RFRS: Sith APEX - The Heart of the Force Is Being Embraced 2014 v1.


1 | P a g e I s l e S a n c t u a r y . c o m

Long ago, in a Galaxy Far, Far Away…
Star Wars
Rising Force, Rebellious Seed: Sith APEX
The Heart Of The Force Is Being Embraced
Background: The Galactic Empire was in full strength, and the favorability of the
Imperial Senate waned. On the planet Coruscant, the Imperial Galactic Center,
there was a tiny sector that was out of Emperor Palpatine’s reach. Near Sac’h
Town, lies the Coruscanti Pleasure Dome, and a private estate and casino club
owned by the newly inaugurated Senator from Haruun Kal, Yemaja Mlise Lah.
With little interference from the Imperial agencies, the Galactic Elite met there
while on Coruscant privately. Crime families and smugglers had access. Some
Imperials were permitted there. Whatever happened there was held in a shroud of
secrecy. If the news teams caught anyone there, there would be a lascivious scandal.
While the Emperor had his suspicions of the kinds of illicit activities at the
Club, he was more concerned by the location and buildings that were absence in the
Force. This void disturbed him and when he sent his spies to investigate, they
would be addicted to “Glitterstim” –a spice recreational euphoriant and babbling
idiots. He was befuddled how his guards would turn that way, and if he openly
attacked Senator Yemaja Lah, he would break a treaty in which he would be outed
RFRS: Sith APEX - The Heart of the Force Is Being Embraced 2014 v1.0

2 | P a g e I s l e S a n c t u a r y . c o m

as a Sith and his treachery for Order 66 against the Jedi would be broadcast to the
The estate and club was a concession by Senator Yemaja’s family, the
Domain Lah of the Yuuzhan Vong Empire. Implants placed by the doctors, Master
Shapers subconsciously suggest to her to infiltrate the Senate by a fixed election on
Haruun Kal and obtain key planets along the Hydian Way trade route from its
people. These planets were of no concern to the Empire, but for the Yuuzhan Vong,
it was a wellspring of biological wealth. Her other orders were to seed Coruscant
with Yuuzhan Vong biological weapons for terraformation. The original plan was to
leverage planetary seeding over the current Galactic government, but when there
was a coup, the Yuuzhan Vong elite changed the plan for full scale invasion.
However, for the Yuuzhan Vong, took years for biological ships to mature. While
they waited, they decided to send spies to infiltrate the Galactic Empire.
Senator Yemaja was half-Yuuzhan Vong and half-Human. She had biological
implants surgically placed into her to manipulate her variegated Force powers,
which were very powerful, but could not use them at will, and thus she was difficult
to trained. Without her implants, she was mentally ill. She was impulsive,
promiscuous and had random clandestine affairs. She developed a spice drug
addiction. It embarrassed the Domain Lah, which her father recruited the right
Master Shapers to zap her into being the manipulated spy they wanted.
RFRS: Sith APEX - The Heart of the Force Is Being Embraced 2014 v1.0

3 | P a g e I s l e S a n c t u a r y . c o m

With the implants, Senator Yemaja’s negotiation skills rivaled some Jedi.
Before the end of the Jedi, they sought Yemaja for training. But her mother, Auset
Lah – a human shaped by the Yuuzhan Vong who once was a Jedi padawan,
outright refused. Her refusal affected Yemaja’s life. If the Jedi could not have
Yemaja, the Sith would and would take her away from all that she knew and loved.
This is a tale of that possibility.

Agent Magez, a part of the Imperial Inquisitorius, held his cocktail tightly as
he strolls down the dimly lit hall, where the walls seem to breathe and the lighting
was a fiery-orange hue. Her extraordinary beauty was intoxicating as he was
pulled by her lure. To his surprise, he saw her writhe in tentacles wrapped in a
living animal and he could not sense it through the Force. No exposure to the seedy
sides of the galaxy prepared him for this sight. He utters amazement and a bow.
Yemaja regains consciousness and slowly opens her eyes as one ganglia
loosens and drops her to the basement membrane. Naked she grins demurely and
Force Floats her robeskin to cover, which she runs jubilant to shower him with
RFRS: Sith APEX - The Heart of the Force Is Being Embraced 2014 v1.0

4 | P a g e I s l e S a n c t u a r y . c o m

Shocked Magez gently presses on her ebullient lips savoring the rush of
pleasurable taste. He hardly can contain himself.
Parts of her body remain uncovered and her skim appears to glistens in the
light from sticky secretions. “I was praying…err...meditating” Suddenly a wave
causes her eyes to roll into her head in a utter state of bliss as she groans the
passion of ecstasy from the memory.
Magez still in awe of this sight whispers to himself. “Not even the slave
Twi’leks in the Hutt palaces or Zeltron’s pheromone seduction has anything like--”
A lusty smile crosses his lips and leans towards her suggestively through the Force.
“Perhaps, we should meditate together?” Part of his mission as an Inquisitor was to
determine how come every agent assigned to the Club would be unable garner any
intelligence from this senator and became addicted to Glitterstim.
But Yemaja evades his Force Suggestion with a slow smile on her face and in
her seductively visceral manner and gently chides. “You know, it is very painful and
I do this as a practice of my Faith. You might be too much of a brenzlit…err…I
mean you might be too timid to do this.”
Magez is too arrogant to sense her machinations and discounts her tiny
statement of liability while pressing his lips on hers. “I can take pain.”
With a beguiling grin, Yemaja quips, “You SEETH imagine many things,
except this.” She escorts him to the huge tentacles of the living monster with razor
RFRS: Sith APEX - The Heart of the Force Is Being Embraced 2014 v1.0

