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Ashoke Kumar Mitra, PhD


Senior level manager for R&D innovation development approaches and consulting in
health care

Results-driven, doctorate-level manager with a demonstrated record involved in s
etting strategic direction, implementation, and execution of projects, and coord
ination of new strategies (e.g. Connect and Develop) in innovation.
Major strengths are in Connect and Develop approaches and its applications in re
search and development innovation in the health care and consumer products indus
* Ability to influence multiple teams and across multiple business units (at Pro
cter and Gamble) to develop the best product development decisions through Conne
ct and Develop.
* Serve as a Connect and Develop expert and consultant in multi-functional produ
ct development teams. Develop multi-disciplinary approaches (e.g. with external
partners, through IP/legal analysis) of identifying new promising technologies t
hrough Connect and Develop.
* Share expertise and train individuals expressing a career interest in Connect
and Develop and Procter and Gamble.
* Develop message tracks for specific brand related external communications with
external media (e.g. press releases, media interviews at conventions, newspaper
s, national TV)
Special expertise in developing Connect and Develop approaches for new technolog
ies and capabilities including clinical research from India and Southeast Asia r
Excellent communication and presentation skills. Experienced in influencing, mo
tivating, energizing and enabling people, with and without direct authority.
U.S. Citizen

Extensive senior-level experience and successful technical project management at

Procter and Gamble over 16 years in the following areas:
* Drug safety assessments for upstream OTC drug portfolios that includes, brands
like Vicks, Pepto-Bismol, Metamucil
* Professional and Scientific Relations strategy development for the US pre-laun
ch and post-launch phase of an anti-resorptive Rx therapeutic agent, Actonel
* Strategic direction for External Relations for three personal Health care bran
ds, Vicks, ThermaCare and PUR water filters. Development of
* Lead and develop corporate strategies for in-sourcing external technologies fo
r multiple business units through Connect and Develop from India and Southeast A
* Function as the designated Global Oral Care business unit Connect and Develop
Single Point of Contact (SPOC) for all incoming promising technologies (candidat
es for development and cooked products) for oral care applications.
June 2008 to Present
Manager, Connect and Develop, (C+D) Global Oral Care, The Procter and Gamble Com
pany, Mason, Ohio
* Identify technology need gaps in the global oral care business and recommend r
obust upstream or immediate commercial opportunities based on good science and l
ikelihood of rational licensing approaches.
* Report to Oral Care R&D Director and Global Vice President on progress of C+D
opportunities identified and recommended for inclusion to marketing portfolio th
rough Front End Innovation (FEI) process.
* Maintain relationships with national external and internal experts in dentistr
y to be in touch with recent trends and how best to leverage their expertise in
shaping the future of the commercial pipeline.
* Be in touch with P&G Corporate C+D network globally to achieve the best in cla
ss knowledge of ongoing trends in oral care research and develop strategies and
management concurrence on how to leverage such connections to deliver improved p
roductivity and increased NOS (net outside sales)

Key contribution examples:

* Developed and gained Vice President and organizational approval for a global
oral care C+D technology evaluation strategy in three months. Partnered with E
xternal Business Development and several functional leaders (Regulatory, safety,
IP/Legal) to gain alignment in this important process.
* Currently this C+D strategy is being routinely applied to screen and filter in
coming and emerging oral care technologies for evaluation and possible implement
ation commercially or for Product Development
* Recommended a new approach for significantly minimizing cost Oral Care Analyti
cal by leveraging P&Gs Global Corporate C+D capability connections. The calculat
ed savings achieved were in excess of $1MM and time required for analysis was re
duced by half compared to current timing. Management is actively engaged in impl
ementing this new analytical resource for routine oral care non-GMP related work

* Through scientific due diligence identified an external partner with a promisi

ng new technology for gingivitis. Quickly led the formation of a team with key i
nternal technology experts and development decision makers to evaluate this tech
nology. Gained Director and Vice President concurrence and approved funding to r
un an experimental gingivitis trial in India at 40% below cost than in the US.

June 2007 to June 2008

Manager, Corporate BioScience Connect and Develop (C+D), for India and South Asi
a, The Procter and Gamble Company, Cincinnati, OH
* Identify top BioScience related technology needs for multiple business units l
ike Health care, Beauty care, Family Care and Household care
* Develop relationships with key biotechnology partners both in the public and
private sectors in India and South Asia
* Develop a strategy to collaborate with in-country P&G connections in Bangalore
and determine optimal bioscience related technical opportunities for global app
Key Contribution examples:
* Participated in US-India Business Council (USIBC) annual meeting in Washington
DC and developed relationships with key influential Indian government and priva
te business leaders in organizations like the Federation of Indian Chamber of Co
mmerce and Industry and Confederation of India Industries, Northeast India Indus
try Development organization, Reliance Industries and others.
* Leveraging theses relationships led to identification of key resources in the
area of natural colors and flavors from a key Northeast state (Meghalaya) and fr
om the South (Kerala) for P&Gs color cosmetics and oral care business which are
currently being investigated at a regional technical center

