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Profile Brian Rogers Available from: 1.11.2010 Capacity: Full time Dayrate: $ 1000 or $ 80,000 p.A.

Main Focus Project Manager, Programmer, ITIL Service Manager, Outsourcing Specialist (data centre, SAP), Interims data centre Manager, DR/BC Project Manager, CobIT Auditor , ITIL Service Manager, Sales Manager Consulting and Software or Hardware Products as Projects Education B.S. Semantics, Columbia University, New York City, NY, USA Further Training German IHK Certificate as Data Processing Clerk Controller's Certificate Controller Academy; Member Controlling Association sinc e 20 years ITIL Service Manager Certificate ITIL Foundation V3 Certificate CobIT Auditor Certification Prince2 Certificate Foreign Languages English: business fluent German: fluent French: basic Project Experience 2010 Saudi Arabian Airlines Responsible for a Build-up of the IT Charge out & Pricing Department, an assignm ent of implementing and transforming the Concept and Process Build to a working and functioning unit within the Service Area within the Service Management Proce ss. At the same time, I was responsible for the training and Concept of Performa nce Management, that fed the direct information to the Charge out & Pricing Unit . EMAAR Properties, UAE Project Manager: Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Responsible for a 3 man team, to build up the Disaster Recovery Center from scra tch, with Concept, RfP, Selection and Implementation. Saudi Electricity Company, Saudi Arabia (KSA) Project Director:: ITIL Assessment with Cobit Analysis Responsible for a 2 man team to evaluate the ITIL ability with a comprehensive a ssessment on the basis of CMMI. Projectleader for the adaption for Service Manag ement processes (3 Months) 06.2007 a" 01.2009 with interruptions Cognis GmbH Project Manager for Service Management (ITIL) Responsible for the definition and selection of employees for the new Service Ma nagement group within the Outsourcing Governance. Project Manager for the Servic e Management Concept (ITIL Problem/Change) developed for ComputaCenter (Service Provider). Training and tool selection was a major contribution in this project. 06.2008 a" 10.2008 Saudi Electricity Company, Saudi Arabia (KSA) Project director: Assessment with a Cobit Analysis Responsible for a 2 man team to evaluate the Cobit ability with a comprehensive assessment on the basis of CMMI. Roadmap for Problem/Change Management with Proc ess-owner training. 01.2007 a" 06.2007 SME: Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity

Responsible for a 3 man team, to build up the Disaster Recovery Center from scra tch. 09.2007 a" 12.2007 Dubai Municipality Project Manager: Assessment for an Outsourcing Readiness Project Responsible for the governance structure and the training in Service Management disciplines for the selected employees. Role definitions and tool selection for the Service Management group. 06.2006 a" 07.2007 RWE AG Project consultant: RWE (German energy corporation) RfP for a world-wide Desktop Hardware service Responsible for the strategy, selection, and governance in all methods and defin itions. Role descriptions and controlling of all documents for each member of th e team. Role definitions for the Service Management within the governance of the outsourcing object. 12.2005 a" 05.2006 PIC (Dow Chemical Partner in the Near East) in Kuwait Project Director : ITIL Assessment of the complete IT Responsible for a 3 man team conducting an ITIL assessment & over all Cobit Doma ins with a high-level report of the CMMI level in each discipline. Roadmap for I T Steering Committee and Problem/Change Management with management coaching. 05.2004 a" 05.2005 AON, Bank of America in London ITIL Service Management Assessment Assessment Leader for all Service Management processes: - Responsible for all deliveries of Assessment (4-6 team members) and presentati on to the subsequent Board of Directors 01.2003 a" 05.2004 T-Mobile NL Production Acceptance, Project leader: - Interims manager for the production acceptance with the responsibility of choo sing the right organisation and the right people for the process. Definition of all processes (ITIL conform) and role definitions defined for selecting the righ t people. Coordination with the programming department as the testing responsibl e unit. Responsible for the co-ordination of all Disaster Recovery processes wit hin the IT (Business Continuity Handbook) 03.2002 a" 01.2003 Siemens CIO SAP R/3 Outsourcing, Project consultant: - Siemens CIO RfP for a world-wide SAP R/3 hosting with responsibility for SLA/O LA and all methods used for RfP with strategy, selection, and governance. Specia l assignment to create a Service Management group within the IT Governance All of the above mentioned Projects were sold and described per SOW by me, direc t. I was responsible for my own Sales (Scoping and Deal-making) within many Grou ps i.a. META Group as the Practice Leader EMEA and as a Director Advisor with Ex perton Group and also as Managing Director (5 Years)in Switzerland of my own Fir m Data Center Consultancy in Steckborn, Thurgau. I also worked in Luxembourg for Dimension Data in a Pre-Sales and Product Conception function for 2 years in 23 Months engagements i.e. Dexia Bank. 12.2000 a" 01.2003 Metagroup Deutschland GmbH Responsible for the Operations Excellence Product as Practice Leader and Sales D irector for a 4 man Team. Sold in 2004 to Gartner Group

