How to Make a Fondant Bow

This bow will be sized to sit on top of a 6" cake (looks the best if it is a tiered cake). 1. Roll a sheet of fondant about 8" wide by 15" long, approx. 1/8 inch thick. You don't want it to be too thin, or the loops won't be able to hold their shape when they dry. 1.

2. Cut the sheet with a pizza roller, 6" in width.

3. My bow loops will be 1" wide. Use the ruler as a guide and cut with a pizza roller or fondant cutter.

If it doesn't adhere by little water at the joining pinch together the ends dusted side is facing itself. and I always make a couple of extras in case of breakage. . or antique silk. Dust the sheet of cut strips with a shimmer dust like pearl dust. Dust with shimmer dust and cut a 'V' shape in the end with kitchen shears. 8. which is what I'm using. 7. On a large sheet of wax paper.4. 5. The brush is a cosmetics brush that I only use for dusting cakes. Pick up a single strip. The bow streamers: Cut two 6" strips the same width as for the bows. Repeat for all loops. 6. depending on the look you wish to achieve. carefully position the loop on its side for drying. This bow will have 14 loops. and (making sure your shimmer OUT). you can use a point. You can have as few as 12 bow loops or as many as 18.

and cover with a piece of wax paper about the same size. Dry 1-2 days. For the second layer. Place a small puddle of glue in the center of the wax paper. 10. As you can see from the examples at the top of this tutorial. tint your glue the same color as the bow. Make sure the streamer is completely on the wax paper. Assembling the bow: Get a small plate like a bread or salad plate. If your bow is colored. them in a circle. .9. there are many different ways to position the streamers. and arrange the streamer over the pan and flowing off the side. For your bow's glue you can use royal icing or candy melts. 11. this bow Arrange turning 13. add another generous dollop of glue to the center. 12. Mine are usually dried overnight (in air conditioning). I place a piece of wax paper over an inverted cake pan. The bottom layer of will have 7 loops. To achieve the look I want for these streamers. some on their sides. depending on the temperature and humidity in your area.

16. 15. the loops start to work their way outward. . Stop pushing when the loops don't move any more. In other words. This is done very gently. again turning some on their sides. during the assembly process. try not to stack two on their sides because it looks funny.14. My second layer will have 6 loops. I gently put both hands around the bow and press inward to make the bow formation tighter. Arrange in a circle. Arrange the top loop in the top gap. For the top and center loop. 17. apply your glue directly to the pointy side of the loop. Try to make the 2nd layer loop the "opposite" of the first layer loop. Stack another layer of loops on top. Sometimes. making sure you have good contact with the glue on the bottom. After I have assembled all the loops.

Place on the cake! You're done! For a fun.18. Let dry a few hours. . with the ends in the glue. whimsical touch. 20. Place your streamers on top of the cake. If you've used candy melts as your glue. you can speed up drying time by putting in the refrigerator for 20 minutes or so. Turn upside down into your other hand and slowly peel off the wax paper. 22. make a puddle of glue on top of the cake. When you are ready to place the bow on the cake. 21. Gently pick up your bow by sliding your hand under the wax paper. or preferably overnight. you can attach a fondant pearl to each bow loop with a dot of royal icing. 19.