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Facility previously used in the manufacturing of IBM hard drives The equipment has been decommissioned by IBM professionals

H a r d Drive Manufacturing Facility

8 June, 2004 • 10.00am CEST Székesfehérvár, Hungary

w w w. d o v e b i d . c o m

temperature 80 °C +.2µm + 3x0. Hungary Directions Szekesfehervar is situated at approx.63T. CDA for driving: 100 Nl/min.9 min = 434 baskets/day (utilization = 21h) HSA parts.3 MPa or more. 18MΩ.com Auction & Preview Location 5 Aszalvolgyi str. DoveBid can provide contact information for shipping companies scheduled to attend this auction. 50Hz. ALUMINUM. Other: Filters for DIW: 5µm + 2. Capacity (DGR): Tact time: 2 min = 630 baskets/day (utilization = 21h) Mechanical parts. Power Supply: Power: 400V +.dovebid.5 °C.00am . ETC Detergent: Triton x100.2µm (0. 2500 high. Tact time: 2. Dimensions: Body size: 3900 wide. 2540 high.CORPORATION DEIONIZED WATER CLEANING AND HOT AIR DRYING SYSTEMS WITH DETERGENT. temperature 85 °C. AC 3 phase. at the next street right or visit our website at www. water pressure 0.00pm CEST For further information. visit our website @ www. CLEANS HGA PARTS USED IN HSA PRODUCTION LINE Detergent: Alfonic x100. PLASTIC.SPC ELECTRONIC CO. Exhaust for cleaning unit and drying unit: 70 m3/h. MADE OF STAINLESS or phone +353 (0)14 699 800. JAPAN TYPE ACS-602A4 DEIONIZED WATER CLEANING AND HOT AIR DRYING SYSTEMS WITH DETERGENT. 18MΩ. At the lights after Tesco turn right.5kW. Controlling system: Mitsubishi A3A PLC 5 . Filters for CDA: 6x0.2 °C. temperature 25 °C. Follow the street around the Videoton building and end up at the entrance.02%. m%=0. Controlling system: Allen Bradley SLC500 PLC HDD CLEANING SYSTEMS To view a complete asset list.5µm + 1.10%.3 MPa or more. temperature 50 °C +. CDA for drying: 1 m3/min. 105kWA. Deionized water: 360 l/h (for normal cleaning) + 1600 l/day = 70 l/h (for exchange)= 440 l/h e 50 °C . Deionized water: 15+1 l/min. CDA for drying: 24 m3/min. Leave M7 at exit 8 and follow the straight . m%=0. Cleaning frequency: 39kHz 1.00am CEST Preview 7 June.1µm. Capacity (DGR): Tact time: 3. Power Supply: Power: 400V +. JAPAN TYPE ACS-602A4 CLEANING SYSTEM CORPORATION DEIONIZED WATER CLEANING AND HOT AIR DRYING SYSTEM 2 2 . water pressure 0. Dimensions: Body size: 12700 wide. H-1052 Budapest Tel: +36 (0)1 266 7000 Fax: +36 (0)1 266 5000 Additional Information • A buyer’s premium will apply at this sale • The auction will be conducted in English and will accept only Euro currency NEED HELP WITH SHIPPING? As a courtesy to our buyers. 107kWA. Székesfehérvár. pressure 0. 8000. 2004 • 9. join the M7/E71 motorway and follow the direction of Balaton/Székesfehérvár. CLEANS PARTS USED AT THE HDD AND HSA PRODUCTION LINE. 4.5kW and 75kHz 1.36 min = 200 baskets/day (utilization = 21h).10%.01µm for air). Other: Filters 3x3µm + 3x25µm + 3x1µm + 3x10 µm m. please contact our Ireland Office Tel: +353 (0)14 699 800 Fax: +353 (0)14 660 391 Email: customerservice@dovebid.4. 1800 deep. From Budapest center.dovebid.3 Mpa or more.5Mpa. For details.02%. 50Hz. hydrostatic pressure: 0. SPC ELECTRONIC CO. Exhaust for Cleaning unit and drying unit: 55 m3/min.2µm + 3x0.. Cleaning Frequency : 40kHz and 100kHz and 400kHz.Webcast Auction By order of HDD Cleaning Systems VIDEOTON HOLDING PLC 8 June. please visit DoveBid’s Website at www.45 µm + 2x0. Area Lodging Novotel Székesfehérvár 19-21 Ady Endre str. 75km South-West of Budapest. Weight: 8. 1500 deep. 2004 Beginning at 10. AC 3 phase.dovebid. H-8000 Székesfehérvár Tel: +36 (0)22 534 300 Fax: +36 (0)22 534 350 Budapest Marriott Hotel Apaczai Csere Janos u.

