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402-A Raymond Avenue
Alexandria, VA 22301
571.255.9902 Cell E-Mail
City Planner Expert in Land Use Analysis, Environmental Protection Permitting, &
RE Investment
25+ years planning experience as permit regulator, permit applicant and sole pro
prietor of professional service interfacing between development and regulatory c
ompliance to ensure environmental protection.
Fluent in Spanish, French & English (Native Speaker)
* Assess & document environmental impact for highways, power corridors, & reside
ntial and commercial development of all scales,
* Development permitting processes & procedures in accordance with local, state
& Federal regulations including ACoE 404, NEPA, FEMA,
* Administer city wide sedimentation and erosion control measures,
* Review development proposals for zoning compliance & wetland protection,
* Develop environmental protection policies,
* Manage bridge replacement & realignment projects, oversee phased residential r
* Program real estate acquisition & sales; negotiate contracts for products & se
* Design & permit residential remodeling to augment value,
* Flag wetlands according to vegetation, hydrology and soils criteria,
* Supervise contaminated soils investigation,
* Perform Deed & Title history research,
* Perform endangered species investigations,
* GIS & Remote Sensing.
* Grasps COMPLEX details & concepts rapidly.
* Thinks outside the box to find CREATIVE solutions to complicated challenges.
* DETAIL-ORIENTED to accurately track billing & permit progress accelerating per
mit process.
* ABLE to convey essential information from regulators to clients, designers & f
ield personnel.
* Accustomed to successfully working in MULTI-CULTURAL teams with members from d
iverse educational backgrounds.
* Maintains DIVERSE network of development players & stakeholders to maximize op
portunities for all.
* Relishes opportunity to MENTOR, share & learn.
HomeShift US LLC Employed: 08/94 to present
913 Prince St.
Alexandria, VA 22314
Provide personalized solutions to challenges facing my clients regarding their p
rimary residences and investment properties. Assistance to elderly and handicap
ped clients a specialty
Services include:
* Manage property for long-term profitability via creation of routine maintenanc
e schedules and reserve accounts to meet projected expenses,
* Assessment and advance scheduling of capital improvements,
* Consult for interior & landscape design,
* Permit expediting for construction as well as other permits and business licen
ses, personal and business record organization and management,
* Complete relocation services including new home selection, downsizing, estate
sales, packing, brokering transport, unpacking, establishment of services, on-si
te construction supervision.

402-A Raymond Avenue
Alexandria, VA 22301
571.255.9902 Cell E-Mail

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Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources Employed: 07/99 to 04
(MARN) in cooperation with
International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN)
Boulevard Roosevelt
San Salvador, El Salvador
Project Manager
Initiated and supervised The Wetlands of El Salvador mapping project
* Manipulated data provided by MARN and NASA(US) with ArcInfo to create national
wetlands maps,
* Applied maps as basis for development of a national water resources protection
law & policy,
* Fulfilled Salvadoran component of Central American wetlands inventory sponsore
d by UICN.
Massachusetts Highway Department Employed: 10/88 to 07/91
Bureau of Transportation Planning and Development
Boston, MA 02116
Project Manager
* Managed consultant contracts to replace bridges & realign highways approving f
ieldwork and weekly pay requests.
* Conducted public hearings to gain input & field concerns regarding DOT activit
* Represented MDPW and served as liaison in project-related negotiations between
federal, state and local agencies.
Massachusetts Highway Department, Cont
Environmental Planner
* Drafted Wetland sections of Environmental Impact Statements prepared by MDPW f
or proposed highway improvement projects and bridge replacements.
* Analyzed impacts of development on soils, air, and water conditions.
* Consulted with local officials to ensure consideration of endangered species h
* Conducted detailed projects specialized in wetlands identification, assessment
, and regulatory compliance.
* Reviewed and reported on proposed amendments to existing wetlands and endanger
ed species laws at state and federal levels.
Master of Regional Planning U of North Carolina at Chapel Hill May 1995
Bachelor of Landscape Architecture U of Oregon at Eugene June 1983
Cours de Civilisation Franeaise La Sorbonne, Paris, France June 1979
AA / Building Construction Dean Jr. College, Franklin, MA May 1978
FEMA IS-100.a Introduction to the Incident Command System 1/10
FEMA IS-200.a ICS for Single Resources and Initial Action Incidents
FEMA IS-700.a National Incident Management System An Introduction 2/10
Alexandria, VA Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)Training 3-4/10
AmAcadContMedEd:Chemical Terrorism:Detection, Diagnosis & Treatment 4/10