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Tony G Daugherty 1302 Stoneybrooke Dr Warrensburg, MO 64093 Day/Evening Phone: 16607477537 Email: tdd175a6@westpost.

net HIGHLIGHTS OF QUALIFICATIONS Over 18 year's professional experience in Operations Management Over 3 years experience in Heavy Construction Equipment Operations Result/Task driven -- comfortable with significant responsibility and challenges Traditional work ethic: reliable, motivated and disciplined OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT Operations Management Training: Accomplished Operations Management Technical School in 1993 Completed Alice Anderson's Work Information Management System (WIMS) Work Contro l Class in 1998 Accredited Air Combat Command In-Service Work Program attendance class in Januar y 2009 Key Duties: * Provided Customer Service, Customer's inquires on assigned/requested facility work * Created data matrix reports based off customers requirements specific to their needs * Proficient in Microsoft Office, (Excel, Power Point & Word) * Planned and monitored work requirements * Created Bill of Materials specific to requested Work Requirements, Monitored a nd accepted material as they arrived * Created power point slide presentations for briefings to include work order re search * Performed Quality Assurance & Inspections (QA) on completed work requirements * Maintained legal compliance authority within congressional limitations on fund ing expenditure per authorized constructed work * Performed Mail Clerk duties for deployed military unit * Assigned daily and monthly work schedules to 187 Operations Personnel * Coordinated with external agencies for completion of work requirement projects * Wrote statement of work(s) for specific awarded executable contracts * Trained Base Facility Managers on required duties, Initial & annually * Trained inter-office personnel on the Operations Management Career field * Focal point for Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty Program * Focal point for contingency emergency actions, during real world & exercises * Coordinated Emergency Response Teams to Exercise/Real World Incidents on and o ff base * Performed Search and Recover Operations during Real World aircraft incidents * Performed as a Unit Control Center (maintained status boards, Vehicle's, gener ator's) * Maintained Sections Safety program

PAVEMENTS AND CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT JOURNEYMAN Heavy Equipment / Construction Career Field: Heavy Equipment Operators Training:

Accomplished Heavy Equipment Technical Training Course at Fort Leonardwood, Miss ouri Completed the 351st LRS Advanced Tractor Trailer Operators Course Completed Air Combat Commands Rail Road Maintenance Course Key Duties: * Maintain roads and other improved hard surfaces, Concrete or Asphalt to includ e Gravel surfaces * Operated the following heavy equipment, (5-10 Ton Dump trucks, Dozer, 5-15 ton Fork Lifts, Graders, Back-hoes, Loaders w/multi buckets, Bobcat, Zero turn mowe rs, Snow plows and roll over plows, Asphalt laying machines, Brush Hogs and farm tractors) * Operated concrete laying machines * Operated Soil Compaction Equipment * Operated gas powered tools (Chain Saws, Weed Eaters) * Performed concrete finishing techniques * Installed various types of fences, Sign poles * Performed grass mowing operations by operating various types of mowing equipme nt, (Push, Zero-turn, Riding mowers & towed brush hogs of various widths * Performed Railroad maintenance on Air Force rail road systems * Performed various weed control measures within AF standards * Planned and Constructed sidewalks/foot paths * Managed the digging permit program for Whiteman AFB EMPLOYMENT HISTORY 1993-Present 1989-1993 Operations Management U.S. Air Force Heavy Equipment Operator U.S. Air Force

Member of installation's Search and Recovery team; Duties called upon twice to r ecover the remains of Air Force personnel. Advanced Medical training;