Webcast technology allows you to virtually bid against bidders who are on the factory floor. Hungary with a preview of the assets being held on 7 June. Power Supply: Power: 400V +10%.2°C. You press 1 on the telephone keypad to raise your paddle and press the # key to end your bid.3 MPa or more. Please remember that assets are sold as is.00pm CEST. and with all faults when participating in an auction.2µm (0. from 9. temperature 100 °C +. CDA for cleaning 0. CDA for driving 0. Feel free to attend the preview or visit our website at www. CLEANS TOOLS USED AT THE HDD PRODUCTION LINE. DoveBid can provide contact information for shipping companies that will be attending the auction. Dimensions: Body size: 3900 wide. contact our Ireland Office • Phone +353 (0)14 699 800 . where is. you are able to submit a proxy bid right from DoveBid’s website. Thank you in advance for your interest and we look forward to seeing you in person or on the Web on auction day. Buyers are responsible for removal of assets and all shipping and rigging and register even on auction day to bid in real time! All you need is a computer.10%. CDA for drying: 4 m3/ to download the auction catalogue.5 MPa or more. Mitsubishi PLC (ShuttleWorth Ireland) 3 To schedule an auction. Filters for CDA: 1x0. Capacity (DGR): Tact time: 20 min = 63 baskets/day (utilization = 21h). Controlling system: Mitsubishi A2USH S1 PLC 5 . 37 kWA. including: • SPC Electronic Co. 1500 deep. If you are unable to attend the auction in person or participate over the Web. DoveBid can provide contact information for shipping companies that will be attending this auction. hydrostatic pressure: 0.5 MPa or more.SPC ELECTRONIC CO. Other: Controlling system: Omron PLC (Thaiko-Shuttleworth-Seeder Japan). MADE OF STAINLESS STEEL. temperature 25 °C +. Log on to www. AIR CLEANS MECHANICAL PARTS USED AT HDD AREA Power Supply: Power: 400V +.5 °C. water pressure 0.00am to 4. 50Hz. Japan Type ACS-602A4 Deionized water cleaning and hot air drying systems • Corporation Deionized water cleaning and hot air drying systems with detergent • Thaiko-Shuttleworth-Seeder Japan Air Cleaning systems The Webcast Auction will be conducted in Székesfehérvár. During the auction. With DoveBid’s proprietary Webcast technology bidders around the world can bid at this auction from the convenience of their home or office through the Internet. Other: Filters for DIW: 2x0.dovebid. pressure 0. And as a courtesy to our Web buyers.5µm + 0. PLASTIC. AC 3 phase. 