cAmping with the enemy

Adam Rousselle

SudAn And the implicAtionS For A SuStAinAble peAce
Geoffrey Campbell

AlternAtive SolutionS For A SuStAinAble Future
thirSting For equity: gender And wAter in lAtin AmericA
Madeleine Northcote

AtlAntic internAtionAl StudieS JournAl
Volume 7 : Spring 2011

the globAl lAnd grAb And itS eFFectS on AFricA
Alexandra Dalton

decAying Sovereignty

Gregory L. Sharp


trAnSForming culturAl conventionS: grASSrootS ApproAcheS in the Fight AgAinSt FemAle genitAl mutilAtion
Erin McSorley

internAtionAl economic criSiS
Peter Dargie Christina Free


the democrAtic republic oF the congo: humAn rightS AbuSeS AgAinSt children
Rachel Gardner

An evAluAtion oF wAltz’S StructurAl reAliSm
Cassandra Muldoon

lgbt rightS And humAn rightS lAw in the cASe oF ugAndA Kevin Geiger

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