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Read the text and answer questions 1 to 4 Ingredients:  250 gr flour, 70 gr butter,  1 egg,  2 pieces of chicken legs,  100 gr carrot,  50 gr scallions,  4 pieces of shallots,  2 pieces of garlic  15cc sweet soy-sauce  200 gr bread crumbs  Salt Steps: Mix 1/2 of the egg with flour and butter. Form thin layer of squares - for rappers.Remove the bones from the chicken legs, cut into small pieces. Skin carrots, boil until half done, and cut into tiny pieces. Cut scallions into tiny pieces. Grind shallots and garlic. Heat pan with butter. Put in shallots and garlic. In a couple of minutes, put in chicken. Stir a little bit, and put in carrots, scallions. Mix evenly. Add salt and pepper to taste, add sweet soy-sauce. Cook until chicken is done. Put 1 spoon of the result above into each square. Wrap it. Dip it in the 1/2 egg left, pour flour. Heat oil in a pan. Deep fry the risoles on medium heat until golden brown. Serve with hot chili pepper. What is the purpose of writing the text? a. To explain how to make risoles c. To tell about the flavor of hygienic food. b. To entertain people about tasty food to eat d. To describe about fried chicken 2. What is the fourth step of making the food? a. Cut scallions into tiny pieces. c. Remove the bones from the chicken legs, cut into small pieces.. b. Grind shallots and garlics. d. Skin carrots, boil until half done, and cut into tiny pieces 3. Which one is the most important cooking utensil needed to make the above food? a. The mixer c. The pan. b. The microwave d. The egg beater 4. Which statement is incorrect based on the text above? a. There are ten kinds of ingredients needed to make the food b. It takes several minutes to put in the chicken. c. The final step to do is deep fry the risoles on medium heat until golden brown. d. You should add salt, pepper, and sweet soy sauce after cooking chicken. Read the text and answer questions 5 to 8 * 1 package gelatin dessert, any flavor * 5 ice cubes per person * 1, 14 ounces, can pineapple chunks, cut into small cubes * 3 tablespoons canned corn, drained and washed * 3 tablespoons canned kidney beans, drained and washed * 1, 14 ounces, can coconut segments, cut into small pieces (*) * 1, 14 ounces, can mandarin orange segments, drained, washed, and cut into small pieces 1.

a.. 23. How many people can we serve for the drink above? a. Sprinkle one tablespoon gelatin cubes How much syrup do we need to fill into each glass? a. 14 ounces. 8. one third cup b. Two c. . 1 teaspoon kidney beans. Jojo : I don t think so. 1 tablespoon mandarin orange segments. isn t it c. can mandarin lemon segments 7. or cherry-flavored italian soda syrup * 1. Make gelatin in a medium carresole pan b. One fourth cup c...* 1 mango. Aldi : You have never been to Paris. depending on how many servings you want. Stir. 1 tablespoon coconut segments. Don t I d. a. Have you been there? Aldi : Yes. sprinkle 1 tablespoon gelatin cubes. One fifth cup d. doesn t it b. Wasn t it 24. One sixth cup The following are the ingredients to make the drink above. When it's firm.. 1. can reduced fat sweetened condensed milk Steps: * Make gelatin in a medium casserole pan.. Sinta : We d better stay in a hotel there. and 1 tablespoon mango pieces. I have. 1 teaspoon corn. can coconut segments b. 1 tablespoon pineapple pieces. one b. except . 1 mango. didn t you c. Stir and serve with a straw and spoon d. We ll stay in the cheapest one. Serve with a straw and spoon. Jojo : OK. * Top each glass with 1/4 cup grenadine or syrup and 1/4 cup sweetened condensed milk. I went there last month.. 1 package gelatin dessert c..? Justin : Yes. Staying in a hotel is expensive. You are right. * Grind ice cubes in a blender until well crushed and divide ice evenly into three to six glasses. 14 ounces. a. Cut gelatins into small cubes c. Preparation time: 30 minutes Cooling time: 3 hours to cool gelatin Serves 3 to 6 people 5. snow cone syrup. did you d.. . cut into small pieces * Grenadine. Six d. Seven What should we do after grinding ice cubes in a blender? a.? Sinta : Don t be afraid. 14 ounces. cut into small pieces d. haven t you b.. cut into small cubes. * Into each glass. then. according to the package instructions. 6. 1. have you .

