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Project Progress Report

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Filmmaking for Social Change (Channels for Change - II)

Islamabad Pakistan/UK Sarwar Mushtaq

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Project Progress Summary (4) Overall summary of project progress in relation to project purpose
Young Pakistani filmmakers produce documentaries, which raise awareness in target communities in the UK and Pakistan of the negative impact of violent extremism, conflict, social exclusion and poor governance in Pakistan.


After mutual discussion between Sarwar and Patrick 30 final students were selected. website and emails to all the major 21 . both in the UK and Pakistan. Participants will be encouraged to explore themes also that give a “hopeful” message of positive change that is taking place in the country. Total 83 applications were received online. 3. Workshop one started with two day orientation at a Farm House from 26 till 27 January and continued with lectures for film making from 26 Jan till 3 Feb. Progress by Output and Indicators (5) Output Indicators Progress during Quarter (Include quantitative information and any problems or issues) 1. ????? 1. screening. 11 films were produced and edited by 25 March 2010.Section B: To be completed only for projects in excess of £30k 4. Media promotion. The films will therefore help towards increasing the resilience of communities to tackle social problems through giving them a platform to discuss grievances. Workshop two (Post Production) start with 3 days delay (Patrick arrived on 10 March) from 10 March till 17 March. 4.The two training workshops take place in Jan and Mar 2010 respectively to ensure timelines are met. and broadcast of the second round of the 1. 22 from Karachi and 8 from Lahore.10 Films produced and edited by the first week of April 2010. 4. governance and social exclusion. Competition was announced on 4 February through print.A higher number of good quality applications received from 15 films schools approached for this programme.At least 3-5 participants go on to produce more programmes on social subjects. 3. Plan for Next Quarter 10 short films produced by 30 Pakistani film students. event page. 2. These will focus on content that undermines extremist narratives and supports mainstream voices on issues of terrorism. denoting interest in the project 2.Competition announced in January 2010 through media and within film schools/acade 1. conflict.

FCO press office and the LIDF for invitations school/academies of Karachi.Agreement signed in advance with media outlets to promote the competition. 4. Islamabad.National Short Film Competition winning entries. 6. 8. 5. Erum Zehra and Sehreen Jabbar…. This will lead to greater debate and discussion amongst target audience about the destructivenes s of terrorism and extremism. Patrick Patrick Patrick Debate program will be Organized in June Media partnership with Dunya TV is underprocess blogsite??? Website hits??? Screenings will be conducted in June 2010. 1. 5. 3. 1. and will therefore contribute towards enabling communities to unite and stand together in the face of these problems.A wellmanaged event arranged at the British Museum by the LIDF.Professional jury aligned for judging the submissions. 2.Online interaction/poll ing and feedback by audience generated on films on the project website/YouTu be/Face Book.Effective coordination between RICU. 6.Broadcast of winning entry (ies) by at least one TV channel in Pakistan. 2. 5. 4. Lahore. ??? 3. and to broadcast the films for polling. and poor governance and. 2. 4. 7. Quetta. 3. with good audience turnout. 22 . providing enough time to submit quality films. 2..Results announced at least one month before the London International Documentary Festival LIDF 2010. Jury of three people was aligned which included Patrick. Peshawar. No film was selected by the Jury for screening at LIDF. Response and debate that supports mainstream voices and undermines extremist narratives is generated among the audience through effective dissemination and distribution of mies. conflict.

8. on the basis of research on the media scene in Pakistan by LIDF trainer.the produced films amongst target communities both in Pakistan and the UK.Implementatio n plan and budgets 1.Broadcast on at least one mainstream Pakistani TV channel with repeat airings. 3. These will include and media coverage at the event. 23 . Production of a strategy document on a “pop-up cinema” campaign will initiate public counter extremist dialogues in target communities. 3.Mention of project/films on at least one popular Pakistani blogsite. 5.School tours and encore screenings by LIDF in the UK. Strategy will be submitted by 10 April 2010.Awareness of issues raised. 6. 2.Interest and debate generated within the British audience after the film screenings. 4.High number of website hits and views on YouTube etc.Strategy document on pop-up cinema produced by March 2010. 2. and debate generated within at least 8-10 groups of selected target communities in Karachi through screenings and discussions on films. 7. Implementation plan and budget will be emailed by 10 April 2010. 1.

Financial Progress (7) (a) Summary Total Project Budget Total Expenditure to Date Expenditure during Quarter (b) Expenditure Report Expenditure Category Budget this Quarter Expenditure this Quarter (c) Explanation of Variance 7. 5. and funding acquired. Progress on Activities against Activity Schedule (6) 6. for rolling out similar programme in the UK.Target communities identified for pop-up campaign in both the UK and Pakistan.communities which do not necessarily have access to information and media and also those communities which do not have access to a platform where they can raise their voices through the media.Strategy prepared. prepared for rolling out the Pop-Up cinema in Pakistan. 3. Project Implementation Approach (8) 24 . 4. The intention is then to roll out similar screenings and road shows in the UK with the support of our UK Counter Narrative communicatio ns agency.

Any changes in project implementation approach? 9. Timing (9) Is the project still on course to complete on the projected date? 10. Other Notes(12) 25 . Problems and Risks (10) Problems or issues(risks) which may effect success of project 11. Promotional Activity (11) Action Planned/ Taken 12.