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Marc Rogers 9 Deer Path, #6, Maynard, MA 01754 (781) 690-6328 | [1]www.linkedin.

com/in/marcbrogers Summary Ph. D. Senior Research Scientist in basic and applied aspects of general and medical microbiology with 16 years postdoctoral and industrial experience, focused in bacteriology and molecular microbiology. Solid bench scientist and a technical expert/consultant with proven ability to publish and obtain grants. Extensive supervisory and project management experience. Recognized collaborator and communicator; experienced in cross-functional team technology development to product development transitions and customer applications. Technical/Scientific Expertise: * * * * * * * Microbial physiology and genetics Secondary metabolite production Antibiotic resistance, antimicrobial susceptibility testing Pathogenic microbiology, in vivo animal-microbe analysis Agricultural/environmental microbiology and biocontrol Preservatives and sanitization procedures Environmental microbiology as related to biopharmaceutical device manufacturing

Hands-on Laboratory Skills: * * * * * * * * * * * * * Assay development Fluorescence microscopy Small-scale fermentation Tangential flow filtration Anaerobic microbiology ELISAs, other enzyme assays Chromatography Animal models of pathogenesis Compound screening Tissue culture Sterile filtration mechanisms Molecular biol. techniques Experience Millipore Corp., Bedford, MA 2001-2010 (NYSE: MIL) A life science leader providing cutting-edge technologies, tools, and services for bioscience research and biopharmaceutical manufacturing, employing approximately 6,000 people worldwide. Microbiology Scientist IV (2008-2010) * Led brainstorming sessions to develop new methods to test bacteria

in challenging feed streams for retention as part of vaccine sterilizer program. * Proactively improved team communication and clarification of tasks using one-on-one sessions and increased frequency of core group meetings. * Collaborated with customer and led sanitization improvement for ProSep-vA chromatography resin; wrote data package to support customer's plant validation for implementation. * Supervised technician's daily research activities and mentored her development. * Learned new methods for scanning electron microscopy preparation as part of a team study that prevented a customer from receiving an FDA 483. Microbiology Scientist III (2001-2008) * Led preservative improvement team for Pellicon tangential flow devices and line extensions; interfaced with Marketing and Manufacturing as part of regular cross-functional team meetings to implement improvements to the manufacturing plant and to develop innovative long-term solutions. * Hands-on bench work to develop and validate methods for testing tubing/crimping microbial challenges and maintenance of sterility. Studies with competitor device aided company's patent defense and prevented competitor product from being sold. * Designed and implemented V&Qs for process changes. * Improved and optimized preservative testing, microbial limits, bioburden, and environmental testing using ASTM and USP guidelines and protocols. * Designed and implemented a spiking study to validate