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About Us Kandarp Tradelinks and Services Private Limited were founded in 1992 at Jaipur (earlier known as Kandarp Traders

) by individuals with a shared vision of creating a different ... better ... thirdparty logistics business (commonly referred as C & F Agent in India). We envisioned a company in which exceptional customer and employee treatment is the norm. Our aim is to deliver the best service and the best value in the industry. We base our ability to do so on the following beliefs:
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Exceptional customer service is the key. We understand the referrals from our satisfied customers are better than any marketing tool available. A positive working environment breeds a better customer experience. We work hard while having fun so that you will enjoy working with us. Use best available methodology and always pay personal attention to create an exceptional experience for all the clients. Always focussed on serving the complex third-party logistics requirements of various clients and their industries. Give the customer, the best customer experience in the markets we serve. Meet or exceed customer expectations of highest quality, competitive pricing, flexible customization capabilities, and individual and company accountability. To become a service provider who offers single window end-to-end logistics solutions.

KTSPL is more than just a standard third-party logistics provider and has the unique ability to tailor to the needs of each client and industry served. KTSPL provides many of the successful world-class third-party logistics solutions. KTSPL offers Warehousing, integrated bulk transport, freight forwarding, and tailor made logistics management services to the clients. So that Companies will become able to outsource all their non core business processes and focus on what drives their company. KTSPL logistics solutions save money, quicken time to market, and help clients to focus on their core business. KTSPL is a trusted outsource partner and strives to be an extension of our client's business and not just another vendor.

Gain a superior knowledge to achieve consistent and highly efficient supply chain at the lowest possible managing costs. Our company vision. A Goal is to develop and maintain permanent relationships with Clients. Services . Our Vision KTSPL has been on unrelenting pursuit of our visions 3E: y y y Excellence: A unified company vision and purpose combined with a commitment to excellence and integrity will create an environment where ordinary people can accomplish the extraordinary. Enterprise: To become proactive in the improvement and expansion of our current operations and management practices. We recommend solutions that best fits into client¶s strategy. This philosophy is the basis of all our relationships with Customers. trust and fairness. respect. ³A Satisfied Customer is Our First Consideration´ is in true meaning exemplified by the caring and customised approach that we take with each and every client. We are committed to provide the most up-to-date and efficient logistics solutions. Delhi. Punjab.In today's global business environment. Expansion: Through organic growth and the acquisition of new business with likeminded and growth oriented companies that contribute to the vision and purpose of our organisation. monitor productivity. We help Companies to eliminate inefficiencies. Believe in providing the latest technology. Haryana. Develop tailor-made services designed to maximize our client's resources and reduce costs. and continuously improve their operational performance in order to keep pace. KTSPL has strong presence in the state of Rajasthan. to meet their specific needs. Continue learning process and up gradations of services. Manage quality by KPI. Suppliers and Employees. being efficient and providing quality services are vital to staying competitive. KTSPL visionary statements as 3PL provider: y y y y y y y y Provide unique solutions to the clients. Himanchal Pradesh. KTSPL considered logistics as a system and contributed to innovation and optimisation of our client's logistics facilities by proposing continuous improvement and reform. Commitments towards better 3PL services. Headquartered at Jaipur. and UT Chandigarh. Our core values are integrity.

Various processes come into play in 3PL Services from Warehousing. which will surely improve your business performance. which enhances the quality of logistics services. Warehousing Today organisations realize the importance that the practice of "staying close to the customer" requires that their products (and services) also be close to the customer. improved visibility in services. Beginning with the planning process and extending throughout supply chain. and save costs that might be spent between each process. KTSPL able to provide 3PL Services at highly competitive rates on various pricing models. KTSPL creates and executes solutions that lower costs. and Move into an integrated solution tailored to suit every business need. a service backed up by advanced technologies but at reasonable charges. technology and customisation of services allows us to improve clients supply chain. Make. operations and distribution system that best suits your needs. 3PL Services Warehousing Transportation Value Added Services Custom Enhancements Customer Support Services Retail Specific Services 3PL (Third Party Logistics) Services We offer complete 3PL (Third-party logistics) services (commonly referred as C&F Agency in India). Transportation Solutions and Logistics Consultancy.We at KTSPL have woven services into a process that produces recognised improvements in efficiency and profitability! We have integrated our systems and process for quality and standardisation with technologies and client¶s requirement in each distribution facility guaranteeing exceptional service throughout. This enables you to concentrate on your core business. Hold. Enjoy a customized combination of warehouse management. We can provide innovative 3PL services thanks to our advanced information systems and our efforts on standardising operations through our information systems and a review of operation processes. raise service levels and enhance ability to compete. Our focus on process. Fulfilment. In the result we achieve reduced costs. A warehouse is the last touch point before a product reach customer. The warehouse should be at place that is most suitable and convenient for the operations to gain a competitive advantage. These innovative 3PL services can locate wasteful processes. and find and remove the cause. . KTSPL's Supply Chain process combines all the elements of Plan. Source. greater inventory accuracy and more flexibility to support clients changing needs.

Let us handle the logistics side of your business while you focus on your core competence. Value-added Services As a 3PL that simplify your organization processes and enhance customer satisfaction. We enable you to choose the optimum means and route of delivery to reduce delivery costs. You can count on us to choose the best delivery system tailored to your needs. Storing. requires following: y thorough understanding of consumer behaviour y efficient supply chain y customization y adoption of technology for achieving better operational efficiencies Few of Services offered for retail industry: . After understanding the strengths of various players. deliver the goods safely. in assured and guaranteed time. These services include order processing. which are based on specific needs of organizations . Inspection. Billing. Handling. can adapt to meet all customer requirements and perform a myriad of value-added services. it is critical to ensure that the right product is available to the consumer at the right time and at the right place. transportation models and with help of our own and associated fleet of vehicles. Leave the rest to us! Transportation The transport industry is unorganised in North India because of geographical conditions and highly fragmented with too many players. handle inbound and outbound inventory. we developed Transportation model for convenient distribution. schedule and coordinate the routing of products. To achieve these objectives and fulfil necessitates. we provide value-added Services.KTSPL can provide a high-calibre cost-effective logistics system that tailors services like procurement of warehouses and staffing to your specific requirements for the delivered quantity or destinations. Retail Specific Services In 3PLogistics Retail & Distribution industry. Transportation and Customer Complaint Handling. operate WMS. Repackaging.

y WMS enabled Warehousing y Inventory and asset management y Space planning & store grouping y Supply chain analytics y Integration of store systems with warehouse systems y Pick and Pack y Assortment Management & planning y Pricing management y Assortment Management & planning y Procurement solutions y Transportation/ controlled temperature transportation y Vendor management .

y HR and financial systems y Labelling y Custom packing y Sorting .