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Ronald J. LaValle 67755 Peineta Rd Cathedral City, CA. 92234 760-322-2288 Phone/Fax E. Mail: rld1cfa7@westpost.

net Summary: Highly qualified senior level human resources professional with extensive multip le site generalist experience and accomplishments. Skilled in massive large volu me International/Domestic recruitment/staffing. Organizational development, empl olyee relations/services, benefits & compensation, federal, state and local regu latory compliance laws & regulations. Excellent background in innovative career structure programs. Experienced in developing and implementing innovative new pr ograms, polices and procedures. KEY QUALIFICATIONS: Behavioral Based safety management Workers Compensation Employee Relationas Work system design Performance management Training and development Labor Relations/Negotiations Staffing and recruiting Strategic Planing Education: BA Business Administration in business and Human Relations. Employment: Chemtech International Services, 1982 to present: Principal. Specializing in employee assessments for recruiting job fit, reducing turnover, improving productivity and employee development and training. Short term HR Mana gement Need/Projects, recruitment programs, set up HR Dept. for new companies. D esigned, developed and impleminted International staffing/recruitment to ensure rapid growth while securing talent throughout the organization. Designed, develo ped and implemented new innovative programs for career ladder, and succession pl anning. Instrumental in recruitment and placement of more than 2500 new employee s while reducing turnover and absenteeism. Responsible to recruit staff under In ternational contracts and process for work visa. Provided HR servicxes under con tract for International client base. Offered a variety of HR consulting services to wide range of clients to include: Advertising and coaching on management issues;employee relations;leadership and management development; performance management;and organization wide strategic p lanning. ACCOMPLISHMENTS INCLUDE: Facilitating the strategic planning efforts for various organizations that focus ed on defining a vision, clarifing its missiuon, and establishing short and long range goals. Translating the strategic plans into tactical employee work plans. Designing and conducting various training modules that included the identificat ion and avoidance of harassment in the workplace. 3M Business Products Sales Inc. Los Angeles, CA. 1965 to 1982 Started in business products sales, in second year was local salesman of the yea r with highest sales volume, third year was National salesman of the year in all of the USA. Was then transfered to International division employee relations, a nd then HR staff, developed compliance policies & procedures manual, was promote d to HR supervisor, recruited, hired over 1200 new employees in three year time frame for new division, then promoted to HR manager, was responsible for Los Ang les area operations with HR responsibilities for Business Products division, imp roved customer service and management development. Was part of new team to desig

n and establish annual professional development program that offered courses to suppplement academic and administrative programs. These programs were instituted as result of employee and manager feedback during yearly performance review pro cess. Its implementation enhanced morale and performance. Designed and developed tailored programs to address company requirements. Provided individual and grou p career counseling and otplacement services.