18MΩ. ETC Cleaning frequency: 75kHz 1kW and 100kHz 1kW.3 MPa or more. Can’t make it to Székesfehérvár.5 MPa or more. ALUMINUM.01µm for air). and a touch-tone telephone to participate.5 °C. Thousands of bidders from hundreds of locations around the globe have participated in DoveBid Webcast Auctions. AC 3 phase. Internet access.THAIKO-SHUTTLEWORTH-SEEDER JAPAN AIR CLEANING SYSTEMS. pressure 0. Hungary? No problem. And as a courtesy to our Web buyers. temperature 50 °C +. The auction will feature a wide range of quality equipment.HDD Cleaning Systems Auctioneer’s Note DoveBid is extremely pleased to have been selected by Videoton Holding PLC to conduct this Webcast Auction of a Hard Drive Manufacturing Facility.dovebid. Prior to the auction. 2500 high. 50Hz.01µm. Exhaust for Cleaning unit and drying unit: 40 m3/min. CDA for driving: 100 Nl/min.2µm + 2x0. preview the assets online via digital photos and comprehensive descriptions. simple and convenient! Save money on travel expenses and next time we will see you ONLINE! ® SPC ELECTRONIC CO.5 MPa or more. It’s fast. Deionized water: 15 l/min. JAPAN TYPE ACS-482A3 DEIONIZED WATER CLEANING AND HOT AIR DRYING SYSTEMS WITHOUT DETERGENT. JAPAN TYPE ACS-482A3 CLEANING SYSTEMS THAIKO-SHUTTLEWORTH-SEEDER JAPAN AIR CLEANING SYSTEMS HDD CLEANING SYSTEMS 2 . view the current asset being sold on your computer screen as you listen to the Auctioneer live on your telephone.

SHIMADA CLEANER PASS BOX TO HDD AREA Power Supply: Power: 400V +.5 MPa or more. RETURNS BASKETS FROM PRODUCTION LINES Power Supply: Power: 400V +.10%.5 MPa or more. Mitsubishi PLC (ShuttleWorth Ireland) 9 . AC 3 phase.HDD Conveyors NCH PC CONTROLLED 16-CELL SERVO TRACK WRITERS THAIKO-SHUTTLEWORTH-SEEDER JAPAN CONVEYOR EAGLE SYSTEM CO. Mitsubishi PLC (ShuttleWorth Ireland) 4 UNIVERSAL V3 IF TESTERS FOR HDD TESTING To view a complete asset list. AC 3 phase.10%. CDA for driving 0. Other: Controlling system: Omron PLC (Thaiko-Shuttleworth-Seeder Japan).dovebid. STANDALONE DISK ERASER THAIKO-SHUTTLEWORTH-SEEDER JAPAN CONVEYOR HDD CONVEYORS 2 . visit our website @ www. Other: Controlling system: Omron PLC (Thaiko-Shuttleworth-Seeder Japan). CDA for driving 0. 50Hz.THAIKO-SHUTTLEWORTH-SEEDER JAPAN CONVEYOR PARTS OF THE SHIMADA . 50Hz.THAIKO-SHUTTLEWORTH-SEEDER JAPAN CONVEYOR.

Dimensions: 1930mm x 1320mm x 750mm. Weight: ~520kg. Weight: about 200kg. PLC CONTROL CLEAN ROOM CLASS 10 CERTIFIED Capacity (DGR): 625 unit/shift. Other: Head positioning by external positioner. Other: Magnetic flux density is 5kg 152-UNIVERSAL V3 IF TESTERS. Resolution: max. PC-network 500-W&S BLACK LEATHER EFFECT STEEL FRAMED SWIVELLING CLEAN ROOM CHAIR ON CASTORS AS LOTTED 5 To schedule an auction.0 INCH HDDs Capacity (DGR): Product dependent. 41…18/cell/24hours. Power Supply: 110V ~ 60Hz. TEST PROGRAM DEVELOPED BY THE FUJISAWA ENGINEERING TEAM Capacity (DGR): 60 cell (The DGR depends on the type of the tested files. DISK ERASER CAN ERASE SERVO PATTERN ON THE DISKS WITHOUT DISASSEMBLING HDD. Timing generated internally. Designed for Clean Room usage. PC IS NECESSARY FOR CONTROL. 