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net SUMMARY OF EXPERIENCE Thirty-two years experience in construction and management. Duties include Labo rer, Instrument Helper, Electrical Helper, Instrument Fitter, Assistant Instrume nt Engineer, Warehouse, Quantity Surveyor, Procurement, Lead Quantity Surveyor, Cost Specialist, Office Engineer, Lead Estimator, Chief/Lead Estimator and Senio r Commercial Manager. I have extensive training in the technical field and curre ntly hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Management and Master of Business Admi nistration in Construction Management. General: Ensures all project requirements and/or objectives are properly documented and a pproved. Establish or confirm guidelines applicable to the project. Coordinate a ssigned project team members, ensure timely activity, integration and efficient use of time and resources to meet project requirements. Prepares plans for the t eams work consistent with the overall project plan. Prepare monthly status repor ts for senior management and client to include project progress, critical paths and trends that impact project deliverables. Prepares detailed internal manpower utilization plans for discipline and/or specialty activities. Examine risks ass ociated with the work, proposed contracts and major changes, and develop a plan and recommendations for risk handling. Develop and recommend avoidance and/or mi tigation strategies. Monitor risk responses, residual and compounding risks and document actions and outcomes for historical reference. Conducts personnel perfo rmance reviews. Complete all final job requirements upon project completion. Estimating and Budgeting: Determines project scope definition and works with the engineering team and othe r sources to coordinate the required data to conform to the overall estimate pla n. Prepares progressive levels of estimate from order-of-magnitude (parametric, top-down) to detailed (bottom-up), based on the latest data available, relative to the current phase of the project. Assist the project team in developing a bud get-based work breakdown structure. Convert estimates to budgets. Performs and/o r coordinates quantity development and verification for a discipline and/or spec ialty. Develops and/or assists in the development of, quantity basis for assumpt ion. Plans, coordinates and prepares project specific budgets. Develops unit hou r and pricing data for a specific discipline and/or specialty, including estimat ing parameters, factors, productivity and specific reference data. Performs data analysis, identifies problems and makes recommendations. Cost Tracking and Forecasting: Ensures that projects are accurately reported which, includes status of all fina ncial aspects. Identifies project cost and schedule risks and trends and manages them accordingly. Calculates and validates the incurred costs of labor, materia l, subcontracts and OHI (Overhead and Indirects). Develops and implements requir ements for cost recording, reporting, and analyzing standards, programs and repo rts. Provide cost information to company and client through estimating and budge ting, risk management, interpretation of project information, variance analysis, trending and forecasting. Supports the project team to ensure that costs are co ntrolled within the budget and that cost is controlled from inception to complet ion. Proactively identifies changes that have an implication to the project and ensures that these changes are tracked and reported through a trend/PDN process. Document all obstacles and delays, obtain approval and track all changes in pro ject parameters and try to mitigate timely cost impacts. Establish appropriate k ey success factors and recommend trade-offs between scope, quality, time and cos t. Prepare baseline cash flow projections, and monitor actual cash flow. Make re commendations on application of contingency and reserve funds. Creates and imple

ments quantity measurement systems for given processes, analyzes performance met ric results, and identifies improvements. Provide comments and recommendations f or cost engineering requirements relative to staffing. Procurement and Purchasing: Recommend/establish procurement strategy, criteria and detailed procedures consi stent with corporate policy, project requirements and good commercial, legal and ethical practice. Formulate or recommend for project approval a template for pr oposal, quotation and tender invitations. Assemble contract documentation, inclu ding technological components, provided by the project team. Solicit, receive an d analyze proposal, quotation and tender submissions and recommend selection. En sures proper documentation of all purchases, agreements and contracts. Establish a material management and control system, including verification of materials a nd equipment received. Work with project team to maintain contract budgets, prog ress payments, evaluation of contract deviations and contract financial close-ou t. PROJECT TYPES Pulp and Paper, Refineries, Pharmaceutical Plant, Highway and Paving, Government Services, Power Generating Plant, New Construction and Renovation for Commercia l, EPC - Engineering, Procurement and Construction, EPCM - Engineering, Procurem ent and Construction Management SYSTEMS/COMPUTER SKILLS Microsoft Office Oracle Primavera (P3) Microsoft Access ACLS Visio SQL Lotus ICARUS Lotus Notes SAP Peoplesoft Payroll PCMS Winest PDN/Change Management EDUCATION Almeda University MBA Construction Management Boise, Idaho 2005 Almeda University BS Management Boise, Idaho 2003 Stratford Career Institute Washington, DC 2001 Coastal Training Institute - Mobile, Alabama 1985 - 1988 Corning Community College 1978 TECHNICAL TRAINING Drafting Pipe Blueprint Reading Lotus 123 Structural Blueprint Reading Electrical Helper Supervisor Seminar Instrument Blueprint Reading Microsoft Office Seminar Instrument Fitter Estimating Instrument Fitter I Change Management Instrument Fitter II EMPLOYMENT HISTORY KBR 2008 - 2010 Allstate/BE & K 2007 - 2008 Kier/CCC 2007 - 2007 VIRTEXCO 2006 - 2006 Kellogg Brown & Root, Inc. 2003 - 2005

