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Dr. Xiuyang Yu 1404 Willow Wood Ct, Broomfield CO 80020, Phone: (303)6414246 E-mail: xyd19285@w estpost.

net SUMMARY of QUALIFICATIONS * Over 14 years experience in multi-disciplinary R&D environment including algo rithm developments in the field of digital signal and image processing, speech recognition, computational fluid dynamics, information retrieval, data mining, n umerical simulations, and statistical modeling. * Superior analytical, and problem-solving skills. * Manage projects and meet timelines and expectations * Self motivated professional, capable of working independently or as part of a team. * DoD Secret / inactive COMPUTER SKILLS Languages: C/C++, OOD, Perl, Scripts, Fortran, Matlab Operating System: Windows NT/XP/Vista, Unix, Linux, Solaris PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Data Fusion Corporation, Feb. 2002 - July, 2010 Sr. Research Engineer Radar System and Sensor Development: performed research and development of advanced sensor concepts. This work inclu des the analysis, modeling and implementation (in Matlab) of synthetic aperture radar (SAR) systems to predict performance and to model ground moving target ide ntification. As a key developer of DFC's RADAR, I was in charge of the design an d implementation process. Developed and implemented the advanced interference m itigation and high resolution imagery algorithms, which can detect a moving targ et with high accuracy (<1 meter) in highly clutter and interference environment and enable a simultaneous high range resolution (HRR) tracking mode using data f rom the coarser resolution SMTI search mode. The return from a scatterer that is 20 dB stronger than any other scatterer in the scene can be effectively removed from the return signal and thus permits imaging of the remaining scatterers wit hin the scene. Moving Target Tracking and Detection: Developed and implemented the DFC's moving target tracking system. This work inc ludes the building DFC's orbit tracking toolbox (OTT) for multiple moving target tracking, with the multiple tracking methords: 3D de-biased converted measureme nt Kalman filter, nearest Neighbor, joint probabilistic data association (JPDA), multiple-hypothesis tracking(MHT), interacting multiple model Kalman filter (IM MKF), and particle filter (PF) methods. Investigated various aspects of surface moving target indication (SMTI) in conju nction with LMSS's Space Based Radar (SBR) study efforts. Delivered MATLAB* Orbi tal Tracking Toolbox (OTT) including tracking algorithm updates and orbital sens or model updates Developed and implemented (in Matlab) DFC's radar multi-scan processing system. It includes the variable structure interacting multiple model(VS-IMM) filter for maneuver target tracking, a sophisticate multiple hypotheses tracking (MHT) to score the hypotheses, numerical solutions of the Fokker-Planck partial differen tial equation as the joint probability density functions, Viterbi algorithm for searching n-best hypotheses and the new motion detection model. The system can t racking maneuver targets in noisy environment. Conducted research on the out-of-sequence measurement problem in tracking with I MM and MCMC methods. Conducted study of subspace tracking algorithms in applications of target detect ions in strong interference environment Conducted study of wavelet algorithms in applications of target detections in im ages Conducted research on image object tracking by using morphological anisotropic d

iffusion pyramid methods. Sensor Management and Planning: Developed algorithms for sensor collection management planning and mission sched uling. It includes dynamic sensor's field of view (FOV) modeling, greedy-neares t-neighbor-traveling salesman algorithm for scheduling, convex optimization and principal eigenvector methods for probabilistic target id fusion, and systematic ally formulation priorities among items of contention. Developed DFC's control tool for managing data rates and data resolution in a di stributed battle management using a model-reference, adaptive control-theoretic approach. Developed and implemented DFC's Genetic Algorithm in path design and game theory for assignment systems. Other Information Technology: Developed algorithms for the generation of the combined balanced multiple classi fier. Developed and implemented belief models with Analytic hierarchy Process(AHP), Fu zzy logic, and Dempster-Shafer evidential reasoning methods. Center for Spoken Language Research, Colorado University, Nov. 1998 - Dec. 2001 Research Associate Developed dynamic pronunciation models for large vocabulary speech recognition s ystems (implemented in C/C++). Studied pronunciation variation on Switchboard corpus (implemented in C/C++). Built features of decision trees for the pronunciation models (implemented in C/ C++). Conducted research on improving Maximum likelihood estimate of Hidden Markov Mo dels(HMMs) in the dynamic pronunciation models (implemented in C/C++). Responsible for developing acoustic models for CU communicator. It includes fe ature extraction, the forward-backward algorithm for the Hidden Markov Model tra ining, and the Viterbi and A* decoding algorithms. The recognition rate was the highest at that time (implemented in C/C++). Implemented the rapid adaptation and corrective training techniques to improve H idden Markov Models in acoustic models (implemented in C/C++). School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University, 1996 - 1998 Project Scientist Developed and implemented (in C/C++) the corrective training algorithm, a rapi d speaker adaptation technique, for large vocabulary speech recognition systems. Front Range Scientific Computation Inc., July, 1995 - Feb., 1996 Scientist Designed and implemented First Order System of Least Square algorithm for the si mulation of nuclear well-logging tools. Program in Applied Math. University of Colorado at Boulder, Feb., 1995 - June, 1 995 Research Associate Developed a code (in Fortran 77) and algorithms for solving Navier-Stokes Equati ons by using Least-square method and multi-grid method with finite elements. Division of Engineering, Brown University, July, 1988 - Oct., 1993 Research Assistant, Developed models in the study of the transition of non-linearly developing wake flows to turbulence. Developed a code for direct numerical simulation of spatial developments of wake flows by employing the spectral method and the compact finite difference metho d.

