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Betel Leaf

Betel or piper betle is creeping plant species belonging to the Piperaceae family. Betel planthas many names of betel (France), betelhe, vitele (Portugal), ju jiang (China), and sirih (Indonesia). Bethel came from countries in South Asia and South East Asia such as India, Pakistan and Indonesia. Betel leaf shaped flat like a heart with green leaf surface where the betel leaf is used a lot of people in Asia as a medicinal plant which can cure many diseases. Component in betel Chemicals that are in the betel leaf, among othersessential oils, hydroxycatechol, chavicol, chavibetol, eugenol, methyl eugenol, caryophyllene, cadinene, estragol, terpennena, seskuiterpena, phenyl propane, tannins, diastase, sugar, and starch. Bethel leaf benefits Betel leaf is betel plants, especially in Asian countries has long been recognized as a medicinal plant that can help improve health and cure various kinds of diseases for people who use it, and type of disease that can be cured with the use of betel leaf, among others

Eliminate body odor way by taking a betel leaf as much as 2-3 pieces and then soak in ½ cup hot water then add a teaspoon of sugar and leave until the water becomes colder, and then take back the betel leavesfrom the cup to drink. Eliminate bad breath and prevent tooth decay: take one sheet of betel leaf and betel leaf chewing it slowly for a few minutes each 2-3 times a day, then discard the water that has been chewed water from the mouth. Another way: boiled 5-6 betel leaves with 2 cups water to boil then cool water was boiled and filtered betel leaves and use water to rinse his mouth every morning and evening. Treating Swollen gums / mouth: Take 5-6 pieces of betel leaves and boil with 3 cups water to boil. After that lift the water and filter into the water then add these violations and use water to rinse it 3 times a day-rasp Bleeding molars Generally after tooth extraction in molar teeth, especially the mouth always was bleeding. To stop bleeding, use this herb. Take 10 pieces of betel leaf. Then wash and boil with 5 cups of water to boiling. Furthermore, gargle with the mixture every hour. Potions are also able to eliminate bad breath caused by tooth decay that has many holes. Treating coughs Take betel leaves as many as 5 pieces, then mixed with cloves, and cardamom cubeb each 11 pcs cinnamon and mix well with your fingers for as much as 1 pcs, then all the ingredients are boiled in 2 glass water until boiling and 1, 5 cups of water , then lift, strain and drink after a cold 3 times a day. Eliminate underarm odor Take a piece of betel leaf give the lime a little, then knead, and applied to the armpits, to smell disappears. Other diseases can be cured by betel leaves are nosebleeds, wounds, eczema, sore eyes, itchy skin, bronchitis, Eliminate Acne, cough, thrush, Whitish, protect the liver, heart pain, Syphilis,Allergy and Diarrhea

Propagation is easy by root division or cuttings. fast growing. glossy. It makes a good under storey plant. stimulant. She said it is valued as a natural antibiotic. A lady rang the farm seeking a betel leaf plant. Daun Kaduk. White catkin flowers turn a green/brown when mature. take 2 cups of water and bring to the boil in a saucepan. . To make the tea. Karok. Chavia sermentosum F. arthritis and joint pain. expectorant. Malaysians use the leaves for headaches. heart-shaped leaves to 15cm long.BETEL LEAF Betel Leaf Betel Leaf Wild Pepper. Karuk. antibacterial Medicinal Uses The plant has many traditional medicinal uses. She said. In Indonesia leaves are chewed with betel nut. Kadok. and the masticated juice swallowed for relief from coughs and asthma. and simmer until the liquid has evaporated down to approximately one glass. Vegetable Pepper. Actions: digestive. dark green. and could be grown in a large pot. Piperaceae Description A very attractive spice. evergreen to 1 metre. and shared how it is used in her homeland of Indonesia. it will adapt to cold conditions if given a warm spot in winter. Betel Pepper Piper sermentosum syn. it is also valued by people (particularly senior citizens) to keep teeth and gums strong and healthy. carminative. preferably taken in spring or summer. Strain and drink daily. and drunk as a tea daily to benefit health. perennial. Drop in 7 mature size leaves. Although betel leaf is considered a tropical to subtropical plant. Regular feeding and watering will keep it growing very lush. This tea is also used to keep the body free of unpleasant smells of perspiration and menstrual odour. Betel leaf requires a rich soil and prefers a semi-shade position. Sirih Dudu. with creeping stem branches. In Thailand and China the roots are crushed and blended with salt to relieve toothache. and shifted to a cosy position in the cold months of the year.