5 | P a g e I s l e S a n c t u a r y . c o m

barbs. “We seek the greatness of our chief diety, Yun Yuuzhan this way.” Her
eyelids flutter with the majesty of it. “Are you ready for the Embrace of Pain?”
A slow smile forms on his lips. “I-I am not a Sith.” He secretly wanted to be
one and he shows off what he thinks he knows. “The great Embrace of Pain. I have
heard the rumors.” A smatter of intelligence reports from agents who could have
coherent speech, but only from screams in their nightmares. Something lured him
and he felt he wanted this, he needed this. Service in the the Empire can be very
lonely and there is only so much the Zeltron ranches gave him. He was unaware of
his quips he made. “Besides, what is wrong with mixing business with pleasure?”
As she glides across the floor into the monster’s mouth and drops her
robeskin. “Are you strong enough to handle this SEETH?”
His heart rate slightly elevates as he is ready for a challenge. He recites part
of the Sith code he scrounged from the HoloNet. “Yes, pain is my ally.”
She sees he is still in full Imperial uniform and blinks confused. “You can
wear clothes if you want. I just prefer the pure--” And she takes a huge inhale, and
then exhale enunciated with a giggle “--Raw nature of the Embrace...”
Magez watches slightly amused.“Would you prefer that I do not wear
She giggles more, and then walks to the Embrace to waits for its barbed hug.
RFRS: Sith APEX - The Heart of the Force Is Being Embraced 2014 v1.0

6 | P a g e I s l e S a n c t u a r y . c o m

His eyes follow her as he edge towards it as his jacket and shirt falls from his
She states in a cavalier tone admonishing him. “You still have your trousers
on.” She is antsy by her rocking side to side.
Magez raises his brow, when he notices her eagerness to the Embrace and
wonders if that could be used to control her. But, he was overwhelmed by greed and
desire like a hungry gurgle inside him. He had tasted her juices before under
normal conditions, but this was different. He knew he had to stop this process, but
he was compelled to know more.“I do not think we can do it in the Embrace of
Yemaja was trained in the erotic arts twirls around a ganglion to stave off
her giddiness. “You have no idea what the Embrace of Pain is capable of!” A
ganglion rubs against her thigh as if it was a domesticated Nabooian Guarlara that
is happy to see her. It appears to look at her with a smile from its bulbous eyes as
she soothes its joy. “Aw… Tut, tut. Woo woo woo...”
Magez watches the behavior between animal and being then shrugs dropping
his pants and undergarments as his manliness hardens at the sight of her heavenly
body swing against the ganglion, “We will see then.”
Her eyes slowly drawn to his center excited by his new-found “awareness” as
she sucks her lower lip. Then a huge ganglion drops down near her and she steps on
RFRS: Sith APEX - The Heart of the Force Is Being Embraced 2014 v1.0

7 | P a g e I s l e S a n c t u a r y . c o m

the curl gently as it rises off the membrane. Lightning sparks off her skin to the
animal, which she is oblivious as the ganglion presents her to him. She extends her
hand in wait, almost a beg. “Join me?”
A snap decision evades his better judgment fills Magez mesmerized by her
extraordinary beauty. He steps onto the ganglion as he tenses from the lighting
sparks when he reaches for her hand. His thoughts pass him with full consent of his
actions, similar to his choice to join the Dark Side of the Force. “Yes, I am ready to
be embraced.”
The glee on Yemaja’s face knows that Magez will experience a
metamorphosis. Then a separate ganglion grabs him his torso and starts to sting
him with its razor sharp barbs. The stinging causes lightning to spark throughout
every pore of his body. Deranged, Yemaja laughs as his jerky movements contort his
body. “Stop wiggling and it will hurt less!”
As if to muzzle her, the Embrace stings her and she contorts her body while
enjoying it. “Hu Carjen Tok!” Which was “ouch” in the Yuuzhan Vong language.
Magez winces in pain, as his body itches and burns with excrutiating pain
and more discharge of lightning. He howls as he tries to relax his body withstand it
and hope the Dark Side helps him to embrace the pain.
She looks to the Embrace for permission to reach out to him. Then smiles as
one of the ganglions loosens then tighten as she maneuvers in a push-pull fashion
RFRS: Sith APEX - The Heart of the Force Is Being Embraced 2014 v1.0

