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, APT 402 214-636-4135 Dallas, Texas 75252 Accomplished Computer science educated Researcher, offering rare combination of 5 plus years of Research background coupled with hands-on Development experience and expertise in industry. Focusing on solving real world problems using strong applied theory background with lucid understanding of how to apply knowledge. Machine Learning, Data Mining and Statistical Data Analysis, Software Engineerin g, information retrieval, and Distributed Systems Design, Predictive Modeling an d Optimization, Time series analysis, Digital filtering, Spectral Analysis, Patt ern Recognition, and Stochastic Process Modeling. * 5 plus years of Matlab experience with extensive experience in Statistical To olbox. * 5 plus years of Research experience using a variety of techniques from Machin e Learning and Data Mining to model discrete time systems. * 4 plus years of experience as Software Engineer with development in C++/C#, J ava, SQL in High Volume Data Applications. * Developed innovative and out of the box techniques to address challenging pro blems. * Reported research results in top tiers Journals. * Oversaw setup, execution and implementation of key deliverables. * Worked with Business Analysts to define and review business requirements and functional specifications, and with Clients to define contract and gain agreemen t on delivery plans and resolution of issues. Key skills: Excellent communicator, interfacing / conversing at both junior and senior level and with non-technical staff. Leadership quality with long-range st rategic vision and polished analytical / problem-solving skills, assembling and motivating top-producing, cross-functional teams to optimize limited resources a nd fulfill business objectives. Customer and service oriented, supporting interaction with team resources and ot hers. Focused on performance and productivity. Hold self and others accountable for achieving results that embody the principles of diversity and company values . Proactively initiate, develop and maintain effective working relationships wit h team members. Technical skills: Extensive knowledge of and practical experience includes but n ot limited to: Languages: C++, C#, C, Java, AJAX, Python and Java Script, Shell Scripting, SQL, FORTRAN, HTML * Applications: MatLab, Extend 6, Latex, MS Office * Development Frameworks: Visual Studio(.NET), Rational Rose * Tools: TFS, CVS, Subversion, Sys Aid * Testing Tools: xSuds, Silktest, Selenium, Junit, HP LoadR unner * OS: MS Windows, Linux, Sun/Solaris Ph.D. Computer Science, The University of Texas at Dallas (UTD). Dissertation: " Software Defects Prediction using Estimation Theory." M.S. Computer Science, UTD ; M.S. Telecommunications Engineering, UTD; B.S. Electronics Engineering, NED Un iversity of Engineering and Technology. Membership, IEEE, ACM, Toast Master Inte rnational. Publications in top journals, conferences, and workshops. Complete li st at PROFESSIONAL CAREER HISTORY & SELECTED NOTABLE ACHIEVEMENTS Awards: Erik Johnsson Scholarship January 04 - May 07, Merit Scholarship January 97 - December 98. Information Technology Researcher / Software Engineer, Rapp Collins Worldwide, 2 007 to Present. Referred by Professor due to rare combination of computer scienc e background, and knowledge / expertise in Statistical Data Analysis and Modelin g. Brought in to assist with innovative technology research and development proj ects. Led five developers and analysts to design / implement Multi-tier distribu ted High Volume Applications to provide business intelligence in consumer behavi or and demographics. Provided extensive communications and developed technical r eports. * Designed and Developed Media Optimization Tool for marketing budget allocatio

n using non-linear programming to optimally allocate budget to various media cha nnels under given constraints. SYED WASEEM HAIDER 214-636-4135 * Designed and Developed Encryption/Decryption Application to secure B2B data t ransfer. * Designed and developed Data Extraction Application to extract more than 1.5 t era bytes of data, creation of XML schema, management and encryption. * Design and Develop high volume data centric large and complex CRM (Customer R elationship Management) Solutions with over million lines of code for a leading direct marketing company. * Enhance and maintain a multi-tiered web based Global Marketing Project Manage ment System featuring workflows, document repository and management, and budget accounting for projects. * Work with Marketing Analysts to design Database and develop Application to ga ther consumer intelligence. * Communicate with customers to define service level agreements, requirements s pecification and elicitation, and resolution of technical issues. * Organize and manage Toastmasters club to promote public speaking skills, pres entations and effective communications. Research Assistant, Department of Computer Science, University of Texas at Dalla s, 2004 to 2008. Joined for an excellent opportunity to expand software engineer ing repertoire through research and collaboration/interaction with a large/innov ative research group, and quench thirst for knowledge and challenge. * Developed a Call Arrival Prediction Model for the given incoming call data us ing Survivability Analysis/Reliability Theory, and Parzen-window non-parametric model. * Developed Kalman filter using Linear Control Systems Theory for software defe cts data to reduce noise contributed by various actors in different phases of li fe cycle. Modeled and analyzed correlation among consecutive software defect dat a points. * Developed a Stochastic State Space model of software testing process called D efects Decay * Model that captures S-shaped behavior of defect data and accounts for noise i n testing process to predict software defects. * Developed Bayesian defect prediction technique, BayesED3M, that uses prior in formation in the form of software metrics from different phases of software life cycle, extracted from historical data. BayesED3M is the first complete solution that provides a detailed method for prior information extraction and a Bayesian estimator to utilize the prior information, to overcome the effect of noise in testing process. * Performed Statistical Analysis of software metrics to determine correlation w ith software defects. Used different clustering algorithms to group similar proj ects. Reduced dimension explosion through Principal Component Analysis. * Developed a Maximum Likelihood based software defect estimator ED3M which rea ches in the accuracy range of 98% to 102%. ED3M is a turn-key solution that runs on single input software defect data from ongoing testing. Detailed performance evaluation is carried out by creating over 1000 simulations in Matlab to analyz e results when defect data departs from normal S-shaped behavior, the results pr oved the resilience of technique. * Industry adapted ED3M very well, owing to the ease of use and remarkable resu lts. Compliments from industry are available at aseemhaider . * Reported results in leading Software Engineering Journal, IEEE Transactions o n Software Engineering (TSE), presented research findings in conference and work shop. * Completed a comprehensive survey on existing Defect Prediction and Software R eliability models. Classified models according to Non-parametric, Parametric and Bayesian and Regression techniques. Study is reported in a leading journal, Sof

tware Testing, Verification and Reliability (STVR). * Guest Lectured classes for Software Testing, Verification and Validation; and Introduction to Probability theory. Taught Digital Systems lab to a class 20+ s tudents for three full semesters. Graded assignments and quizzes. Additional Related Experience: Assisted with organization of technical conferenc es; volunteered in organizing technical workshops; assisted research groups in p reparing and writing research grant proposals; peer review for top scientific jo urnals and conferences.