3. DISK PICK UP AND TAKE INTO THE BASE. Other important remarks: Safety improvement (light curtain) 21. CLEAN ROOM CLASS 10 CERTIFIED Capacity (DGR): 730/tool/shift. Dimensions: 880mm/420mm/800mm. Power Supply: 110V. Other: Sensitive for EMI and Mechanical Vibrations HDD WRITERS. Air pressure 0. Weight: ~200kg ETM SYSTEMS 2 . CONTROLS DISKS WITH LASER Capacity (DGR): 10 cassette / hour. Power Supply: 400V ~ 50Hz (3*230V).. Dimensions: 1400mm/1000mm/1500mm. Sensitive for EMI and Mechanical Vibrations 7 .DISK ERASERS.IMES CO. NON-CLEAN ROOM UNIT. ERASERS & TESTERS HDD MOUNT & BALANCE TOOLS 14 -VICTORY COMPANY OF JAPAN (JVC) DISK MOUNT TOOLS. 47900 TPI Independent cell operation. 2 CELLS. LTD. STANDALONE. DISK BALANCER TOOLS. FOR HDD TESTING.. Power Supply: 200V ~ 60Hz. (Typical is 180-1500).ENVIRCO CORPORATION AUTOMATIC VISUAL INSPECTION SYSTEMS. 2 CELLS. PLC CONTROLLED. Weight: 800kg. Other: Mitsubishi PLC. Power Supply: 230V ~ 50/60Hz. contact our Ireland Office • Phone +353 (0)14 699 800 . Dimensions: 1800mm x 640mm x 860mm.HDD & ETM Equipment VICTORY COMPANY OF JAPAN (JVC) DISK MOUNT TOOLS ENVIRCO CO AUTOMATIC VISUAL INSPECTION SYSTEM IMES CO. Weight: 100kg. UNBALANCED AND MEASURED THE DISK PACK. Dimensions: 1000mm x 785mm x 400mm. CLEAN ROOM CLASS 10 CERTIFIED Capacity (DGR): 350/tool/shift.5 Mpa. PC CONTROLLED. Power Supply: 220V ~ 50Hz. Dimensions (LxWxH): 1876mm x 765mm x 1720mm. DISK BALANCER TOOL W&S BLACK LEATHER CLEAN ROOM CHAIRS 25 -NCH PC CONTROLLED 16-CELL SERVO TRACK WRITERS. LTD. no Clock Head needed.

LTD. Dimensions: 530mm x 480mm x 380mm. Power Supply: 220V. Power Supply: .IWASHITA ENG. Dimensions: 500mm x 400mm x 370mm 18 -PARTICLE TESTERS FOR DTN. Dimensions: 200mm x 200mm x 90mm 6 PARTICLE TESTER To view a complete asset list. 500 MHZ.ETM Equipment LECROY 9350A OSCILLOSCOPE PC CONTROLLED QUASI TESTER DAIFUKU F200 3 UNIT AUTOMATED STORAGE STOCKER IWASHITA ENG. NUMBER OF LOCATIONS: 7938. CLEANROOM CLASS 10 CERTIFIED Capacity (DGR): 900/cell. LTD. 2-CHANNEL Power Supply: 230V ~ 50Hz.7kg.LECROY 9350A OSCILLOSCOPE. PC CONTROLLED. Power Supply: 5V/12V. YEAR: 1999 49 -PC CONTROLLED QUASI TESTERS USED TO MEASURE THE ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS OF THE HS Capacity (DGR): 1930. AUTOMATIC DISPENSER ETM EQUIPMENT 1 . Dimensions: 360mm x 380mm x 220mm. LOCATION SIZE: 6 BANKS X 49 BAYS X 27 LEVELS. LOAD WEIGHT: 25KG PER LOCATION. POWER SOURCE 400V 50Hz. Other: Sensitive for EMI and Mechanical Vibrations 8 . Capacity (DGR): 2500.dovebid. visit our website @ www. Weight: ~20 kg 1 . AUTOMATIC DISPENSERS USED FOR APPLYING GLUE ON SMALL SURFACES.DAIFUKU F200 3 UNIT AUTOMATED STORAGE STOCKER. Weight (if available): 2.