February 2004 to June 2007

External Relations Manager, Personal Health Care, The Procter and Gamble Company
, Mason, Ohio
* Develop press releases and respond to media inquiries for two P&G Personal
Health Care Brands (PUR, Vicks and ThermaCare).
* Provide strategic direction for marketing communications on ThermaCare and Vic
* Manage media crisis on Vicks, ThermCare.
* Develop annual PR strategies for Vicks and Thermacare in concert with
marketing plans
* Manage PR agencies and their budgets (a total of ~$1.0 MM) to develop and exec
ute annual PR plans for these health care brands
* Look for and capitalize on Connect and Develop opportunities for Personal Heal
th Care Brands

Key Contribution examples:

* Led a successful acquisition of the American Dental Association Seal of Approv
al for the PUR filter brand through a Connect and Develop effort with Oral Care
Professional. This was self initiated through recognition of a change in trend i
n the external environment (i.e bottled water causes increase in cavities due to
lack of fluoride while PUR filters can provide clean healthy filtered water wit
hout retaining fluoride). The ADA seal was approved for all the existing PUR fil
ters and would be a significant competitive advantage versus competition (e.g. B
rita). The whole process was completed within 8 weeks and was hailed by brand an
d upper management as significant.
* Currently engaging the Thermacare Brand for a Connect and Develop opportunity
with P&G Pharmaceuticals through leveraging their relationship with the Arthriti
s Foundation. The objective is to partner with Arthritis Foundation for appropri
ate consumer related awareness programs in anticipation of a new arthritis sku l
aunch in Fall'07.
* Led and executed a PR plan with an agency for Dayquil Sinus and Nyquil Sinus.
The PR effort with a noted sports personality and tennis star, Serena Williams,
was proposed by the agency with my direction and was highly acclaimed by the Vic
ks marketing group. The PR tactics (e'g Satellite Media Tour, press release, etc
) was highly successful in moving the business as it generated more than 35 MM m
edia impressions.
* Provided leadership in (1) getting alignment from the ThermaCare Brand and (2)
securing the needed budget to develop a ThermaCare Clinical compendium (first e
ver done in the brand's 4 year history since launch) to raise awareness in Therm
aCare among long lead health editors for leading consumer magazines. Since the C
ompendium launch in May '06 the external media response has been outstanding in
that we have secured 7-8 placements in key publications (e.g Prevention, Health,
Red Book, Consumer Reports, Men's Health etc) through October 2006 with total n
umber impressions at ~20 MM. This effort and the associated results have been hi
ghly acclaimed by Marketing and External Relations groups globally.=

April 1999-Februray 2004

Senior Project Manager, Professional and Scientific Relations, Procter and Gambl
e Pharmaceuticals, Cincinnati, OH
* Serve as project manager for ten regional osteoporosis boards (includes ~200 c
across the United States to strategize dissemination of Phase III-IIIb and Phas
e 4 clinical information to paid consultants prior to and after launch of a new
anti-resorptive osteoporosis medication.
* Develop the strategy for scientific education programs (CMEs or non-CME) for p
hysician education in osteoporosis
* Train field scientific associates (medical science liaisons) on product clinic
al data and current disease pathophysiology information for credible interaction
s with physicians.
* Manage an annual budget of $780M for running ten regional osteoporosis boards

Key Contribution examples:

* Developed relationships with leading thought leaders of the ten regional osteo
porosis boards and suggested future approaches for patient and physician educati
on that could be implemented in the regions with respect to regional needs for o
steoporosis awareness. More than 50% of the ideas made to board chairs were cons
idered and adopted by the boards to fit the needs of the respective regions.
* Developed a bi-monthly work process to report progress of the board projects t
o cross-functional upper management. This process did not exist prior to my join
ing the organization.
* Planned, set the strategy for clinical data dissemination, wrote and managed t
he poster presentations of the regional osteoporosis board projects in joint reg
ional osteoporosis board meetings in 1999, 2000, 2001 and 2002.
* Conceived the idea, planned and executed as the editor the publication of a Re
gional Osteoporosis Board newsletter for distribution to thought leaders in the
consultant meetings and for office calls by scientific managers and health scien
ce advisors
* Developed the agendas and scientific contents for the bi-annual regional osteo
porosis board meetings for all the ten regional osteoporosis boards.
* Created and managed a process to simplify the flow of scientific information (
slides and product information) to the field scientific managers and health scie
nce advisors. Emphasis on regulatory guidelines between the differences of scien
tific exchange and promotion were highlighted and standard operating procedures
* Successfully led a collaborative effort with P&G Canada, UK, France and German
y to look for cross-fertilization opportunities of TL development strategies for
an anti-resorptive medication for osteoporosis in the US and across geographies
. This assignment entailed cross-functional interactions with Medical Affairs an
d Medical Communications in Canada and Europe. I was able to convince management
and get concurrence to allocate $150,000 to run a pilot test called "Quality Ci
rcles" to test physicians practice behavior towards osteoporosis patients.

* Northeast Louisiana State University - PhD (Pharmacology/Toxicology) - August
1984 - January 1988
* Post Doctoral Research Associate in Biochemical Toxicology- University of Sout
h Florida - January 1988- August 1992
* Senior Research Associate in Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics - Universit
y of Washington - August 1992-October 1994
Publications and Presentations: 34