07.1997 a" 12.2000 debitel AG Director IT-Production: - Formed a de-central data center (3 sites) into a central data center in 1 loca tion - Merged the existing personnel into 1 central section (Systems, Telecommunicati ons, Operating/Monitoring) - Implemented Service Management processes with IT-controlling functions - Project Manager for a data base conversion (DB2 to Oracle) with Tata Consultin g as the Service Provider (Co-ordination of all project phases) - Chief Negotiator for a new outsourcing contract for the Billing Process (Opera tions, Program Change and Printing) incl. all Service Level Agreement creation a nd implementation - Managed 55 employees with a 50m yearly budget Further Companies of Employment 1995-1997 Mannheimer Versicherungs AG Data Center Manager IBM MVS 1993 a" 1990 Compass Deutschland GmbH Senior Consultant IT Benchmarking Host, Service Desk, Client-Server 1985 a" 1990 Lidl & Schwarz Stiftung & Co, KG Data Center Manager IBM MVS 1975 a" 1985 Betty Barclay GmbH Chief Programmer Bull DPS7 1970 a" 1975 John Deere Europe AG Organizations Programmer IBM MVS 1967 a" 1970 U.S. Army Major, Pershing Missile Group Germany 1964 - 1967 University of Columbia 1964 Graduation High School Further Information Operating Systems MVS; Unix SCO; VMS; BS2000; Windows; Linux Programming Languages C/C++; Cobol; RPG; Unix-Shell-Script; Assembler Databases IMS; DB2; Access; MYSQL; Oracle Hardware UNIX (Sun, HP, IBM) Data Communication Banyan; CICS; DCAM/ISAM; EDIFACT; FTAM; ISDN; ISO/OSI; ISPF-DMS; LAN/LAN Manager ; LU6.2; Novell; SNA; TCP/IP; Token Ring; VTAM; Windows Netzwerk; X.400 X.25 X.2 25 X.75 Products/Standards Core competence: My strengths are in analysis, conception and management in the coaching and lead ership of CobIT & ITIL processes (incl. Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity) i n the data centre area, including system management (tools, operating systems, d atabases), organizational (people) analysis, development, employment and last bu t not least competency in outsourcing and migration (platforms, sites, organizat ional, i.e. SAP).

Major achievements: Over 35 years of IT experience in different positions and responsibility areas, on both sides of the fence (IT provider and user) are the fundament of my profes sional career. Tools, Utilities: SAP MM/CO/FI; MS-Office; HP Open view; IBM Tivoli; CA /UNI; Apache; perl Methods: OO; ISO; ITIL; CoBit; Prince2 IT-Experience: Designing data bases Designing applications Elaborating standards valid within the respective application having regard to e nterprise standards Drawing up tasks for programming Designing environments for programming/testing Designing programs Programming/testing Organizing testing process Managing data centres incl. Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity processes Service Management ITIL Auditor CobIT Industry Focuses Banking; Insurance; Trade; Energy; Chemical; IT; Telecommunication; Health; Auto motive; Public authorities