-Central Division Senior 389 which place the 7 . Travis Agee shot a 94 which placed him first in the conference meets along with 23 Male Second Team Fourth Post – individual awards which again was an 85.8; Erin Drozda – All-Conference handicap event. The Pius #1 squad improvement over last season. Senior Female First Team Fifth Post – shot an 838X1000 which won them Conference Shooting Awards – This 84.0; Aaron Lafler – All- Conference 5th place medals. Erin Drozda won a year we had an increase in the number Senior Male Third Team First Post – shoot-off that placing her third high of individual juniors winning shooting 88.6; Travis Agee – All-Conference awards. These awards were presented Senior Male Second Team First Post – overall ladies division shooting a 171. Our top senior shooter was Travis to the following: 89.4 Agee with a 177. This is the first time JUNIOR SHOOTERS: Joel Blaser – All- Cornhusker Trap Meet at Central Division Most Improved Doniphan that Pius had two state champions or Junior Male Shooter - +30.0; This year’s meet broke three trophy winners. Mitchell Litchfield, Joel Blaser and attendance records again with 1916 Dave Tunink Austin Reed tied for – All-Central registered shooters, of which 700 were Division Male Third Team Fifth Post junior shooters. Our junior shooters – 80.0; Cole Jarecke – All-Central didn’t win any award but if normal Division Junior Male First Team first squads could have been squadded Third Post – 84.4; Makinsey Lonergan as a team like in the conference they – All-Conference Junior Female First would have tied for second in the Team Second Post – 86.0;Noah state meet with a score of 410 out of Kapustka – All-Conference Junior 500. At the Cornhusker meet all Male Third Team Fifth Post – 85.6; shooters on a squad must attend the Mark Husmann – All-Conference same school. Junior Male Third Team Second Post The Pius team had some – 85.6; *Ben Keaschall – Allgood results over the two very windy Conference Junior Male First Team days. The Pius #1 squad (Agee, First Post – 90.0 *Denotes top Lafler, Drozda, Greitens and shooter of all junior shooters in the Harrision) shot a 449 in the 16 yard Conference



2011 LSW/Scott Cornhusker Trap Shoot Results
Lincoln Southwest High School and Scott Middle School teams brought 55 shooters to the meet. Thirty-three of these were high school shooters, with the remaining from various middle schools. The top score for the junior shooters was Kylee Plager-84, tied for 4th out of 94 females. The Scott Middle Pink team made up of Dakotah Koch, Alexis Philson, Megan Mueting, Bailey Gasseling, and Sydney Pendergrass broke a score of 319 x 500, winning 2nd place. Scott Middle Gold made up of Sam Harris, Mitchell Charron, Brenden Casteel, Drew Hedstrom, and Nolan Watkins broke 397 x 500, placing 4th out of 63 teams. On Friday, in the Senior High division, Morgan Mavis tied for 2nd out of 200 other female shooters with a score of 95 x 100. The LSW Pink team made up of MacKenzie Woodward, Markee Tripp, Brooke Emmert, Morgan Mavis, and Stacy Manson broke 430 x 500, placing 2nd, only 2 targets out of 1st place. LSW’s top male was Chase Walter with 95 x 100, tying for 19th out of 1002 shooters. The LSW Gold team made up of Chase, Jacob Ripa, JP Deeds, Brandon Zimmerman, and Zach Jeffery shot 457 x 500, winning 2nd out of 88 teams, only three targets away from 1st place. On Saturday, the handicap event turned out to be an entirely new day for the Silverhawks. Where we usually fair well in handicaps, we found ourselves fighting the wind and came home empty on the award scene, but still feeling very good about our overall results. The top LSW shooter was Barret Moyer, who tied for 22nd out of 1002, with an 86 x 100. In the high overall events, Chase tied for 8th, and Barret tied for 22nd. In the HOA team events, the LSW Pink team won 3rd place, shooting 764 x 1000, and Gold placed 11th. Overall, LSW and Scott brought home five trophies and 25 medals. We end the season losing four seniors and ready for next year. Dick Mavis



berships previously since the early 70’s. He has recently served on the board since 2002 lending his technical expertise on the computer to several aspects of our chapter. You will recognize his name as webmaster, where he created and maintains lincolnikes.org single handedly. In addition he maintains the master list of our members and coordinates the newsflashes that provide timely information to our members with email addresses. He also maintains the mailing list for members who choose to get the newsletter as hard copy. Mike has been known to engage in just about every shooting activity that our chapter makes available and currently is a regular in the trap league, including overseeing the score keeping computer program. Not many years ago he trained extensively in several NRA classes working with beginning training programs. He uses that expertise by volunteering for many of our youth shooting events as a coach and trainer. He is an incumbent director that takes his responsibilities seriously. Personally Mike works as quality control specialist at
(continued on page 6)