West Bengal. rooting at the nodes. sugar and diastases and an essential oil. Betel is a native of central and eastern Malaysia. with pointed apex. aromatic creeper. Weakness of Nerves Betel leaves are beneficial in the treatment of nervous pains. minute flowers and one-seeded spherical small berries. It spread at a very early date throughout tropical Asia and later to Madagascar and East Africa. Distribution and Composition The betel plant is a slender. The use of betel leaf can be traced as far back as two thousand years.3 per cent. smooth. with a teaspoon of honey. The plant has alternate. Its calorific value is 44.4 per cent. mixed with dilute milk and sweetened slightly. will serve as a good tonic. it is widely cultivated in Tamil Nadu. Its leaf is used in several common household remedies. . carotene. Healing Power and Curative Properties Betel leaf has been used from ancient times as an aromatic stimulant and anti-flatulent. The essential oil is a light yellow liquid of aromatic odor and sharp burning in taste. It is useful in arresting secretion or bleeding and is an aphrodisiac.1 per cent per 100 grams. heart-shaped. The juice of a few betel leaves. The branches of the plant are swollen at the nodes.8 per cent. has properties resembling cocaine in some respects. Offering betel morsel (pan-supari) to guests in Indian subcontinent is a common courtesy. helps in easing urination. Madhya Pradesh. A teaspoon of this can be taken twice a day. Its juice. It is described in the most ancient historic book of Sri Lanka. Its minerals and vitamin contents are calcium. Headaches The betel leaf has analgesic and cooling properties. Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh. niacin and vitamin C. shining and long-stalked leaves. In India.Betel Leaves Botanical Name: Piper betle) Origin. minerals 2. It can be applied with beneficial results over the painful area to relieve intense headache. written in Pali. thiamine. The alkaloid arakene in it. Scanty or Obstructed Urination Betel leaf juice is credited with diuretic properties. riboflavin. Orissa.1 per cent. nervous exhaustion and debility. An analysis of the betel leaf shows it to consist of moisture 85. It contains a phenol called chavicol which has powerful antiseptic properties. fat 0.3 per cent and carbohydrates 6. Mahavasma. It has five to seven ribs arising from the base. fiber 2. protein 3. Recent studies have shown that betel leaves contain tannins.

Constipation In the case of constipation in children. After a few applications. Inflammation Applied locally. a suppository made of the stalk of betel leaf dipped in castor oil can be introduced in the rectum. Wounds Betel leaves can be used to heal wounds. that is inflammation of the testes. every few hours. Boils The herb is also an effective remedy for boils.Respiratory Disorders Betel leaves are useful in pulmonary affection in childhood and old age. This leaf has to be replaced. soaked in mustard oil and warmed. Sore Throat Local application of the leaves is effective in treating sore throat. Lumbago A hot poultice of the leaves or their juice mixed with some bland oil such as refined coconut oil can be applied to the loins with beneficial results in lumbago. The leaves. A leaf is gently warmed till it gets softened. . may be applied to the chest to relieve cough and difficulty in breathing. The wound will heal up with a single application within 2 days. and is then coated with a layer of castor oil. Then a betel leaf should be wrapped over and bandaged. This instantly relieves constipation. The application can be made at night and removed in the morning. the boil will rupture draining all the purulent matter. Problem of Breast Milk Secretion The application of leaves smeared with oil is said to promote secretion of milk when applied on the breasts during lactation. betel leaves are beneficial in the treatment of inflammation such as arthritis and orchitis. The oiled leaf is spread over the inflamed part. The juice of a few leaves should be extracted and applied on the wound. The crushed fruit or berry should be mixed with honey and taken to relieve irritating cough.

aphrodisiac. it sweetens the breath and acts as a gentle stimulant . sliced betel nut is wrapped in a betel leaf. Other Uses Aphrodisiac: Pan-supari. a clove and other spices such as cinnamon and cardamom are added. Other ill-effects of pan-chewing like dyspepsia. In its simplest form. The betel leaves are chewed together with betel nut as a masticatory. pan-supari came to form a part of the ritual with which a wife welcomed her husband. Often though. is prescribed by Ayurvedic physicians as an aphrodisiac. especially the pan. cancer of the tongue and cheeks have also been observed amongst excessive chewers. pyorrhea.Precautions: Cancer of the mouth and lips has been found to be more frequent in areas where the betel chewing habit is widely prevalent. and invigorating properties. smeared with lime and chewed. When chewed after meals. Partly owing to its deodorant.