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Confidential Resume

David Michael Brandt, Ph.D.

7208 Fairwoods Place
Montgomery, AL 36117
Phone: (602) 540-0473

2008-present: Principal and Owner, D. M. Brandt& Associates
Providing consulting, research, and training activities on a part-time basis
Accomplishments and Activities:
Re-designed abest in classa executive succession planning and talent development
Re-designed and published (brought to market) software program (Professional Dev
elopment Report TM) based on NEO-PIR 5-factor for generating psychological based
performance profile for executives.
Performed executive assessments and career counseling

1999-2007: retired Vice President: Organizational Effectiveness and Training an

d Development, Phelps Dodge Corporation; Phoenix, AZ (acquired by Freeport McM
oRan Copper & Gold, 2007)
Responsible for design and implementation of all corporate and HR strategic init
Accomplishments and Activities:
Initiated, designed, developed, and co-led the implementation of corporate lean
Six Sigma initiative, (Quest for Zero) for production and administrative functi
ons resulting in over $592 million in documented cost savings within 30 months,
with a target of $480 million annual run rate (on $3.0b revenue) within 2 years.
Developed and implemented a process for identifying, aligning, and reporting key
performance indicators throughout the corporation. Designed and implemented a
system for tracking, explaining, and documenting corrective actions for all vari
ances from financial and operational forecasts.
Designed and co-led a corporate restructuring that changed a 100 year old busine
ss model from branch-centric to process-centric enabling smoother best practices
implementation, greater operational efficiencies and synergies, and savings in
the millions of dollars.
Lead corporate best practices, knowledge management, and human capital initiativ
es resulting in significant cost reductions.
Responsible for corporate executive and management development and training acti
Served as internal consultant and executive coach to 60% of corporate senior man
agement team, with dotted line reporting to 4 of 8 of the most senior corporate
Co-designed, developed and implemented abest in classa comprehensive senior exec
utive succession planning system.

Facilitated corporate strategy and growth team that resulted in successful acqui
sition of Phelps Dodge by Freeport McMoRan Copper & Gold in a $26 Billion transa
ction with a 26% premium in share price.
Co-facilitated unsuccessful attempt at acquisition of two Canadian mining compan
ies that would have resulted in a $40 billion market cap for Phelps Dodge,
Lead integration and strategy development of billion dollar business unit, and l
ed re-alignment of senior management team.
Lead change management of integration team for the acquisition of a 2 billion do
llar competitor.
Facilitated team assigned for comprehensive redesign of comp and benefits packag
e to make both competitive and cost-effective.
Implemented web based, PeopleSoft linked, performance appraisal system for 15,00
0 employees.
Developed and delivered "survivor re-engagement" program for employees followin
g significant downsizing in 2000.
Lead and successfully implemented significant corporate cultural change initiati

1987-1999 Principal: EPIIC: Effective Performance Improvement Implemen

tation & Change (formerly D. M. Brandt & Associates) Tempe, AZ
Provided contracted services designed to improve the effectiveness and efficienc
y of client firms. Provided a broad range of comprehensive and data-based indust
rial and organizational consulting, research, and training services. Focused in
areas of manufacturing, sales and marketing, engineering, and human resources.
Accomplishments and Activities:
Facilitated strategy design and implementation for several firms resulting signi
ficant improvements in market share size and corporate market capitalization.
Developed and delivered Statistical Quality Control Training, and authored a tex
t that focuses on the application and use of SQC in manufacturing and non-manufa
cturing areas. Developed and delivered Design of Experiments Training, and auth
ored a text that focuses on the application and use of DOE in manufacturing and
non-manufacturing areas.
Provided training and Total Quality Management implementation assistance in seve
ral major electronics companies. Facilitated over 100 manufacturing and service
teams yielding several million dollars in savings. Designed and developed compr
ehensive quality improvement implementation plans for major electronics firms.
Implemented comprehensive training and organizational change-management program
for major enterprise-wide Oracle implementation. Assumed project that was 8 mon
ths behind and over budget and successfully brought on time and within budget.
Implementation rated as the most smooth and effective ERP technology conversion
in the experience vendor, major consulting firm, and client.
Designed, developed, and delivered Teamwork/Leadership/Communication and persona
l assessment program designed to address the human factor in the quality equatio
Developed a proprietary quantitative psychometric technique for assessing brand/
corporate identity and loyalty (Product Personality ProfileTM). Methodology imp
acts product development and product positioning to increase market share and lo
Designed, developed, conducted, and implemented numerous employee attitude, orga
nizational climate, and cultural assessment surveys. Each led to actionable pro
grams and initiatives impacting employee satisfaction, retention, and productivi
Directed and conducted research in marketing functions for several major firms.
These included numerous major market research and customer satisfaction survey
projects, as well as the facilitation of strategic planning sessions.
Designed and developed a new Field Service Engineer model and training for major
semiconductor equipment manufacturer. Redefined the role of the engineer from
"maintenance and repair" to "optimization and prevention" through partnering wi
th the customer. Program yielded improved customer satisfaction and tool perfor
Developed and implemented performance and productivity indicators, and the appli
cation of statistical methods to all functional areas of numerous corporations w
ith a net 10-30 percent annual improvement in product and service quality, quant
ity, schedule, and cost.
Redesigned the staffing and delivery models for major consulting firm resulting
in the planned reduction of geographic locations by 50 percent with only a 10 pe
rcent reduction in staff through attrition, and projected 15-20 percent gains in
both revenue and profit.
Developed software program (Professional Development ReportTM ) for generating p
sychological-based performance profile for executives.
Performed psychological assessments of and coaching for several hundred candidat
es to assess suitability for executive management positions and to assist with c
areer planning and development.