MB Kahn Construction 2003 - 2003 Kellogg Brown & Root, Inc. 1985 - 2003 BE & K Construction 1978 - 1985

DETAILED PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE KELLOGG BROWN & ROOT, INC (2008 -2010) Lead Cost Specialist Responsible for project cost reporting and training employees in SAP, PCMS, PDN/ Change Management and contractual guide lines. Interfacing of employees with En gineering and Construction services to establish WBS/CBS code structures relatin g to cost reporting, quantities, man-hours and subcontracts for client and compa ny cost reporting. Interface with project management team, which includes estim ating, forecasting, subcontracts analysis and contract change order identificati on associated with cost and schedule impacts. PCMS (Project Cost Management Sys tem) cost reporting to initiate pertinent information to the client, home office and construction based on contractual impacts, quantity reporting and variance identification related to original budget, current budget and forecast budget. A nalysis and reconciliation of both client and company cost. WRB Conoco Phillips Project Borger, Texas Scope of work comprises of new installation, relocation of existing, and revamp of existing equipment within six process units of the Borger Refinery. Those uni ts include C5/C6 Isomerization, Naphtha hydro treating, C5/C5 hydro treating, be nzene hydrogenation, naphtha fractionation and NGL fractionation. Estimated proj ect cost $216 mil. Allstates/BE & K (2007 - 2008) Lead Cost Estimator Responsible for providing a level of support and expertise to the clients estima ting projects for new construction, renovations and upgrade to facilities which include all aspects of construction i.e.: Site Prep, Civil, Steel, Architectural , Electrical and Mechanical. The projects estimated was inclusive of projects th at ranged from $25,000 to $20 million. Estimating includes from the conceptual s tage to the final negotiated cost. Responsibilities included but are not limite d to: * Provide assistance to the design/engineering staff * Liaise with area project manager and client to resolve clarification issues pertaining to design * Formulation of estimates, reviews and coordination of estimate reviews with project team and client * Field work studies to include field measurement, cycle time checks and procu rement assessments * To undertake any other reasonable task as required Kier/CCC (2007 - 2007) Senior Commercial Manager Responsible for providing a level of support and expertise to ensure that the op erating contract with the client is administered and complied too. To manage neg otiations and contractual agreements with customers that protects the business n eeds. Responsibilities included but are not limited to:

* Recruit staff within agreed budget * Assist in the establishment and maintenance of an effective relationship wit h the client and customers * Provide and disseminate operating commercial information to the staff and en sure full understanding and compliance with contractual arrangements * Provide support in the generation of proposals and contract negotiations to include contract forecasting. Subcontract reviews and preparation of new contrac t documents for awarded contracts. * Provide assistance to the performance management process * Cost reporting to include Oracle reconciliation * Supervision of onshore and offshore billings * Development of quarterly forecast and reviews with Operations Director * Running site commercial operations with specific responsibility for protecti ng the Joint Ventures commercial interest including maximizing profitability and minimizing commercial liability on the project * General commercial assistance and management of quantity surveyors * Liaise with area manager accountant and resolve payment/accounts issues as r equired * Insurance management including staff insurance and company assets * Formulation of purchase orders and subcontracts * Assisting with all required monthly reports and review with the project team /client * Formulation of estimates, reviews and coordination of estimate reviews with project team and client * Field work studies to include field measurement, cycle time checks and procu rement assessments * Enforce contractual issues and auditing * Establish and maintain cost database for sub-consultants, sub-contractors an d plant and material operations * Assist the Operations Director and Business Sector Managers to monitor and c ontrol divisional overheads * Ensure compliance with Health and Safety, Environmental and other appropriat e regulations * Authorize bids for new work and variations up to $1 million in conjunction w ith the Operations Director * To undertake any other reasonable task as required VIRTEXCO (2006 - 2006) Chief Estimator Responsible for detailed proposals for project types which include historical r enovations of buildings and structures, restaurants, office upfits, furniture st ores and schools. The projects estimated for new construction, renovations and u pgrade to facilities which include all aspects of construction ie: Site Prep, Ci vil, Electrical and Mechanical were inclusive of projects that ranged from $90,0 00 to $8 million. Estimating practices for all projects include from the concept ual stage to the final negotiated cost. Awarded contracts for all subcontractors and held pre-construction meetings to establish goals, construction schedules, project interfaces and project completion milestones. Assistant to the project m anager on all projects from start to finish to ensure that projects were on time , under budget and completed to meet client expectations. KELLOGG BROWN & ROOT, INC (1985 - 2005) Cost Specialist/Lead Quantity Surveyor/Estimator Responsible for managing department and training employees in Oracle, SQL, Offic e 2000, Excel, Ms Word, Power Point, Word Perfect 5.1 and Lotus 123. Interfacin g of employees with contract technical services to establish code structures rel ating to quantities, man-hours, unit pricing and bid documents for contract repo

