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S1 TRACER Handheld Vacuum XRF Elemental Analyzer
The Bruker S1 TRACER combines vacuum technology with portability to provide light element analysis starting from Mg up to U. Light element analysis allows quick quantification of Mg, Al, Si in aluminum alloys, Al in titanium and nickel alloys as well as Si in steel alloys. The S1 TRACER provides rapid results with the most user-friendly menu system for laboratory grade chemistry. Our high performance is achieved by the NASA/Bruker patented S1 TRACER vacuum system. This exciting technology was jointly developed with NASA scientists, at the Marshall Space Flight Center, for the Space Shuttle Program. When the vacuum pump is attached atmospheric air is evacuated from the nose of the instrument allowing light element x-rays to be detected by our high resolution detector. It’s easy to use and requires no He-gas consumables. Without a constant vacuum, the air would absorb these light element x-rays thus making identification of light elements impossible. Positive Material Identification (PMI) The increasing availability of new advanced alloys has brought major improvements to a variety of industries. These alloys are designed to answer industry related needs such as increased strength, high temperature resistance and damage tolerance. With all these evolving alloys, it becomes particularly important to identify chemical composition for quality assurance and confirmation. Material verification is critical for safety and quality assurance in industries such as aerospace, petrochemical and power generation. Material mix-ups can have serious safety and monetary consequences. The S1 TRACER is designed to give a fast and accurate chemical analysis, assuring the end-user that the right alloy is being used. It allows the user to test light element content alloys as well as high-temp alloys. The S1 TRACER is the most versatile portable XRF analyzer available. S1 TRACER Advantages: Light element analysis – Mg, Al, Si, P, S and Cl Easily separate aluminum, nickel and titanium alloys PDA with best user-friendly menu Fundamental parameters, empirical calculations and combination of both Low cost of ownership - no He-gas Alloy grade ID, chemical composition and spectra Approved by testing labs - best X-ray security on the market

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Handheld XRF

Software Bruker S1 TRACER utilizes the powerful pocket PC platform combined with our robust proprietary software to deliver a fast, accurate, on-the-spot analysis. View results in your choice of formats – full screen grade ID & chemical analysis, full screen Spectra.

S1 TRACER gives you the ability to be sure you are using the right alloy.

S1 TRACER is the ideal tool for Positive Material Identification (PMI).

Patented vacuum system provides rapid results and exceptional limits of detection down to Mg.

S1 TRACER Technical Specifications
Weight Dimensions Excitation Source Filters Detector Operating System 2 kg (4.49 lbs) with batteries, 1.77kg (3.9 lbs) base weight 30cm(L) x 10cm (W) x 28cm(H) X-ray tube, Re Rh (standard) or Ag target; Max Voltage 40kV Five (5) available automatic filter positions Peltier cooled SiPIN Microsoft® Windows Mobile™ 5.0 for Pocket PC Windows based (Laptop) Bruker AXS proprietary software 3 rechargeable Li-ion batteries, 9 hours operation; AC adapter included (Hot swappable) 240 x 320; 65,536 colors; back lit; touch screen GradeID-Emp, PMI-FP Auto, Pass/Fail and Vacuum (Light elemental analysis) , Standard package includes 20-25 elements. Customer may specify additional elements or use multiple suites of 25 elements each. LE Vacuum option includes Mg, Al, Si and P others possible. , Tool Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Titanium, Iron, Cobalt, Nickel, Copper/Brass/Bronze, Gold USB 256 MB standard PDA memory, 512 MB Flash Card For Light Element Analysis (Mg, Al, Si, Ti); As low as 1 Torr; 3.25kg (7 lbs) .17 with shoulder strap and vacuum gauge Password protected, No sample (backscatter) shutoff, Key lock, Sample proximity (IR) sensor, X-ray on indicator LED -10°C to 50°C CE, cTUVus, GS, IEC 61010-1:2002 by TUV Rheinland of North America View Spectra and Spectral Energy lines

View Grade ID and Chemistry

Power Display Testing Modes Available Standard Elements

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