Five candidates have advanced their names to fill four positions on the Ikes Board of Trustees. On page one you can read about the three options you have for voting. Please make your selections from this fine slate of candidates, and be prepared to vote soon.

six weeks. I also am in charge of getting the Ikes back into throwing ATA registered targets with two shoots on the calendar for July 2nd and August 20th. I look forward to continuing on the board and to utilize my building construction knowledge with project that needs attention in those DICK MAVIS areas. Besides my helping on the Board, I also coach I am currently on the Ikes Board. I help with the Lincoln Southwest and trap range management and Scott Middle School Trap also help Dave Tunink with Team and try to shoot a little registered trap in my the youth trap program during the spring and early off time. MIKE MOORE summer. We manage Mike Moore has approximately 105 youth been a continuous member shooters every Monday night from 6-8PM for about since1990 and held mem-





ing has been as a mentor for teenage new bowhunters, working to recruit new and future hunters and shooters. A primary goal of mine for the Ikes is to create as many opportunities as possible for youth learning our hunting, fishing and shooting heritages. I currently am one of your national directors and have participated in all recent annual conventions, as well as serving as the president of the IWLA Endowment board. At our local chapter level, the membership chairmanship consumes much of my desk time. I am proud to note that our membership is continuing to grow and we now have over 800 members, a number that has doubled in the last decade. I am most proud of our collective state legislative activities which in recent years included the first for Nebraska shooting range protection statute. That statute has already been up-


Cooks Foods after having many years at Qweb Core before the company moved out of town. ED MUNDORF Ed Mundorf is a long time member of the board and currently serves as vice president. WES SHEETS Hello. I would like to ask for your vote in the coming election as an incumbent seeking re-election. If we haven’t met, I am the current secretary and have served as your president in past years. I am a retired but not tired conservation advocate, at least that is my principle motivation. I had a working career as a fisheries biologist and administrator for the Game and Parks Commission, becoming active in our IKEs chapter in 1998, and have worked on the board since. My shooting passion covers most of the ranges but primarily I use archery equipment. In recent years most of my hunt-

held in recent court action. Currently, we are working with other groups to obtain a constitutional amendment to recognize hunting and fishing heritage to be voted on in the 2012 general election. I believe that our chapter has a bright future if we can govern ourselves with fiscally responsibly while continuing to work toward having a quality facility. With that I would ask for your vote in the coming board election. RON TESELLE I would like to be considered for an open board member position. To give you a brief update of who I am and who I have been involved with in the past, please consider the following. 1983 -2005: I was actively involved with the York, Nebraska, Chapter of the Izaak Walton League. I shot spring, summer, and fall trap leagues during this time. Served as score

keeper most of these years and held an office, but just help out as needed. 2004 to the present: Employed by Apache Camper Center here in Lincoln. Because of my job requirements and hours worked, I am no longer able to shoot with a trap league. 1990-2002 and 2006 to present: I have enjoyed shooting Big Bore Pistol silhouette. Started with the Grand Island range and have also shot at Holdrege and Eustis ranges here in Nebraska, and the Pringle range at South Dakota. I started shooting small bore pistol silhouette here in Lincoln in 2006. I have also been helping to assemble the big bore targets and looking forward to shooting the big bore pistol silhouette here in Lincoln in the near future. 2008 to present: member of the Lincoln IWLA.





form at:
http://outdoornebraska.ne.gov/pdf/ learn2hunt.pdf.

LINCOLN, Neb. – Want to learn to hunt? The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission and its partners can get you started. A daylong Learn to Hunt workshop, where there will be instruction in all aspects of hunting, is scheduled for June 4 at Platte River State Park (SP). The event will cover hunting strategies for all types of game using different weapons. The workshop is from 8:30 a.m.-5:15 p.m. Participants must be

at least 11 years of age. Firearms and archery equipment will be handled, but hunter education certification is not required. Instructors from Game and Parks, Pheasants Forever, Ducks Unlimited, National Wild Turkey Federation, Whitetails Unlimited, Nebraska Trappers Association, National Bowhunter Education, and National Predators Association will offer their expertise. Download a registration

Registration and a $25 fee are required by May 27. Contact Christy Christiansen at (402) 471-5547 or christy.christiansen@nebraska.gov for more information. Platte River SP is located 3 miles west of Louisville on Nebraska Highway 66 in Cass County.