rting. Interface with project management team, which includes estimating, forec asting, cost, scheduling and establishing contractors percent complete, contract change order identification associated with cost and schedule impacts. SQL pro gramming to initiate pertinent information to the contractors, client and home o ffice based on contract values and quantity reporting. Establishing contract bil ling format for monthly billing according to contract guidelines. Setup and main tain Excel Workbooks for monthly reporting associated with forecasting, cost, pe rcent complete and progress of the project. Assisted the procurement department establishing new contracts and purchase orders for contract requirements. Estima ting projects for new construction, renovations and upgrade to facilities, which include all aspects of construction ie: Site Prep, Civil, Electrical and Mechan ical. The projects estimated were inclusive of projects that ranged from $2,000 to $35 million. Estimating includes from the conceptual stage to the final negot iated cost. I was awarded two (2) certificates from the US Army for recognition of my performance at KAF - "exceptional and outstanding performance supporting the military." LOGCAP III Karshi, Uzbekistan and Kandahar, Afghanistan Support to US Military to build, upgrade and maintain camp facilities which incl uded Base Camp Maintenance, Housing, Transportation, MWR Facilities, Environment al Services, Laundry Facilities, DFAC Facilities, Firefighting Mission, Airfield Services, Property and Accountability Operations, Management and Administration , Interim Transit (Mob, Demob and R & R), Equipment Maintenance, SSA (Supply Sup port Activity Operations), Class III Operations (Fuel), Container Handling Servi ces, Power Generation and Security. Set-up and maintenance of cost reporting str ucture for project controls. Weekly cost reports for tracking actuals, approved budgets, total estimated cost at completion and related inter-department interfa ces for percent complete, variances, modifications and forecasting. Coordination with procurement, accounting and payroll to facilitate proper updates and track ing for cost purposes. Compiled and submitted ROMs (Rough Order of Magnitude) as well as TEPs (Task Execution Plan) for SOW (Scope of Work) according to Change Orders issued by the government. Estimating key responsibilities and key account abilities include analyze blueprints, specifications, proposals and other docume ntation to prepare estimates of product quantities and labor hours for new const ruction projects and upgrades to support the facilities at the Kandahar, Afghani stan base. Department of State Government Services, Arlington, Virginia Embassy upgrades which consist of fifty-seven task orders. Set-up and maintenanc e of cost structure for project controls. Monthly tracking for total estimated c ost at completion and related inter-department interfaces for percent complete, variances, modifications and forecasting. Coordination with procurement to estab lish contracts and purchase orders from award to completion, accounting and payr oll to facilitate proper updates and tracking for cost purposes. State of North Carolina Department of Transportation, Greensboro, North Carolin a Nine highway construction projects in various locations throughout the state inc luding Excavation, Bridgework, Blasting, Asphalting and Traffic Switches. Coord ination of monthly reporting for each project and interfaces with other departme nts. I assisted with procurement to award contracts and purchase orders for each project in North Carolina. I worked with the subcontractors and vendors from ex ecution of contract to completion. Roche Carolina, Inc. - Pharmaceutical Development and Manufacturing Site, Florence, South Carolina The project consists of design to construct a Pharma Tech Center Facility for pr ocess development for manufacture of bulk pharmaceutical chemicals. The automat ion strategy for the Pharm Tech Center will employ the following systems to cont rol operations, collect data and develop all required reports: Supervisory Auto