Other: Operates with xenon lamp 140. Dimensions: 1400mm x 900mm x 2000mm. 900mm x 700mm. Power Supply: 220V. Weight:~3. Power Supply: 100-240V 50/60Hz. 800mm x 800mm.Additional Equipment AUTOMATED BEAM SOLDERING MACHINE UNBADGED STAINLESS STEEL WORKSTATION SURFACE AREA TECHNART SCREW DRIVER CONTROLLER ADDITIONAL EQUIPMENT ACTUATOR BASKET RACK 12 -AUTOMATED BEAM SOLDERING MACHINES WITH CAMERA AND MONITOR Capacity (DGR): 3500.2kg 500-ELABO CLEAN ROOM WORKBENCHES Dimensions: 1200mm x 800mm.TECHNART SCREW DRIVER CONTROLLERS. 600 mm x 1200mm 100-ACTUATOR BASKET RACKS Dimensions: 900mm x 600mm x 1600mm 7 To schedule an auction. 33 OF 10. contact our Ireland Office • Phone +353 (0)14 699 800 . 22 OF 15. 23 OF 4.200. 62 OF 1.000. CLEAN ROOM CLASS 100 CERTIFIED. 1800mm x 800mm. 1200mm x 500mm. Dimensions: L: 245mm x H: 90mm x D:145mm.000.000.

SWITZERLAND Cabinets. ITALY. CNC Table Type Horizontal Borers. Hampshire. Hungary • Bid live over the internet at www. ® Auctioneers. Featuring: Bakery Mixers. Glass Forming & Finishing Lines. Press Feed Equipment and General Machine Tools NOW UNTIL 30 MAY: PEPSIAMERICAS: POLAND Plastic Returnable Bottle Line NOW UNTIL 31 MAY: BRASS NUT FORMING. NORWAY Complete Phone: +353 (0)14 699 800 • Fax: +353 (0)14 660 391 DoveBid Webcast Auction • Bid live in Székesfehérvár. ESSEX. UK Complete Industrial Twin Needle Sewing Machines and Printing Equipment NOW UNTIL 28 JUNE: WTF PROPERTIES (SWITZERLAND) LTD. Racking & Material Handling Equipment 16 JUNE: DANA CORPORATION . Filters. UNITED KINGDOM Complete Cup Drink Form. Automotive Equipment & Machine Tools CORUS (HOOGOVENS): IJMUIDEN.: GLATTBRUGG. ENGLAND & WALES. NORTHERN IRELAND Over 50 Low Hours Standby Static and Mobile Power Generating Sets from 1. UNITED KINGDOM Superb Steel Casting Facility ©2004 DOVEBID. Featuring: CRT Production Lines. Test. Fill and Seal Manufacturing Line GOLDEN WONDER: SCUNTHORPE. Centrifuges. UNITED KINGDOM Engine and Gearbox Manufacturing Equipment SCOTTISH COURAGE: SCOTLAND. UNITED KINGDOM 6 Corus UK Plants for the Steel Industry. Spares and Support Equipment FIXED DATE PRIVATE TREATY PRIVATE TREATY SALES AUTOMOTIVE EQUIPMENT BY DMS EUROPE: VARIOUS LOCATIONS IN THE UK AND EUROPE. Dryers. . Conveyors. Racks etc. CNC Turning Centres CORUS Mixers.PERFECT CIRCLE EUROPE: Marcilly sur Eure. SWITZERLAND Foundry Equipment AC AUTOMATION (UK) LTD: CARRICKFERGUS. ISRAEL 2001 Metofer Conveyorised Vehicle Voltage Regulator Assembly Line DSM: DELFT THE NETHERLANDS. please contact our Ireland Office • E-mail: customerservice@dovebid. NORTHERN IRELAND Complete Plastic Component Facility NOW UNTIL 1 JULY: FORD WERKE AG: COLOGNE. GERMANY 26 AGV-INDUMAT Driverless Pallet Transport Systems NOW UNTIL 1 JANUARY 2005: THOMSON: USA.000 valuations since 1990. France (On-Location