8 | P a g e I s l e S a n c t u a r y . c o m

toward him. She grabs his torso and comes close to his body. At this point he feels
thousands of needles pricking his skin while layers of his skin are peeled like a
fruit. To ease the nightmares in his mind, she gives him a walloping kiss, when a
ganglion covers his eyes, reducing his ability to tell where she is, not even through
the Force because now it has become a void. “Give into the Tchilat for great Zhaetor
Zhae and escalate yourself before the Yun'o,” she whispers in telepathy his mind.
For added emphasis, the Embrace on cue zaps Yemaja on her naked body and
she finds her ecstasy.
Magez is stupefied by the Embrace as he feels the sweet touch on his lips.
With a twitch response, his lips purse to search for hers and when he cannot find
them, he has a moment of grief. In an instant he finds more pain with each stride of
emotional movement, but attempts to strengthen his resistance causes pain. He
tries to raise his arms to touch Yemaja only to not find her there and the ganglia
slam his arms back down to a position it wants. His will means nothing. He realizes
that Yemaja told him to give into the will of great glory and escalate himself before
the gods. But there are no gods in the Dark Side of the Force.
Yemaja is euphoric from the shocks and stings by the ganglia. They release
her arms to clasp onto Magez’s stretched body as she wilts around his neck, giddy.
The ganglia keep him taut as she wraps her leg around his body that elevates and
excites every sympathic nerve in his body. As her body lays on top of his, like
floating in zero gravity. “If it hurts too much, sever your Force powers. Or if you
RFRS: Sith APEX - The Heart of the Force Is Being Embraced 2014 v1.0

9 | P a g e I s l e S a n c t u a r y . c o m

strong enough search deep within your Dark Side of the Force.” Then her mouth
plows at the tip of his manhood.
Magez unsure of what to do, he embraces the pain with more the pleasure,
and combs the new exotic feeling. He can physically tell her body pressed to his, and
the feeling of her tongue stretching over the tip of my manhood causes him gleeful
release which he cannot stop.
The Embrace responds to his enhanced feelings and move the ganglia to the
area to heighten his experience by physically depolarizing his parasympathetic
nerves to further harden him. Yemaja senses this as her mouth descends lower and
she faster. The wetness of her saliva increase as she tastes his saltiness. But he is
stubborn to break the Embrace with his resolution. She pulls up knowing he has
chosen to use the Dark Side and with a slurp, she purrs to him. “Use your Force
Powers to tell it where you need strength. Only the Dark Side of the Force can drive
you.” The Embrace causes her to ecstatically roll her eyes in pleasure, and then her
mouth drops down on him again.
The comment resonates with him and he dives deeper into Dark Side of the
Force, and lets it flow through his body. Dark Side flashes through his being more
than he has experienced before and he poured the Force where he needed the
strength. He gained a new sense amid all the pain even in the void of the Force. The
Dark Side still was connected to his physical body. In a flash he moves back to
reality. His breath catches up to his heart rate as he feels her massage him orally in
RFRS: Sith APEX - The Heart of the Force Is Being Embraced 2014 v1.0

10 | P a g e I s l e S a n c t u a r y . c o m

ways unimagined. All he could move were his hips and they begin to begin to move
at a steady pace, grinding into her mouth slowly.
Yemaja savors and swallows as his hips move, the ganglia shocks and stings
him like millions of tiny pinches, the tentacles stretches his limbs tighter, and then
halts, waiting for his command. As she licks a ganglion stimulates underneath him
in his bandha muscles. She continues her pleasure to him, but he remains
emboldened when she looks waiting his next command. She wonders if her people
have found the SEETH they need for shaping.
He groans as his pleasure is heightened in the Dark Side of the Force, which
envelopes his body. All the shocks and pinches from the Embrace barely break his
focused concentration. His eyes flash like a Sith towards her as he whispers his
command in another language. “Aleja sau'm.”
In full compliance, anticipating his command the ganglion lifts Yemaja’s body
while it shocks and stings her from limp to life. The Embrace flips her around with
her back toward him and slides her down on him. The lightning shocks reverberate
inside her to him activating her inner bristles that scrub him. With what feels like a
stable surface her hands go on top of his thighs and she bounces freely front of him
in sheer enjoyment.
The sharp shock causes Magez’s body to jolt in hers, thrusting hard through
the Force. He feels her body is his and is the source of his nourishment, paradise
and pleasure. He wants all for himself and covets it as his own. He wants to form a
RFRS: Sith APEX - The Heart of the Force Is Being Embraced 2014 v1.0

11 | P a g e I s l e S a n c t u a r y . c o m

Force Bond with her, but he knows it would kill him and her. His Force Foresight is
not enough and the Force power is too much. He decides to react physically because
the pleasure and pain lines are now blurred. He fills her cup and finds some way in
the Force to have the Embrace drop them, oozing to the ground.
Hurt, Yemaja cries, “Puul! Did I do something wrong?”
Magez is delirious and his mind is a blur. He stumbles to rush over to his
personal effects and clothes himself, quickly. He looks at her unsure of what
happened and leaves her draped across the floor. As races to the Imperial sectors of
Coruscant on his speeder bike, and nears the Imperial Inquisitorius building. Once
he is secure, he cries at the ledge in bewilderment. He realizes that he touched the
deepest part of the Dark Side of the Force and he was not ready.

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