1994 - 1995 Managing Consultant, Electronic Data Systems: Management Consulting

Services & A.T. Kearney (acquired for FTE work by EDS/ATK in 1994-1995)
Responsible for the management of consulting engagements, business development,
and consulting product and service development for this aggressive start-up vent
ure of EDS. Specific focus on assessment, design, and implementation of all Qua
lity Practice Group applications: voice of the customer, organizational process
integration, statistical analysis applications, and change management.
Accomplishments and Activities:
Responsible for competitive assessment, customer satisfaction/needs research, be
nchmarking, and strategy development for special project related to General Moto
rs' spin-off of E.D.S.
Convinced client to reverse initial negative decision on a $60 million project p
Participated or led in the development of proposals worth over $3 million in new
business in an 18 month period.
Conducted statistical analyses of existing and forecasted revenue sources result
ing in more targeted definition of corporation's business strategy.
Developed an account development model and specific plan for the generation of n
ew business.
Contributed to the development and delivery of the "Voice of the Customer" model
and aChange Managementa methodology.

1985-1986 Head, Productivity and Quality

Hughes Aircraft Company, E.D.S.G.
El Segundo, CA
Head of Human Resources technical training department responsible for applying a
nd implementing quality and productivity improvement efforts throughout the 14,0
00 employee Electro-Optical and Data Systems Group. Consulted with and trained
management and employees in Statistical Quality Control, applied statistical met
hods, and Total Quality. Emphasis was on manufacturing, marketing, engineering,
and H.R. applications of SQC techniques.

Accomplishments and Activities:

Consulted in the development and implementation of performance and productivity
indicators, and the application of statistical methods to all areas of the corpo
ration with a targeted 10-30 percent annual improvement in product and service q
uality, quantity, schedule, and cost.
Developed materials for, and delivered Statistical Process Control training, tha
t focused on the application and use of SPC in manufacturing and non-manufacturi
ng areas throughout the corporation.

1980-1985 Director of Research and Training

Crosby & Associates, P.C.
Tempe, AZ
Provided a broad range of comprehensive, data-based industrial/organizational ps
ychological services to client corporations. Clients served: primarily high te
ch (semiconductor, electronics, and software systems), retail, financial service
s, and some state and local educational and law enforcement agencies.
Accomplishments and Activities:
Contributed to a 40 percent annual growth rate for the firm during each of my fi
ve years of employment.
Applied descriptive and inferential statistics to develop performance indicator
systems for employees in several organizational groups of major firms.
Contributed to the development of a method for effectively analyzing and interpr
eting qualitative research data.
Designed and conducted EEOC-compatible validation of testing program for employe
e selection and placement designed to yield a 20-percent increase in productivit
y for major high-tech firms. This also required the development of employee lab
or performance tracking systems.

Designed and implemented site-wide research projects on issues affecting employe

e turnover and performance that yielded several hundred thousand dollars in annu
al savings.
Designed, executed and wrote market research study for a financial services firm
that resulted in a doubling of profits with no increase in personnel.
Developed training program for computer systems firm that resulted in a 50 perce
nt reduction in customer complaints and problems. Program was subsequently adop
ted as part of firm's marketing strategy.
Increased trainer utilization and effectiveness by 30 percent for one client fir
Designed, developed, and delivered comprehensive SQC, management, supervisory, a
nd skills training programs for several corporations across different organizati
onal functions.
Co-authored a comprehensive book on data-based management in high-tech firms, fo
cusing on methodology and the anchoring of activities to performance and to fisc
al objectives.

1978-1980 Research and Evaluation Specialist

Mesa Unified School District
Mesa, AZ
Responsible for project management and the design, execution, statistical analys
es, and reports writing of research on program effectiveness, community attitude
s and demographics, district operations, and personnel-related issues.
Accomplishments and Activities:
Responsible for the design, execution and presentation of over 50 studies of att
itudes, program evaluations, and operations' effectiveness.
Developed projections and statistical models of population trends that have been
accurate to within 1 percent.
Conducted studies of space utilization, transportation efficiency, and other ope
rations research issues.
Conducted studies of learning and socialization effectiveness on student populat
Monitored and analyzed standardized testing and test database for population of
over 40,000 students.
Hired and trained research associates and clerical support personnel in a 10 per
son research department and directed the research activities of employees in the
school system.

Ph. D. Arizona State University (1978)
Major: Educational Psychology
Areas of specialization:
Cognitive Psychology/Human Learning and Memory
Measurement and Research Design & Statistics
Earned Ph.D. in psychology with 45 graduate credits in stati
stics and research
methodology. Proficient with major software (SPSS).
Dissertation: Prior Knowledge of the Author's Schema and the Comprehension of T
extual Material
M.A. Arizona State University (1976)
Major: Educational Psychology
B.A. Loyola University (1974)
Major: Sociology
Articles: Authored and published approximately 20 articles in both professional
journals and technical reports.
Papers: Served as program reviewer, chaired symposia, and presented more than 1
2 papers at professional organization conventions.
Licensed Psychologist, State of Arizona (#816) (inactive status effective 11/09)
Master Blackbelt since 1986
Society of Industrial/Organizational Psychologists
Society of Psychologists in Managemet
American Psychological Association (Divisions 13, 14, 23)
13 Consulting Psychology (inactive)
14 Industrial/Organizational
23 Consumer psychology (inactive)
1976-1981 Arizona State University
-Visiting Assistant Professor
-Graduate Associate
Courses Taught:
-Advanced Theoretical Views of Learning (graduate)
-Educational Psychology (graduate and undergraduate)
-Introduction to Statistics (graduate)
-Testing, Measurement and Evaluation (undergraduate)
-Motivation (undergraduate)