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6, Jalan Glenmarie 40150 Shah Alam Selangor Tel: +603 – 5569 3840 Fax: +603 –5569 3849 Mohd Zam Zam Bin Saidon 740426 – 01 – 5319 26 May 2011 Dear Mohd Zam Zam

Course Joining Instructions Site Operations Workshop (SOW 2/2011)
We are pleased to welcome you as a participant to the above course, which will be held at Shell Retail Academy in Glenmarie, Shah Alam, Selangor. This is a 4-weeks modular training programme that is organized by Shell Retail Academy in collaboration with Pioneer Prudential Sdn Bhd. Working with you throughout the course will be trainers from these two training organisations and also associate trainers from among the existing retailers in the country.


You are eligible to attend SOW if you are:  a station manager identified by the retailer to have a need to learn more about station operations  a family member of an existing retailer who wishes to help manage the station
IMPORTANT: Please be reminded that attending SOW is NOT a license for you to qualify as

future retailers.


The aim of the course is to provide you with a thorough understanding of basic petrol station operating principles and a greater appreciation of your task of creating a true retail business environment. At the end of the programme, you will be able to:  understand Shell’s business principles and vision  understand Shell’s HSSE policy and standards and be able champion them at your retail station  develop good leadership and communication skills  understand the reality of running a petrol station and its allied retailing business  fit in your role as part of an enterprise to deliver Shell Retail Customer Commitment (SRCC) and being able to deliver and measure your performance against SRCC’s standards  meet the operational requirements of a Shell retail outlet  confidently manage your assigned petrol retail outlet successfully

you will be trained on both practical and theoretical knowledge by the classroom trainers and also have the opportunity to be assigned to our nominated stations for onsite training by Retail Academy’s Associated Trainers. Please ensure you have enough black pants to last you for the whole of that period because jeans. Oil Finding Paste 8. Discharging Funnel & Can 10. you will be spending most of your time at stations assigned to you and that you will be required to work on shifts. 26 June 2011 at 1. DRESS CODE You are expected to be neatly and decently attired in your uniform and safety shoes while you are attending both classroom and on-site training throughout the 4 weeks.PROGRAMME The SOW officially commences on Monday. You will be issued the following items on registration day: 1. All classroom sessions will be from 8.00 am until 5. On-site training hours may vary depending on the planned schedule of your associate trainers. Luminous Safety Vest 9. First Aid Kit 5. 27 June 2011 but you are required to register yourself at Retail Academy on Sunday. Spark-proof Torchlight 6. Venues for other sessions will be advised at a later date. For onsite training.30 pm and will be held at the Multi-Purpose Hall on the ground floor of the Academy. Once training starts. Site Staff Name Tag 3. Safety Helmet 3 pieces 1 set 1 pair 1 set 1 set 1 tube 1 tube 1 piece 1 set 1 set You are required to wear ONLY BLACK PANTS with your Shell site staff uniforms for the duration of your training. khakis or pants of other colors and shades are strictly prohibited. 2 . This will be followed by a classroom session where you will be briefed on logistics and training calendar and be given all the equipments and the uniforms that you will require for the training. Please note that the training will be on-going EVERYDAY (including Saturdays & Sundays) throughout the 4 weeks and you are reminded not to make any arrangements or plans that will disrupt the training schedule. Please be punctual and note that we expect the session on this day to end only at 6:30 pm. Safety Shoe 4. Water Finding Paste 7. Shell Site Staff Uniform (T-shirts) 2.30pm.

4. lunch and afternoon tea break during whole day sessions at the Academy. Shah Alam Holiday Inn. Glenmarie De Palma Hotel. Please be advised that it is difficult to get a taxi from Retail Academy especially during peak hours thus you can expect a long wait if you call for taxis during these hours. Shah Alam Concorde Hotel.PREPARATION FOR THE COURSE As the course is going to be held continuously for 4 weeks. No transportation facilities will be provided by the Academy. and the hotel of stay. the assigned training stations. TRANSPORT You will be required to make your own way to the Academy. 6. we expect you to come prepared with enough personal items (example personal clothing or medicine) to last you for the whole duration of those 4 weeks. ACCOMMODATION and MEALS If you are an outstation participant. In addition. you are required to make your own arrangement for accommodation preferably at hotels below that are located near Shell Retail Academy (SRA): Hotel Quality Hotel. Shah Alam Phone Number 03 – 5510 3696 03 – 7803 1000 03 – 4270 7070 03 – 5512 2200 Distance from SRA 20 minutes 10 minutes 20 minutes 15 minutes Meals will not be provided by the assigned stations during your onsite training sessions but meals will be provided for breakfast. 5. 7. certain parts of the course will be held at a venue that will require you to bring along the following items: 1. Lots of attires suitable for vigorous outdoor activities Own toiletries including bathing soap & towels Track shoes Slippers Attire for prayers (for Muslim participants) Torchlight Personal medications This alternate venue does not have any hot water facilities for bathing and the water can be very cold especially in the morning. 2. 3 . 3.

The location address of Shell Retail Academy is: Akademi Runcit Shell No 6 Jalan Batu 3 Lama Seksyen U1 Glenmarie 40150 Shah Alam Selangor Darul Ehsan IMPORTANT NOTE Please complete the attached Registration Form and e-mail it to pioneerprudential@gmail. please do not hesitate to contact me at the following: e-mail: Telephone: Fax: wan-nazahar. the company that will be managing the administration and logistics of this together with your most recent passport size photo latest by Monday. Thank you. Yours sincerely Wan Nazahar Mahmood Manager – Retail Academy Malaysia 4 .mahmood@shell.983 (Ringgit Four Thousand Nine Hundred Eighty Three Only) per participant and must be paid on registration day using Bankers Cheque or Company Cheque +603 – 5569 3840 ext 200 +603 – 5569 3849. ADMINISTRATION Should you have any questions concerning the administrative arrangements for the course. Please make it payable to PIONEER PRUDENTIAL SDN BHD. 13 June 2011. money orders and other mode of payments will not be accepted. We are sorry to inform that personal cheques. Please insert the photo (in jpg format) to the allocated space on top left-hand corner of the Registration Form.COURSE FEES The course fee is RM4.