Used Floaquet analysis to study secondary instabilities of nonl-inearly develope d boundary layer flows. Evaluated the energy transfer between perturbations and basic flow in Gortler fl ow. Solved the above problem by using a spectral collocation method with Chebyshev p olynomials. Education: Ph. D., Fluid Mechanics, Division of Engineer, Brown University, RI M.S., Applied Mathematics, Brown, University, RI M.S., Applied Mechanics, Tianjin University, China Publications and Reports: X. Yu, W. Kober, "Multistatic Sea-Based Radar Concepts and Architectures", Midte rm Report On Contract # DODAAC: HQ0147, June 26, 2009 X. Yu, Lewis Reynolds, and Kent Krumvieda, "Networked Positioning of Unattended Ground Sensors Using JTRS Radios", Final Report on Contract #N00039-08-C-0051, O ctober 8, 2008 S. Kadlec, X. Yu, J. Nelander, L. Reynolds, W. Kober, K. Krumvieda, R. Rosich, " Coded-Waveform Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) and Ground Moving Target Indicatio n (GMTI) Simulation Package and Performance Analysis Tool", Final Report on Cont ract:FA9453-06-C-0065, July 01, 2008 S. Kadlec, X. Yu, R. Rosich, "Application of Coded-Waveform Radar to SAR Image F ormation of Moving and Stationary Targets", Final Report on Contract #NRO000-06C-0095, December 11, 2006 X. Yu, "On the Applications of the Genetic Algorithm in Path Design", Data Fusio n Corporation, March 9, 2006 X. Yu, "An Auction Algorithm for Missile-Target Assignments", Data Fusion Corpor ation, February 22, 2006 X. Yu, W. Kober, "Radar Multi-Scan Processing Algorithm Improvement", Final Repo rt on Contract # N68335-05-0221, October 25, 2005 Wolfgang Kober, Xiuyang Yu, "Distributed Battle Management", Final Report on Con tract No: HQ0006-05-C-7128, September 9, 2005 X. Yu, W., Kober, L. Scharf, "Balanced classifiers and their fusion" Automatic Target Recognition XV, edited by Firooz A. Sadjadi, Proceeding of SPIE Vol. 5807 , 29-31 March 2005. W. Kober, X. Yu, "Combining Unattended Ground Sensor & ISR Information for Impro ved Situational Awareness" Final report on Contract: F33615-03-M-1517, April 2, 2004, Woody Kober , Xiuyang Yu, "Mult-Sensor Data Exploitation Capability (MSDEC)", Fi nal Report on Contract: F33615-02-M-1188, March 2003 W. Kober, X. Yu, E. Barrett, P. Payton, "Template Generation From A Small Number of Views", Final Report on Contract No. DAAB07-02-C-G202, August 15, 2002 Xiuyang Yu, "Sensor Fusion Accuracy & Belief Studies", Data Fusion Corporation, September, 2002 Reports prepared for Lockheed Martin Corporation (R. W. Compbell and J. V. Petty ): X. Yu, "Implementation of Interacting Multiple Model Kalman Filter", July, 2003 X. Yu, "The Implementation of Mean-Field Event Averaged Maximum Likelihood Estim ation in Multi-targets Tracking" X. Yu, "Implementation of Mixture Reduction in Multi-target Tracking", Janury, 2 003 X. Yu, Woody Kober, "MFEAMLE Manual", December, 2002 Xiuyang Yu, "CMKF_OTT User's Guide", July, 2002 X. Yu, "Multiple-target tracking with Converted Measurement Kalman Filter", June , 2002 W. Ward, H. Krech, X. Yu, K. Herold, etc., "Lexicon Adaptation for LVCSR: Speake r Idiosyncrasies, non-native Speakers, and Pronunciation Choice", ICSLP 2002, De nver, CO B. Pellom, W. Ward, J. Hansen, K. Hacioglu, J. Zhang, X. Yu, S. Pradhan, "Univer sity of Colorado Dialog Systems for Travel and Navigation", Human Language Techn

ology Conference (HLT-2001) San Diego, March 2001. J. Zhang, W. Ward, B. Pellom, X. Yu, K. Hacioglu, "Improvements in Audio Process ing and Language Modeling in the CU Communicator", Eurospeech 2001, Aalborg Denm ark, Sept.2001. D. Jurafsky, W. Ward, J. Zhang, K. Herold, X. Yu, and S. Zhang , "What Kind of P ronunciation Variation is Hard for Triphones to Model?", Proceedings of ICASSP-0 1, I.577-580, Salt Lake City, Utah, 2001. X. Yu and J.T.C.Liu "On the Mechanism of Sinuous and Varicose Models in Three-Di mensional Viscous Secondary Instability of Nonlinear Gortler Roll", Phys. Fluids 6(2), February 1994, 736-750. X. Yu and J.T.C. Liu, "On the Secondary Instability in the Gortler Flow", Phys. Fluids A3, 1845-1847, 1991. A. S. Sabry, X. Yu and J. T.C. Liu, " Secondary Instabilities of Three-Dimension al Inflectional Velocity Profiles Resulting from Longitudinal Vorticity Elements in Boundary Layers", IN IUTAM 3rd Symp. Toulouse-1989 on Laminar-turbulent Tran sition, Springer, 1990 X. Yu and H. Zhou, "On the Effect of Nonparallellism of the Boundary Layer Flow over a Flat Plate on Its Stability Characteristics", ACAT Mechanica Vol.2, No. 3 , 1986.