Hi. Intan : Pleased to meet you all.. look out b. Pretty good. a. I ll read the question once more. I m Joshua. Sorry. Find out d. I d like to introduce b. too a. Nice to meet you. How are you? b. a.. Dian? Dian : Good morning. a new student. Doni : Hello. . OK. a. I am very happy b.. Priska : Hi. don t do that! Ilham : Why do you prohibit me? Raka : Look! There is notice about no swimming Ilham : What does it mean? Raka : According to the sign above. Joshua : Hello.. I don t think she is c. Sir. students. watch them c. too. Listen carefully d. Agnes : Oh. see you again 3.. Ilham? Ilham : I m going to swim. must b. Students : pleased to meet you .. Nice to meet you d. Raka : Please. we . I have to go now d. Andi : Do you know Priska? Doni : No.. I m happy to meet 4. How do you do 2... a. Teacher : . Pleased to meet you d. Intan.. How are you doing? Joshua : .. please? Nikita : Certainly. mustn t d. Teacher : Who can answer the question? Bondan : What is your question.. It s very nice to meet d. See you tomorrow 5. Alex : Oh. can c. This is Doni. Look at me 6.. How ve you been? Rosi : . May . I am Alex.. Sir? Teacher : . a. Write your name b.. I don t. be careful 7.. Rosi. swim there. I m glad to see you c. a.. Andi : Priska.UTS VII 1.. I m fine. thank you.! You mustn t pick up any flowers or you ll be fined. Sir. Rosi : Good morning. but . Open your book c. c. Students : Yes. thanks b. It s a beautiful flower ! May I go to the garden. Students : Good morning. NO SWIMMING Raka : Where are you going.. Teacher : Good morning. Priska. How do you do c.

Andi : Certainly. Who sends the card? a. Firman b. Someone: No problem... : Oh. Oh. Siska c. Do t take a photograph of animal d. Sir. Siska 12. Oh. son a. OK. can you tell me the way to the post office? c.. : Thank you. a. Wish you the best and may your wishes Come true Your beloved friend.. Jacky : . Do you know where the post office is? d. Anggun : Where can I find billingual books? Librarian: Billingual books? Let me see.. Thank you very much c. Dear Firman. Anggun : .. It was my pleasure 17. Don t give the food to the animal b.. NO FEEDING ANIMAL Security Faris Security Faris Security : Sorry Son. Show me the way to the post office! b. It isn t.. the post office is next to the bank. thanks.? Mr. Thank you for your help d. Anggun : Excuse me. May I know the way to the post office? Read the text and answer the questions 12 to 14. Librarian: Yes. I would like to say Happy 13th birthday to you.. It s 081234576665. c. a. Mr. Oh. Miss. Here you are b. That s all right d. Firman s friend d. very nice of you. Siska s friend . Librarian: Don t mention it. No problem. Harris :. Um ... . Don t eat the food 16. here! : Why not? : It is dangerous for animal. sorry to trouble you b. Haris : Thank you very much Mr. Don t worry about it 18. Excuse me..8.. Mr. Don t look at the animal c. Jacky : Is this the number 081234576656? Someone: No. they are on the shelf on the corner. You can walk about 100 metres from here and turn right .. On this special occasion.. Andi : You re welcome a.

. a. My brother and I have a new computer. bought it last month. Love. a. They d. We c. Dear Miranda. a broom d. 1997 d.. To congratulate Siska s birthday 14. Congratulation on your success as the first winner in the English Speech Contest´ the first winner has the same meaning with . you are right. To express a gratitude to Firman b. A dustbin 21. a... You really deserved to get it. Firman was born in . Neny? Neny : I think it is . champion b.. Me 20.. Supporter 18... ... blackboard b..Vivin : What do we need to announce or inform some information related to the students activities in a class? Rinda : I guess it is a . Congratulation c. Do you like . Its 19. a. You really deserved to get it The word it refers to .. file document d.. successor d. He d. a. Santy 15.. runner-up c. To congratulate Firman s birthday d. it c. map c. These are my new shoes to wear at the party next Friday... She wants to congratulate Miranda s success c.Dandy : What do we call a tool is used to sweep the floor in a class. notice board .. What does the text tell you about? a.. a sharpener c.. Us b. She wants to express her happiness d. Congratulation on your success as the first winner in the English Speech Contest. 1996 c.. them b. Why does Santi send the card? a. 1995 b.13. To show a symphaty to Firman c. She wants to inform Miranda about her success b. The great prize 17. a duster b.? a. English speech contest d. Dandy : Yes. 1998 Read the text and answer the questions 15 to 17. a. Winning the contest b. She wants to join in the English speech contest 16.