The Urban Coyote Management Workshop
On April 21, 2011, the Izaak Walton League hosted the Urban Coyote Management Workshop sponsored by the Wildlife Damage Management Working Group of the Wildlife Society and the University of NebraskaLincoln School of Natural Resources. This was the second workshop on wildlife damage management hosted by the Izaak Walton League. The previous workshop, held in 2010, focused on shooting in sensitive environments. A workshop on the management of coyotes may seem strange to members of the Izaak Walton League given that conflicts with coyotes in Nebraska tend to center on livestock predation. Yet, in many parts of the U.S., conflicts with coyotes are on the rise. While coyotes typically attack pets and scavenge on trash, instances of coyote attacks on humans, including one death of a 19 year-old in Cape Breton Highlands National Park Canada in October 2009, are not unheard of. In light of these events, the Wildlife Damage Management Working Group decided that a hands-on workshop on the management of coyotes in urban areas was needed. The workshop began at 8:00 a.m. The 38 participants were divided into three groups based on their experience with shooting and trapping coyotes. The groups were assigned to the three field Metro barrel and the proper is a canine specific and liveuse of suppressed and trapping device that captures them by looping a relaxing cable over their neck, helped oversee setting the trap. While certainly, one hour of instruction for each of these sections is inadequate, unsuppressed .22 caliber the goal of the workshop firearms. With League mem- was to provide attendees ber Dr. Scott Hygnstrom as with an introduction to the range master, Erickson tools and techniques useful covered firearm selection, for urban coyote manageshot placement, safety rules, ment. In that regard, we and other considerations consider the training sucwhen dealing with urban cessful. coyotes. All attendees were After a quick lunch, able to to shoot a wide Claude Oleyar of Equalizer range of firearms and Wildlife Control in Coloammunition. Footholds, rado, gave instruction on traditional and padded-jaw, the use of cage traps in the were discussed by Chad capture of coyotes. He Richardson of USDAexplained the challenges and Wildlife Services-Nebraska. the opportunity that cage He demonstrated setting traps provide. The rest of techniques and had each of the day was spent inside the the attendees make their lodge. Rob Erickson spoke own dirt hole set. Those for the next two hours on new to trapping quickly surveillance in site selection discovered that setting dirt as well as handling clients. holes in wet clay soil is not He demonstrated how easy. In the cable restraint attendees could use Google and snaring area, Tim Julien Earth to assist them in findof A & T Wildlife explained ing dense sites in urban arthe finer points of using eas. He also described diffisnares and cable-restraints culties in handling municipal for coyotes. As an added coyote control jobs. He bonus, the manufacturer of repeatedly cautioned the Collarum™ trap, which (continued on page 8)

stations which consisted of shooting, footholds, and snares and cable restraints. The groups remained at each station for one hour before transitioning to the next in round robin fashion. Although the morning temperature was in the low 40’s and accompanied by a regular breeze, attendees took advantage of the opportunity for some hands-on experience. In the shooting section, Rob Erickson of On Target ADC, demonstrated the benefits of a 12gauge shotgun fitted with a



The Urban Coyote Management Workshop
participants about the importance of being careful, professional, and using the best equipment available. Joe LaBarbera of the LaBarbera Media Group rounded out the day by helping attendees understand how to handle the press. As a former news reporter, LaBarbera explained how reporters are under tremendous time pressure and noted that reporters will report a story whether you speak to them or not. LaBarbera said it is critical that you provide the facts and that you avoid saying “no comment.” In no circumstances should you ever say something is “off the record” cautioning that there is no such thing. He encouraged attendees to begin building relationships with reporters so that your perspective will be treated fairly which is the best that you can hope for. LaBarbera provided explicit rules of dos and don'ts in media relations which provided everyone with strategies for a more successful experience in dealing with the media. The workshop concluded with supper from Parker's Smokehouse, which included beef, pulled pork, muffins, and baked beans along with apple crisp for dessert. The Wildlife Damage Management Working Group and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln School of Natural Resources wishes to thank the Izaak Walton League for making their facilities available to us. In addition, we express our special thanks to Mike Kunkee for his willingness

to go beyond the call of duty to help us. We also thank the kitchen staff of the Thursday night Trap League for “sharing” the kitchen with us. We commend the League for its leadership in helping us provide researchbased information on wildlife damage management to the public. Stephen M. Vantassel, Project Coordinator http://icwdm.org Scott E. Hygnstrom, Professor-School of Natural Resources, UNL

