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Extensive experience using MATLAB for data analysis and visualization Active Secret security clearance Experience teaching

at the university and high school level, working abroad, stu dying foreign languages and traveling Engineering Experience Raytheon Missile Systems Operations Research, August 99 - Present, Tucson, AZ Systems Engineer II June 04 - Present: Analyst. Use medium and low fidelity simulations to investiga te ballistic missile interceptor performance, primarily Standard Missile 3, agai nst a wide range of potential adversary ballistic missile threat systems, perfor m trade studies on interceptor performance and support foreign military sales. U pdate and maintain MATLAB post processing tools for characterizing threat ballis tic missile kinematics, infra-red and RADAR signatures. * Received Team achievement award for Dutch Study support (February 09) * Achieved Raytheon Six Sigma Specialist qualification for leading significant Interactive Theater Air Defense Simulation upgrade eliminating the need for prep rocessing threat characterization data (June 07) March 02 - June 04: Simulation validation team member. Responsibilities included comparing flight test performance of the high fidelity Launch to Intercept Simu lation (LISIM) against Exoatmospheric Kill Vehicle (EKV) flight test telemetry, validation of the Inertial Measurement Unit model and Software Engineering Stati on. * Developed procedure and designed and built tool set to compare LISIM Monte Ca rlo output with medium fidelity simulations. November 99 - March 02: Simulation team member. Responsibilities included develo pment, maintenance, verification and validation of high fidelity missile hardwar e models and algorithms. Responsible for the navigation, propulsion, electronic safe and arm device, mass properties and the seeker singularity control algorith m. Simulated AIM-9X separation control test vehicle launches. Compared the simul ation's Monte Carlo kinematic predictions against flight test telemetry for stat istical validation purposes. * Simulation team recipient of Defense Modeling and Simulation Excellence award (May 01) New Mexico State University Dept. of Mech. Eng. January 97 - July 99 Research Assistant January 99 - July 99 Simulated brine water flow in crushed salt with coupled and uncoupled permeabili ty and porosity by modifying the finite difference code TOUGH28W. Masters degree project supported by Sandia National Laboratory's (SNL) study of the low level nuclear waste repository, the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant in Carlsbad, NM. Also worked as a summer student for SNL during the summer of 98. Teaching Experience Teaching Assistant New Mexico State University Dept. of Mech. Eng., January 98 December 98 Taught junior level instrumentation laboratory Continued =] High school physics teacher Nandom Secondary School, Upper West Region, Ghana We st Africa Peace Corps Volunteer United State Peace Corps, June 94 - August 96 . Software

* Proficient with MATLAB usage for data visualization, data reduction and graph ical user interface tool development * Proficient with UNIX and LINUX * Knowledgeable with Raytheon proprietary movie making and data visualization s oftware * Knowledgeable in C, [t]csh, and Bash shell scripting, C, C++, FORTRAN, Perl, Awk, and XML * Knowledgeable with Windows 2000/Vista, Microsoft Word, Power Point, Excel, MS DOS, MSDOS Batch files, and Hierarchical Data Format (HDF) * Synergy software configuration management Education MS Mechanical Engineering New Mexico State University, 97-99, Las Cruces, NM BS Physics New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, 87-91, Socorro, NM Languages Spanish speak, read and write Limited French Limited West African languages Dagaari and Twi