mation System, Laboratory Information Management System and DCS Process Control System. Estimated project cost of $780 million. Champion - #35 Paper Machine Project, Courtland, Alabama The project consisted of a new Beloit Light Weight Uncoated Forms Bond Paper Mac hine. Maximum design speed of 4000 fpm with a reel trim of 350 inches. A field erected gas fired boiler with a capacity of 400,000 lbs/hr. at 1300psig. A bac k pressure steam turbine generator with a rating of 27mw and upgrades to the exi sting water supply and effluent treatment facilities. A 150,000 SF warehouse wi th a rail siding and eight truck docks. Estimated project cost of $458 million. Quantity Surveyor Job duties included Mechanical/Instrument take off and input into the Oracle Sys tem. As the job progressed I later maintained Electrical/Instrument take of fs. Daily interface with craft foreman involving take off and reporting progres s on turn-around reports issued daily. Forecasted for projected quantities perta ining to all areas, which were based from take off, PDN requirements and home of fice variances. Champion - Courtland Productivity Improvement Project - 700 TPD, Courtland, Ala bama New construction, rebuild and modification of existing mill facilities. Pulping capacities to be increased by approximately 45% and paper making capacity to be increased by approximately 60%. Scope included new digester, bleach plant, stea m and gas turbine generators, lime kiln, scrubber systems, effluent treatment fa cilities recovery boiler, purchase chip handling system and two paper machine re builds to increase production. Total project cost of $507 million with 4.5 mill ion man-hours. Warehouse Manager Job duties included stocking and inventory of warehouse responsibilities. Unload ing trucks and proper designation for installation of equipment for co nstruction. Inventoried tool rooms, maintained tools and accessories required f or field use. Final inventory on job completion of material and tools for turn over to client. Westvaco - Off Machine Coater Wickliffe, Kentucky The project consisted of new installation of Coater machine and upgrade of exist ing Paper Machine to produce more efficient quality paper. Estimated project co st $50 million. Quantity Surveyor and Expeditor Job duties included tracking paint and steel quantities for installation of pape r machine. Tracking requirements for paint was based on quantities per squa re feet before distribution to field from paint fabrication yard. Steel was tra cked for installation by piece mark and tons. Expediting duties included receiv ing, stocking and issuing material and equipment to field through material contr ol warehouse field requisition after proper identification per specification for field installation. Maintain purchase order files and updated for receiving, ex pediting and payment purposes. Inventoried material and equipment on a weekly ba sis for material control and cost requirements. Upon job completion inventoried and crated remaining equipment and material for disposal to various vendors and client. Georgia Pacific #4 Fine Paper Machine and Capacity Increase, Port Hudson, Louisi ana Construction of #4 Fine Paper Machine and rebuild of existing mill facilities fo r upgrade to new Paper Machine. Capacity increase included upgrade in Woodyard. New Recovery Boiler, upgrade to existing power boiler, new Truck Scales, unload ing facilities and rework in chemical areas. Estimated project cost $115 millio n.

Instrument Material Control Job duties included material take offs for complete rebuild of a paper machine, new bleach plant, new woodyard and stock prep. Control of tool room in aspects t o instrument and piping installation to meet job requirements and specifications . Operated forklift and assisted other crafts in installation requirements. Champion International Corporation - Cantonment, Florida $230 million brown paper conversion project. Paper machine, new bleach plant, preparation area building, wood yard and packaging unit. MB KAHN CONSTRUCTION COMPANY, INC (2003 - 2003) Office Engineer Santee Cooper Power Generation upgrade for new Unit #3 - Powerblock Foundation. Project included new turbine, boiler, utility piping, cooling towers and support facilities. Responsible for receiving and distribution of all Engineering/Shop Drawings to Vendors and Contractors. Tracking and documentation of all field rel ated changes, which were cost impacted per Engineering design changes. Set-up an d maintain Excel Workbooks for weekly/monthly reporting associated with forecast ing, cost, percent complete and progress of the project. Update and set-up of sc hedule using Primavera III with assistance from client. Interface with contracto rs and client to ensure that all required documentation was submitted in a timel y manner. B.E. & K. CONSTRUCTION (1978 - 1985) Instrument Material Control Job duties included material takeoffs in accordance with existing reuse instrume nts and new installation requirements per specifications. Ordered, expedited and maintained material requirements pertaining to instrument installation details and specifications. Operated forklift for material and instrument distribution t o field for installation. Champion Rebuild of Existing Paper Machine Pulp and Paper Manufacturer Rebuild of Paper Machine to improve quality paper and to meet increase demand of paper Estimated project cost $25 million. CCA - Fernandina Beach, Florida $60 million project to rebuild #3 and #4 paper machine. Assistant Instrument Engineering Job duties consisted of material take offs according to installation and specifi cation requirements. Expedited, purchased, received, and issued material and equ ipment to field for installation as required for scope of work. Maintained tool room and stocked material as required for instrument installation. International Paper - Mobile Reconfiguration - Mobile, Alabama Rebuild of existing paper machine and upgrade of all mill facilities for improve ment and production of paper. Instrument Fitter Locating and identification of material and/or instruments according to installa tion specifications. Field installation of instruments and associated tubing/air supply runs. Assisted in mechanical installation as demand was required.

Westvaco - Shutdown for Upgrade - Deridder, Louisiana Westvaco - Charleston, South Carolina Rebuild of paper machine to upgrade paper quality and production.