Shooting conditions were difficult, with wind that threatWell, Doug had other ened to turn the target backers commitments this month so I into hang agreed to gliders run the when we April High were setPower ting them match. As up and takyou would ing them expect down. with a new Even staguy runpling up ning the match it was a little bit targets was a handful. Couple that disorganized. I really came to appreciate how much work goes into with several shooters having running something like this. Hav- equipment problems and it was a ing so many people pitch in to set very challenging day. High score went to Dan Myers shooting Serup and tear down really made a vice Rifle with a score of 437. huge difference - thanks, everySecond place was taken by me one. shooting optics with a 421 2X, Hi everyone and third went to Johnson Winemiller with a 397 using a service rifle. Despite the difficulties we had a good time and everyone was safe. Thanks to everyone for coming out and hopefully we'll see you next month. Art, I'll get the check in the mail. Brian Koenig



May Vintage Military Rifle Match
Well the second VMRM is in the books. The turnout was a bit lower than last month's opener with ten shooters showing up to take on not only the targets but a truly cold west wind. No sunshine to warm things up either but at least it wasn’t raining. As you can see the completion was pretty warm though with several good scores turned in despite some numb fingers. The June match will be on Saturday the 18th. Grab that old war horse and come on out and join the fun. You never know, the sun might even be shining.

STOCK MILITARY CLASS: Brian Koenig 281 (4X), Jesse Steinbach 277 (1X), David Griffith260 (2X), Ed Mundorf 260, Mike Alexander 258 (4X), Jeff Maldavs 250 (2X), Doug Woodbeck 241, Blane Horalek 212, John May 187 (2X). SNIPER CLASS: Lee Douglas 244 (1X) Ray Rowen

Please Help Restore Clean Water Protections
For nearly 90 years, the Izaak Walton League and our members have worked to protect and conserve clean water. Today, we have a critical opportunity to provide our support for restoring Clean Water Act protections for streams and wetlands nationwide. The EPA and Army Corps of Engineers have proposed new policy to restore Clean Water Act protections for our nation's waters. These waters are threatened by Supreme Court decisions that are chipping away at the bedrock protections the Clean Water Act provided for streams and wetlands, drinking water supplies, and outdoor recreation. This new policy, which is open for public comment now, is based on sound science and will restore long-standing protections for some of these waters. The League and our members have been working hard to restore the Clean Water Act. This action by EPA and the Corps is a small, but important, victory in our fight. Now, it's up to us to support the proposal during the public comment period. Support from League members and other Americans who hunt, fish, and enjoy the outdoors will make a difference.



Dave Tunink (483-4973) pres. Ed Mundorf (782-8081), v.p. Wes Sheets (466-9040), sec Art Bryant (488-7781), treas. Mike Kunkee (540-7120) Dick Mavis(421-3485) Mike Moore (483-7394) Jeff Rawlinson (488-7879) Tracy Ross (474-4327) Ray Rowen (730-2808) Mike Shapoval (420-5763) Doug Woodbeck (327-7161) STATE DIRECTORS Wes Sheets and Art Bryant CORPORATION BOARD REPRESENTATIVE Gene Ripa (328-0078) NATIONAL DIRECTOR Wes Sheets WEB MASTER Mike Moore (webrat@windstream.net)

CLUBHOUSE RENTALS CLUB MANAGER BAR MANAGER Mike Kunkee RIFLE/PISTOL RANGES Bob Sibal (423-1315) NEWSLETTER EDITOR John Carter (477-2150) jecarter@neb.rr.com MEMBERSHIP Wes Sheets HUNTER SAFETY Jeff Rawlinson ATA REGISTERED TRAP YOUTH TRAP Dick Mavis (dick@innovativewindow.com) Dave Tunink (483-4973) SELF-LOADING TRAP Lou Buller (489-2513) SPORTING CLAY 5-STAND Todd Walters (423-5551) AMERICAN RIMFIRE ASSOCIATION Mike McConnell (423-3809) RIFLE SILHOUETTE Chris Westover (202-0333)

PISTOL SILHOUETTE Mike Kunkee (mhkunkee@gmail.com) 300-YARD INFORMAL SHOOT 300-YARD MATCH SHOOT Mike Shapoval TRAP LEAGUES Bill Siedhoff (423-5525) GLOCK PISTOL EVENTS Chris Zeeb (402/525-4505) CIVILIAN MARKSMANSHIP PROGRAM & CMP Doug Woodbeck VINTAGE MILITARY RIFLE MATCH Black Powder Gong

Ray Rowen

O N T H E W EB A T w w w . l i n c o ln i k e s . o r g

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