Auction) Automotive Manufacturing Equipment PRIVATE TREATY SALES NOW UNTIL 28 MAY: FORD CROYDON UK: LONDON. Dublin 24 Ireland For further By order of WEBCAST AUCTION 8 June. UNITED KINGDOM Weingarten & Schuler Power Presses. UK CNC Vertical Borers. Worldwide Headquarters: Foster City. FRANCE.75 to 1. Dispensers. Tanks.dovebid. Gear Machines. Including Ancillary & Support Facilities RINGNES A.: PETACH TIKVA.5 Million Hectolitres Capacity NUON ENERGY TRADE & WHOLESALE: IJMUIDEN.3 billion sold in 22 asset categories and over €34 billion in assets valued across 15.: SHEFFIELD. SCREW TURNING MACHINES: SCOTLAND Brass Nut Forming. Screw Turning and Transfer Line Manufacturing Machines (up to 39mm A/F and 1 1/2 Inch BSP) NOW UNTIL 9 JUNE: MICHAEL LINNELL & CO LTD: AUCTION SALES 25 MAY: OCULAR SCIENCES UK LIMITED: DoveBid.S. CROWN BEVERAGE COMPANY LTD.Global Provider of Capital Asset Auction & Valuation Services Over €3. Reactors. UK (Webcast Auction) Complete Food Processing and Packaging Facility. ENGLAND High Quality Assembly. Groundvessels. UNITED KINGDOM Almost New Stackable Potato Chip/Crisp Manufacturing and Packaging Line LAND ROVER: SOLIHULL. NOW UNTIL 30 JUNE: KENT PLASTICS UK LTD: ENNISKILLEN.000 KVA. Sale Advisors & Valuers 4044 Citywest Business Campus Naas (United Kingdom) (Featured Online Auction) Plastic Injection Moulding. Floor Borers. COUNTY DURHAM. CAPUA ITALY.25 Million Hectolitre Brewery TEXTILE MANUFACTURING FACILITY: ALTENSTADT. ISRAEL . STRANGNAS SWEDEN 3 Complete Pharmaceutical Production Plants. Material Handling. Located in Northern Ireland BLACK & DECKER: SPENNYMOOR. Ovens.: DUNDEE. Please review the Terms and Conditions prior to placing bids on any items. GERMANY Circular Knitting Machinery VON ROLL INFRANET AG: CHOINDEZ. Process and Finishing Equipment. Complete Terms & Conditions are contained in the Sale Catalogue and on the website at www. ABB Generator. UNITED KINGDOM Fuji 4300 Twin Head Sleever & ST12 Shrink Tunnel WILLIAM COOK CAST PRODUCTS LTD. Pumps & Auxiliary Equipment GROLSCH: ENSCHEDE & GROENLO. 2004 Hard Drive Manufacturing Facility Upcoming auctions & private treaty sales • www. THE NETHERLANDS Steelmaking Equipment and Rolling Mills DELPHI. THE NETHERLANDS 2 Complete State of the Art Breweries of 1. Inc. GENEVA. Product Packaging and Palletizing Equipment CNC HEAVY MACHINERY: CLYDEBANK. California .A MEMBER OF THE CARLSBERG GROUP: OSLO. Laboratory Equipment 2 JUNE: DOUGHOLOGY LIMITED: Lymington.dovebid. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED • #VIDE5322 DoveBid and the DoveBid logo are registered trademarks of DoveBid.2 Million and 2. THE NETHERLANDS Power Production Equipment: Pielstick Dual Fuel Engine.dovebid. AND POLAND Complete Television Picture Tube Manufacturing Lines.TADITEL AUTOMOTIVE ELECTRONICS LTD.