C & R Baseball will use USSSA Rules unless outlined below

TEAM INSURANCE All teams are required to provide proof of team insurance. A copy of the teams' certificate of insurance must be provided at the team check-in prior to a teams participation in any City of Southaven event.

PROOF OF AGE It is the Head Coaches responsibility to have his players proof of age in his possession and be able to produce on demand his players' birth certificate or legally accepted proof of age in the event of any question regarding the age of his players.

GAME TIME LIMITS** Age Division 5-8 9-10 11-12 13-14 Time Limit 1 hour 15 minutes 1 hour 30 minutes 1 hour 30 minutes 1 hour 35 minutes Game Length 6 innings 6 innings 6 innings 7 innings

** The C & R Baseball reserves the right to modify game times as needed.

REFUNDS Full refund if no games have begun; 2/3 refund if 1 game is completed; 1/3 refund if 2 games are completed. No refunds after 3 games are started. No gate refunds or rain checks at any time. Tell your fans / supporters, if play is in doubt due to inclement weather or rain, to wait until play begins to enter the park.

INDIVIDUAL GAME TIE BREAKERS In Pool Play, if all regulation innings have been played or the imposed time limit has expired and the score is tied, the game shall be considered complete and will end in a tie. In Bracket Play, if all regulation innings have been played or the imposed time limit has expired and the score is tied, the game shall continue using the Extra Innings guideline below. Extra Innings will be in regulation baseball governed up USSSA Rules.

DIVISIONAL / POOL PLAY TIE BREAKERS At the end of divisional pool play teams may be tied going into the final championship rounds with the same Overall Won / Loss record. The following tiebreakers will determine which team advances and in what order of finish.

3. i. sanction # (if required). Any team due to the unsportsmanlike conduct of any of the coaches or fans which result in the forfeit of a pool game for that team OR the conceding of a pool game to reduce the # of runs allowed will result in that team not being eligible to advance to the Championship rounds.1. The credited score for their forfeit win against Team B would be 6-5. certificate of insurance. COACHES PASSES Each team will receive THREE (3) coaches' passes upon check-in at the Tournament Office. the non-forfeiting teams will be credited with a 1 run differential victory. Please be prepared to produce all tournament documentation. 2. The runs allowed in the forfeited game will be the average of runs allowed by the non-forfeiting team an all games actually played. LINE-UP CARDS .e. forget or misplace their passes will be required to pay a non-refundable gate admission. Fewest Runs allowed in all games played. Individuals who abuse or miss-use these passes shall forfeit their passes for the duration of the tournament. etc.1st three innings only N/A N/A Winner of Game Declared if any Team is: 12 runs ahead after 3 complete innings OR 8 runs ahead after 4 complete innings 12 runs ahead after 3 complete innings OR 8 runs ahead after 4 complete innings 12 runs ahead after 3 complete innings OR10 runs ahead after 4 complete innings OR 8 runs ahead after 5 complete innings TEAM CHECK IN Team must check in with a Tournament Director or designee prior to commencing play in their first game. If 3 or more go to Fewest Runs Allowed in all games played). Team A has allowed a total of 10 runs in their other games. Coaches who lose. EXAMPLE: Team A gets a forfeit win from Team B. RUN / MERCY RULES Age Division 9 10-12 13-14 Maximum Runs per Inning 6 runs per inning . 5. roster. Head to Head Competition (Only if 2 teams have the same overall record. Coin Toss In the Event of a Forfeit in Divisional / Pool Play. Run Differential (Runs scored minus Runs allowed). Therefore. PITCHING No pitching rules will be in effect for the tourneys sponsored by C & R Baseball. 4. USSSA ranking points (Applicable only in USSSA sanctioned events). the average runs allowed by Team A would be 5 runs. Failure to check in will result in a delay in starting your first game.

last name and numbers of all players including all substitutes. Managers are responsible for providing their own line-up cards. ABSOLUTELY NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES ALLOWED. A game shall not start until this is completed. During the Championship game Home team is determined by a coin toss. EXCLUDING players and up to 3 coaches per team. GATE ADMISSIONS C & R Baseball will have a $5per day ($12 for weekend pass) admission charge for all persons age 15 -65. Teams are also allowed to bring in their own circular (5 or 10 . HOME TEAM (*USSSA Events Only) During pool play the Home team will be determined by coin toss. AWARDS Awards will vary depending on the tournament event. GAME BALLS Each Team must provide a new and a good Game Ball TOURNAMENT FORMAT ALTERATIONS The City of Southaven reserves the right to alter. Home team scorekeeper will be the official scorekeeper and must record the starting time in the scorebook. in order to complete the tournament. when necessary. Town of Collierville Parks are Smoke Free Facilities. Lineups must be provided to the plate umpire and opposing manager. change or abbreviate tournament formats. FOOD / BEVERAGES NO outside food or beverages are allowed to be brought into the ballpark. the higher seed will be the Home team. individual awards will always be presented to all players of the top two finishing teams. No smoking is allowed within the park. Team awards will vary by tournament. TOBACCO Use of tobacco products are prohibited on all fields and in the dugouts during games.Each manager must prepare a minimum of 3 written copies of his line-up. However. PETS NO Pets Allowed. listing first name. During bracket play.

in any manner. We do allow small personal coolers for towels and "refreshing" water (mixture of ammonia spirits. SPORTSMANSHIP By players. Coaches are also responsible for the actions of their fans. our gate workers will ask to inspect the coolers for any outside food or drink. ice and water) to help keep the players cool during their game that MUST be kept in the dugout.gallon) Cooler with pre-mixed sports drink. Remember. All ejections for coaches will result in banishment from that game and may also result in the banishment of the following game. NO CHEST COOLERS ALLOWED. coaches and fans are expected at all times. NO CHEST COOLERS of any kind will be allowed into the park. Individual bottled water or bottled sports drinks are NOT allowed. The HEAD COACH ONLY (no parents or assistant coaches) may approach the umpire or directors about a rule interpretation before. Teams are expected to pick up trash and debris in the dugout before departure from all games. Coaches will be responsible for their own fans behavior. Razzing. Not judgement calls. Coaches. Please help us to prevent an embarrassing situation at the gates by informing your teams' parents of this policy. rule interpretations may be disputed. Inappropriate conduct by fans can result in a coach ejection. players and fans to use all trash receptacles provided. The Director will handle any rule misinterpretations (no judgement calls will be addressed) immediately and finally. HOWEVER. is prohibited. during or immediately after any game. Your assistance in keeping these facilities in pristine shape would be greatly appreciated. especially balls and strikes. . heckling or making disparaging remarks towards opponents. Please urge your coaches.

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